UFO Facebook groups & Other interesting UFO pages that deserve a look !

Facebook is a great social media tool and can be used to network your way around the various UFO portals in this world,.

I have listed some of the more prominent UFO discussion and research Facebook groups below to help you in your UFO quest,

some are non Facebook groups but do deserve a mention !


UFO Disclosure Group :

World UFO Group :

United Kingdom UFO Group :

Latest UFO Sightings Group :

Open Minds ~UFOs & Investigations :

The Birmingham UFO group ( UK) :

Cornwall UFO Group :

NIUFOS ( Northern Ireland UFO Society :

Missouri (USA) Investigators Group :


Linda Moulton Howe + Radio Broadcast Coast To Coast AM

National Archives UK UFO Files.


Roswell UFO Museum.

FSR ( Flying Saucer Review ) UK's oldest UFO Publication.


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