Written by Roy Hale

As far back as anyone can remember, there has been sightings of UFO's all across London, but the area I wish to focus on is East London, mainly Walthamstow and Chingford.

There have been many sightings in these two areas, over the last 50 years, coming to a peak over the last 5 years. One of the indicators for this increase may be aligned with the presence of a noted increase in military activity within these two areas. I feel it is more than coincidence that this increase by the military falls alongside that of UFO activity in the region, which has included sightings near or over the reservoirs of Chingford. The sightings have differed immensely, from orange balls of light, or as some prefer orbs , to your typical disc shape, cigar shape.

Some of these UFO's have been seen according to witness reports to disappear into the reservoirs. This would give some explanation as to why the military have also been observed carrying out investigations in and around the reservoirs over the years.

The question must be asked as to just what is causing these two areas to be somewhat of a hot bed of UFO activity? Everybody from young people to senior citizens have reported seeing these lights and craft. There has also been some abduction type situations, with the reports of Greys being mentioned.

There has been no answer, to my knowledge by the M.o.D. concerning the sightings in these two areas. This, as you can imagine has left some people feeling vulnerable, not in the sense of fear, but to know these beautiful UFO's/lights come in and out of their lives, and our government cannot do or say anything to appease the local communities anxieties which they may have, they would like the Government to tell them something which may make them feel more secure, as they are dealing with a phenomena which to them is unexplainable.

Briefly I would like to turn my attention to the sightings of the Flying Triangles which have been seen to hover silently over the local town centre, which has led to multiple witness reports. Some of these reports have been of craft that are reportedly to be the size of two football pitches. Can you imagine seeing such a sight from your window or car, or even whilst walking the dog? If it turns out that a few years down the line, this mysterious craft does in fact turn out to be military, then what a scary situation that would be - i.e. the M.o.D. denies that such a craft exists.

It is not the aim of Down To Earth to out and out attack the government over it's handling of the UFO subject, but instead to point out its seemingly lax attitude toward the phenomena. It is possible that the reason for this attitude is that the government feels that dealing with any UFO / E.T craft that enter our airspace is perceived as a national threat, but is unable to effectively deal with these incursions because of the sheer one sidedness of the technology involved.

It would therefore seem a plausible argument for them not to announce the possible reality of UFO's over U.K airspace, when it feels unable to stop these seemingly regular incursions. I think were the intentions of these UFO's aggressive it would surely have been shown by now, these mysterious objects having been in the forefront of our attention since the Second World War (the many recorded foo fighter incidents). And not forgetting Roswell!

I feel that the people living in East London, and indeed the entire U.K, would appreciate someone from the government being able to explain away all the many sightings/ UFO incidents that have and are still occurring. But so far this has not been the case, which surely leaves the public to feel stone walled when they are told nothing but quick fix answers, designed to deflect the ever increasing barrage of questions aimed at the Government, a comparison being the huge UFO flap occurring in Scotland, answers for which the government have yet to supply.

I have seen firsthand a variation of the triangle, which was huge, and which left me, to say the least, with an overwhelming feeling of fear and uneasiness. And remember this is coming from an experienced UFO Investigator. You can imagine the effect this would have on a person with no experience of UFOs. My sighting was in Ongar, Essex, which is on the borders of Epping. I was driving to my brother's house in Cambridge on a quite clear day. This craft was so big, I first saw it from the corner of my eye, then having seen it, I decided to change route and try to follow this craft, which was simply just gliding over the adjoining fields (a beautiful sight)

The craft was all black with a huge red rectangular type light at the back, with slight under hanging pipes of some kind. I followed this craft until I could no more. Remember that Ongar is probably about 8 - 10 miles from Walthamstow and Chingford. To add there have been some sightings in Walthamstow of the triangle also. There was a sighting of a huge black craft, which was just sitting in mid air, witnessed by a que at a bus stop, who could do little but marvel at the object. Just recently there has been speculation from some researchers who think that the mysterious Flying Triangle is in fact a military secret craft. The people who are putting forward this theory are stating their reasons as to why this could be the case:

1.) If the military were dealing with flying saucers back in the forties, then there should be no reason why they shouldn't have advanced enough to build such a craft like the triangle.

2.) Some people may believe this is just another step in the advancement of Modern day aeronautics. If this were the case, at least some of this technology surely would be being used by civil aviation, in respect of cost, design efficiency and safety. Can you imagine the uproar should it come out that a superpower has developed such a craft, such like the one seen over Belgium in the early 90s witnessed by hundreds of people and tracked by the Belgium Airforce intruding into their airspace without permission, and illegally testing of Such a secret Aircraft within a NATO country? I leave it to your own mind to decide on its origin - ET or military?

And now, I would like to turn to the many sightings of bright orange balls or orbs seen around these two areas.

Question - Are they ET related?

Question - What is their purpose?

Question - Are they just checking out the locations for some kind of future event?

Question - Are they of natural occurring phenomena that we are unaware of at this time?

Question -  Are they of Military Origin?

Obviously these questions remain unanswered, but from my research, I have found that these lights are very inquisitive to say the least - that is most have been seen in locations, or such places around homes, and even been seen sometimes before an abduction scenario has taken place. They have also been seen above the local reservoirs.

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