Book Review

Above & Beyond " The incredible True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact "

Author : Lisette Larkins

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781937907259

Page Count :320

Published by Rainbow Ridge Books 2014.

Reviewed by Roy Hale

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Well where shall I start on this book review from Lisette Larkins? Having read the prewritten A4 intro to the book given to me by her publicist, I could tell I was in for one heck of an interesting read, and ladies & gentleman that is exactly what I got!

From the first paragraph of this book I was given a glimpse into how this book may proceed, but once I was just quarter of the way through I suddenly realized that I was reading the life story of a women who had experienced some life changing events, and this only gained my interest further by each page I turned.

Lisette had started off as much as many of us do, by this I mean we lead pretty ordinary lives in a  day by day as it comes basis, we function as normal every day beings doing the everyday mundane things that life throws at us, until one day we have an experience we simply are not able to explain in normal ways both to ourselves and sometimes to those around us in our lives.

In her latest book Above & Beyond Lisette takes the reader on a journey which will show you the reader very personal issues she had to deal with in confronting the experiences she was going through in each part of her adult life. From the time she reveals the incident of the; large shadow appearing above her and her friend when she had her young son and was outside just being a mum, to the experience of having strange men in weird forms appear at the end of her bed when she was somewhat older and more settled in her life with her some being a few years older. The appearances of the strange men appearing in her bedroom was for a fascinating insight into how the Alien meeting has become structured for those who experience such weird unexplainable episodes in their lives. I soon began to admire lisette in the way she found the courage to talk up for herself when these figures would appear with dazzling light shows in the room, she asked th right questions about why this was happening, what was the reason for the meeting, who was she dealing with, what was the purpose of her being chosen, and the answers she was given were very interesting indeed, quite deep and reveal things that are also quite spiritual in nature but also on a very humanistic outlooks from their perspective.

I also found myself feeling profoundly sympathetic to what Lisette was going through in her life as she outlined the image of a woman who was under the most immense stress of these ET / Spiritual related events and to also have the issues with her marriage at the time and how the unhappy event of her being led into the hospital for a test in her mental abilities and to get to the so called truth of what she was going through ( the truth meaning what the hospital wanted to hear and not what Lisette was telling them was the real issue she was there ).
Between the experiences in the book we also shown a very compassionate side of Lisette when she takes on the role of helper to Kent and Jeannette ( this couple will be highlighted in the story in great detail and soon you will come to realize what further stress she was under when she took that helper role on ! )

To being called up to give evidence in court against one of her former employees to the interactions with psychics who said they can end all problems of light shows and strange people appearing her room at night, to the embattled wife dealing with a marriage going nowhere fast and  to being placed inside a hospital for checking she was mentality stable to keep her son and to have counsel with a group of ETs and to be allowed to give questions and allowed to have them give their answers back to her, to the undying  love of her son Walter and to her constant life struggle in maintaining a busy job to keep her life afloat, I can only say that this book by Lisette Larkins will have you captured by each chapter, it has been written in such way that Lisette manages to paint the picture as if your holding her hand with each page as you jump from one point in her life to the next, well written mysterious in parts, and also very captivating for  the reader who likes twist and turns in a story which makes you feel your going nice and steady only to be taken down a new path of adventure and intrigue, for those who love to read about the message that ET has to bring to their human contacts, then this book is right up your street.

The only downside I could find to the whole book ( not so much a downside but perhaps how some readers may view certain parts of the book )  is that perhaps some readers may find that the way the ET / Alien meeings were conducted with Lisette, is that one might feel the approach of the said ETs was more spiritual based in their contact and more involved with the humanity they wanted to express through Lisette and how her life story had evolved over time and how it would change her for the better in the future, a kind of wake up call for her own life experience and how to proceed in a world which to be frank can be a quite cold place for most of us at times, nonetheless I would not let this put you off getting the book as there are so many angles and issues drawn from her ET experiences one can only feel that Lisette has covered a lot of ground for the reader to absorb just in relation to who they are dealing with in respect of both Lisette the author and the ETs who came calling upon her, in the whole I can say I really  enjoyed the read and I do recommend this book to you !

Roy hale
Editor Down To Earth Magazine