Book Review:

The Lost Secrets of The Gods: The Latest evidence and Revelations on Ancient Astronauts, Precursor Cultures and Secret Societies Edited by : Michael Pye & Kirsten Dalley

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978 1 60163 324 8

Page Count: 249 & 14 images.

Published by New Page Books, A division of Career Press. July 2014.

Subjects: Anthropology / UFO/ Conspiracy / History

Reviewed by : Roy Hale

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I must say when I received Lost Secret of The Gods, I realized I was going to be taking a rather long journey back into time! That turned out to be the understatement of the year as far as I was concerned.

In Lost Secret of The Gods we are presented with a great selection of historical and anthropological works based within certain time parameters on  this planet ( not excluding the ET theories based on other planets that are also mentioned within ) from the Elusive Dogon Tribe, to the Ancient and mystifying cultures of China right through to the ancient Britons and also the Greeks Romans and Egyptians!

Anyone who is a fan or student of discovering and reading more written works and theories about the Ancient cultures of this world past and present, will find this The Lost Secrets of The Gods an immense read into that whole rich and diverse area of culture discovery. I was particularly taken by the essay on the giants of the Native Americans of the West of America that stalked our earth centuries ago according to Micah Hanks. This was a fascinating piece of research that although one could say had some feel of 'cultural myth' feel about it, one could not detract from the fact that these stories also felt an immense ring of truth had been sealed and preserved around them for the next centuries to hold on to.

The essay about Göbekli Tepe by Robert Schoch was very good, highlighting this amazing stone settlement in Turkey really shows you the reader just how rich and divers our historical timeline is ! Some great images are provided of Göbekli Tepe of ancient standing statues and also the settlement, Robert ask some great questions and also provides some great answers too, based upon his research one can only say that Göbekli Tepe is one of the great sacred places this planet and its ancient cultures ahs left us to marvel at throughout the centuries !

Atlantis is given ample space in The Lost Secret of The Gods and covers a wide area of research based on ancient descriptions and land geometry of modern times the description of Atlantis and what it stood for back in those ancient times was quite a beautiful picture of opulent living with no expense spared when it came to building and designing great statuses and works of art that depicted the success of Atlantis to all who visited it shores. The mystery of Atlantis is one that will be written about for many more years, possibly centuries as Atlantis does take one down a trip into colourful history of ancient living and its part in mythical folklore and legend ( although some researchers are adamant Atlantis did exist and can be found ) to be honest Atlantis is a story that does captures ones imagination and at that point we can see our minds running off with ourselves into many different scenarios and descriptions of the Atlantis we as individuals would like to have seen it to exist !

Nick Redfern appears in The Lost Secret of The Gods by way of highlighting aspects of research into 'monsters of the stones' Neolithic apparitions and sightings of tribal looking figures showing themselves to modern humans who were bedazzled, bemused sometimes scared to se such hairy rough looking tribal figures suddenly appear from nowhere as the modern day humans would be cheeking out the ancient stones at certain places, such as Castle Ring at Cannock Wood, Staffordshire and also haunted villages such as Blue Bell Hill, Kent. The sightings of these so called 'Monsters' varied in some slight way but were almost based upon the description of an ancient type tribal character who would appear long enough for the witness to get a good description of him/her. Reading the research Nick offers up on this one could not help but feel that these sighting were being looked upon as if these 'Monsters ' were some kind of guardian of the stones, like a protector of the stones, someone who would appear to be guarding the sacred passage of the stones as they travelled through the centuries, keeping everything in order and making sure that no one would be there to take them down or bring harm to the stones. I found the story about Blue Bell Hill in Kent very eerie but quite fascinating too, I have not visited this place but now I have read about it I too would like to dip my toes into that ancient atmosphere and see with my eyes and hear with my own ears just what that place resonates with people who visit it !

Like I mentioned The Lost Secret of The Gods does cover a wide spectrum of ancient research on various parts of the world, china, Greece, Egypt, Africa, England and the Celts, Native America and also has an essay based upon a connection of the Ancient Astronaut theory and it's modern day tie up with the financial structure in the world today., which is written about by the quite popular and highly successful Author Jim Marrs ( Alien Agenda, Rule By Secrecy, Crossfire ) . This essay looks into the connections of religion and financial institutions in the modern world, how the connections crossover and how control is administered to the populace via religion as the stabilizer and the financial markets institutions and high wealth people that hold power through the large amount of money they maintain in modern times. Some may look at this and say this is all just conjecture and does have an element where you could label it 'conspiracy material' but one cannot help think that the two main forces in the modern world of living, religion and wealth, in some parts do go very well hand in hand, the power game, the keeping of order in modern society which is now open up to many other diverse beliefs and ways of thinking, and how religion ( I am talking about the big main religions here that people practice daily in this century ) acts a s a buffer zone to these other new beliefs' ( some call them new age beliefs - a new way of departing from old religions, based upon a more spiritual and less money orientated set of beliefs that aim to resonate more with the heart than the material offerings ) and also the fact that many people are now turning their backs on the old religions and just not having any religious thought or doctrines in their way of modern living, has in my opinion compelled the old religions to 'step up their game' and try to retain and maintain their grip/hold onto a society which along with new scientific evidence coming out on social and religious history,  is making some people question the books of religion  written many centuries ago.

 To finish I would simply add that The Lost secret of the Gods is a well compiled book of essays which for the newbie into the anthropological study of ancient cultures of our past, would be a delight to dive intro, for UFO buffs it does touch on the outskirts of UFO research in respect of the research into the ancient theories that come up here and there in the book ( I do feel there is a history of UFO incidents that all link in with the anthropological study of ancient tribes and cultures, especially when we read about the giants and the Gods descending from the skies and the integration of peoples from the sky into their tribes at certain stages in the historical timeline table ) , for the general history lover who enjoys a read about how things 'came together' how places were built, structures were made and how ancient tribes carried their thought processes on social cohesion with each other and other tribes, this would be a good book for those kind of book readers, as it does paint a  great canvas in your mind and brings your mind alive with the varied depictions and descriptions you are given by the respected authors ( You are given 14 images black & white that do allow your mind to place you right there in the story when reading the text on the certain part of the history timeline )  along with footnotes to each section ( you may well be inspired to carry out your own research into ancient anthropology  after reading The Lost Secret of the Gods ) I can say this was a highly interesting delve into ancient lands covered in ancient mysteries which gave me great visions to settle with and enough great research detail for me to impart whenever I feel the need when discussing aspects of ancient anthropology to my colleagues, who do like discussions on many aspects of UFOs and ancient history and space , I recommend The lost Secret of the Gods to you !

Roy hale

Editor Down To Earth Magazine