Book Review:


Author: Robert Salas : Unidentified: ( The UFO Phenomenon: How World Governments Have conspired to Conceal Humanity's Biggest Secret )

Foreword written by Stanton T. Friedman.

Published by New Page Books, A division of Career Press.

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978 1 60163 342 2

Page Count: 240 & 14 images.

Published: September 2014.

Subjects: UFO/Conspiracy/Military

Reviewed by : Roy Hale

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This new book by Robert Salas ( Unidentified ) is one pretty good look back at some of the more historical cases within UFO research, and also some that are not very well publicised in respect of their military connections to the case.

From the top we are given an insight into the past of Robert Salas, his upbringing, his military services and subsequently his own UFO experiences when in the military and then further into he book details of his own research into the UFO phenomenon, which I can say I was very impressed with because it is extensive and shows the reader just how detailed one must be when presenting such cases of Military UFO incidents over quite a few decades, and to state this to a much sceptical world is one heck of a task as I myself as have bore witness too, and as Robert more or less tells you in this book, after so many years of the public being told UFOs are not real, the message in a lot of the public minds has sunk in, so in part this new book Unidentified is breaking down the rules of engagement that the USA Military along with its Intelligent services took it upon themselves to put in place ( and maintained over decades I might add ) a debunking stand on the amount of UFOs that were being seen, recorded and presented to the authorities over given dates and times.

Robert Salas does his best to present to the reader the structure of how the US military would deal with the presence of UFO reports in an ever increasing world of media and technology from a public that had been told " UFOs are not real so just carry on and lead a happy life "  and explain away these UFO sightings to an ever increasingly dubious public !

There are quite a few fascinating UFO reports Robert has listed in Unidentified most are historical but they have been presented to the reader in a  clear cut way which breaks down a lot of the investigator jargon that sometimes gets attached to such sightings, the military UFO sightings detailed in Unidentified are quite spectacular in my humble opinion, and to read what efforts were put in place immediately after the servicemen and women would view these wonderful and amazing UFOs was at times quite spine chilling, the oppressive interviews and the pressure to forget the story became quite noticeable after reading further into the book, the officers with or without rank would certainly have felt the breath of the higher echelons of the US military and intelligent services on their collars as they were told more or less " these events' did not happen " .

Alongside this we are giving a  very good historical overview on how the various and different projects had been set up to debunk the UFO debate to the eyes of the now more UFO aware public (To state  I feel this has also been on the agenda in the UK as far as the British Government has been concerned with UFOs over the decades being reported by the UK public ) by the US government and how it would almost assemble the correct scientists and strategists from various military departments to sit on these review and investigation boards as to conduct the research with one goal in mind " UFOs are not real and can be explained away " only this worked in my opinion for a very small period of time in our history as a human race as the UFO reports were coming in so regularly and with so much more detail of the UFOs ( people observing craft at close quarters is very hard to explain away ) that the military and intelligent services almost withdrew themselves from the public debate on UFOs and its collective meaning on modern day society! 

Robert also touches on many aspects of the nuclear story and history ( mostly from a historic perspective by way of detailing much publicised nuclear incidents from our past and confrontations of super power nations holding such deadly weaponry, and those wishing to join such a league of power holders in their race for the nuclear devices of war, :Side note ~ This is very clear even today with the ongoing Iran debate and its nuclear installations and use ) and how this has affected the global rush to secrecy and how the UFO story has impacted on the nuclear debate ( UFOs turning nuclear warheads on and off  and being seen at such military installations by highly trained military personnel ) and does reveal just how important over many decades since the inception of nuclear facilities that ET has taken a keen interest in observing and interacting with such devices ( perhaps they feel this is way too much a cosmic threat to the neighbourhood ! ) and is/has been giving us a big message by way of  these sightings at such places.

The overview of the nuclear history by Robert is presented in a  good way that shows just enough detail for the reader to digest and not too much that would switch the reader off from reading a book about UFOs and then jumping to the nuclear issue ( Unidentified takes you by the hand and gives you a  small and brief overview as to why the nuclear issue is important to this book and Roberts story on military cover up of the UFO subject ) if Robert had not written the book how he did then yes one would easily get baffled with regulation numbers and chemical names and project names, but I feel Robert managed to mould all of the proponent issues in a  way that leads into each other in a very interesting way.

The pictures are not many in the book and are details of maps and witness after events of various UFO incidents, but I feel that even if this book did not have any pictures inside it would still be a very good read, I say this as Robert has managed to balance a lot in this book for the reader on such a wide and varied topic of UFOs and everything that is thrown into the cauldron of UFO reports & sightings, and for those who do have some UFO research history in their heads and for those who are just approaching this subject from a new viewpoint will not get too much overload to consume.

So to top it all off, Unidentified is a very well documented and researched book on UFOs that detail facts and statements from many witnesses who have encountered UFOs and their occupants in some cases, no thrills just actual real time events written down and put out for public consumption. Robert opens himself up with his very own personal accounts on UFOs and details those he has worked alongside with when he has been given the chance to over the decades ( Remember ~ some people do not wish to utter another word about their own UFO experiences and that I guess has to be respected by any friend, investigator ) along with 240 pages this is a read that will not drag on and I found it a very compelling read, the cons to this book ? You may feel that the overwhelming evidence in this book has been given too many short pages to fill in? At one stage I did feel that perhaps this book could have extended a little further into the more recent events of UFOs sightings, but if that had done so then I feel we would have not been given the very good historical overview on how this whole UFO enigma has come about and has been dealt with by World Governments since it started to appear on our own human radars !
A good read and will sit comfortably in anyone's UFO book library and I recommend it to you !

Roy hale
Editor Down To Earth Magazine