1982 Humanoid Reports. It was the beginning of the "slow-down" period With a sprinkling of high-strangeness here and there, and some bizarre incidents as well, including the County Tyrone Ireland visitations, the frightening affair at Ulysses Kansas. More incidents at Botucato, and several interesting encounters in the Iberian Peninsula. And a smattering of Australian encounters and abductions.

The 1982 Reports. "Don't You Know Me? (case # 57)

Location. Rosario Argentina
Date: 1982 Time: unknown
A carpenter watched a circular saucer shaped craft with lighted windows that gave off bright flashes of light land on a park. Several very short humanoids, less than a foot tall, with thick and wide torsos, long arms, short legs, and slanted eyes walked out of the craft. The beings walked around for a few minutes then re-entered the craft which promptly took off at high speed. Pure titanium pellets are said to have been found at the landing site.

HC addition # 1168
Source: Gray Barker's UFO Annual 1983 Type: B

Location. Isla de Roque, Puerto Rico
Date: 1982 Time: unknown

Witnesses saw a hard to described being that ran at incredible speed among the brush and trees. It broke tree branches in half as it ran. It was seen entering the nearby ocean and disappearing. Witnesses could only say that it was tall and heavyset. No other information.

HC addition # 2695
Source: Marleen Lopez de Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 13 Type: E

Location. Wembley, London, England
Date: 1982 Time: unknown
Lorraine Parry was walking in a suburban road, north of London. When she felt a distinct change of surroundings. She describes seeing it as desert-like, though she perceived herself as standing in a lake. She could "feel" the wetness against her skin.

While looking at the desert she saw, a craft going through the air. It was metallic, oblong shaped, silvery in color and it had some windows. She could see faces staring back at her. "They were all excited, and pointing, and I thought, "They are pointing at me."

HC addendum
Source: P-Files Database Type: A?

Location. Forte dos Andradas, Brazil
Date: 1982 Time: 0330A
Soldier Paulo Silva Dos Santos was on guard duty one night when he saw a hovering orange colored sphere about 300 meters over the ocean. Other military personnel arrived and saw the same thing. He was later interrogated by military intelligence.

A couple of months later while standing guard at another section of the fort, he saw on a nearby road two huge white garbed heavy set figures, that wore loose fitting outfits. The figures were extremely tall. He attempted to follow them but became frightened and returned to his post.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: D

Location. Paddington New South Wales, Australia
Date: 1982 Time: 0600A

During the night a woman saw 5 men dressed in black outside her unit, after dogs woke her up. She heard chattering apparently coming from the men. They were wearing all black outfits and were normal human height. One of them turned around and she received a telepathic message telling her to go to sleep, which she did.

HC addition # 2686
Source: UFORA Hotline Type: E

Location. Cheshire England
Date: 1982 Time: evening

Three young men were standing by the edge of an embankment when they noticed a figure that appeared from under the overpass bridge. It was about 3 ½ feet tall, wearing a brown monks type habit, with hood. The entity had huge eyes and a pursed slit for a mouth.

The figure apparently approached to within 6 feet as the witnesses stared at it. It then walked back into a nearby clearing and vanished.

HC addition # 3582
Source: UK Sightings Page Type: E

Location. Lonnavale Tasmania Australia
Date: 1982 Time: night

On various occasions a dark humanoid shape was seen near a number of houses, also paranormal sounds, flashing lights and other events, including animal reactions were reported.

HC addition # 2150
Source: Keith Roberts TUFOIC Type: E

Location. California, exact location not given
Date: 1982 Time: late afternoon

The six-year old witness had followed some coyote pups to the edge of a canyon and was standing by a metal railing looking out into the hills when he suddenly heard a loud popping sound and the air around him became noticeably thicker. A green-yellow light that seemed to come from the canyon area then surrounded him. He then noticed a tall dark figure standing across from him blocking out some of the light.

The being appeared very wide and wore a tight fitting jacket, its arms were folded in front of him. There appeared to be something attached to the being behind him but this was not very clear to the witness. The being was described as reptilian-type with large slit eyes.

The being suddenly opened its arms and unfolded something resembling a music panel sheet illuminated by a bright white blue halogen type light. After a few moments the light went out and the sheet refolded. The thick atmosphere and the yellow-green light quickly dissipated and then the being vanished.

HC addition # 1945
Source: Josh M Berg, Unicus Vol. 3 # 2 Type: E

Location. Not given
Date: 1982 Time: late night
The main witness and her boyfriend were both removed from their bedroom by entities with large eyes late at night. The witness dog apparently attacked and injured one of the intruders. The witness also fought back but was rendered unconscious.

Later she woke up inside a craft lying totally paralyzed on a table. One of the beings was holding the witness head down while the others worked on her body. The witness was terrified and was in great pain. The beings were apparently indifferent to her plight. She was eventually released.

HC addition # 1931
Source: Kenneth Ring PhD, "The Omega Project" Type: G

Location. Ulysses Kansas
Date: 1982 Time: night

The barking of his dogs disturbed the witness. He looked out the window and noticed high in the sky three incredible objects resembling flying skyscrapers. The objects were huge and brilliantly lighted; the witness mentioned no sound. He became scared and closed the window and pulled the curtains. Suddenly the light in his room came on and he felt numb, unable to move.

He then heard the back porch door open and a noise of someone going through the porch and to the bathroom, which led to his room. He then saw the door open and a man came running in. He wore a blue gray jumpsuit and was about 5'10", had black or dark brown short hair. He was of medium built, about 180 lb, very athletic looking, and wore black lace up combat boots that were bloused.

The man came to the bed and grabbed the witness by the shoulders lifting him up and at the same time yelling for help. The witness could not move or talk. Suddenly the witness was let go and he dropped back, the man then looked toward the bathroom. He then looked back at the witness and said, "My God, they're coming, they are here." He stood at the foot of the witness bed. Then a bright yellow light came through the wall. It came right through the middle of the closet and was extremely bright.

Two tall figures walked out of the light through the wall. They were extremely thin and tall, almost 6'6" tall. Then two figures came through the bathroom direction. One was tall but the first one was about 5'4" tall and was apparently the leader. The man next to the witness bed was trying to back away. Then the tall figure behind the short leader aimed something metal like a rifle at the man and a yellow straight beam came out of it, hitting the man straight in the face, he then fell on his back at the foot of the bed.

The witness managed to lift himself up enough to peer over to the man, and noticed that the skin of his face was burned away and his eyes looked like two white-eye balls, he was apparently dead. The witness became angry but could not move. The three tall humanoids had smooth gray skin. They wore tight fitting gray suits with hoods that covered the back of the neck and the sides but not the front.

They had cat-like eyes, with vertical pupils. As the witness tried to look back at the man on the floor the short figure made a motion and two of the tall humanoids went to him and picked him up and carried him right back through the light and the wall. The short humanoid then walked over to the witness and touched his face on the right side of the nose and turned his head to face him.

The being's eyes were gray and the pupil's dark. He lacked a nose and his mouth a slit. He never saw ears but there were lumps under the hood to indicate something was there. He apparently peered into the witness eyes and said something that the witness heard inside his head, but does not remember what it was. The being's eyes appeared very angry and serious. He then walked to the closet.

Only one of the tall ones stood there now. He turned and walked into the light and disappeared, the short one then turned and looked at the witness, he stood staring for 15 to 20 seconds then turned and walked into the light. The witness could not move at least for 1 hour after the incident. He remembered that on the short being's chest there was an emblem resembling a chevron with a snake with wings and snake like eyes. His hand had 4 digits. The witness family apparently slept throughout the whole ordeal.

HC addition # 2887
Source: Joyce Murphy, Beyond Boundaries Type: C?

Location. Pentre Halkyn Wales
Date: 1982 Time: night

The witness was standing by her bedroom window when she saw a fiery meteor like object hurtling towards her. She ran outside and saw a huge disc shaped object hovering over her bungalow. At this point her dog became agitated and the object left.

Later that night she woke up to see a man standing at her window. The man was "nice looking" with olive skin and short brown hair. The next moment he suddenly appeared by her bedside and as she moved her hand to touch him, he made a sudden hand gesture and she blacked out.

HC addition # 939
Source: UFONS # 260 Type: D

Location. Northview Missouri
Date: 1982 Time: unknown

Witnesses reported seeing two short silver suited humanoids at a local field near a pond. They were described as having child-like bodies. No other information.

HC addition # 730
Source: Donald M Ware, Mufon Journal # 289 Type: E

Location. Queensland Australia, exact location not given
Date: 1982 Time: night

The witness woke up from her sleep and found herself onboard an object. She was surrounded by several human-looking entities both men and women. She also saw several other human abductees onboard the object.

She refused to be examined because of her pregnancy. The humanoids acted disturbed when they realized that she was pregnant. They gave her a tour of the object and was later released.

HC addition # 701
Source: Keith Basterfield, Vladimir Godic, and Pony Godic
IUR Vol. 15 # 3 Type: G

Location. Near Guayaquil Ecuador
Date: 1982 Time: early evening

In a ranch area the witness had stayed home alone when she suddenly suffered a dizzy spell and nausea, she walked to the window and opened it to get some fresh air. She then looked at a tall tree nearby and watched fascinated as a leave detached itself from a branch and fell as if in slow motion towards the ground.

Incredibly the leave suddenly transformed itself into a large silvery metallic disc shaped object that hovered low above the ground close to the house. The witness suddenly felt pulled through the window and floated into the craft. Inside she found herself in a large brightly lit silvery room. There she was confronted by 3 men and a woman all very tall, muscular and with blond hair and blue slanted eyes, they also had slightly pointed ears.

They all wore tight fitting silvery coveralls, boots, and silvery caps. They communicated by telepathy with the witness and conducted several mental experiments with her. She was told that they belonged to the group headed by one "Ashtar Sheran." She subsequently experienced numerous out of body incidents in which she met similar beings.

HC addition # 405
Source: Monica Girard Type: G

Location. Carleton Moor North Yorkshire England
Date: 1982 Time: afternoon

A married couple out walking their dog spotted two very tall men standing behind some hawthorn bushes, the men were at least seven-foot tall and had their arms stretched out. They wore blue-green tight fitting overalls. They had pale thin faces with pointed chins and a waxy complexion. They had a menacing effect on the witnesses who quickly fled the area.

HC addition # 402
Source: Janet & Colin Bord
Modern Mysteries of Britain Type: E


Location. Kangaroo Valley New South Wales, Australia
Date: January 1982 Time: night

In a remote area three hunters returning from an expedition were suddenly confronted by a huge human-like figure about 2 meters tall. One of the men shot at the being but it vanished, leaving behind a powerful, horrible smell. One of the hunters was sick for several hours afterwards.

HC addition # 699
Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal # 285 Type: E

Location. Wever Iowa
Date: January 22 1982 Time: unknown

The witness, a repeat abductee was apparently abducted again by several five-foot tall beings with large heads, cat like eyes and small mouths. These beings were hairless, had long arms with 4 digits on each hand. The beings examined her and apparently implanted something into her head. She was told via mental telepathy that she had some important task to perform in the future.

HC addition # 451
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery Type: G

Location. Colorado, exact location not given
Date: February 1982 Time: daytime

A forest ranger stationed at a remote and desolate mountain area was out conducting a search in his snowmobile after witnesses reported flashing lights in the mountains. As he headed back to his cabin after failing to locate anything, he spotted some peculiar footprints in the snow, which led to the wooded area. He dismounted from the snowmobile and walked towards the woods.

As he was about to enter the brush a small five-foot tall man with a very large head and huge eyes stepped out with his hand raised and palm open. He wore a tight-fitting greenish coverall. Next a young beautiful blond haired woman with brilliant blue eyes also stepped out of the woods. She wore a light colored, thin gown and was barefooted. As the witness walked back to the snowmobile he heard a strange crackling sound and when he looked back the short entity had disappeared.

The witness eventually took the blond woman to his cabin, there he was compelled to have sexual intercourse with her, and when he woke up the next morning she was gone. (The witness claims that about 18 months later he saw the same blond woman standing in front of his house holding a small golden haired child.)

HC addition # 1097
Source: Brad Steiger, The UFO Abductors Type: E

Location. Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
Date: February 1982 Time: afternoon

12-year-old Carmen was at home alone doing some chores in an upstairs room when she decided to go downstairs to her room. On her way there she saw a short multicolored entity with long pointed ears and long dangling arms floating just above the floor in the hallway.

The being had large dark round eyes and appeared to be transparent. It was floating slowly towards the witness bedroom. The panicked girl screamed and ran to the kitchen to grab a knife, when she came out the entity had vanished.

HC addition # 2139
Source: Enigma # 76 Type: E

Location. Fort Worth, Texas
Date: February 1982 Time: evening

Alvin Guerra was lying in bed attempting to get some sleep when a bright blue flash whooshed through his window into his room. Curious, Guerra went out to the patio to investigate. He was astonished to see a gigantic, stealth-like craft hovering about 75 ft directly overhead. It was dark gray in color, and the wing portions at its side turned up slightly.

It had a small tail fin, with three large thruster rockets underneath it. The vessel was silent as it turned in a leisurely 360-degree revolution. Then a soft feminine voice from somewhere nearby said, "Don't be afraid! Cooperate & we wont hurt you! A few yards away out of the shadows a gorgeous Nordic-looking female emerged. She was about six ft two inches tall with incredibly luminous, blue green eyes. Her skin was very white, almost alabaster in appearance; her hair was a soft beige blond colored.

She was wearing a light blue form fitting jumpsuit with a strange emblem on the left side of the chest area. It consisted of a short, narrow stripe, light blue in color, slanting above a darker blue stripe of the same proportions. A dark blue circle appeared beneath the two stripes. She had a head covering of some sort that hung towards the back. She repeated the words "Don't be afraid" and cautiously extended her hand. When his hand was firmly in hers, a thick blue mist formed around them. The next thing he knew, they were standing inside the hovering craft.

As he stood there, rainbow-colored particles bathed him for 30 seconds. The woman then beckoned Guerra to follow her. The interior of the ship resembled the same smooth dark gray metal as the exterior. It was extremely cold inside. He entered a room where he saw numerous long cylindrical boxes resembling coffins. All were opened and empty. He was told that in those containers, they "rejuvenated" a few hours each day. They then entered the cockpit where he saw a larger version of the symbol on her suit etched on the floor. There were five other women in the room, all similar to each other operating some controls.

They all smiled at him. As they exited the cockpit, they passed three women sitting in a hall, operating what appeared to be light-based computers. One of the women was at least six ft, eight inches tall. The women had the ability to read his thoughts. They now entered a room that appeared to be a medical area. In this room there appeared to be about 20 other women, all very tall, between 6 ft six inches & six ft, 8 inches in height. They all appeared to be young. Each was dressed in either a light blue or cream-colored form fitting suits. If the suit was light, the chest emblem was dark, and vice-versa.

The women were conducting examinations on some small animals and birds. One of the women was holding a hand-held device resembling a laser. A dark blue light emanated from it. He was made to lie down on a long table. Directly over his head on the ceiling he saw a dark green screen with colored lines. There was also a black screen on the wall beside the table.

A holographic image of his body appeared on the screen. A laser like implement drew blood from him. He was then given a tour of the ship by the same original host that was apparently the captain. Soon at a lounge like compartment, Guerra and the voluptuous Captain had sexual intercourse. During the intercourse Guerra blacked out and then found himself back on his bed totally naked and with his turquoise necklace missing.

HC addendum
Source: C L Turnage, Sexual Encounters with
Extraterrestrials Type: G

Location. County Tyrone Ireland
Date: February 4 1982 Time: late night

The witness suddenly woke up after hearing a strange noise; he then noted that his bedroom was slightly distorted. Thinking he was dreaming he went back to sleep but woke up later and noticed a shadowy figure standing in the corner of the room.

As he tried to move he realized he was paralyzed, but after some effort he was able to prop himself up and noticed a short dark male figure, apparently without a neck and with long hair. The figure came towards the witness and turned sideways revealing two large faceted eyes, which widened and closed and had a black keyhole-like pupil.

The creature made a purring like sound. The creature then blended into the wall and vanished, the room then brightened and returned to normal.

HC addition # 1506
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 101 Type: E

Location. Black Sea Russia
Date: February 10 1982 Time: 0230A

Six Soviet sailors were sent from their ship to investigate what they thought was a disabled ship. The sailors rowed their lifeboat into a fog bank and were not found again until 5 days later. The sailors said that as they entered the fog bank a grappling hook had pulled their boat up to a cigar shaped object.

They found themselves inside a large circular room surrounded by 20 four and a half foot tall humanoids wearing luminous divers suits. The beings communicated by gesture inviting the sailors to stay. Two accepted the offer while the other 4 remained in a semi conscious state.

However one of the men who elected to stay went insane and jumped overboard. Then the four remaining men left in a luminous boat which apparently self destructed when the men were rescued.

HC addition # 491
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO
Abductions, The Measure of a Mystery Type: G

Location. Cambridge Ontario Canada
Date: late February 1982 Time: 2300

For three nights the witness saw the head of a figure and on two nights the head of two figures peering at her through the bathroom window. The heads seemed to be illuminated and each wore a tight fitting silver helmet and both had very pointed chins. No further features could be seen.

Later while checking the height of the window it was estimated that the beings were at least six feet five inches tall. Three weeks later the witness encountered a glowing pulsating object hovering above some woods.

HC addition # 1150
Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research
Ontario Canada Type: D

Location. Sykesville Carroll County Maryland
Date: Spring 1982 Time: night

Williard McIntyre saw a tall hairy humanoid in a wooded area. He fired a shot at the creature, apparently without affect; the creature then turned around and hit McIntyre with a ball of light. No other information.

HC addition # 3269
Source: Mark Opsasnick Type: E

Location. Springfield Missouri
Date: March 1982 Time: night
The witness was traveling in her car when she suddenly lost control of the steering. She felt her vehicle being pulled by an unknown force towards a light that was hovering at tree top level straight ahead. She felt as if the car was floating. Soon she found herself in a clearing in a wooded area. Nearby sat a silvery metallic disc resting on three legs.

A light shone on her and she sees folding steps descend from the object. She is drawn into the craft and through several rooms until she reaches a platform, like padded white silver chrome and lays down on it. Half dozen men then appear; these are described as six-foot one inch tall, well built, long blond hair, high cheekbones, and blue eyes. They wore tight-fitting brown jumpsuits with matching shoes and belt, with a pale yellow stole draped over one shoulder.

They also displayed a winged emblem on the chest area resembling a "hawk-eagle" head in center and wings on each side. She is then led out to the door and suddenly finds herself in her car. She then sees a craft taking off emitting a loud whistling sound.

HC addition # 1362
Source: Linda Moulton Howe
Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume I Type: G

Location. Coniston Cutting England
Date: March 4 1982 Time: 2230

A woman was returning home and was traveling between villages when the car was suddenly lit up with a bluish light. Looking into the mirror she then saw two lights one blue the other red hovering in the air nearby. The lights followed the vehicle for a half-mile then a beam of light suddenly appeared near the car forming a circle of light on the ground.

The light came from somewhere above the vehicle. The witness began feeling very cold and the car engine began revving. The lights suddenly vanished as a truck approached. The witness finally arrived home with 30 minutes of "missing time>" Under hypnosis later she recalled meeting unknown entities one calling himself 'Zeus" who claimed to be from the planet "Zircon."

HC addition # 1627
Source: Paul Devereux, Earth Lights Revelation Type: G

Location. Near San Dimas California
Date: March 12 1982 Time: 1835

A mother and her two children were driving on a busy highway when they spotted a rectangular glowing object with a cross in the center hovering over the area. As the car drew closer the mother heard a low humming sound and felt dizzy and had difficulty driving.

One of the children felt weak and they younger one fell asleep. The object suddenly vanished and with witnesses felt better. Their trip was longer than usual. The children remembered seeing figures or faces within the object and experienced unusual sleepiness the following days.

HC addition # 505
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO
Abductions The Measure of the Mystery Type: A or F?

Location. Slanesville Virginia
Date: March 22 1982 Time: 0330A
The witness had gone outside to investigate a commotion among his dogs and cats and saw two lights descend from the sky and land. He approached with his car but the vehicle stalled. He approached on foot holding a flashlight and encountered a five-foot six-inch tall man dressed in a silvery coverall with a hood.

The being communicated with the witness using telepathy and told him that, humans should use "atomic" power. A beam from the object slightly burned the witness. The being then re-entered the craft and it took off. Mental images of pyramids remained in the witness mind.

HC addition # 450
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery Type: C

Location. Sedona Arizona
Date: April 1982 Time: night?

Nancy, her daughter, and granddaughter were abducted from their camping tent after they saw a hovering disc. They had mental communication with aliens (undescribed) that told Nancy that they were rearranging her molecular structure. No other information.

HC addition # 2811
Source: Bill Hamilton Type: G

Location. County Tyrone Ireland
Date: April 10 1982 Time: 2345

The witness was on his way to midnight mass when he noticed a bright planet-like object over the area and above it a series of flashing red, white, and yellow lights. Below these lights there was a large but faint red light, he could see the outline of two humanoids within the light, one was large and the other small. The object appeared to be rotating and moved across the sky in a jerky path and vanished from sight.

HC addition # 1507
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 101 Type: A

Location. Near Broby Denmark
Date: middle of April 1982 Time: 0430A

A lone witness out for an early morning walk spotted a large shiny silver oval shaped craft on the ground on a nearby field. Next to the object stood two short man-like figures, described as very thin, with long arms, and elongated egg shaped heads.

They had no hair, had large pointy ears, small round eyes and barely noticeable noses and mouths. These wore snug fitting silvery outfits, with belts with what appeared to be a black buckle. They were carrying some type of flashlight like instrument in their hands. After about 15 minutes the two short humanoids apparently entered the object through an unseen aperture. The object then rose up and disappeared at high speed towards Odense.

HC addition # 3501
Source: SUFOI Newsletter # 9 Type: C

Location. County Tyrone Ireland
Date: April 20 1982 Time: after 0300A

The witness suddenly awoke in a scream and noticed two humanoids figures standing by his bed, one was short and the other one tall, and lumpy that somehow had his head inside the witness mouth (which had apparently grown very large).

The beings were chatting to one another in a sound resembling ringing bells. The witness could not move or yell since he was paralyzed. No other information.

HC addition # 1508
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 101 Type: E

Location. Carlton Tasmania Australia
Date: May 1982 Time: 2100

A witness returning home sees, nearby an egg shaped object hovering very close to the ground. The object was about 10 feet tall and its whitish in color, inside a dark outline of a tall figure could be seen standing, the witness stays briefly then runs home.

HC addition # 48
Source: Keith Roberts, TUFOIC Type: A

Location. Santiago Chile
Date: May 1 1982 Time: afternoon

J F and a friend were riding their bicycles when a car going at high speed struck them, throwing them at least 50 meters. Without feeling the slightest pain J F saw himself floating outside his body, he saw a light and two figures at the same time he felt rising up and entering an illuminated "room." From that room he could see the planet Earth below.

He felt himself inside a "body of light" that was not his. He felt a sensation of heat as the two figures place him on a stretcher like bed. Something is done to his head in order to keep him alive. At one point he saw a beam of light enter his eyes and heard some type of telepathic message. He was taken by the two humanoids to some kind of city where he is shown around, he seems to be wearing some type of "pajamas."

He is then taken into a room where he saw a console with multi-colored lights. He is then transported into a large object where he saw different "humans" apparently in the process of dying or about to die. He is then taken to a city where he sees dinosaur like animals of smaller size than "real" dinosaurs. These animals appeared to be domesticated.

He is then told that he must accomplish a mission on earth like thousands of other earthlings. An implant is supposedly inserted into his brain. He is told that the "extraterrestrials" have several bases on earth. He feels like he could be in different places at the same time. At one point he felt he was taken to the Pleiades and to Africa at the same time. Apparently J F and his friend fully recovered.

HC addendum
Source: Juan Guillermo Aguilera Rodriguez, Chile Type: G or F?

Location. Ripley Queensland Australia
Date: May 2 1982 Time: 2100

In an isolated area, some kangaroo hunters were walking down an electrical fence when they came upon a large disc shaped craft on the ground. Groups of seven-foot tall beings stood or walked on a large glass rim. The object had a dome on top and a rotating base. The beings were described as human like with long blond hair and tanned skins. They wore gray jumpsuits.

HC addition # 2610
Source: Keith Basterfield Type: C

Location. Caboolture Queensland Australia
Date: May 20 1982 Time: 1815

A couple was traveling by car along Golf Course Road saw a bright light, which descended over the area. They then noted that it was a saucer shaped object with portholes in the lower section. The object emitted a blue beam of light and came around to the front of the car. The couple appeared to have experienced a short period of missing time, and recalled seeing a 2-meter tall silver suited entity.

HC addition # 2670
Source: UFORQ Type: G


Location. Lake Baikal West Siberia Russia
Date: Summer 1982 Time: various?

During military diving training exercises, Soviet frogmen encountered at depths of 50 meters, huge man-like figures almost 3 meters in height, that were clad in tight-fitting silvery suits, wearing large spherical transparent helmets and seemed to lack any aqualung or diving equipment.

At one point the military men attempted to capture one of the huge beings with a net but were thrown out of the deep water and onto the surface by an unknown powerful force. Three of the men died and the others became crippled. During the same time there were reports of giant discs and spheres descending and rising from the lake waters.

HC addition # 630
Source: Paul Stonehill, UFO Encounters Vol. 1 # 7 Type: D

Location. Las Mitras, Mexico
Date: Summer 1982 Time: night
Several investigators were in the slopes of the mountain and had observed mysterious lights over the area. Later they took several photographs of the fields later one of the exposed photos showed a strange luminous silvery figure standing on the field, apparently observing the group. None of them saw anything when the photos were taken.

HC addendum
Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E or C?

Location. Pahang Malaysia
Date: June 1982 Time: 1000A

A twelve-year-old girl had gone to a river behind her house to wash some clothes when a short female suddenly confronted her being. All the normal sounds of the village ceased as the entity invited the witness to come with her to see a "land." The witness felt no fear and found herself in a bright and beautiful place where time seemed to rush by. She was later found unconscious by relatives near the river.

HC addition # 532
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction Type: G

Location. Brooklyn New York
Date: June 3 1982 Time: 0400A

The witness was suddenly awakened by a voice calling her name slowly. As she got up from bed she saw a large glowing object outside her window. She was able to see two man-like figures staring at her from inside the object.

She also saw a small table inside the object and the two men began moving back and forth very fast. The object then changed into a bright fiery flame and disappeared. The witnesses received a telepathic message before the object departed.

HC addition # 1085
Source: Brad Steiger, Shirley Hansen Steiger "Starborn" Type: A & F

Location. Ronchamp France
Date: July 1982 Time: 0130A

A man walking his dog along a trail noticed a short humanoid figure with a vaguely human form and a deformed head standing ahead on the trail. The dog became disturbed and began barking. The figure then apparently vanished. No other information.

HC addition # 1744
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: E

Location. Columbia Valley British Columbia Canada
Date: July 1982 Time: evening

The main witness and tow of his friends were walking along a field when they noticed on the other side of a nearby wire fence what appeared to be several white "horses." The witnesses for some unknown reason became frightened and became disoriented.

They later discovered a long period of missing time. Later under hypnosis the main witness recalled that the horses had been really been several tall white thin humanoid figures. He also remembered seeing a landed object on a nearby field. One of the figures inserted some type of device in his head. No other information.

HC addition # 1436
Source: John Robert Colombo, "Dark Visions" Type: G

Location. Najares Cadiz Spain
Date: July 1982 Time: night

A local cattleman was on his motorcycle using a little traveled road when his motorcycle suddenly came to a halt and would not start. The witness then walked to what he thought was a tanker truck one hundred meters away, when he was about 30 meters away he saw two huge human like figures standing in the middle of the road, these two wore metallic armor-like suits.

One stood near a wire fence and was looking at the cattle on a nearby field. These two beings then walked back to the object, moving as if in slow motion they entered the object, which took off silently towards the north. Ground traces were reportedly found.

HC addition # 98
Source: Fernandez-Peri, and Ballester Olmos
Enciclopedia de Los Encuentros con Ovnis. Type: B

Location. Wigan Manchester England
Date: July 22 1982 Time: 2300

Three women were sitting outside talking by an apartment complex when they noticed a bright light above an empty piece of land across from their location. The light moved to the north becoming a little elongated, it then became top shaped and reddish in color and finally disappeared above Winter Hill. Later a dog that was with the women began to bark then ran into the house.

The women then heard a peculiar sucking or croaking noise repeated four times, then a figure appeared suddenly on the empty field. It was described as of normal height, wearing a one-piece suit, with a round helmet with visor. There was a hose-like protrusion coming out of the visor. With one hand it held a square box that seemed to connect with the hose. The women became terrified and ran into the house. The police searched the area but failed to locate anything.

HC addition # 690
Source: DIGAP Report, Northern UFO News # 100 Type: C?

Location. Saint Dorothee Quebec Canada
Date: July 23 1982 Time: 0200A

Several witnesses watched a huge object hovering above a field; the object projected a powerful beam of white light towards the ground. The object had flashing multi-colored lights around its edge; it then vanished from sight behind some buildings. Moments later some of the same witnesses heard strange "electronic beeps" coming from a nearby cornfield.

Shining a flashlight at the field they caught sight of a six-foot tall figure with a huge brown head and large orange glowing eyes. A sudden gust of wind enveloped the witnesses with dust; all of them experienced strong stomach pains and ran into a nearby house.

HC addition # 849
Source: World Round-up, FSR Vol. 28 # 2 Type: C

Location. Near Punta Umbria Spain
Date: July 25 1982 Time: 0400A

The witness, a well known bullfighter was driving alone and was approaching a crossroads when he noticed some blinking red and yellow lights. These appeared to be on the side of the road in a sandy area near the beach. He approached the site slowly thinking that it was a car accident, and then he parked and left the vehicle and proceeded to walk towards the lights.

He then saw on the side of the road a bright silvery square shaped craft with flattened edges. He now felt queasy and stopped the meters from the object. Then a strange figure appeared on the side of the object. It was described as almost 3 meters tall and robotic in appearance. It lacked arms and its head appeared to be covered by metallic mesh.

The being emitted a low guttural sound and then somehow disappeared into the object which suddenly rose up and shot away silently towards the ocean.

HC addition # 640
Source: J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna Type: C

Location. Mendoza Argentina
Date: July 30 1982 Time: 2210

The two witnesses had just finished their supper when one of them noticed a light outside the window. Looking out they saw a glowing small figure among the branches of a nearby tree. It appeared to be dressed in a robe and had a very small head.

The witness called her husband who described the being as transparent, luminous and somewhat triangular shaped. The being oscillated up and down on top of the branches emitting a soft rustling sound. One of the witnesses approached the tree with a broom and saw the branches full of lights and "tiny stars," he fled as he heard a loud sizzling sound and smelled smoke.

The broom seemed to become electrified and he dropped it. The figure slowly faded away and vanished.

HC addition # 1167
Source: Gray Barker's UFO Annual 1983 Type: E?

Location. Near Des Moines Iowa
Date: August 1982 Time: evening

Several nights after observing a bright circular object over the area and later finding peculiar burn marks on the farm ground the witness was bringing home a herd of cattle when she observed a short man-like figure watching her farm from a nearby cornfield.

The being had a large round head and very large eyes. The being stared at the witness in a strange, expressionless way. She waved at the entity that seemed to wave back, then walked into the cornfield and disappeared.

HC addition # 1094
Source: Brad Steiger, "The UFO Abductors" Type: D

Location. Near Hapuku Bridge New Zealand
Date: August 2 1982 Time: night

On a windy night a lone motorist spotted a shimmering silvery man-like figure standing on the side of the road. It had no distinguishable features and the bottom half appeared to be black. The witness drove by the figure and did not stop.

HC addition # 293
Source: The SBI Report # 40 Type: E

Location. Mirassol Sao Paolo Brazil
Date: August 7 1982 Time: 0500A

The witness was walking to work when he saw a bright light and felt dizzy; he then passed out and was apparently taken onboard an object by several humanoids and taught how to operate some controls. No other information.

HC addition # 470
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery Type: G


Location. Near Sarikei Sarawak Malaysia
Date: August 22 1982 Time: daytime

At a local fruit plantation several 9-year old students reported encountering several small humanoids with very large heads. The beings were seen near the school. Several of the students reportedly saw a UFO as big as a classroom landing in the same farm two days after their first encounter.

More of the tiny beings were seen moving near the landed UFO. On August 16 in broad daylight, several locals saw a flaming ball of fire fall out of the sky; police were dispatched but found nothing. Their teacher interviewed the children.

HC addition # 783
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR Vol. 33 # 4 Type: E

Location. Near Sarikei Sarawak Malaysia
Date: August 24 1982 Time: daytime

Several young children encountered a large object on the ground at a local fruit plantation. Several small humanoids with large heads were seen moving near the object.

HC addition # 784
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR Vol. 33 # 4 Type: C

Location. Redcar England
Date: August 30 1982 Time: 0120A
A couple had gone to sleep later after watching television when a piercing scream coming from their daughter's room woke them up. Upon entering their baby's room and checking her to make sure she was all right, the husband noticed a blinding light shining into the bedroom from somewhere in their back garden. He then noticed a small oval shaped craft on the ground and a figure standing next to it.

As he headed out to the landing he noticed two short figures making their way up the stairs. He seemed to have blacked out after that. Later he could only remember that the object was small and oval with a ring of lights around it, three landing legs, and antennae like structures.

The wife recalled looking for her husband at the top of the stairs and seeing two short child-like creatures at the bottom of the stairs. The creatures had pale skin, no hair or nose and no visible clothing. Their next conscious memory was waking up the next morning. Hypnotic regression did not reveal any additional details.

HC addition # 1981
Source: Carl Nagaitis, Philip Mantle. "Without Consent" Type: C or G?

Location. Girard Pennsylvania
Date: September 1982 Time: evening

A man driving around dusk on the I90 road saw an object hovering above the tree line. The craft was wedge shaped and triangular from below. It seemed to taper up to 12 foot high. There was silver or metallic globe shaped device on the bottom, which resembled a convex department store security mirror. His vehicle engine ran rough then stalled, and the lights inside flashed as the object approached.

He could see a large window in the top of the object. He was then able to see two figures that seemed clothed in silver like material. These were engaged in rapid, jerky activities, and seemed to be manipulating unseen controls inside the object. The object had red/white and green lights and seemed to pulse with a dull purplish brown color on the bottom. The object moved silently always at about 20 mph and was lost from sight. There was a second witness inside the vehicle.

HC addition # 2618
Source: Andy Page Type: A

Location. Beausejour Manitoba Canada
Date: September 1982 Time: 1830

The witness had been playing with his dog in his front yard and had just lain down on the grass, on his back. The next thing he knew, it was over two hours later, and he was sitting on the grass. Gradually he regained his memory and was able to recall some details of the missing time.

He remembered being onboard a "spacecraft" that had passed over his house. While onboard he heard a voice, which spoke to him and tried to explain how the craft operated. The "control panel" had on it two silver balls, and a pilot could control the movement of the vehicle by rotating one for vertical direction, and the other for horizontal travel. The craft was apparently shaped like a letter 'S." No other information.

HC addition # 2152
Source: Chris A Rutkowski, "Visitations? Manitoba UFO Experiences Type: G

Location. Conil Beach, Spain
Date: September 1982 Time: night

Evaristo Fandino, on vacation in the area, had gone to the beach one night during low tide in order to enjoy the sea breeze. In the distance he noticed several figures that under the weak moonlight appeared to be, men mounted on horses. They seemed to be wearing luminous capes that gave off bright flashes of light.

At first he thought that the figures were approaching him but as he neared them he noticed that they seemed to be receding into the distance. Fandino now hurried and approached to within 15 meters of the figures. He then realized that these figures were not men on horses but tall slim figures at least 4 meters in height.

They appeared to have some kind of luminous pointed halos surrounding their heads. Frightened he stood and watched as the figures quickly disappeared from sight into the distance.

HC addendum
Source: Carlos Fernandez Type: E

Location. Corby England
Date: September 1982 Time: late night
Ros Reynolds and her boyfriend were driving to visit friend when their vehicle was suddenly engulfed in light and an object then flew over them. The object then began to follow the car, traveling alongside them. Suddenly the car engine went dead, the car stopped and then she went blank.

She could only remember getting back in the car and by the time she arrived at her friends they had lost nearly three hours. Later she was able to recall being inside an object and seeing two "aliens." They were about 3-feet 6 inches tall with large black, almond shaped eyes and a slit for a mouth. They had two little holes for a nose, no ears and were gray blue in color.

They had no hair or eyebrows and had four fingers on each hand. She was then taken into a room with a table. A larger humanoid, about 7-feet tall prodded the witness all over her body. It took skin samples and fluid with a needle inserted into her stomach. They then apparently extracted half of her reproductive system. She is now unable to have children because her ovaries are missing.

HC addition # 2831
Source: The People News 2-20-94 Type: G

Location. Near Des Moines Iowa
Date: October 1982 Time: 0300A
After watching a bright maneuvering light over the farm the witness was awakened by the sound of the cattle bellowing nervously. Looking out the window he was able to see glowing green colored disc shaped craft hovering above the barnyard. On the ground below several small shadowy figures could be seen moving around. Suddenly thee of the short figures appeared at the bedroom door.

The witness and his wife after initial panic were overcame by a feeling of peach and tranquility. The beings took the witnesses by their hands and led them to the hovering disc shaped object at the orchard. A stairway descended silently to the ground and both witnesses entered the dimly lit interior of the object. One of them was asked to lie down on a large white ivory-like stone, manacles clamped themselves on her wrists and ankles, and she was unable to move.

An entity described as feminine shorter than the rest, with larger eyes and pointed nose, fuller lips stood around to watch. The feminine being removed the witness gown and began emitting humming musical sounds. The witness then remembers a syringe being inserted in her abdomen and then several samples of skin, hair, and blood were taken. The husband remembers being taken into a small cubicle where two short beings gave him a vial of green liquid to drink.

He began feeling very hot and proceeded to attain an uncontrolled erection, once this occurred the beings clamped a mechanical suction cup around his penis and extracted semen. The witnesses then remember waking up in their bedroom in the morning.

HC addition # 1095
Source: Brad Steiger, "The UFO Abductors" Type: G

Location. Kitley Woods Indiana
Date: winter 1982 Time: night

The witness saw a tall man-like figure staring into her kitchen window, but upon investigating no footprints were found in the snow. No other information.

HC addition # 2245
Source: Budd Hopkins Type: E

Location. Phoenix Arizona
Date: November 1 1982 Time: 2315

The witness recalled lying naked on a table made out of something resembling leather. He was in a dimly lit room, with a door that opened with a swooshing sound. He saw a four-foot six-inch tall creature, slender, with long thin arms, with six fingers on each hand. It had a large bulbous head with slightly bulging eyes. With other similar beings the witness was apparently examined. The witness could not remember any additional details.

HC addition # 3827
Source: UFO Abductions Raw Data Page
UFO Watch Type: G

Location. Vegas De Coria Spain
Date: November 10 1982 Time: 2145

A man walking home alone heard a loud wail-like sound as he neared his house. Looking around he noticed a strange black hump or lump on the ground nearby. He walked towards the "object" and as he neared it, the thing began to grow larger until it became a huge dark man-like figure that approached the witness making a strange "switching" sound.

The frightened witness retreated and grabbed two pieces of stone, he was then able to scream and the figure stopped turned around, and left. The witness then saw a bright flash and the figure vanished. The figure was described as completely black and almost 2-meters tall and wearing a black cape.

HC addition # 605
Source: J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna Type: E

Location. Near Arrolobos Spain
Date: November 13 1982 Time: 2130

A local farmer was walking his mule along the roadway, when he saw a dark figure walking towards him at the edge of the road. The witness yelled at the figure asking who he was. The figure replied in a low guttural voice "Don't you know me?" It then ran down the embankment and was quickly lost from sight. It was described as very tall and muscular completely dressed in black.

HC addition # 606
Source: J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna Type: E

Location. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain
Date: November 18 1982 Time: late night

Andreas Schneider sighted a maneuvering disc shaped object over the area. He apparently lost consciousness and found his "astral" body being taken into the object. Inside he encountered several short beings, with wrinkly rough gray skin and huge heads. The beings communicated by using telepathy and told Schneider they were from the planet "Humo." No other information.

HC addition # 3180
Source: S.I.B Betelgeuse Type: G

Location. Near Temperanceville Virginia
Date: November 19 1982 Time: 2310

A 36-year old nurse on her way to work noticed a green light over a filed directly ahead of her. She stopped the vehicle and looked in the direction of the light, she then noticed that it was on a circular silvery grayish object that shone a bright shaft of light on the field. In the center of the object she could see a large bubble like window illuminated by a soft white light.

Inside the window she could see three dark human like figures moving around, visible from the waist up. The object then moved slowly towards the witness vehicle flying over it, a humming sound could be heard. The object flew towards the bay and disappeared.

HC addition # 222
Source: Bob Grattan, Mufon Journal # 188 Type: A

Location. Botucato, Sao Paolo Brazil
Date: November 29 1982 Time: 0150A

The witness woke up with an upset stomach and went outside, there a dazzling beam of light fell on him and a being descended on a platform within the beam. The being forced him into the beam and they both ascended to a room inside a hovering object where another being waited.

These beings were human like, over six-feet tall and covered with tight overalls with holes only for eyes and mouth, they wore mittens on their hands. The witness sat on a circular seat within the room, while the two beings spoke to each other in an unknown language; they then left by passing through a wall.

A beautiful dark skin naked woman then entered the room and touched the witness cheek with a Y-shaped device. At this point he fainted. His family later found him unconscious and naked at 0500A.

HC addition # 468
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery Type: G

Location. Mirassol Brazil
Date: December 30 1982 Time: late night

The witness was alone looking out for his parent's home when he was suddenly awakened by an intense green light shining into the house. He went to investigate and found the kitchen door opened, he then heard a noise form the bedroom and saw three beings emerge.

These were humanoid in appearance. Two wore white overalls and helmets; the third had no helmet and had dark skin and red hair. He carried a shiny cylindrical shaped object in his hand. The witness was asked if he was afraid and he said no. They turned as if to leaven then the red haired being turned and pointed the cylindrical shaped device at the witness and struck him with a green beam of light, burning his shirt.

The being fired two more times at the witness, once striking the wall. The witness felt dizzy and fell to the floor, blacking out in the process. Upon waking up the beings had gone. He found several scratches on his chest and arm.

HC addition # 793
Source: Irene Granchi, FSR Vol. 30 # 1 Type: E or G/

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