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Now that a year has passed since UFO magazine (UK) first released the NASA "Smoking Gun" footage to the world in March of 2000, let's take a brief look at the latest UFO footage from NASA to enter the public domain.

Those of you who have been following the NASA "smoking gun" controversy are no doubt familiar with the UFO NASA film known as the "tether" footage. Well, that piece of film pales in comparison to the numerous UFO video clips now surfacing in video productions like the following: "The Secret NASA Transmisions: The Raw Footage" Martyn Stubbs ~ speaker at Leed's Conference (UK) Sept. 2000 Les Wille ~ speaker at Leed's Conference (UK) Sept. 2000 "UFO-BC" ~ cable television show from Canada hosted by Martyn Stubbs with guest Paul Anderson (MUFON).

You have to see these video clips of UFOs to appreciate them. It really IS a matter of becoming accustomed to looking for these objects and recognising their strange characteristics and movements. Many of these film clips are just "seconds" in length and will not make any kind of serious impression on your mind with just one quick viewing.

The best way to take a "serious" look at these NASA UFOs is to take each film clip and record it on to another tape in succession at least a dozen times. Then record additional versions in slow speeds and fast speeds, forwards and backwards. Then sit back and watch these UFO video clips and let the images and movements really sink in. You will suddenly realise that these objects are not "natural". These objects move as if under some kind of purposeful guidance.

These objects cannot be explained away as "ice crystals" or "shooting stars" or even "water droplets" caught in the window panes or in the camera lens. Only two conclusions remain. Either these objects are "man-made" or these objects are made by somebody or "something" else! Unfortunately, these new NASA UFO video clips have not been given the same individual publicity and recognition as their dramatic counterparts like the "tether" footage, or the STS-80 or the original classic STS-48. We've seen ten years of NASA UFO footage surfacing in the public domain, but still we have not heard the kind of serious or intelligent responses we would expect from the scientists at NASA.

Which in itself is strange, considering their ongoing commitment to gain public support and funding. In fact, you could say that the public relations department of NASA has failed so miserably, they certainly would have already been "sacked" by any other business that depends on consumer support and the taxpayers generosity. As Jack Kasher expressed in the NBC-TV production from the USA, called "Confirmation-Are Aliens Among Us?" first broadcast in February of 1999, "I wish NASA, when interest is shown in something like this, would put people on it to investigate it thoroughly, not just watch the video - but to sit down and do a real rigorous job and show us the science and calculations and try to really explain what some of these 'things' are!" (end quote).

Unfortunately, all these new NASA video clips have been presented one after another with no information on their shuttle missions or dates. So it's difficult to identify these clips or refer to them, especially since most of these clips are not posted anywhere on the Internet. Which in itself shows a certain indifference to the importance and value of this kind of UFO evidence.

Despite all this, I'd like to draw your attention to just two of the numerous UFO video clips worth considering from these recent offerings of NASA footage. I've picked these two clips because they can be related to another two well known UFO NASA film clips from the years gone by. (counter times are PAL only)

One video clip is from the lecture tape by Martyn Stubbs at the recent Leed's Conference (UK). It bears an uncanny resemblance to the widely known UFO clip from the STS-48 mission back in 1991. If you own a copy of the Martyn Stubbs lecture tape from Leed's 2000, then go to the beginning of the footage segment at the end of the tape and hit your counter reset. Then fast forward and stop at 14 minutes and 30 seconds into this segment. You will then see a ten-second film clip I've named the "double streaker". In this clip, you see two spheres enter the picture and stop. One comes from the top left and one from the bottom right at about the same time. They remain in formation over Earth with each other for a second or two.

Then you see a "flash of light" (like in the STS-48 film) and these two objects hovering over our planet suddenly accelerate in straight lines in the same direction at the exact same instant, both into outer space.

These two spheres appear to show the same kind of amazing speed that we saw in the STS-48 film when that "object" made that 135 degrees turn and then sped off into outer space. However you don't see any "projectiles" in this clip as we did in the STS-48. The next film clip to consider is on the same tape as above, but the clip starts at 8 minutes and 5 seconds from the start of the footage segment. This is clip where the NASA commentators are trying to find the Soviet Space Station MIR amongst a myriad of similar strange looking glowing and pulsating objects floating and flying about in orbit.

The audience at the Leed's Conference where this video played also enjoyed the "comic relief" as NASA tried to find the Soviet Space Station without admitting to all the other "UFOs" on the screen. How embarrassing for NASA! Look for the "meteor" streak to go past and then in the center of the screen, you'll see what I've named the "magic blob" appear in space as if out of "nowhere" or perhaps even another "dimension" of time or space. Anyway, this "magic blob" then travels upwards, negotiating a path through the swarm of "white lights". When you play this clip in "fast reverse", the "appearing out of nowhere" and purposeful movement of this object is really apparent.

This "magic blob" clip is very similar to the "blob of light" that appears to rise up from the atmosphere in the center of the screen on the STS-80 clip from December 1996. We see the same kind of sudden "appearance" in the STS-48 clip when the "main object" flys up over the horizon of our planet. Are we seeing some kind of "cloaking device" or a trick of the camera? We dismiss the idea that any visiting "creatures" would bother to cloak or disguise their craft and their people, yet the best military minds of our world are trying desperately to develop just that kind of technology.

But the big surprise in all this new NASA "smoking gun" footage is exactly 6 minutes from the start of the footage segment on the Leed's lecture tape featuring Martyn Stubbs. You see a "sphere" enter from the left-side at mid-screen. It darts up to the center top of the screen and stops near some solar panels and shuttle equipment. And you think, just another strange moving blob of light, could be anything, until you see it take a sudden dive down, twist around, and then zoom off to the right side of the lower screen area!

Of course, this "zig-zag" UFO will no doubt go down in history as another innocent "water droplet", somehow caught between two panes of glass or camera lens, and able to keep it's shape and wander about without streaking or breaking up into smaller "droplets". Perhaps that's what outer space does to water droplets. The "single-gun-theory" gives way to the "single-water-droplet theory". We have the same water droplet explanation for the "spheres" seen moving and hovering over our planet on shuttle missions STS-37 & STS-51. One thing is for sure, nothing we know about can move like those "spheres" in the vacuum of outer space. Or so we've been told!

As you watch these NASA UFO clips over and over again, for hours at a time, you find these objects appear less and less "natural". Streaking by in all directions, making sharp turns, leaving from and descending to our planet, monitoring our space exploration efforts, zooming off from standing positions, going into parking positions, magically appearing and disappearing, avoiding each other, weaving in and out of formations and numerous large objects flying dangerously close to our space hardware, all without any comments from the astronauts.

If all these "objects" are not ordinary debris flying close to the camera, then these objects appear to be as large as cars, some as large as houses and some even larger. And if these objects are large and some distance from the camera, then shouldn't the astronauts be concerned about possible collisions. Indeed, in one film clip, we see a shuttle window damaged by a speck of debris flying at those tremendous speeds!

Watch these new NASA UFO films and you will find many other UFOs worthy of mention. And I'm sure there are many more UFO clips from NASA films still waiting to be noticed and examined by researchers.

As a matter of fact, two key researchers of UFOs in space have joined forces to take up where Martyn Stubbs has left off.


Les Wille (L.L.Wille of Minnesota USA) and Jeff Challender (Sacramento, California USA) are now working together as a team to tape and scrutinize shuttle mission STS-102/Discovery.

Of course, these UFOs captured on NASA films could very well be noticed and discussed by astronauts. But these same astronauts may not be in a position to tell us all about their "sightings".


While were on the subject of NASA, you've no doubt already heard about the guest appearance of Astronaut and Senator John Glenn on the nationally syndicated sitcom television show from USA called "Frasier".

Of course, this could be just some producer's clever idea to get a few laughs by mocking the fringe element of society. Then again it could be a public confession with plausible denial. Either way, you have to ask why would John Glenn bother to tarnish his image with such conspiracy nonsense? Unless of course, he saw this as an opportunity to clear his conscience in the twilight of his years. Here's what he said:

"Back in those glory days, I was very uncomfortable when they asked us to say things we didn't want to say and deny other things. Some people asked, you know, were you alone out there? We never gave the real answer, and yet we see things out there, strange things, but we know what we saw out there. And we couldn't really say anything. The bosses were really afraid of this, they were afraid of the War of the Worlds type stuff, and about panic in the streets. So, we had to keep quiet.

And now we only see these things in our nightmares or maybe in the movies, and some of them are pretty close to being the truth." (Verbatim Transcript of Astronaut and Senator John Glenn on "Fraser" USA-TV Show Tuesday, March 6, 2001)

NBC has posted the clip from Frazier in which Sen. John Glenn speaks about "strange things". Watch this clip all the way thru to the end (less than 2 minutes long). Go to Jeff Rense to get the media links and see it yourself!

One thing is for sure, you can't deny the validity of NASA footage. The UFOs captured on tape are real! The interpretations are for you to judge. See the films, then make up your own mind.

Keep in mind that many important discoveries in the past have been made by ordinary people just because they gave their time and attention to matters of an extraordinary nature.

Thanks for your time and consideration, THINK GLOBALLY-ACT LOCALLY! Mike Farrell

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