MEXICAN SUMMER East London meets Mexico in an amazing tale of UFO activity.

Written by Donald Fletcher
Third sighting - 4.40pm

Looking down into the garden, I could see that by now everyone had gone inside. Just then, as I was idly pondering on the possible implications of these visits, I again spotted the object that was again in the same area of the sky from which the other two were first noticed previously. I grabbed my camera and ran downstairs. The family by now had grown so familiar with this that I did not have to alert anyone or say anything as I whistled past. This time the object was the usual black disc, displaying that familiar wobbling motion and again travelling that same course as on all but the first occasion.

The object contrasted well as it travelled below the low, thick and grey cloud cover. I took several more pictures and watches as the object became obscured, as it had done so often before, by the rooftops.

As these visits progressed, it became increasingly difficult to be in any room without continually going up to the window and pressing my face up against the glass, or getting myself a ricked neck through spending hour after hour in the garden searching the skies. After a while it would begin to get on my nerves and the distraction would become so great, I would have to shut the curtains during the daytime and make a conscious effort not to roam around the back yard all day, and try to push the whole thing out of my mind. However, as timed went by without a sighting, my obsessive behaviour would subside to a degree and my life would resume to some sort of normality.

Then out of the blue the object would reappear, starting the whole tenterhook cycle in motion all over again. Ironically, in spite of my most vigilante periods, the object would always show itself when I least expected it.

Friday 17 May 1996 2.07pm

My brother in law had called round earlier with his two daughters to collect my mother so she could spend an evening round their house. When they left, there was only my brother Jason and myself in the house. Jason decided to have a bath and I went to my bedroom to play for a bit on my synthesizer keyboard. As I was setting up the system, I chanced a glance through the window and glimpsed what at first I thought was Concorde flying in my direction from way off in the distance. As the craft drew closer, however, I realized that it was the black disc object, only this time it seemed to have a smaller object just above it. There was no wind to speak of and the sky was extremely overcast with a thick, low cloud cover that spread evenly over the entire sky.

On the shelf just above my keyboard was my micro tape recorder. I quickly inserted one of those cute little tapes into the mechanism, switched it on, and shoved it into the breast pocket of my shirt. I reached for my ever present camera, opened the window, and took one picture before bounding down the stairs shouting to Jason that the object was once again in the sky above our house.

Once in the garden I wound the camera on and could feel that dreaded tug, which told me I had almost reached the end of my film, and in panic, I pressed the button before framing the object properly. "Well that's bu*#!*ed that one!" I thought as I gingerly wound the camera on again. At this point, Jason arrived on the scene, almost naked but for a towel wrapped around his waist. "There's something just above it," he remarked as I walked further down the garden. I took another picture and was winding it on again when I felt the end of the film slip from the sprockets. "Well that's it. Out of film s*#t!" By now, the object was practically over our heads and looked to be coming to a stop with the smaller object just in front and below the main object. "It would have made a beautiful shot," I thought as the two craft hung there.

With a deep sense of frustration, I glanced down at my camera for just a second and when I returned my gaze to the objects once more, they were gone. I shouted to Jason who, due to his attire, was reluctant to venture too far from the back door. "It's gone it's just vanished!" I quickly trotted to the end of the garden and surveyed the entire sky, but there was nothing. I was astounded.

There was no way the object could have disappeared so quickly unless it had either shot away at breakneck speed from a standing position and zipped up into the clouds above, or, simply vanished on the spot. Whichever of these manoeuvres the object had performed, because of my concern over the lack of film in my camera, I missed it. And for all I know, that may well have been the reason for their quick departure in the first place. I could almost hear them saying, "Look at him! He's more concerned with his pictures than he is with our presence, let us waste no more time here!" They were gone. Then again, it could have been simply coincidence and I sincerely hoped that was the case.

However, for a long time after, I could not shake that nagging doubt in my mind. I drifted around the garden for a while, in the hope that the objects might return, then decided it would be wise to take the film from my camera and have it developed as soon as possible.

At the chemist, I was told that the photographs would not be ready until Monday afternoon, as the man who works the developing machine will not be in this weekend. This seemed an unbelievably long period of time to me, but realistically I had no choice. This was going to be a very long weekend.

When I received the photographs from the Chemist, my heart sank. I was as bewildered with the results as I was disappointed. The images appeared considerably further away than was actually perceived at the time. In some of the pictures, I even had difficulty trying to distinguish the objects from the impurities and contaminates left on the emulsion during the developing process. In several of the pictures, I could see no object whatsoever. The only photos to depict any detail at all, were two of the three pictures I had taken from the last encounter, and even they did not show anything conclusive. One photo depicts the object as a round blob, while the other shows the thing edge on.

All that one could possibly infer from this would be that whatever the object was, it was certainly disc shaped. As for the small accompanying object, that could not be seen at all. A friend offered to have several of the pictures enlarged, so I handed them over to him, but did not think anything more could be gleamed from them, and there for me at least, the matter ended. Several weeks passed before my friend presented me with enlargements of the two final photographs I had taken of the last event. However, instead of blowing up the small image within the photographs, the entire picture was enlarged. This, as far as I could see, did not reveal much more than the original.

Although, upon closer examination of the underside of the object from the very last photograph I had taken, I could just make out that violet or purplish coloration that I had seen so distinctly upon the object of our very first encounter of 30th April. Even so, nothing more could realistically be done to enhance the images any further without the need for some rather advanced imaging software of some sort.

However as ambiguous as my attempts to obtain some form of pictorial evidence turned out to be, the fact remained that myself, my family and others, were convinced that we were all having some form of contact, with an intelligence that is both external and more advanced than our own. Whether or not I can prove anything to anyone else, given my failure to provide anything beyond anecdotal evidence, is another matter. Indeed, had it not been for the ongoing nature of this phenomenon, plus the fact that this so-called "Contact" is expanding to encompass other witnesses; I would have simply left these events as notes in my diary and would not have written this article at all.

The prolonged excitement and anticipation caused by these events, coupled with the shattering disappointment regarding the photographic results, had left me somewhat fatigued and in need of a break. I knew in my mind, however, that this would not be the end of it and that for others in our growing band of witnesses, events were still occurring. Even so, I needed time to assimilate both the fact of these visitors and the implications of what these visits were leading up to, or if indeed, it was leading up to anything.

As it turned out, the uneventful months that followed were welcome ones, and despite the fact that thoughts regarding the visitors were never far away from my mind, the humdrum regularity of everyday life began to reinstate itself that was until the afternoon of Friday 25th October.

Friday 25th October 1996 5.15pm

Knowing that I would be alone in the house most of the day, I had decided to spend the afternoon sitting at my synthesiser with the intention of composing and recording a piece of ambient music. It was one of those rare occasions where everything seemed to fall into place. The house would be empty until late in the evening, there was surprisingly little noise issuing from the houses and gardens of our so-called neighbours, and most importantly, I was in the mood. Beginning my composition at around 1.30pm, by about 5 o'clock, I was quite satisfied with the piece thus far.

However, as I was becoming a little finger weary, I decided that it would be a good idea to have one more listen before calling it a day. So as the tape recorder was rewinding, I quickly popped downstairs to make a cup of tea. When I returned, I put on my earphones, sat back, and switched on the tape. As the music was playing, my gaze drifted towards the window on my left, the sky was a deep blue and contrasted rather strikingly with a bank of dense, white cumulus clouds that were huge in the distance and stretched from east toward the north.

The scene seemed quite appropriate to the music I was listening to, so I got up out of the chair and leaned out of the window with my cup of tea resting on the sill. All the excitement of those weeks between 30th April and 17th May seemed so far away, I was once again looking at the sky, more in appreciation of its beauty than of expectations imposed on it in my search for the visitors. You can imagine then, my surprise when suddenly, from right above my head and travelling due north, was our enigmatic friend, the black disc. Unlike previous sightings however, this object never wavered on its axis, but kept a straight course until reaching a 50 degree angle from my position.

Then the object suddenly tilted on its axis from the horizontal to the vertical, while at the same time altering its course to north east, maintaining both its heading and unusual flight angle until finally disappearing in the distance. The event lasted just over three minutes. When I first sighted the object, the thought quickly crossed into my mind to reach for the stills camera, which was fully loaded with film and sitting well within reach on a shelf in my room. However, remembering the disappointing results of the last batch of snaps and in view of the time it takes to set the focus and light level, I would have missed half of the event.

So, I simply stood there resolved not to take my eyes from the object for one second. In fact, I was quite surprised at how laid back I had become at the sight of what I knew to be a craft of extraterrestrial origin.

As the object drifted silently into the distance, I began to feel a deep sense of relief that perhaps my worries regarding my pre-occupation with taking my pictures during their last visit may not have been the reason for their rapid departure after all. Moreover, could the reason for this unscheduled seventh visit be simply to reassure me that my initial misgivings were unfounded? I certainly liked to think that was the case. Did this mean that we would have further visits from them? Again, tickety-boo if they do.

After switching off and unplugging the sound equipment, I sat back in my chair once more, and for a while stared silently out of the window. Then the thought crossed my mind "How can I get hold of a video recorder?"

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