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Forbidden History: Extraterrestrial Intervention, Prehistoric Technologies, and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization (Paperback)

"The days of secrecy and suppression need to come to an end because challenging deeply entrenched and outdated scientific and religious worldviews are the hallmark of a civilized society evolving toward higher ideals and truth."

In Forbidden History, writer and editor J Douglas Kenyon has chosen 42 essays that have appeared in the bimonthly journal Atlantis Rising to provide readers with an overview of the core positions of key thinkers in the field of ancient mysteries and alternative history. The 17 contributors include, among others, Rand Flem-Ath, Frank Joseph, Christopher Dunn and Will Hart, all of whom challenge the scientific establishment to re-examine its underlying premises in understanding ancient civilisations and open up to the possibility of meaningful debate around alternative theories of humanity's true past. Each of the essays builds upon the work of the other contributors. Kenyon has carefully crafted his vision and selected writings in six areas: Darwinism Under Fire, Earth Changes - Sudden or Gradual, Civilisation's Greater Antiquity, Ancestors from Space, Ancient High Tech, and The Search for Lost Origins. He explores the most current ideas in the Atlantis debate, the origins of the Pyramids, and many other controversial themes.

The book serves as an excellent introduction to hitherto suppressed and alternative accounts of history as contributors raise questions about the origins of civilisation and humanity, catastrophism, and ancient technology. The collection also includes several articles that introduce, compare, contrast, and complement the theories of other notable authors in these fields, such as Zecharia Sitchin, Paul La Violette, John Michell, and John Anthony West.


Chariots of the Gods : Was God An Astronaut? (Paperback)

'Fortean Times'
"von Daniken's... rewriting of human history have had a profound influence
on both alternative archaeology and popular culture."

All over the world there are fantastic ruins and improbable objects which cannot be explained by conventional theories of history, archaeology, and religion. Why, for instance, do the world's sacred books describe Gods who came down from the sky in fiery chariots and always promised to return? How could an ancient Sanskrit text contain an account which could only be of a journey in an alien craft? Compare photographs of American space centre launch sites to the constructions on the plains of Nazca in Peru. In order to understand the mysteries which Erich Von Daniken has cataloqued we must go back to these ancient relics with an open mind. We must call in the resources and experience of sciences other than archaeology. Read Von Daniken's classic work and make up your own mind.

The book serves as an excellent introduction to hitherto suppressed and alternative accounts of history as contributors raise questions about the origins of civilisation and humanity, catastrophism, and ancient technology. The collection also includes several articles that introduce, compare, contrast, and complement the theories of other notable authors in these fields, such as Zecharia Sitchin, Paul La Violette, John Michell, and John Anthony West.


The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return (The Earth Chronicles) [Illustrated] (Mass Market Paperback)

It has been more than three decades since Zecharia Sitchin's trailblazing book "The 12th Planet" brought to life the Sumerian civilization and its record of the Anunnaki - the extraterrestrials who fashioned man and gave mankind civilization and religion. In this new volume, Sitchin shows that the End is anchored in the events of the Beginning, and once you learn of this Beginning, it is possible to foretell the Future.

About The Author
Zecharia Sitchin is an internationally acclaimed author and researcher whose books offer evidence that we are not alone in our own solar system. One of a handful of scholars able to read the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, he has combined archaeology, ancient texts, and the Bible with the latest scientific discoveries to retell the history and prehistory of mankind and planet Earth. His trailblazing books have been translated into more than twenty languages; his first one, an oft-quoted classic, celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its publication.


Behold a Pale Horse (Paperback) by Milton Cooper

A confession first of all ... I have not read the entire book, and indeed have merely flicked through it, reading a few passages here and there. My review is to in no way cast doubt upon the writer's knowledge or beliefs, however is to be more of a warning for new and budding conspiracy-theorists out there.

I have read very few conspiracy-theory books though do have a passing interest in the subject. This book has excellent reviews and a great write up so I thought I would give it a go.

The only reason as to why I have not, as yet anyway, sat down to read the book cover to cover is that it is incredibly in depth. So here is my warning for new readers to this genre. Whilst I have absolutely no reason to believe that the content, or author himself is misleading, inaccurate or just plain crazy this particular book is very detailed. If you are new to the subject and have very little, or no, prior knowledge to cases which build towards alleged conspiracies then I fear that beyond the first page of this book you will feel incredibly lost and confused. It is probably not the best place to start if you are only just beginning to explore the idea of conspiracies though that's not to say that once you have eased yourself into the subject it would not be worth pursuing further through the works of this author.

All I can say is that he has clearly put his heart and soul not only into this work but his faith and belief in conspiracies as a whole; but please do bear in mind that he has spent most of his life working towards these theories and therefore trying to convey them to those who are unfamiliar with such a premise is very difficult indeed and not the purpose of this book. I feel the purpose is mainly to secure and back-up (so to speak) the supposed facts behind these conspiracies and that at least a passing knowledge in their history is needed into order to follow his works.

A former member of the U.S. Naval Intelligence briefing team reveals information that the government has kept secret since the 1940s, on topics ranging from UFOs and the assassination of JFK to the war on drugs.


Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians (Paperback)

"Bringers of the Dawn points out a creative and positive way to turn on our inner light and underlines the principle of commitment to spiritual growth, which leads to the reclaiming of our natural power in any situation."

The Pleiadians are multidimensional beings whose teachings the author claims to have channelled. The teachings challenge the reader to remember that we are a "Family of Light" in the midst of economic, social and environmental catastrophe. The teachings reveal sexuality as the body's link to a higher frequency, show Earth as an ancient battleground between good and evil, and bring us information about extra-terrestrials.


The Gods of Eden (Mass Market Paperback) By William Bramley

"A Truly Momentous Work...A 'Must Read'"-- UFO: A Forum On Extraordinary Theories And Phenomena

Concluding that humankind's most savage and brutal acts are the result of an alien conspiracy, a "New Age" interpretation of history blames everything from the wars of ancient Egypt to the assassination of JFK on alien intervention. Reprint.


Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence (Paperback) By Timothy Good

Product Description
UFOs remain essentially a military and intelligence problem - and one demanding unprecedented security and deception, with access to information on a strictly 'need to know' basis. As early as 1960 former CIA director Admiral Hillenkoetter confirmed that, 'behind the scenes, high-ranking air force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.' The same could be said today. Based on many years of research by one of the world's most respected authorities on alien phenomena, "Need to Know" draws on top-secret documents, reports of encounters with large craft of unknown origin from pilots and personnel aboard aircraft carriers and destroyers and interviews with high-ranking military insiders. It is full of revelations, including the alarming escalation of aircraft accidents and the disappearance of hundreds of military aircraft during UFO encounters and recent near-misses with UFOs. The evidence is clear, balanced - and irrefutable.

About the Author
Timothy Good's previous books include the Sunday Times top 10 bestselling titles Beyond Top Secret, Alien Liaison and Alien Update . He frequently appears on television documentaries on UFOs.


Communion: A True Story (Mass Market Paperback)

o say that I was a true believer in UFOs and Extra-terrestrial visitors would be an exaggeration and to say the exact opposite would be a false claim too, therefore, it was with a completely open state of mind that I approached Whitley Strieber's book.....and it was in exactly the same frame of mind that I finished the book! However, having said this, the fact that I was not truly convinced by Strieber's accounts by no means lessens the impact of the book as a whole. I found Communion to be one of the most disturbing, intriguing, shocking and incredible experiences I have ever been through as a reader. The author maintains an unflinching honesty throughout the book as he attempts to explain the disturbing events of three particular nights and it is this honesty, and his willingness to hold himself up to intense worldwide scrutiny, that has propelled this book into becoming the international bestseller that it deserves to be! It makes no difference whether you believe or not, it's what Strieber has to say that really matters here. Reading this book is a unique experience that will stay with you long after you have tucked it back into your bookshelf! One of the greatest books ever written in any genre!

The author tells the true story of his encounters with intelligent nonhuman beings and explains how his initial skepticism turned into a frightened but clear and open curiosity.


The Starseed Dialogues: Soul Searching the Universe (Paperback) By Patricia Cori

Product Description
This latest work from the Speakers of the Sirian High Council is a clear and concise compilation of questions Patricia Cori has received from readers, which she then turned over to the Speakers for answers. The material covered includes concepts introduced in the three works of "The Sirian Revelations" trilogy, as well as other concerns that are paramount in her readers' minds regarding the nature of the times we live in. Patricia Cori is among many who predict that life on Earth will change dramatically after December 2012, and those souls who are prepared will ascend into the fourth dimension of existence. What will happen to us as we approach the point of ascension? Does ascending in the light body hurt?Cori answers questions about the connection between Sirius and Earth; entering into the Fourth Dimension; our evolving DNA; the inner world of Agharta; and, the direct link between current Earth changes and our personal evolution, and the importance of visiting sacred sites such as Stonehenge to receive celestial messages. As always, the Speakers' message rings clear: do not fear what lies ahead, for we are about to experience a glorious transformation of consciousness - and although the prophets speak of doom and destruction, the darkest hours are already upon us. What awaits us is a brilliant new age of truth, light, and beauty.


The Day After Roswell: A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-up (Mass Market Paperback) By Phillip J Corso

Sharon Chance

Times Record News" (Wichita Falls, TX)

"The Day After Roswell" could be the most significant and important book since the Bible.

Product Description
Published to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, which the author purports to be a US government UFO cover-up. This expose claims to put to rest the controversy concerning the crash of an unidentified aircraft by producing proof of its extraterrestrial origin.

From the Author
Corso again rings true with release of once-secret LBJ tapes
Over thirty years ago, Phil Corso was criticized as a right-wing paranoid fanatic when he suggested that there were two Lee Harvey Oswalds and that there was a plot to assassinate JFK. Although he was on record as breaking the U2 and POW stories, the Oswald story still lingered. Now, with the release of the LBJ tapes, readers can see with their own eyes that it was J. Edgar Hoover who first told President Johnson that the CIA knew there were two Oswalds. Again, history proves Corso correct. Also, check out the ACC site for the story of the transistor and Bell Labs.


Nazi International: The Nazis' Postwar Plan to Control Finance, Conflict, Physics and Space (Paperback) By Joseph P Farrell

Product Description
Physicist and Oxford-educated historian Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposés on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and postwar Nazi manipulation of various manufacturing technologies, economies and whole countries. Beginning with prewar corporate partnerships in the USA, including some with the Bush family, he moves on to the surrender of Nazi Germany, and evacuation plans of the Germans. He then covers the vast, and still-little-known recreation of Nazi Germany in South America with help of Juan Peron, I.G. Farben and Martin Bormann. Farrell then covers Nazi Germany’s penetration of the Muslim world including Wilhelm Voss and Otto Skorzeny in Gamel Abdul Nasser’s Egypt before moving on to the development and control of new energy technologies including the Bariloche Fusion Project, Dr. Philo Farnsworth’s Plasmator, and the Work of Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev. Finally, Farrell discusses the Nazi desire to control space, and examines their connection with NASA, the esoteric meaning of NASA Mission Patches, plus final chapters on: Alchemy; Esotericism; The SS and the Unified Field Theory Craze; 1943-1945: Strange Events from the End of World War II and other “Postwar Shenanigans.” This book is literally packed with information.


Beyond Photography: Encounters with Orbs, Angels and Light Forms (Paperback) By John Pickering & Katie Hall


Product Description
This book presents the most extensive and well-documented examination of this incredible phenomenon. It includes more than 75 colour and B&W photographs. This volume is the first and most extensive examination of what is known as the 'Orb phenomenon' - where photographs show extraordinary images of glowing orbs and other amazing light forms, when such objects were not present at the taking of the picture. "Beyond Photography" is the fullest personal account of one couple's experience with this ever-increasing phenomenon. The authors, who are professional photographers, were originally sceptical of New Age ideas, but after thousands of their photographs showed the same amazing objects they started to reach some extraordinary conclusions. With its stunning photographs of this incredible phenomenon, and the firsthand accounts of eyewitnesses, this volume is a must-have for anyone interested in the paranormal.

"I can testify that these incredible images are genuine and authentically captured. The powerful images in this book will, I am sure, help us to open our minds to other realities and other possibilities." Mike Oram Award-winning landscape photographer "At journey's end you may find yourself a believer, a doubter or simply an intrigued wonderer... Whatever the outcome, the process of journeying is likely to prove provocative and stimulating and - as with the mysterious images fleetingly captured by the authors' cameras - inspiring and potentially enlightening." Brian Sibley Writer and Broadcaster. "This amazing story is backed up by many photographs taken at the time and opens up a whole new Pandora's box of questions as to the nature of our reality. Written by two frank and honest people, this book is a must for all those interested in the paranormal and for those who have pondered the age old question, 'Are we alone?" Tony Dodd, Leading UFO investigator and author


Alien Encounters: True Life Stories of Aliens, UFOs and Other Extra-terrestrial Phenomena (Hardcover) By Rupert Matthews

This is a fascinating book written in an easy-reading style that makes this complex and baffling subject highly entertaining. The chapters include: From Out of the Blue; Armed Reconnaissance; Casualties of War; Alien Contacts; Human Harvest; The Search for Truth; The Invasion Hypothesis; and, Conclusion.This book includes material from sightings of UFOs to meetings with aliens, contacts with alien cultures and outright conflict between humans and alien invaders.


Strange Skies: Pilot Encounters with UFOs (Paperback) By Jerome Clark

I'm glad to see this excellent UFO book back in print. I had the pleasure of first reading this book on a flight to Crete which certainly added to my enjoyment! Jerome Clark is a very sober, rational UFO expert who is not one for taking every UFO account at face value. What surprised me somewhat about the first half of the book is that Clark takes a quite skeptical viewpoint of some of the most famous UFO cases, such as the one involving the death of Thomas Mantell.
However, the dubious UFO incidents are overshadowed by some truly remarkable encounters. People with a long standing interest in UFOs may well have read or heard of some of the cases, such as the Japan Airlines incident over Alaska or the one involving fighter jets from the Iranian Air Force. Clark describes each incident in compelling detail without resorting to sensationalism or trying to impose his own conclusions on the reader.
I would recommend this book to all people interested in the UFO phenomena, especially those new to the subject who are looking for a rational, level-headed overview.


You Can't Tell the People: The Definitive Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Mystery (Paperback) By Georgina Bruni

At a charity party, investigative writer Georgina Bruni asks Mrs Thatcher what she thinks of UFOs. "UFOs?" says the aging baroness, "You must get your facts right, and you can't tell the people." Hence the title of this new book on the Rendlesham Forest mystery.

One night in December 1980, two USAF patrolmen reported seeing strange lights in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, between the twin USAF bases at RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. Three more US servicemen were sent to investigate. They reported seeing "a strange glowing object... metallic in appearance and triangular in shape." The following day more USAF personnel, including the deputy base commander, found three depressions in the ground and later observed strange lights in the sky.

Was this the clearest evidence ever of UFO activity in Britain, or was it just another case of misconception and delusion? Whatever the case, the resulting silence from both the USAF and Britain's Ministry of Defence has led to the Rendlesham incident being labeled "Britain's Roswell". Twenty years later, Georgina Bruni tries to piece together the facts of the story.

Bruni says, despite all probable difficulties in the investigation that, "based on all the evidence, it seems obvious that there is a continuing cover-up to hide the details of the Rendlesham Forest incident." As always with this sort of book, what conclusions you draw tends to depend on what beliefs you arrive at the scene with. Clearly, however, You Can't Tell the People is a terse and rather thorough introduction to this unsolved mystery, and certainly worth reading for anyone with an interest in UFOs and the unusual.


Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us (Mass Market Paperback) By Jim Marrs

"You may find yourself watching the skies a little more intently, or even checking under the bed before you go to sleep". -- Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Offers a study of evidence of extraterrestrial life, providing explanations of UFOs, evidence of government cover-ups, and proof that Earth has been visited by alien life forms.


Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis (Lost Science (Adventures Unlimited Press)) (Paperback) By David Hatcher Childress

In this incredible volume on ancient India, authentic Indian texts such as the Ramayana and the Mahabhata are used to prove that ancient aircraft were in use more than 4000 years ago. Included is the entire 4th century BC manuscript Vimaanika Shastra plus chapters on Atlantean technology and the incredible Rama Empire of India and the devastating wars that destroyed it. Also an entire chapter on mercury vortex propulsion and mercury gyros, the power source described in the ancient Indian texts.


Hitler's Suppressed and Still-secret Weapons, Science and Technology (Paperback) by Henry Stevens

Great book in every respect. Easy to pick up and read as the chapters are quite small. Really opened my eyes to what kinds of technology was around at that point. The electromagnetic Vampire part was fantastic. Lots of interesting questions are raised by the book, which prompts me to fnd out more.


Voyagers: Voyagers - The Sleeping Abductees v. 1 (Emerald Covenant CDT Plate Translations) (Paperback) by Anna Hayes (Author), Ashayana Deane

Product Description
This volume offers clear, accurate, directly transmitted information from the Guardian Alliance regarding human origins, extraterrestrial visitation, the Zeta agenda, Keylontic Science, and Earth's future. It provides the background to understand the true nature of reality and the serious risks that Earth faces at this moment.


The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light (Paperback) by Barbara Hand Clow

"Barbara Hand Clow grabs hold of a very volatile mix of topics: politics, astrology, traditional religions, hard science, sex, and cutting-edge metaphysics. She wastes no time establishing the ground for this book: the future of our lives as conscious beings and the critical choice we face right now right here in our everyday lives. We can live as zombies or we can create powerful lives by choosing to exercise our free will in remembering who we are. . . . If you are willing to examine the beliefs creating your reality, this book offers an excellent challenge and opportunity, maybe even a sneak preview of our common future."

Provides a description of the nine-dimensional cosmic drama that is claims is unfolding on Earth, as explained by the Pleiadians through the author. It draws on alchemical knowledge of ancient Egypt, the Holy Roman Empire and medieval Europe, as well as the transformational energies of the human orgasm. The book is about who the Pleiadians are, why they are here, what their agenda is, and how we can expect human evolution to unfold through the year 2012.


Invisible Residents (Paperback) by Ivan T. Sanderson

This is a crucial book for those fascinated by the Ufo mystery, or Cryptozoology. It is also a classic of Fortean literature. Sanderson who died in 1973 was a naval intelligence officer during WW2 and coined the term "Cryptozoology".

The observational premise and the starting point of this book is that by far and away the majority of Ufos are seen near bodies of water, often entering and leaving the water. Sanderson collected hundreds of case studies some of which are tabulated at the back of the book. He emphasises that the hydrosphere covers most of the Earth and that this is, quite uniquely, a "water planet". Sanderson calculates the enormous volume of the hydrosphere where unknown craft may be lurking, compared to the tiny amount of inhabited land. He also points out how narrow are the shipping lanes and air corridors, where sightings originate. There are studies of cases where ships and aircraft have disappeared over the sea, and others where only the humans on board have inexplicably disappeared. Sanderson has collected a good deal of data concerning vortices, and the strange phenomena that they can produce, perhaps the OINTS (Other Intelligences) have mastered their power.

The book is full of open- minded speculation, which is the basis for truly scientific hypotheses; he collects all of the data however bizarre it might seem. Perhaps Sanderson does not reveal everything that he knows. He does not rule out the possibility that some of the Ufos, Usos or Uaos as he calls them are produced by humans, he "speculates" that there may be underwater bases hollowed out of undersea mountains and continental masses. Nothing can be ruled out.

By the end of the book however, the reader is convinced that Sanderson really does believe in non- human technologically superior OINTS which have created a civilisation under the seas and oceans. He also possesses case studies of Uaos diving into rivers and lakes. This aquatic civilisation or civilisations could have evolved throughout the geological ages or it may have come here from elsewhere in the universe.


MJ-12 & the Riddle of Hangar 18: The New Evidence (Paperback) by Timothy Green Beckley (Author), Sean Casteel

Here are classified documents never seen by the public previously...In the early l980s, a mysterious brown envelope arrived at the home of a respected Hollywood producer who had previously been in touch with anonymous government agents offering to share research and dialogue on the nature of beings they termed EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). The package consisted of canisters of unprocessed film which turned out to be covert photos of a variety of documents - the Majestic 12 papers - so highly classified that those who had procured them would surely have been 'eliminated' if their identities had ever been discovered. Recently, new MJ-12 documents surfaced which may tell us even more about the government's secret program to deal with the alien presence beginning with the crash of several 'mystery discs' in the Southwest in the late 1940s, and the recovery of alien beings taken to Hangar l8 inside Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Shocking disclosures include: links between the Kennedy assassination and a series of other murders intended to maintain UFO secrecy; a list of scientists and consultants who worked with the legendary majestic 12 is provided, proving that the tentacles of the cover up reaches much further than was previously known; the existence of a secret government organisation called the interplanetary phenomenon unit is brought into the open, and admitted by the air force. Besides previewing dozens of what are said to be 'highly classified' documents, there are also interviews with newly discovered witnesses and discussions of various alleged UFO crashes - including a space craft that is said to have come down in Central Park back in the l960s. If true, these documents may be the 'smoking gun' that will eventually prove WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE. The information in this book, may be too much for some readers to handle!


Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth (Paperback) by Gregory Bishop

Product Description
THE HORRIFYING TRUE STORY OF A GOVERNMENT-AUTHORIZED CAMPAIGN OF DISINFORMATION THAT DEFINED AN ERA OF ALIEN PARANOIA AND DESTROYED ONE MAN'S LIFE. In 1978, Paul Bennewitz, an electrical physicist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, engaged in some aggressive radio monitoring of the nearby Sandia Labs, then managed by the Department of Defense. When he became convinced that the strange lights hovering over the labs and Kirtland Air Force Base signaled the vanguard of an extraterrestrial alien invasion, he began writing TV stations, newspapers, senators -- and even President Reagan -- to alert them. For the most part Bennewitz received form-letter replies, but Air Force investigators paid him a visit, as did Bill Moore, author of the first book on the Roswell incident. Before long Moore -- then a new force in civilian UFO research -- was tapped by a group of intelligence agents and a deal was struck: Moore was to keep tabs on Bennewitz while the Air Force ran a psychological profile and disinformation campaign on the unsuspecting physicist. In return, Air Force Intelligence would let Moore in on classified UFO material. This is Bennewitz's harrowing tale, told by fringe-culture historian Greg Bishop. It is the troubling account of the custom-made hall of smoke and mirrors that eventually drove Bennewitz to a mental institution, as well as the story of the explosive propagation of disinformation that began in 1979 and reverberates through the UFO community and pop culture to this day.



The Legend of Starcrash (Paperback) by Dolores Cannon

From the Author
- - - -'It was a multi-generational ship'- - - -
As a hypotherapist specializing in past-life therapy and regression I have come across some strange cases when the client relives their other lives. This was such a case. A young woman relived the lifetime of Tuin, a hunter living in a Canadian-Alaskan area in an undetermined time period before the coming of the Eskimo. Tuin belonged to a group of people who thougt they were the only people on Earth, because they had never seen any others during the entire time their tribe had lived there. Tuin reported the story of the history of his people, as told by the Shaman during long narratives around the campfire. - - They were descendants of the Old Ones who had traveled across the void of space, and had crashed in the area many years before. As he reported the history it became apparent that the ancestors were from another planet. A group of five spaceships were traveling through our solor system thousands of years ago headed for the colonization of another planet. One of them malfunctioned and crashed into Earth, and was unable to continue the journey. It was a multi-generational ship that had been traveling for many years, so some of the occupants had never been outside the craft. At first they lived within the craft to escape the harsh rays of the sun. They soon discovered that the radiation of the sun (which they were unused to) was causing their children to be born dead or deformed. Necessity and the desire for preservation of their race eventually caused them to interbreed with a group of aborigines who were also living in the valley. This was so far back in time that it was before the coming of the Eskimos to the region. - - The strange story of Tuin's people shows that some of the American Indian races can trace their origin to this group of mixed extraterrestrial and aborigine people. - - It also brings up a strange parallel: Tuin's people thought they were the only people in the world, and our people today think they are the only people in the universe! - - This was a fascinating case that opened up a new way of thinking for me. I researched North American Indian legends for three years trying to find parallels with Tuin's story. I found that EVERY tribe had a legend of a "culture-bringer", and this mystical figure always came from across the sea or from the sky! This case was an interesting new way to look at the origin of native people on the North American continent. - - Dolores Cannon


The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda (Paperback) by David M. Jacobs

An expert on UFOs and alien abduction offers evidence that aliens are integrating themselves into our society and planning a breeding program that will produce a hybrid species of alien-humans that will eventually control Earth.


The Two Faced Moon (Paperback) by Simon Lewis

In The Two Faced Moon, Simon Lewis has produced an excellent and thought provoking book which asks important and uncomfortable questions based on factual evidence gathered from the Apollo moon landings. The questions have no rational answers and it is therefore left to the reader to draw his/her own conclusions. Could there really be so many coincidences or is there something more behind the published facts? Space agencies must be uncomfortable with some of the questions posed in this book and they appear not to have been as supportive as one might expect from government agencies with nothing to hide. As the last reviewer states the books also contains some interesting photographs which prompt further research on the internet. It is hoped that Simon Lewis continues to put pen to paper and undertakes further research and asks more questions. Well worth a read - but just one word of warning - don't read it late at night as you will be kept awake trying to find rational answers to the uncomfortable questions posed by Simon Lewis.


The Dark Star (Paperback) by Andy Lloyd

Author, Andy Lloyd, demonstrates in his book, The Dark Star that a planet beyond Pluto need not be cold and lifeless! He says that astronomers know this. This is not controversial for them. They understand what brown dwarfs are, and they realize that they provide enough heat and light to provide habitable environments on planets orbiting these failed stars. Lloyd says that one might well be circling the sun, in the comet clouds that make up the bulk of the solar system's volume. The book recognizes the difficulties that detecting such a body present, however, Lloyd puts forth a convincing argument with 332 pages of research, 41 pictures and graphics, hundreds of scientific references, and a complete index of terms and names that Planet X exists!


Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters (Paperback) by John E. Mack

Passport to the Cosmos explores a spiritual terrain that I would not have expected to find in a book that on the surface appears to be about something "alien." What is discovered is a profound reconnection with the sacred, provoked by something as yet unknown.

Dr. John Mack compares the reactions of people in the West who have faced these experiences to a trio of experiencers from indigenous cultures - Native American, Brazillian, and African. The reactions and interpretations are compared and contrasted, and the value of some indigenous perspectives is considered.

In view of his years of clinical work with over 200 people reporting these experiences, Dr. Mack feels that the West suffers deeply when faced with something drastically unknown. But he suggests that if the terror of these experiences is fully faced, even embraced, an expansion of consciousness may take place.

"When these phenomena show up in our world in a way that we cannot deny, this powerfully shatters our worldview, and when you shatter a worldview, then new possibilities for human identity and experience emerge. One of the elements that occur when that worldview is shattered is then the earth and everything in the earth and every human relation becomes sacred. And that kind of consciousness, that return of the sacred, of the reverent sense of connection that emerges from this experience transforms our whole relationship to one another and to the planet itself. And it seems to me that's a good thing."

How the terror of being provoked by these experiences can transform into something truly grand is the journey of the book, told in the words of Dr. Mack and several particularly articulate experiencers (from the over 200 interviewed), so I leave that journey for the reader to discover. It is a journey worth taking.


The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time (Paperback) by Preston B. Nichols (Author), Peter Moon (Author), Nina Helms

Product Description
Chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history. Starting with the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, invisibility experiments were conducted aboard the USS Eldridge that resulted in full-scale teleportation of the ship and crew. Forty years of massive research ensued, culminating in bizarre experiments at Montauk Point that actually manipulated time itself. The controversial lectures by Al Bielek on the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment are similar to the information in this book. The book includes diagrams and photos of the time-travel devices themselves, plus photocopies of documents and schematic diagrams.


Mind Control and UFO's: Casebook on Alternative 3 (Paperback) by Jim Keith

As a child, I saw the original Anglia TV programme which inspired this book, and the memory of it has remained with me ever since. Jim Keith makes no bones that the show was a hoax, but he argues that many of the underlying theories could contain truth.

It's hard to disagree, and there are some compelling conspiracy theories described the the Casebook. Crop circles created by death rays from space, Nazis in the CIA, Nazis everywhere in fact. Persuasive notions but presented with little supporting evidence.

You come away mulling over what might be a gigantic plot to enslave humanity but too ashamed to admit you actually believe it.


The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space (Paperback) by Phyllis Schlemmer (Author), Palden Jenkins

Product Description
'If this book is a work of the imagination, it is a poetic and consistent work of art; as I prefer to believe, it is based on truth, it must be one of the most important books ever written' - Michael Glickman, journalist and cerelogist. Since its spectacular launch is 1993, "The Only Planet of Choice" has been widely acknowledged as one of the most significant books for our time. Many of those thousands who have already read it have spoken of the profound effect it has had upon them. This book represents the outcome of twenty years of work by a distinguished international research group whose members have been communicating through psychic transceiver, Phyllis Schlemmer, with an enlightened circle of universal beings known as the Council of Nine. Their dialogues have continued and the result is this updated edition of 'The Only Planet of Choice'. Published this time without any linking commentaries but with a vital new chapter on the 1990s, the book contains a mass of fresh and pressing information of particular relevance to our troubled world as it approaches the end of the millennium. Its underlying theme is free will and the power of the inhabitants of Planet Earth to create a better, more harmonious world. Among the many themes covered in detail are the existence of ET civilisations and their interactions with Earth, the nature of the Source of the Universe, the ancient history of humanity, Jesus the Nazarene, environmental issues and humankind's as-yet-unrealised potential for self-awareness. But, above all, for those who are prepared to listen and heed its message, it offers a positive outcome for the future. New readers will welcome the opportunity to explore this riveting book for the first time. Existing readers will want to discover the wise new truths it contains. 'Everything you ever wanted to know about the Universe but didn't know who to ask - "Kindred Spirit" magazine.


UFO Crash in Brazil (Paperback) by Roger, K. Leir

If you think that UFOs are not real or that only crazy people believe in aliens, think again. This story was originally reported in the Wall Street Journal, then was forgotten. According to numerous eyewitnesses, an unidentified flying object crashed near Varginha, Brazil on January 20, 1996 and at least two beings were reported to have survived. One was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was operated on while the military stood guard. Join Dr. Roger Leir and follow in his footsteps as he takes you through the entire investigative journey. This could well be the most important UFO story to ever come out, and is a must read for anyone interested in the subject.


Out of the Shadows: UFOs, the Establishment and Official Cover Up (Hardcover) by David Clarke (Author), Andy Roberts

Product Description
This title exposes the truth about official investigations into the UFO phenomenon, revealing previously secret MOD files which provide evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrial activity. It includes evidence that a UFO did land in Rendlesham Forrest, Suffolk in 1980.

About the Author
Dr David Clarke is a journalist, author and academic and lectures on folklore and supematural belief at the University of Sheffield. He has been featured in the Daily Mail and Fortean Times and has contributed to many tv and radio programmes including Strange But True, BBC Mysteries, Horizon and Radio 4 Today Programme. He lives in Sheffield. Andy Roberts is a freelance writer. He has contributed to many tv productions including Everyman, Down to Earth and Origin Unknown. Together David and Andy have written The UFOs that Never Were and Phantoms of the Sky.


Disclosure (Paperback) by Steven M. Greer

For anyone who, may or may not be interested in the ufo's and associated technology, then this book is absolute must have read. Steven Greer explains why he wrote the book and what we can, or rather should do as human beings living with this known problem of the unknown! That is all too often ridiculed by the media and various agencies!

In this book you will read the testimonies of various civilian, military and scientific personnel all witness to a massive if not damming cover up of all things related to, ufo's and any recovered craft, reverse engineered alien technology. Of which could have massive benfits for the human race as whole, but is witheld from the public as matter of secrecy!

Anyone who thinks that we are alone in this universe should think again!

Steven Greer and his team have done a remarkable job of bringing all these professional personnel together in this book. A thoroughly thought provoking read certainly well worth it.


Inception (Projekt Saucer) (Paperback) by W.A. Harbinson

Product Description
The first wave of modern UFO sightings occurred nearly 100 years ago. Based on previously concealed, carefully documented evidence, "Inception" begins the Projekt Saucer series. This book aims to expose cover-ups, conspiracies and terrible truths that have been hidden far too long.


Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction (Paperback) by Stanton T. Friedman (Author), Kathleen Marden

Product Description
Today, 46 years after the UFO abduction of Betty and Henry Hill, more and more people are convinced that UFO's are real and that governments are covering up their existence. If you have doubts or questions about the Hill case or alien experiences ingeneral, CAPTURED! will give you the answers you're searching for. The 1961 abduction of the Hills stirred worldwide interest, primarily because of the book The Interrupted Journey, the subsequent media coverage and a 1975 TV movie, The UFO Incident. The case is mentioned in almost all UFO abduction books. It, also, became a target for debunkers, who still attack it today. But the complete story of what really happened that day, its effect on the participants and the findings of investigators has never been told…until now. In CAPTURED!'ll get an insider's look at the alien abduction, previously unpublished information about the lives of the Hills before and after Barney's death in 1969, their status as celebrities, Betty's experiences as a UFO investigator and other activities before her death in 2004. Kathleen Marden, Betty Hill's niece, shares details from her discussions with Betty and from the evidence of the UFO abduction. She, also, looks at the Hill's riveting hypnosis sessions about their time onboard the spacecraft. The transcripts of these sessions provide insight into the character of the aliens, including their curiosity, their democratic discussions and their desire to avoid inflicting pain. In addition, co-author, physicist and ufologist Stanton T. Friedman, the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident, reviews and refutes the arguments of those who have attacked the Hill case, including the star map Betty Hill saw inside the craft and later recreated.


Contacts with the Gods from Space: Pathways to the New Millennium (Paperback) by George King (Author), Richard Lawrence

Product Description
Among the myriad claims of contacts with UFO's during the latter half of the twentieth century, one man stands out: Sir George King. For over 40 years he has been in regular communication with extraterrestrial intelligences, bringing the most revealing glimpse of their science and religion ever recorded. In this book comes the first comprehensive account of the hundreds of contacts Sir George has experienced as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel. There has never been a story as challenging or as important as this -- because it is true! Working with his long-time colleague, Dr Richard Lawrence, Sir George explains the major aspects of his extraordinary life's work. At times fantastic, yet always cogently argued, this book gives the stamp of credibility to the most exciting field of human enquiry today.

About the Author
Dr George King was one of the finest spiritual teachers of the 20th century. A brilliant psychic, healer and medium, he was one of the foremost pioneers in promoting ancient mystical secrets, previously known only to the select few, in a way that was understandable and approachable for busy people in the modern world. His entire life's work was dedicated to the mastery and practice of the wisdom contained in this remarkable book.


The Watchers: The Secret Design behind UFO Abduction (Mass Market Paperback) by Raymond E. Fowler

Recounts Betty Andreasson Luca's encounters with alien beings--her abduction and examination by them, and her visit to their world--and her subsequent amnesia and nightmares.


Aliens among Us (Mass Market Paperback) by Ruth Montgomery

This goes beyond the barely credible 'Strangers Among Us'. There is so much in here that settles in the unconscious mind - but on the surface, too much appears beyond credibility. Surely, as much as we want it to be true, how can it be. More supporting evidence would ease the disbelief. Ruth, expand on your thoughts and give us more hope. Unfortunately, with hindsight, many of the millennium predictions are still to occur, maybe they are late, but it doesn't help credibility. More reference to pure UFOlogy is also required, but don't let this put you off. If just for thought provoking UFOlogical reading it is another must - read it and wonder!


The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695 the Pulse of the Universe (Lost Science (Adventures Unlimited Press)) (Paperback) by Bruce.L Cathie

Explores the incredible potential of the Energy Grid and Unified Field all around us. Cathie investigates the Harmonics of Light and how the Energy Grid is created. Here are chapters on UFO propulsion, Nikola Tesla, Unified Equations, the Mysterious Aerials, Pythagoras and the Grid, Nuclear Detonation and the Grid, maps of the ancients, an Australian Stonehenge, and much more. Cathie's books are a must for the student of Anti-Gravity and Lost Science.


Listening to Extraterrestrials: Telepathic Coaching by Enlightened Beings (Paperback) by Lisette Larkins

It is not uncommon for people from all walks of life to hire a personal coach, someone who's been there and who has the experience and vision to guide you to the next level of your evolution. Following up on the success of her first two books, Calling on Extraterrestrials and Talking to Extraterrestrials, Lisette Larkins shows how to connect and work with a personal coach whose perspective is a universal one and whose mission is to help us progress down our soul's path. In Listening To Extraterrestrials, Larkins shows you how to make contact with ETs using the universal language of telepathy in order to get in touch with your soul's mission, further your spiritual growth and move toward expanded UFO contact. Explaining that the process of working with ETs is as easy as dialling a phone, Larkins both assures us that ETs are out there waiting to be contacted and fills us with faith enough to try.


Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Calendar (Paperback) by Barbara Hand Clow (Author), Gerry Clow

Astrologer and researcher Barbara Hand Clow presents the long awaited sequel to her bestselling The Pleiadian Agenda which has sold over 70,000 copies. The latest work investigates the scientific implications of her communications with the Pleiadians and presents a nine-dimensional picture of our galaxy along with meditations for accessing each level. In this new book, Hand Clow proposes startling new implications of the end date for the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012. Each chapter opens with a meditation designed to help readers integrate the material in their everyday lives.


Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy (Paperback) by Miriam Delicado

Blue Star chronicles lifelong contact with Blond Aliens from Canada to the American Southwest. Information is shared regarding the role of the Hopi people, humanity and who the Aliens are.


Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60 Year Cover Up (Paperback) by Thomas Carey (Author), Donald R. Schmitt

"Tom Carey and Donald Schmitt have devoted decades to unraveling Roswell--battling the multitude of phony witnesses, the desperate attempts by the government to cover the trail, and the silliness of the knee-jerk skeptics. Presenting the facts in clear language, Ýthey share astonishing discoveries about the epochal events of July 1947 and show why Roswell really is the Holy Grail of UFOlogy." -- Capt. R.J. Durrant

Product Description
WITNESS TO ROSWELL will hold you spellbound as you read the actual eyewitness testimony to an amazing event; the recovery of a UFO in 1947 just outside of Roswell New Mexico. Witnesses will not only reveal that the alien crew were placed in body bags and packed in dry ice but most astonishing of all that one of them survived the crash. WITNESS TO ROSWELL exhaustively presents accounts of witnesses to the crash the military containment and recovery the high level of security surrounding all phases of the cleanup operation deathbed testimonies sealed posthumous statements and the extreme measures the U.S. government has taken to prevent people from telling the truth. You will be shocked to learn that: · The Air Force used death threats against civilian eyewitness and their children to silence them. · The Air Force turned a small New Mexico town upside down and inside search of a weather balloon? · The Air Force's next official explanation for Roswell will be its fifth! · The true number of witnesses supporting an extraterrestrial event at Roswell versus those favouring the Air Force's balloon explanation. Hint: It's like comparing the Empire State Building to a bungalow.


The Song of the Greys (Paperback) by Nigel Kerner

Product Description
Of all the humanoid alien types that feature in reports of sightings and abductions, the most common is "the Grey" - smooth and sallow-skinned, small in stature, spindly and thin. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want from us?


TheStargate Conspiracy : The Truth About Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt (Paperback) by Lynn Picknett


Product Description
Over the last few years there has been an explosion of books rewriting archaeology, history and religion. Some focus on new interpretations of the life and teachings of Jesus, others on the Templars and Freemasons, and yet others on ancient monuments such as the pyramids of Egypt. In most cases some secret doctrine is unveiled: esoteric teachings going back to the dawn of time, preserved in "impossible-to-build" buildings, mythology or ritual, and now revealed by the intrepid researchers.

Picknett and Prince, who have written their own share of such books (In His Own Image: The Story of the Turin Shroud and The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ) now take their turn at debunking books on the pyramids, early extraterrestrial contact with mankind, the "Face" and "pyramids" on Mars, and the claimed significance of the year 10,500 BC. Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and Robert Temple come in for particular criticism, with Picknett and Prince pointing out some of their factual errors as well as examples of sloppy logical progression in their arguments.

But this is only the beginning of their book. The authors summon large amounts of evidence to argue that behind such modern authors on the pyramids and Mars there might lie a hidden agenda, involving channelled messages from the Ennead, the nine major gods of Egypt; a wide range of parapsychologists and scientists, including some from NASA; the defence and intelligence communities; and even some politicians. The nine gods may or may not be real, they say, and channelling might simply come from the subconscious, though they accept phenomena such as Remote Viewing as entirely real.

Whether their worrying conclusions are valid or whether they have simply come up with another conspiracy theory, Picknett and Prince's book is not only controversial but thought-provoking too.


Secrets Of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFO's, and Classified Aerospace Technology (Paperback) by Paul A. LaViolette

"One of the boldest and most exciting books on gravity control to be put forward in our times. Paul LaViolette is an outstanding scientist and the first to reverse engineer the B-2's highly classified propulsion system."

Product Description
In SECRETS OF ANTIGRAVITY PROPULSION, physicist Paul LaViolette reveals the secret history of antigravity experimentation - from Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown to the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. He discloses the existence of advanced gravity-control technologies, under secret military development for decades, that could revolutionise air travel and energy production. Included among the secret projects he reveals is the research of Project Skyvault to develop an aerospace propulsion system using intense beams of microwave energy similar to that used by the strange crafts seen flying over Area 51. Using subquantum kinetics - the science behind antigravity technology LaViolette reviews numerous field-propulsion devices and technologies that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than that of a jet engine and whose effects are not explained by conventional physics and relativity theory. He then presents controversial evidence about the NASA cover-up in adopting these advanced technologies. He also details ongoing Russian research to duplicate John Searl's self-propelled levitating disc and shows how the results of the Podkletnov gravity beam experiment could be harnessed to produce an interstellar spacecraft. · Reviews numerous field propulsion devices that have thrust-topower ratios thousands of times greater than a jet engine · Shows how NASA is part of a cover-up to block adoption of advanced technologies under military development


R.O.A.M.,Ramblings of A Madman - Space, Time, Travel, Evolution, Pyramids, Einstein, Darwin, Aliens, UFOs, Ghosts, The Paranormal, Supernatural and Reality of All Matter Revealed and Explained (Paperback) by Jonathan Royle (Author), T.H. uGoth

The meaning of life. Be enlightened. Darwin, UFOS, physics, everything revealed.

This book is the equivalent of somebody opening your skull and using a whisk on your brain.

It will change the way you perceive the world around you and make you reevaluate every aspect of your life.

I would recommend this book to anybody from people who have a passing interest in the supernatural/ufo's/time travel, to people who have been studying the subjects for years.
Everybody who reads this book will come away with new nuggets of information. I have read hundreds of books on these subjects but this one is in a class of it's own. It's the only one I have reread and am currently reading it for the third time! There is just to much information to only read it once.

This book has the makings of a cult classic, maybe even a book to change the world!


Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone (Paperback) by Lynne Kitei

"As the originator of much of the footage and still images of the objects that hovered over Phoenix, Dr Kiteias logical mind, forethought and clear thinking has resulted in invaluable and unarguable evidence to support the Phoenix Lights phenomenon. This self-confessed novice to the field has provided a pertinent reminder of an approach to Ufology that many researchers seem to have forgotten--UFOas exist and they may be far more connected to us than we realize. Perhaps it is time to stop focusing on what we can see and focus on what we can feel.a aLee Earle, Editor, UFO Encounter (UFORQ, Australia)

During the evening hours of March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizona residents witnessed a mile-long, v-shaped formation of lights flying in the skies overhead. The UFO sightings garnered headline news, catching the attention of both 'USA Today' and the 'CBS Evening News with Dan Rather'. One person, however, was not surprised at the appearance of the lights. Dr. Lynne Kitei was simply grateful that a phenomenon she'd been witnessing - and documenting - for months was being validated by the experience of thousands of people statewide. After the incident, Dr. Kitei preferred to stay in the background, anonymously feeding information and video clips to the many news organisations who wanted in on the story. Now, for the first time, Dr. Kitei comes forward to tell her own story. Phoenix Lights is an exhaustively researched look at the phenomenon, including dozens of astonishing photographs and Kitei's own take on the wider implications of this remarkable event.


The Gods' Machines: From Stonehenge to Crop Circles (Paperback) by Wun Chok Bong

"Thank you for your wonderful book. ... Concerning megalithic sites, I think your ideas are great. ... Humans have never understood for what purpose the original temples were built--not in the past and not in the present. Therefore, your analysis is a mind-opener and absolutely necessary for pre-historians. Congratulations!"
--Erich von Daniken, author of "Chariots of the Gods"

Massive ancient monuments such as Stonehenge and the Aztec pyramids and more recent mysteries such as crop circles continue to mystify scientists as to their origins and purpose. Instead of repeating local legends or constructing complicated new hypotheses, "The Gods' Machines" presents an original explanation for these monuments. By deciphering prehistoric carvings and applying mathematic measurements, the author discovers that what we call the unknown mysteries are actually powerhouses built by an advanced civilization for tapping electromagnetic energy. It traces the development of that civilization on our planet for more than 5000 years. The book reveals that these infrastructures are interrelated and comprise different generations of the builders' powerhouse."The Gods' Machines" not only explains our distant past, but also opens a new door for our future, the future of power technology and space travel. It contains concrete evidence to prove the relationship between extraterrestrials and our earth. Megalithic sites such as Newgrange and Stonehenge are constructed with quartz- and iron-rich stones with properties of electrical conduction.

Experts found similar minerals on top of the Aztec Temple of the Sun and inside the rings of modern-day crop circles. These stones served as dry cell batteries when heated and stressed, and supplied energy to the builders' travelling vehicles. Most interestingly, the 'stone angle alignment' theory proposed by the author as a Grand Unified Theory underlying all megalithic structures can be subjected to test today in the phenomena of crop circles. "The Gods' Machines" is expected to generate great interest from individuals and groups interested in research into alternative history and ancient civilizations.


Underground Alien Bases (Paperback) by Commander X

Bizarre stories about alien underground bases and first-hand reports from people who have been abducted, and survived genetic experiments.



Our Cosmic Ancestors (Paperback) by Maurice Chatelain (Author)

I have met religious and scientific experts from all over the world, but find they fail to measure up to the work of this genius who offers real answers to the questions we have had since birth. Once open, one cannot put it down. Other tasks of importance are put aside. Don't be afraid of all the numbers he uses. Rather keep an open mind and examine the logic. And part of his genius is his ability to express in simplified terms such an astronomically complex subject. He reminds me of Carl Sagan. You will soon find yourself succumbing to the irrestible attraction of true answers at last. I am impressed at M. Chatelain's courage in expressing such convictions.



Raechel's Eyes: The Strange But True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid (Perfect Paperback) by Helen Littrell (Author), Jean Bilodeaux

Product Description
This is the story of Helen Littrell's daughter Marisa and her odd college roommate Raechel - two young women who did not fit it - one legally blind and needing assistance, and the other with a strange diet, but seemingly no history at all. This fascinating story, written from experience and years of research as documented in Part II, crackles like science fiction but is true. It answers two important questions: Why haven't aliens landed on the White House lawn, and why haven't they taken over the Earth? Marisa's story invites you to expand your vision, to see the world, and ultimately the universe, through the eyes of a blind girl, her mother, and most strangely, through Raechel's Eyes.



Talking to Extraterrestrials (Paperback) by Lisette Larkins

First Sentence
"Have you ever been in the middle of cooking breakfast, or talking on the telephone, and suddenly your whole body freezes for a moment, as you stop what you're doing and pause because you can feel that you're about to sneeze?"



Voices from Legendary Times: We are a Bridge Between Past and Future (Paperback) by Ellen Lloyd

About the book: What is the connection between lost civilizations, ancient cosmic catastrophes, and extraterrestrial visitations in prehistory? "Voices from Legendary Times" draws together compelling evidence from archaeology, astronomy, geology, myths, and ancient texts to prove that superior beings from outer space genetically engineered several human races on our planet. It examines the flaws in the theory of evolution and proves that giants were an important, yet now forgotten part of our history. It also explains what really caused the destruction of highly advanced civilizations and continents like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Thule and reveals that our ancestors were familiar with flying machines and nuclear weapons. It also shows proof of extraterrestrial contact in the Bible. In the search for lost origins of humanity, Ellen Llyod demonstrates that races of men have inhabited Earth for millions of years, but not all of them were human. Ancient sources describe the past ages as world cycles.

The mysteries of the forgotten past reveal that the humans and all living beings have not been created once, but are products of a continuous re-creation process performed and guided by alien gods. Learn why our history is more startling than we could ever imagine!


The Vimanika Shastra: Ancient Manuscript on the Construction and Use of UFOs (Forgotten Books) (Paperback)

Product Description
This is the English translation of the Vimanika Shastra, which purports to be an ancient Hindu manuscript on the construction and use of flying machin


Legends of the Star Ancestors: Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdomkeepers Around the World (Paperback) by Nancy Red Star.

The Book Reader, Fall/Winter 2002-2003
A feast of exceptional thinking and clear testimonies about supernatural-above the natural-occurrences.

Heidi Bonisa, The Light Connection, December 2002
This is an exciting and informative book containing beautiful artwork and photographs. I couldn't put it down!

Dell Magazines, March 2003
Legends of the Star Ancestors is filled with New Age idealism, prophecies, and spiritual messages.

Book Description
Australian Aboriginal, Japanese, Celtic, Israeli, Native American,
and other spiritual leaders from around the world share their stories of extraterrestrial contact and the Star Ancestor prophecies.
* Discusses the relevance of the earth-change prophecies given by ancient Star Ancestors.
* Shows the connection between extraterrestrials and renowned healers and teachers from around the world.
* Contains 70 illustrations by prominent artists.

At the dawn of a new millennium we are rapidly approaching environmental and social crises on a massive global scale. Cries have risen from every corner of the world to challenge the ravaging of Earth and many of her peoples. In Legends of the Star Ancestors traditional wisdomkeepers from diverse cultures share their insights into how Earth's current crisis is part of a larger cosmic plan for the planet's transition into an enlightened age, as prophesized by the Star Ancestors. Furthermore, the star beings that once seeded the Earth remain with us today in order to assist and guide us through this time of transformation.

Healers and teachers from Native American, Israeli, Tibetan, Aboriginal, Islamic, Japanese, and Celtic descent share their knowledge of the role Star Ancestors had within their respective traditions and how it shaped a larger global vision of Earth's future. From contributors as varied as Rabbi Ohad Ezrah to Australian aborigine Jingalu of the Yeagle tribe, we further learn of how star beings continue to make appearances on Earth today through UFOs, dreamtime, and physical encounters.

About the Author
Nancy Red Star, daughter of the Cherokee, is a citizen of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation of Missiquoi, St. Francis/Sokoki Band. She lectures and leads workshops throughout the United States on the teachings of the Star Ancestors. Nancy currently resides in Taos, New Mexico, where she founded the In the Spirit of the Drum Institute.


Walking Between Worlds: Belonging To None (Paperback) by Ann Andrews (Author), Paola Harris (Photographer), Ellis Taylor (Photographer)


This is the story of Jason, my Indigo child...Alien abduction typically runs in families - and Ann Andrews came from a long line of abductees. Although it wasn't until her son's experiences accelerated that she began having dreams and was given back long hidden memories, which enabled her to accept and cope with what was going on with her youngest son Jason. What sets Jason apart from the many other young children who are now being born with exceptional multi-dimensional abilities is that Jason is not only an abductee, but is himself of extraterrestrial origin and he explains that "Technically we are all extraterrestrials, because there is no one amongst you who 'comes' from here." After years of uncertainty, Jason progressed from an initial standpoint of fear and terror to the point in his teens when he began accepting "their" teachings and to acknowledge who he is - one of many Indigo or Star Children here on Earth helping humanity to evolve to the next step. Jason says he came to our planet with two purposes: "I wanted to experience what it was like to be human, and as a human, i would be in a better position to help the rest of you when the time comes."Now that Jason has "awakened" to who he truly is, he welcomes their interaction and works with the ETs.

He has developed into a powerful psychic with amazing healing abilities. Walking Between Worlds - Belonging to None raises the bar when it comes to alien abduction books. Like many, Walking offers a fascinating account of strange and unusual events; yet it also takes us into new realms of possibilities where humanity takes its place as Cosmic Citizens; realizing our divine destiny where the Earth becomes a station of light, a point of great radiance and vitality, beaming out into the Universe.


Mind Control, World Control (Paperback) by Jim Keith

Is mind control technology linked to UFO activity and UFO abductions? A little-known and controversial subject, mind control is thoroughly examined by veteran author and investigator Jim Keith. Exploring a startling amount of information, Mind Control, World Control analyses the technology used to control human minds. It reveals the methodology of implants and exposes mind control assassins and couriers, as well as famous mind control victims Sirhan Sirhan and Candy Jones. Among the many revealing chapters in this shocking work are those on early CIA experiments such as Project Artichoke and Project RIC-EDOM.

Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a U.F.O. Abductee (Paperback) by Kim Carlsberg

"Beyond My Wildest Dreams describes the dilemma of an alien abductee in a way that could only be the truth. Correlating uncannily with the experiences of other abductee/contactees around the world, Kim Carlsberg's story is fascinating, while Darryl Anka's gorgeous illustrations illuminate."

UFO Photgraphs Around the World: v. 2 [Illustrated] (Hardcover) by Wendelle Stevens

Product Description
This is the second of two books which shows many photographs and microscopic analysis for the serious collector. Cases are from many countries including Japan, Spain, and Ireland spanning between 1952 and 1977.

The Monkey and the Tetrahedron: Compelling Connections Between Mars, the UFO Dilemma and the Future of the Human Race (Paperback) by David M. Jinks

Once you get past the excessive ranting about Carl Sagan, you will find a crackerjack compendium of proved, but generally ignored, scientific findings and some compelling theories that tie them all together. While David Jinks's masters degree is in business rather than physics, he goes about compiling information and documenting his contentions with the fury of an accountant searching for misappropriated funds--be glad he's not an auditor for the Inland Revenue. Fans of conspiracy theory will revel in the author's brutally blunt questions and hyper-logical deductions concerning transparent distortions perpetrated by the federal government and allied organisations. Did the 1993 Mars Observer mission really get lost? Does cold fusion overthrow the First Law of Thermodynamics (and corporate interests) creating more energy than it consumes? Could crop circles be related to the weakening magnetic field of the Earth as opposed to pranksters? Why do highly respected American astronauts believe in UFOs? Read The Monkey and The Tetrahedron and consider the ramifications of these and other important questions for yourself

The Alien Chronicles: Compelling Evidence For UFO's and Extraterrestrial Encounters In Art and Texts Since Ancient Times: Yesterday's X Files - Compelling ... in Art and Texts, Since Ancient Times (Hardcover) by Matthew Hurley

Book Description
The Alien Chronicles takes us on a whirlwind tour through the most obvious source for Extraterrestrial encounters – our ancestors’ art and writings. From Prehistoric cave art to the texts of the high civilisations of Sumeria and Egypt, this superbly illustrated book, makes us question the orthodox viewpoints surrounding our history and beliefs. Whether you are a passionate Ufologist or an ardent sceptic, this book will leave you wondering and wanting more.
Using over 150 images Matthew Hurley takes us on a journey into the past, uncovering hidden details found in many texts and historical artworks. From the cave art of our indigenous ancestors, through to the high art of the Renaissance, we are shown a plenitude of evidence for strange beings', UFOs and other historically recorded ‘alien encounters’. In a methodical order and with academic gusto, The Alien Chronicles presents a strong case for the visitation of Extraterrestrials throughout known history. At the same time, the book challenges both anthropological and psychological explanations for UFO phenomenon, while presenting a ‘portfolio’ of paintings and photographs that would have Mulder and Scully racing back in time – to every continent and every era. The book is nothing short of a major revolution in how we view the world and our history.
Some of the themes found in its pages are:
. Pre-historic artworks depicting aliens and spaceships.
. UFOs in Western Historical Art and photographs
. Extraterrestrial encounters and UFO visitations written into ancient texts from all over the world.
. Unusual ‘out of place’ artefacts like the fabulous Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull and ancient maps, whose creation could not have taken place without knowledge and capabilities far superior than that of our ancestors.
In one concise book and pooled from sources all over the world, prepare to open the first ever-compiled dossier on ‘historical’ alien activity known to man!

About the Author
Matthew Hurley

Matthew Hurley runs and hosts the highly successful website He has been researching and writing about UFOs for 10 years. He has been interviewed on US radio several times and had articles published in magazines around the world.

This is his first major publication. He lives and works in South Wales, in the UK.


The Ultimate Alien Agenda: The Re-engineering of Humankind (Paperback) by James L. Walden

Product Description
One night, Jim Walden was awakened by an alien. He was abducted and subjected to scientific procedures. On the brink of suicide, he sought the help of an alien-abductee researcher who put Jim under hypnosis where he learned about his origins. Jim shares his experiences in this text.

The White Sands Incident: An Extraterrestrial Statement (Paperback) by Daniel Fry (Author), Rolf Telano (Author)

Dr Daniel Fry, an internationally known scientist, researcher and electronics engineer, claims in this book that he has been in contact with an extraterrestrial named A-lan.

The Aliens and the Scalpel (Paperback) by Roger, K. Leir

The personal story of a professional physician's work involving one of the greatest breakthroughs of all time -- scientific proof that anomalous bio-electromagnetic implants of extraterrestrial origin have been removed from persons reporting alien abduction experiences. This revised and updated book includes and is supported by new scientific reports and a new photo gallery section. The evidence presented here provides enough evidence to believe that we have cosmic companions and they here with us now.

The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species (Paperback) by Will Hart

"Refreshing view-point that elegantly melds science and philosophy. . . Will Hart delves into the creation stories of various world cultures."

For millennia, the development of humanity showed a consistent homogeneous pattern. Then suddenly, around 5000 B.C., great civilisations sprang up around the globe. All the creation myths of these civilisations tell of gods who came down to Earth and fashioned man in their own image, teaching them the arts of agriculture and civilised life. In addition, the dominant architectural design in Egypt, Sumeria, Peru, Mexico, and China was the pyramid, though science has never been able to explain why or where these peoples obtained the advanced technological knowledge to construct such edifices. The abruptness and similarities of these evolutionary leaps calls into question the Darwinian theory of evolution, given that there are no traces of any intermediate evolutionary forms. Now, using the most current research on DNA, Will Hart shows that these gods were actually visitors from other worlds who genetically engineered modern humanity from the beings that then inhabited the planet. He also suggests that the Bible and other creation stories have been interpreted falsely as myth when they should have been read as history.

The structures left by our ancestors were designed in accordance with precise astronomical and geodetic alignments to make them visible from outer space and to survive for thousands of years with the intent of communicating information relating to physical and temporal events. Humanity's current stage of development has finally reached the point where the secret messages of these structures can be decoded to reveal the fate of humanity in the coming Earth changes.


From Elsewhere: Being "Et" in America (Hardcover) by Scott Mandelker

The sub culture of those who claim to be of non earthly origin?

Conspiracy of Silence: UFOs in Ireland (Paperback) by Dermot Butler (Author), Carl Nally (Author)

Product Description
"Conspiracy of Silence" examines how many ordinary people in Ireland have seen extraordinary things in our skies. Some have gone through bizarre experiences, but the truth about these encounters have been concealed in a conspiracy of silence. Butler and Nally firmly believe that UFOs are a reality and no matter what causes might be suggested, the phenomenon is as real here in Ireland as it is throughout the rest of the world. The book examines close encounters in Ireland and all aspects of the UFO phenomenon are covered, from encounters, to an examination of the history of the phenomena; to what the bible has to say about the subject. Certain places are closely examined, such as Newgrange, where paranormal activity is recorded more often than anywhere else in the country, and new theories are given to such events as the mysterious summer solstice.

About the Author
Carl Nally & Dermot Butler are co-founders of the Irish UFO and Paranormal Research Society. Both Nally and Butler were born and educated in Dublin and have been interested in UFO's since childhood. They have been involved with various UFO groups over the years.


Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciouness (Paperback)by Lyssa Royal (Author), Keith Priest (Author)


I have read the books from Royal&Priest a couple of years ago and just these books leaded me to understand the whole interaction between humans and aliens. They showed me to observe the abduction phenomenon from a different perspective and more sensual. An absolutely "must have" item.


In the Presence of Aliens: A Personal Experience of Dual Consciousness (Paperback) by Janet Bergmark

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A true-life account of the author's experiences of contact with aliens. She writes about the concept of a dual identity - of human and alien co-existing in one body. Why are some people abducted by alien life forms?


High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction (Paperback) by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Product Description
Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction


The People of the Secret (Paperback) by Ernest Scott (Author), Colin Wilson (Introduction)

The suggestion that both biological evolution and human history have been directed by a hierarchy of intelligences, the lowest level of which makes physical contact with mankind, is one found in both sacred and profane cultures. It is generally assumed that this process and its agents are screened from human eyes, but this book suggests otherwise.


Visitors from Within: Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution - "A Royal Priest Research Book" (Paperback) by Lyssa Royal (Author), Keith Priest (Author)

Explore the extraterrestrial contact and abduction phenomena. This book challenges the reader to use the abduction phenomenon as a tool for personal and planetary evolution. The new material focuses on the abilities of children to transcend the barrier that lies between humans and extraterrestrials.


Probability 1: Why There Must Be Intelligent Life in the Universe (Hardcover) by Amir D. Aczel

Prof. Aczel's approach to what is still a mystery to the human race--does intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe--is novel, interesting, and well thought out. However, while I am in agreement with the general conclusion of the author, I was struck with two thoughts which seem to pose a slight problem with his fundamental premise: First, an inescapable aspect of probability is the fallability of its own "probable-ness," i.e., while probability principles may "prove" a hypothesis on paper, there will always still exist the remote chance that the particular ends predicted by the probability principles will not take place. That is why it is no more than a "probability." Therefore, a question arises as to what Prof. Aczel means by "must" or "prove." I would have liked to have seen this addressed.

Second, there still seems to be a common practice of assuming that extraterrestrial intelligence will at least remotely resemble that of humans, and while that may be so, until we can actually observe this "intelligence" or test it scientifically, it will always remain merely a hypothesis. And not only that, but with such a vast divergent (and undiscovered) array of complex mechanisms for making "things" in the universe work, and considering that we know so little of what is outside our world (and even what is on planet earth itself), there is, I would think, a possibility that "intelligence" elsewhere could be demonstrated in dimensions we have hitherto not even thought about, much less discovered. This is another area I would have liked to have seen addressed, although in all fairness, it would probably require the dedication of an entire book in and of itself. (See also "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by ??? Kuhn, which is an important work that should be re-addressed in the specific context of extraterrestrial intelligence. . . .)

All in all, though, a good read.


Beyond the Heavens: A Story of Contact (Paperback) by Maurizio Cavallo

Maurizio Cavallo's book reveals a secret so powerful in its transformative potential, that national security agencies around the world have been vigorously suppressing it for over fifty years. Human looking extraterrestrials are visiting and living among us; and come with a message of individual empowerment, global peace and social upliftment. This book takes you through an Italian contactee's astonishing journey where he experienced a truth that transformed his personal world. A similar experience lies on the road ahead for all those willing to experience contact with human looking visitors from other worl Maurizio Cavallo's book reveals a secret so powerful in its transformative potential, that national security agencies around the world have been vigorously suppressing it for over fifty years. Human looking extraterrestrials are visiting and living among us; and come with a message of individual empowerment, global peace and social upliftment. This book takes you through an Italian contactee's astonishing journey where he experienced a truth that transformed his personal world.A similar experience lies on the road ahead for all those willing to experience contact with human looking visitors from other worlds who can help transform our lives and our planet.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Author, Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004) Beyond the Heavens is an unearthly experience and a realization that we have human looking aliens quite like us living and working on Earth. It is their intention says Maurizio to raise the " vibration" of this humanity, aid us in the coming Earth changes and most of all to offer us hope that we will find our true destiny in the stars. Paola Harris Journalist/ Researcher Author, Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball Of Light To express Maurizio Cavallo's-Jhlos works of serene beauty we should have, as he has, the gift of silence and his same lightly sensual sense of the sacred. Journalist and philosopher, painter, sculptor and musician, Maurizio Cavallo met inhabitants of a planet in the third galaxy distant from Earth, about 150,000 light years away.Michel Gay Art critic, Chairman of the Peintres en Provence Association Author of several historic research books for which he was granted the French Legion of Honor. ds who can help transform our lives and our planet. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Author, Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004) Beyond the Heavens is an unearthly experience and a realization that we have human looking aliens quite like us living and working on Earth. It is their intention says Maurizio to raise the " vibration" of this humanity, aid us in the coming Earth changes and most of all to offer us hope that we will find our true destiny in the stars. Paola Harris Journalist/ Researcher Author, Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball Of Light To express Maurizio Cavallo's-Jhlos works of serene beauty we should have, as he has, the gift of silence and his same lightly sensual sense of the sacred. Journalist and philosopher, painter, sculptor and musician, Maurizio Cavallo met inhabitants of a planet in the third galaxy distant from Earth, about 150,000 light years away.Michel Gay Art critic, Chairman of the Peintres en Provence Association Author of several historic research books for which he was granted the French Legion of Honor.



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