Fire Down Below
Government conspiracies and alien bases
Written by Brian Allan SPI


When I began researching material for this article, I did not realize just where it would lead and my initial reactions ranged from surprise to frank disbelief. At one point, due to the nature and probity of information unearthed, I was tempted to abandon the project as completely unbelievable. However, due to certain consistencies between all the reports and links to other, apparently unrelated subjects I was continually drawn back. As a result, I decided to report the subject in as even-handed manner and impartial manner as possible, (it would be child's play to criticize and dismiss). While I will comment on some of the links that I believe exist, and at the end provide an overview of the available information, it is the reader who will ultimately decide if the facts as presented are acceptable or not, because if even half correct, the implications are truly terrifying…for all of us.

Tales and legends relating to a hidden race of beings living in caverns far below the surface of the Earth have been one of the enduring myths of mankind. Hidden from us until either fate intervenes or for their own reasons these subterranean races decide to make contact. The Greeks envisaged this as the domain of demons, supernatural beings that only ventured to the surface with the intent to murder or abduct us for their own uses.

They dramatized their beliefs in the form of the Eleusinian legends, a series of mystery plays performed at the Greek city of Eleusis. In these plays, Persephone, the daughter of the goddess Demeter, is kidnapped by the god Hades and taken to his subterranean kingdom. Enraged by this, the goddess descended from Mount Olympus in search of her daughter and on arrival at Eleusis insisted that a huge temple be erected in her honour. According to the legend, she lived in the temple, but her continued presence caused a drought to blight the surrounding area. She was eventually reunited with her daughter when Zeus, the King of the Gods, specifically ordered Hades to return the kidnapped Persephone.

Prior to her return, Hades persuaded her to eat a pomegranate seed, the food of the underworld, which caused her to return to his kingdom for four months out of each year. According to Greek mythology, when she returned to the underworld she took the sun with her thus causing winter. Likewise, as time passed, organized religion chose to infer that all things evil reside below the earth. By their lights, Satan, his lieutenants and the dominion of Hell exist somewhere deep under the surface in a sea of perpetual fire and torment.

Fairy tales regularly feature a kingdom hidden beneath a hill, only accessed by mortals when and if the fairies wish. This was normally a one-way trip and the luckless mortal was condemned to spend eternity as an unwilling guest of the fairies. Typically, the children's story of the ‘Pied Piper of Hamlin’ tells how, after failing to pay the piper his rightful fee for ridding the town of a plague of rats, the citizens of Hamlin were punished by having their children led away by the piper into a magical cavern under the ground never to be seen again. Always, we return to a mythical underground world, a place inhabited by supernatural beings, a place of no return, is this perhaps a race memory?

In more recent times the writer H. G Wells in his novel ‘The Time Machine’ depicts this recollection of the underworld as a parasitic relationship between the Morlocks, a race of hideous underground sub humans on a far future earth, and the beautiful, innocent but rather fey Eloi. In reality, the Morlocks were technologically proficient cannibals who maintained and fed the humans as a farmer maintains cattle: as food. As we shall see, there are claims that something very similar is still happening today. However, increasingly in the 19th century, popular culture decreed that subterranean civilizations were portrayed as form of idealized society, a variety of Shangri-La where everything was secure, safe and ordered.

An Englishman, Edward Bulwer-Lyton in a little known book ‘The Coming Race’, elaborated upon the concept of a subterranean, superhuman civilization with noble and honourable ideals emerging as the saviour of the human race. Although better known for his novel ‘The Last days of Pompeii’ it was this work of fiction that earned him an almost mythical position. It appears similar in concept to the ‘Shaver Mysteries’ that appeared in the pulp magazine’ Amazing Stories’. These stories concerned the existence of two opposing factions inhabiting underground caverns who hold the fate of humanity in their hands. Bulwer-Lytton’s fantasy encouraged the twisted dreams and aspirations of the Nazi Party with the goal of an Aryan master race.

The Nazi's established (to their own satisfaction) that the Aryan race originated in the Indian sub-continent and welded this belief to Bulwer-Lytton’s mythical creations. {*Note, Given that Aryans are blond haired and blue eyed, which inhabitants of the Indian sub-continent are demonstrably not, it required a good deal of convoluted logic to align the two apparently opposite poles. This however did not present any great problem for the apologists and designers of this malign belief system.}

Intertwined with the work of Bulwer-Lyton, are the rather more esoteric philosophical writings of Madame Helena Blavatski founder of the Theosophy Movement. This, she claimed, was a secret mystical doctrine imparted to her by Tibetan ‘initiates’ and ‘masters’ who lived in caverns hidden in the Himalayas. Yet another strand of this belief in lost civilizations is found in the many references to ‘Agarthi’, a vast, inhabited underground world interconnected by tunnels and lit by a miniature sun. Entry into these realms is effected by means of doorways secreted away all over the world. One book in particular claims that there is such an entrance situated on the Yorkshire moors.

The person who discovered this entrance claimed that he could hear the faint sound of machinery echoing along the tunnels but did not feel inclined to proceed further. After leaving the tunnel system, he reported that he could not find the entrance again. Was the entrance on the Yorkshire moors only a passageway leading to a conventional mine shaft? Maybe, but as of now, this has never been proved one way or another.

Another gateway is said to accessible through an underground tunnel system beneath the island of Malta. By way of corroborating evidence, in 1902 near the Maltese village of Casal Paula, workmen digging a well literally fell into the earth. What they had discovered, or perhaps re-discovered, was a series of ancient caves, which were for the most part cut from the living rock, these caves descended into the rock for three levels. These multilevel catacombs were later named the ‘Hypogeum of Sal Haflienti’ after the street under which they were found (Hypogeum being the Latin name for an underground structure). Close to the floor of the last chamber on the lowest (third) level (or at least the last officially recognized chamber) are a number of recesses designated as ‘burial chambers’. These are fairly small, only a few feet square, and situated right beside the floor, it is possible to get inside, but one must kneel down and crawl.

For years there have been rumours concerning the recesses, rumours suggesting that one of them does not stop within a few feet, but continues into the living rock to join with even deeper unexplored caverns. It may be these caverns referred to in a 1940 edition of National Geographic magazine, which reported that, “During the Second World War, the Maltese people used the catacombs and tunnels as storage facilities and bomb shelters”. It goes on to report that at one time it was possible to walk from one end of Malta to he other using the tunnel system, but this is no longer permitted.

According to an old edition of a magazine entitled ‘Borderland Science’ published by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, an American tourist, Miss Lois Jessup, found this entrance during the 1920’s. While on a tour of the caves, she allegedly persuaded her guide to allow her to investigate some niches cut into the wall, near the floor of the last chamber of the third sub level. The guide was at first reluctant, but after he was ‘persuaded’ with some money he said that she could proceed “At her own risk”. She squeezed in with a lighted candle in one hand and paying out a length of twine in the other with the intention of leading her companions in. She saw that there was a low passage leading into the rock, she crawled in and soon found herself on a ledge overlooking a large cavern.

According to Miss Jessup, she was able to make her way down to the cavern floor via a flight of steps cut into the rock. Once of the floor of the cavern, although she only had candlelight, she could make out the edge of another fissure close by. Kneeling on the rock floor at the edge of the chasm she could see a ledge at the other side, where, emerging from a cave she could see a line of tall humanoid figures covered from head to foot in hair. The first and last figures carried firebrands to light the way for the procession. They noticed her and almost as one stopped and faced her, their hands towards her palm outward. At this point, she felt a strong wind blow against her and the candle was blown out. All this transpired in the few moments before her companions emerged into the chamber. The first of her friends to enter the cavern was surprised to see her in a state of panic, attempting to get back into the passage and Hypogeum.

As a direct result, the Maltese authorities boarded off this tunnel as a temporary measure, leaving only the tourist route accessible. Eventually the ‘undesirable’ entrance was permanently sealed off with bricks and concrete. It is difficult to assess the accuracy of this account, could the woman have been hallucinating or lying, possibly, but for what reason? In mitigation, it has been suggested from other sources that the entire geology beneath Malta and indeed the surrounding seabed is a maze of natural and artificial tunnels, faults and caverns.

In the twentieth century, rumours about a race of subterranean dwellers at the South Pole gained ground, and the Hollow Earth Theory was born. Nazi Scientists plus a political and intellectual elite of the Third Reich allegedly left Germany during the last days of the Second World War and travelled by submarine to the pole intending to establish a new Reich in ‘the land beyond the pole’. They colonized this ‘world within a world’, (which is said to be accessed by a hole in the Earth's surface) and continued to develop projects, the ‘V’ weapons interrupted by the collapse of Germany. It has been suggested that there was already a civilization there and had been for millennia. It is frequently alleged that a variety of flying saucer termed a ‘wing wheel’ or ‘fleugelrad’ is based here, venturing forth as they see fit.

These ‘fleugelrads’, which are supposedly the result of secret research programmes instituted by the Nazi regime, are claimed to be responsible for the vast majority of UFO sightings throughout the world. According to the story, in the 1930’s Admiral Richard Byrd flew over the area at the pole and reported seeing lush green vegetation in an almost sub-tropical setting. Later, after the Second World War, following reports that in a sizeable group of Nazi scientists, government officials and military personnel had escaped from Germany in 1945 aboard a fleet of specially converted submarines. Admiral Byrd, in 1947, reputedly led an expeditionary force called ‘Operation High Jump’ consisting of thousands of armed men and support vessels including an aircraft carrier to this mysterious region, it is not clear exactly what occurred but apparently, he returned a chastened man. Following his return, he reported his findings directly to the President of the United States and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Evidently, they already knew of developments at the polar region and Byrd was warned under pain of death not to discuss or comment upon the matter, ever, under any circumstances. It is on record that prior to 1939, Germany had laid claim to vast tracts of the region, formerly Queen Maud’s Land, calling it ‘Neuschwabenland’, and maintained a continual presence there throughout the entire war.

It is interesting to note the year when this took place, 1947; this year for whatever reason has become pivotal in UFO mythology, from Kenneth Arnold and the UFO's he sighted over the Cascade Mountains that “Skipped like stones on water”, (and incidentally added the expression ‘Flying Saucer’ to the lexicon), to the near legendary ‘Roswell Incident’ and its enduring place in UFO lore, from Ray Santilli’s alleged ‘Alien Autopsy’ footage to the gradual emergence of Edwards Air Force Base and Area 51 as the UFO capital of the world. While the multitude of incidents that emerged at this time may be purely co-incidental it does nonetheless seem rather odd, a form of UFO related synchronicity. It is from these beginnings however, that the stories, myths and legends of underground bases spring.

In general, underground bases and facilities are a reality, this is not in dispute, all countries have them, they are a necessity for national security. They have existed in one form or another for decades, certainly since the beginning of the 20th century and probably much earlier. In their most basic form they were natural geological features, caves and fissures, and used as hospitals, barracks and storerooms. This followed a progression, until they were used as control centres for wartime operations; a typical example is the wartime ‘Emergency Command Bunker’ situated deep below the streets of London, housing the ‘War Room’, dormitories, kitchens, offices, power plants, air filtration and communications networks, all necessary to maintain control of the armed forces it times of national emergency.

This particular construction engendered its own mythology and was rumoured to include an underground railway system that ran from the wartime labyrinth below Downing Street to Buckingham Palace and from there on to an underground redoubt outside London. This particular refinement is hotly denied but the story remains and when all is said and done, it is quite feasible.

With the advent of atomic weapons, the majority of these facilities had to be re-thought, redesigned and rebuilt to withstand the ferocity of a nuclear blast, there are said to be around eight or nine hundred of these installations over the length of the British Isles alone, fortunately, the effectiveness of these has not yet been tested in real life, hopefully it never will. An example of a modern underground facility in Britain is RAF Rudloe Manor. This huge installation although subject to official secrecy, is nevertheless there. Researcher Mathew William's has devoted a considerable amount of time and effort demonstrating its presence and supposed use as part of a world wide UFO tracking system. Even while continuing to officially deny the very existence of the base, the Ministry of Defence has repeatedly issued statements that this is not the case, even, going so far as to say that all rumours suggesting that there is either a complete UFO, part of a UFO, or the crew of a UFO in the base now, or in the past, are totally without foundation.

In this instance, these legitimate (and necessary) shelters and bunkers are not what we seek; our quarry lies in the shadowy world of the covert, of conspiracy, ‘black budgets’ and ‘need to know’ status. The underground bases here enjoy the same status Area 51 formerly had; they are not marked on maps and have total deniability. The places are the home of alien races, genetic engineering and mutants created by scientists and technicians, operating beyond the cutting edge of present technology. These places allegedly exist with the full knowledge and endorsement of national governments, they were created specifically to conceal the worst excesses of a genetic breeding programme designed to create a hybrid human/alien species for a purpose that is still unclear.

Although technically the bases are known to the governments, in fact this knowledge is jealously guarded by a very few people within the intelligence community, sections of the FBI, CIA, MI6, KGB and NSA etc. are all party to the cover-up and deception. Although these bases exist on every continent and beneath all of the oceans, we will concentrate on one particularly well documented installation, Dulce Base buried a kilometre beneath the town of Dulce on the New Mexico border.
Dulce Base

According to the available information, the US government in 1933 acknowledged the presence of an alien presence on the North American Continent, they entered into an agreement with the aliens to exchange animals and humans for advanced technology. Although Dulce base was not constructed until 1947, the aliens in return were allowed undisturbed use of other bases in the western United States; the other bases are allegedly in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. Neither is the choice of these areas accidental, according to American researcher Jason Bishop, “They, (the aliens), need the magnetic properties and high energy states (plasma) generated by movements of the tectonic plates comprising the Continental Divide of the United States”.

Another researcher studying Dulce base Dr. Paul Benewitz says, “ Troops went in and out of there every summer starting in ’47, the natives do recall that they (the army) also built a road – right in front of the people of Dulce, and trucks went in and out for a long period, that road was later blocked and destroyed. The signs on the trucks read ‘Smith Corp’ out of Paragosa Springs Colorado. No such corporation exists now – no records exist…I believe that the base, at least the first one, was being built under the cover of a lumber project. This in itself is odd, the trucks were never seen hauling logs… only heavy equipment”

The US Government continued its involvement, as did the ‘Military Industrial Complex’, notably the main government ‘Think Tank’ the Rand Corporation, who became involved and carried out an in-depth study on the viability of the project. Secrecy at the Rand Corporation is not solely confined to covert reports and evaluations; it occasionally extends to conferences and meetings.

The following is an excerpt from ‘Project Rand’, a report on the proceedings of the ‘Deep Underground Construction Symposium’ of March 1955, “Just as airplanes, ships and automobiles have given man mastery of the surface of the earth, tunnel boring machines will give him access to the subterranean world” Other attendees at the Rand sponsored symposium included General Electric, AT&T, Hughes Aircraft, The Northrop Corp, The Sandia Corp, Stanford Research Institute, Walsh Construction, The Bechtel Corp and The Colorado School of Mines, all major players in the defence industry. Interestingly, the Bechtel Corporation is among other things the largest, privately owned, construction firm in the world. Jason Bishop states, “Bechtel, founded in 1898, has become a super secret corporate octopus. Some say that the firm is really a shadow government, an arm of the CIA.

It is the largest construction and engineering outfit in the world, (and some say beyond). Former Bechtel officials hold the most important posts in the US Government. They are part of ‘The Web’, (an interconnected control system, not the Internet), which links Tri-Lateralist plans, the CFR, the orders of Illuminism, the Cult of the All Seeing Eye, and other interlocking groups”. This is a clear reference to one of conspiracy theory's greatest fears and biggest bogeymen, the ‘New World Order’ we will return to this in more detail later.

Bishop goes on to comment “The Sept ’83 issue of OMNI magazine (p 80) has a colour illustration of the ‘Subterrene’ the Los Alamos designed nuclear powered tunnelling machine that burrows through the rock deep underground by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock, (Magma), which cools after the Subterrene has moved on, creating a lined tunnel. High speed, Electro-magnetically powered vehicles called ‘Subshuttle Vehicles’ use these underground tubes, they connect the ‘Hidden Empire’, the sub city complexes. Another top-secret project, code named ‘Noah's Ark’ uses these tunnels and ‘Tube Shuttles’ in connection with a system of over 100 ‘Bunkers’ and ‘Bolt Holes’ that have been established at various locations beneath the earth. Many of these underground cities are complete with streets, sidewalks, lakes, small electric cars, apartments offices and shopping malls”.

From personal experience I can state categorically that I have seen, on television, a report on something very similar, a self-contained underground city and industrial complex complete with cars and shops etc. The area covered by this installation was measured in square miles, if I remember correctly it was in situated Europe. I have also had personal experience of the Bechtel Corporation, having worked in one of their offices situated at Hammersmith, London during 1977 on the design and construction phase of Conoco’s huge Murchison oil production platform. I can confirm that it is indeed a huge multi-national construction company and has conducted projects all over the world, particularly the Middle East. I am also aware that The Sandia Corporation is a main defence contractor and carries out research and development work on military projects for the US Government.

They are also world leaders in ‘Nano-Technology’, this is not denied, and there are numerous illustrations of their research on the Sandia web site, although it would of course be more interesting to see what is not on the ‘net’.

As mentioned earlier, references to Masonic involvement sits well with the concept of Illuminism, which is a direct allusion to the Bavarian Illuminati, a mysterious and shadowy group founded in the18th century by Jesuit trained university lecturer Adam Weishaupt. The aim of this organization was allegedly the creation of a utopian world state, a form of global socialism. The very thought of socialism, particularly nowadays, is anathema to Americans due entirely to a continuing confusion between Socialism and Communism. A connection has often been made between the Illuminati, Freemasons, occasionally the Knights Templar and the Jews, who allegedly formed a powerful, world-wide, secrecy shrouded cabal whose declared aim is world domination.

The entire Dulce facility is allegedly a Genetics Laboratory linked through a network of tunnels to the LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) by a ‘tube shuttle’ system. It is probably significant that the area surrounding the town and base has a continual high incidence of UFO sightings and according to Bishop is a nexus of, “Lightning activity, underground waterways, natural caverns and it also has a higher than normal rate of atmospheric ionization” These phenomena extend to include a far greater localized incidence of cattle mutilations. The purpose of these abductions was to ensure a plentiful supply of whole blood for use in genetic experimentation, nutrition and other, unspecified purposes. The base is constructed on several levels around a central hub which is the security section, the deeper you go, the stronger the security, there are reportedly 3000 video cameras situated within the complex covering all high security areas, e.g. exits, entrances and laboratories.

There are around 100 secret exits scattered around the town of Dulce particularly the Archuleta Mesa, there are other s to the south at Dulce Lake and to the east close to the town of Lindrith. According to a former employee, the deepest sections of the complex connect with natural fissures and caverns. This employee who had ‘Ultra 7’ security clearance reported, “There may be more than seven levels, but I only know of seven. Most of the aliens are on levels five, six and seven, their accommodation is on level five”.

There is one particular level that is in every sense of the word ‘Hellish’, this is level six, nicknamed by employees ‘Nightmare Hall’, it is here that the genetic labs (and their products) are situated. Recently the announcement was made that the Human Genome Project had been successfully concluded, according to the reports from Dulce, this was achieved here years ago, and the results are kept caged on level six. Another former employee reported, “I have seen multi-legged humans that look half human, half octopus, there are reptile/human cross breeds and furry creatures that have human hands. There are fish, seals, mice and birds that can barely be considered to be that species. There are several cages (and vats) containing winged humanoids, grotesque bat like creatures between three and seven feet tall gargoyle like beings and Draco Reptoids”. He continues, “Level seven is worse, row after row of humans and human mixtures in cold storage.

Here too are humanoid embryos in various stages of development contained in storage vats.” “I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told that they were hopelessly insane and involved in high risk drug trials in an attempt to find a cure for them. We were ordered never to speak to them for any reason, nor to respond to their requests for help. At the beginning we believed the stories and obeyed the orders, but finally, in 1978 a group of employees discovered the truth, this was the beginning of the ‘Dulce Wars’”.

It would be probably be appropriate at this point to look at this evidence, particularly the mention of reptoids and reptoid/human mixtures. According to UFO mythology, this race (which is mentioned regularly in reports of different varieties of extraterrestrial entities) is said to be an ancient race descended from a reptilian humanoid species, which interbred with sapient humans. In all fairness, throughout ancient mythology there have been vague mentions, hints and indications that there was just such a race. Were they perhaps a separate evolutionary strand descended from our earliest ancestors, the original primitive amphibious creatures that crawled from the sea to begin the long colonization of the land?

This particular species function as agents for another ET culture, the ‘Draco’ who intend to return to Earth, which they claim is their ancient outpost and use it as a springboard for further exploration. Traditionally there is conflict between these cultures over whose agenda will be followed regarding the future of the planet. The mythology also claims that various means of mind control are in constant use to keep the population in check. Bearing in mind the original CIA / NSA collaboration with the aliens and their notorious policies of concealment, it is already known that attempts at remotely induced mind control was begun in 1945 with Project Artichoke and ended with both MK-ULTRA and MK-SEARCH. All were funded by these security agencies over a period of almost thirty years. Although all these projects were allegedly wound up in 1973, it is generally accepted that they are still ongoing, although hidden behind different names and budgets.

The record of both these agencies is littered with suppressed accounts of covert experiments carried out on an unwitting public in the interests of ‘national security’.

There is a likewise a consensus of opinion that the vast majority of reports concerning alien abductions and implants have their roots in clandestine projects orchestrated by both of these intelligence services. It is as well to point this out because typically, the ‘smoke and mirrors’ secrecy employed by all intelligence agencies is helped considerably by the attitude of those watching them, i.e. the paranoia of these organizations is ably matched by that of the watchers. This has led to skilful manipulation by intelligence services of certain beliefs, fears and prejudices inherent within monitoring groups in an ongoing process of disinformation.

The account of Jason Bishop continues, “There are over 18,000 aliens in Dulce base. In late 1979 there was a confrontation regarding weapons being carried inside the base. This was due to both human and alien factions insisting that the other should not be allowed to carry loaded weapons inside the base. The net result was several military and scientific personnel were killed and the base was closed down for a while although it is active at present. Human and animal abductions in the base area slowed down in the 1980’s when the Livermore Berkley Labs began production of synthetic blood specifically for Dulce”. Another researcher, William Cooper in corroboration states, “A clash occurred in the base when 66 people, our people from the National Reconnaissance. Group, the ‘Delta Group’, which is responsible for the security at all alien related projects were killed.

Members of The Delta group have been seen with badges that have a black triangle on a red background. Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is represented by a triangle; it also features prominently in certain Masonic signs. Each base has its own symbol, the Dulce base symbol is a triangle with the Greek letter ‘Tau’ (T) within it, the symbol is then inverted so that the triangle points down”.

Other reports indicate that Dulce base is also used as an element in continuing covert mind control projects using mind control implants, Bio-Psi units and ELF (Extra Low Frequency) radiation. D.A.R.P.A (the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) uses these technologies to modify human behaviour, in other words, mind control. They establish the projects, set the agendas, acting as co-ordinators and facilitators for the various people and agencies taking part. According to former employees, level Four at Dulce is used for the electronic enhancement of human abilities currently referred to as ‘psychic’ i.e. Human aura research, Psi abilities and hypnosis. At yet another site, the Jason Group consisting of 55 scientists, all specialists, handles related projects at Sandia Labs.

Yet another research and development facility was formerly located at Area 51 in Nevada where projects such as ELMINT (Electromagnetic Intelligence), PROGRAMME H.I.S. (Hybrid Intelligence System) and I.R.I.S. (Infra Red Intruder System) were developed. According to Bishop, “The development of techniques to develop and enhance the man / machine interface, Nano-Technology, (Bio-Technological Micro Machines), Psi-war, E.D.O.M (Electronic Dissolution of Memory), R.D.I.C (Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control) and other methods of behaviour and mind control via chemical agents, infra sound, optical and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, the very physics of consciousness, are in various stages of completion, some are already functional”.

All of the technologies mentioned discussed here are feasible and have been attempted in one form or another. The experiments in genetic engineering I am certain have been attempted and not with animals either. While anguished hands are wrung in despair at the moral dilemmas involved in creating human beings without the requirement for either a natural womb or parents are very laudable (and perhaps necessary). If a synthetic human being has been created then it is either fully human or it is not, if it is human it will, depending on its upbringing have all a human beings failings and attributes. Any attempt from any source to deliberately create a race of sub humans is morally repugnant and very wrong. It is also a certainty that this has been attempted and for all we know achieved.

There is likewise a strong possibility that human/animal genetic splicing has been attempted, we cannot be certain that it was not at least a partial success. Perhaps this accounts for many of the ‘aliens’ sighted around the world. Could this be the source of the ‘Chupacabra’, the bizarre vampiric creature sighted regularly in Puerto Rico?

As previously stated, that underground bases exist is beyond question, whether they are inhabited by extraterrestrials is another matter. The evidence, such as it is, is largely anecdotal and there is a worrying lack of hard fact. The bases specifically mentioned here are realities, Dulce base is a reality, the people mentioned by name are a reality and the industrial concerns are a reality. The doubt comes with the allegations made regarding the use to which certain installations are put. Due to the veil of secrecy surrounding the bases, even to their very existence, accurate information is difficult to come by. What data does emerge is usually supplied by alleged ‘disgruntled former employees’ who may or may not have set foot inside the bases, anything coming from people who were involved at the construction phase is of little value as end use is virtually impossible to guess.

Are genetic experiments carried out? Probably, have they been successful? Maybe, are alien entities hidden there? I don't know, probably not.

The only verifiable facts available are, the bases are real, they are secret, their function is secret, any work done there is classified and until either the project is completed or cancelled and the base becomes obsolete, fit only for storage, perhaps even sold off to a private firm. Until governments adopt a more open policy regarding how public money is spent, installations such as these and the rumours they create will always exist.

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