Book Review:


Author : Raymond E. Fowler  ( Foreword by Allen J Hynek )

Title: The Andreasson Affair ( Updated Reissue ) 

Published by New Page Books, A division of Career Press.

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978 1 60163 326 0

Page Count: 272 & 69 images.

Published: October /2014

Subjects:  UFOs /Alien / ETs

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The Andreasson Affair ( Updated Reissue ) is a telling of a very historic UFO CE IV Alien abduction / contact case. The main person involved in the in-depth contact with the beings reported throughout the book is a lady name Betty Ann Andreasson, along with her young daughter Becky ( Becky appears throughout the book in several stages in respect of the Alien abduction & Hypnosis interviews ) and will take you the reader on a  spectacular UFO case of alien entities, flying saucers, weird fascinating lights, and hypnosis recall into other worlds and also deep personal beliefs of the human mind ( This will become more relevant as you go deeper into the book and the hypnosis by the investigators reveal deeply held religious beliefs of Betty, that in my opinion, acted as a force of somehow offering her a subtle form of protection, or one could say perhaps 'defence' as to what and whom was putting her through these abduction experiences, a kind of reassuring self control that she administered whilst under hypnosis, dragging memories of her Christian faith to the fore within parts of the experience , and how some things she was presented with, led her to place her biblical teachings as sometimes the only answer she could pose at that time, one example being a 'higher source' making itself aware to her within the experience, through the way the Aliens presented certain things to her, which for betty directed her to ask, are you god within some of the hypnosis recall?  ) strange and odd things happening in general throughout her life, her partners life and some members of her family.

Raymond has managed to squeeze enough detail in this reissue of the The Andreasson Affair to satisfy not only seasoned researchers of the UFO / Alien phenomenon, but also one would think that any newbie to this field of UFO research, would find it easy to read, and also fascinating to dive right into.

The whole structure of the book is based mostly around the hypnotic regression of Betty Andreasson, who to frank not only appears to be a woman of huge courage to reveal such an ordeal to a group of investigators, but someone who after reading the whole book, had enough strength to undergo what must have been a very traumatic period of her life, in respect of the ongoing contacts he had with the aliens/ETs who seemed to take a great interest in her life and some of the people in her life.

The book contains quite a few images ( sketches ) with some black and white photos of the Betty and her daughter Becky and the investigators who were carrying out the hypnotic regression and UFO investigation. This was one heck of a full professional investigation from the start, with Betty summing up the courage to write a letter to Allen J Hynek ( Hynek writes the foreword to this book and at the time Hynek was the founder and head of the Center for UFO Studies that was based originally in Evanston, Illinois USA - CUFOS. ) and thn Hynek subsequently asking Raymond E Fowler to take up the case for further investigation, of which Raymond obliged along with some other professional colleagues who jumped to the challenge of finding out just what had occurred with Betty.

To many this book contains a great classic UFO case of CE IV contact (A UFO event in which a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.) and to others this book will contain a story so far out that you may find it impossible to take it all in at just one read! I say this because even myself as a seasoned researcher of UFOs, I found aspects of Betty's hypnotic regression simply staggering, both in detail, scale and meaning ( you will hear some jaw dropping events from Betty as she goes deeper into regression and her Alien experiences become more clearer, more vivid and more expressive, although I will also advise the reader that in parts of this recall Betty does show signs of some mild pain, anger, confusion and also I could say bewilderment as to exactly what she was being put through by the aliens! )

In The Andreasson Affair you will be taken to far worlds of an alien sculptured landscape, and you will also be given an insight into a women's life who was put through a  series of tremendous life changing Alien experiences over many years. The book is written in a  way that really takes you along with the story, it is clear on its questions to you the reader ( Alien abduction is not an easy topic to tackle still today, but due to many researchers' carrying out some great abduction research since this case it has become more open and more aware to 'public' eyes and scrutiny, and to be honest as began to become part of the UFO history story, that being cases of CE IV abductions are still being reported till this very day...and across the world too ! ) and it pays a lot of attention to detail. Raymond being what I would call a 'veteran' researcher of many years, also delves into his UFO case files for that specific time era ( this case is focused mostly focused around 1967 and the late 70s, although cases from the 40s,50s,70s,80s are also mentioned in the book, as Raymond paints a picture of what UFO sightings were being seen and experienced at that time within the UFO history timeline.)

The Andreasson Affair is available to buy online at all the good shops ( links for direct purchase are above ) and for anyone who is looking for a real good read about a real 'classic' UFO CE IV case, I would certainly recommend The Andreasson Affair to you !

Roy hale

Editor Down To Earth Magazine