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1980 Case Summaries.

1980 Humanoid Reports, Abduction, and "Missing Time" in Focus.

After the incredible decade of the 70's was over, 1980 arrived bringing in unforgettable and incredible cases that will remain as classics in UFO History. Many were still the high-strangeness category that flourished in the mid 70's. Many were CE2 cases as weird as any C3 or C4 of that year such as Cash-Landrum, Rosedale Australia, and of course the famous or infamous Bentwaters conundrum. A new trend was being noticed (or more documented) that of so-called abductions or missing time episodes, many CE3's were now just not CE3's anymore, something hidden was emerging. Echoes of Betty & Barney Hill, Travis Walton, Pascagoula, and Villas Boas were being repeated worldwide. 1980 was a prelude to a slow period of reports, of a period that Abductions, Roswell, Majestic 12 were the main preoccupation of most UFO researchers and groups. All of the sudden close encounters of the Third Kind were not in style any more.

Location. Greymouth, New Zealand
Date: 1980 Time: 0130A
The 16-year old witness had gotten up to get a drink when he looked out the kitchen window and saw a huge light descending towards him outside. It suddenly stopped in mid-air. He ran to wake his parents but he was ignored. Suddenly he heard a voice in his head telling him not to be afraid, that he was special. He then felt calm and began communicating mentally with the light.

The light seemed to maneuver at his command. His next memory was of waking up in the kitchen around dawn. Later he would remember being inside a huge object with a line of about 20 people, behind and in front of him. They went through a compartment that was apparently a waterless shower. The occupants of the craft, apparently human like beings, told the witness that they were from the "future," that many were historians trying to learn from the past. They also told the group that the human race disrespected other living creatures and was immature and not ready for contact.

HC addition # 3895
Source: NUFORC Type: G

Location. Clearwater Florida
Date: 1980 Time: 0300A
Jeff Bach was driving back home after leaving a friend's house, as far as he could see he was alone in the road. As he drove a few miles down the road he could see in the distance about 8 "people" walking across the highway. These figures were walking across the 2 northbound lanes he was in. They were slightly spread out and appeared to be dressed in a sort of blue flowing robes or something similar.

Concerned and wandering where these strange figures had come from, he approached them. Suddenly one of them turned around, and walked back into the lanes, it raised its arm in an apparent attempt to flag him down, when he did this some of the others started rushing back to the witness car as well. Frightened the witness gunned his engine and headed directly to the lead figure, which incredibly did not budge. At the last minute he swerved back into his lane in order to avoid hitting the figure and drove away from the area. The figures were about 6-feet tall.

HC addition # 3840
Source: World of The Strange Type: E

Location. Pamir Region, Tadzhikistan
Date: 1980 Time: morning

Teenager Nina Grinyova was walking along a riverbank when she saw a figure standing some 25 meters away. She said the figure was facing her and was piercing her very soul with his glance. Its eyes were big and glowing, and all of his body was sort of glowing. He was dark and at the same time somewhat silvery. He was about 2 meters tall, very hefty in appearance, square, and straight from shoulder to hip, with a short neck, the head put forward, the arms hanging down freely.

The witness walked towards it and attempted to attract its attention with a rubber toy shaped like a bird. But the creature made a sharp turn and quickly went down the slope toward the river. It moved gracefully and very fast, unlike a human.

HC addendum
Source: Mike Dash, Borderlands Type: E

Location. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date: 1980 Time: daytime
The witness (source) was sitting at the University of Pennsylvania library reading a UFO book when he noticed a strange figure standing in front of him. The man was very gaunt looking, very pale. He was about 6-feet, 1 inch tall, weighed about 140 pounds and wore a black suit, black shoes, black string tie and a bright white shirt. The suit was loose and it looked as though he had slept in it for three days. The strange sat down and asked the witness what he was doing.

The witness replied that he was reading about "flying saucers", the man asked if he believed in the reality of the phenomena. Receiving and indecisive reply the man became irritated and screamed that they were "the most important fact of the century." With a single movement the man got up, put his hand on the witness shoulder, and told him to "go well in his purpose," he then quickly left.

HC addition # 2779
Source: Peter Rojcewicz Type: E

Location. Milton Keynes, England
Date: 1980 Time: afternoon

Two months after seeing a ball shaped flashing light maneuvering over the area that emitted a "whirling" sound, 14-year old Maria Korn, was visited by two strange men at the Convent of Jesus and Mary, where she had been living. She was shown to the dining room where the two strangers met her. Sitting at a large table were two men dressed in black. As soon as she saw the two men she felt cold and put on her jacket. They told her they were from a local psychiatrist office.

She noticed that their eyes were of a brownish grayish shade. During what she termed polite conversation she noticed some strange things about the visitors. They looked the same almost as if they were identical twins and their skin was smooth and featureless, no beard or "shadow" evident. Their hair was shiny black, each brushed in the same style, and their suits seemed brand new, fitted perfectly as if tailor maid. One of them asked Maria if anything strange had happened recently, but she refused to tell him about her experience.

At that point the lunch bell rang and they asked what it was for, they were not wearing watches and asked at one point what time it was. Upon leaving she shook their hands and they felt ice cold to the touch. The men walked to the doorway, exactly in step with each other. They walked outside to a waiting black vehicle. They had a chauffeur also dressed in black. The car did not have any mirrors and the windows were very dark tinted. The license plate had a black background.

She caught a glimpse into the vehicle when one of them opened the door, but all she could see was darkness. The car then drove away without making any sound at all. She saw the car turn out of the convent gate but did not see it moving up the hill that leads to the convent.

HC addition # 3841
Source: World of The Strange Type: E

Location. Kings Nympton, England
Date: 1989 Time: evening

A party of three boys were exploring the woods when they encountered a large ape or bear like creature with green cat like eyes, broad shoulders and a large muzzle. They quickly left the area. No other information.

HC addition # 3946
Source: World of The Strange Type: E

Location. Villa Andalusia, San Juan Puerto Rico
Date: 1980 Time: 2200
Nancy Alvarado was on her way home and while stopped at a corner heard a message in her head telling her not to be afraid. Waiting in her car she saw two figures approaching. One figure was dressed in white and the other in dark green. Both outfits were one piece and very tight fitting. Both were man-like and the witness felt a great sense of tranquility come over her. The figure in white approached the vehicle and looked at the witness. She noticed that it had black hair and small shiny eyes; no other facial features were noted.

Then the figure in dark green approached the car window, he also had black hair. Both seemed to glide just above the ground. Both figures then crossed the street and disappeared towards a nearby wooded field. The witness then seemed to snap out of a trance and quickly drove home. She found her father who went back with her to the area searching for the men. Nothing was found.

HC addition # 3406
Source: Evidencia OVNI # 20 Type: E

Location. Hornby, New Zealand
Date: 1980 Time: night
The 9-10 year old witness remembered seeing gray shadows in her bedroom that frightened her. The forms were dark with caps on their heads. One night she remembered waking up and seeing white humanoids with long skinny arms and legs, almond shaped eyes looking at her and coming towards her. She recalled being in a light room that she walked through, shutting the door behind her.

The room appeared to be on a cliff with a huge drop. She also remembered being levitated on her back in the dark with stars rushing past. At one point she was apparently tested to see how much pain she could endure.

HC addition # 3777
Source: UFO Research Queensland Type: G

Location. Saco Do Major, Brazil
Date: 1980 Time: night

Two men, Nelson De Castro and his partner, Justo, were fishing in an isolated area when suddenly there was a flash of light and inside of it they could see the luminous figure of a woman standing on top of a nearby rock. When they attempted to approach the figure, it suddenly vanished in plain sight.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: E

Location. Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
Date: 1980 Time: late night

Diane Allen was visited by a luminous being that appeared alongside her bed. She found herself paralyzed and unable to talk. The being was described as having a large bulbous head and huge eyes. She suddenly felt herself moving out of her body and then was inside a small "spacecraft" where there were 2 other beings. Her next memory was of being in a place surrounded by a beautiful blue haze. She saw a pathway cut into a mountain, with dwellings everywhere. Then she suddenly woke up in a bed somewhere else. She felt emotionally exhausted and started crying.

HC addition # 2835
Source: Woman's Day, July 1 1996 Type: G

Location. Alabama, exact location not given
Date: 1980 Time: night
The witness had just gotten into bed when a strange squatting humanoid appeared at the end of the bed. The being was about three-foot tall dark skinned and leathery in appearance. It communicated by using telepathy telling the pregnant witness that her child was going to be a special boy. The witness screamed and hid under the covers. The being then vanished.

HC addition # 1671
Source: Karla Turner, PhD "Taken" Type: E

Location. Centennial Park Sydney NSW Australia
Date: 1980 Time: midnight

Ms M was watching TV when a voice in her head told her to go to a nearby park, where she would see a UFO. After walking to the park, she waited for about an hour then she saw 5 lights in the sky. One of the lights came closer and appeared to be some sort of craft, which hovered about 6m above her. A woman's voice from the craft told her to sit under a nearby tree, which she did.

She then saw a human, male figure, dressed in white T-shirt and shorts, standing looking at her. She held a flower in her hand, which she had picked. The woman's voice told her to give the flower to the stranger. At this point she blacked out and does not remember anything else, or even how she got home. Several days later a burnt circle of grass was found at the site.

HC addition # 2676
Source: Keith Basterfield Type: E

Location. Bogota Colombia
Date: early 1980 Time: night
The witness was on his way home with her stepparents from a dinner when she saw a large orange colored sphere of light following the car. It was about the size of a full moon. The next thing the witness remembered was lying on wet grass. Then lying on a metal table face up in a brightly lit room. She saw a female like entity with green skin and red eyes walking around the room.

It had an elongated face reptilian in appearance. She wore a long white tunic and seemed unfriendly. In a different room she met a more human like being with large almond shape eyes a flat nose and dark hair in a bowl cut. He wore a dark blue jump suit very tight fitting with a triangular insignia on the chest area. He asked the witness numerous scientific questions then showed her results on psychological studies done on effects that colors have on children and adults. She was told to forget the whole experienced and later released.

HC addition # 342
Source: Robert Stanley, Unicus Vol. 2 # 2 Type: G

Location. Urbanizacion Monserrate San German Puerto Rico
Date: January 1980 Time: unknown

A man walking alone a roadway alone encountered a 3-foot tall dwarf wearing all blue with some type of peculiar headgear resembling a flattened Mexican hat, during the encounter the witness heard a strong humming sound from an unknown source. The strange dwarf suddenly seems to shrink into the ground and vanish.

HC addition # 73
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: E

Location. Kastenga Karelia Russia
Date: January 1980 Time: unknown

Two forest rangers were out in a wooded area setting wolf traps when a luminous cylinder shaped object landed on the ground close to them. A red beam of light shot out of the object temporarily blinding both men. One of the rangers felt a tug on his belt and when he looked down he saw a short humanoid with spindly arms and legs and a pale face without eyes or mouth.

The humanoid wore a dark green tight fitting outfit, gloves and had a dark tube hanging from its thin neck. The witness then swung his ski staff at the creature, but the creature then leveled the black tube at him shooting out a pulsating beam of light, blinding both men. Both of them recovered to see the cylinder shaped craft taking off enveloped in a red haze. The man that had swung at the creature collapsed and had to be carried home by the other. He later suffered from classic symptoms of radiation poisoning.

HC addition # 877
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 37 # 4 Type: C

Location. Moca Puerto Rico
Date: January 1980 Time: 0200A
The witness suddenly woke up and felt the urge to look out her window. She then saw a large silvery disc with a row of lighted windows and a dome protruding from its bottom descend and hover 10 feet from the ground, a beam of light was projected to the ground from the bottom of the craft and three small beings descended to the ground in the beam. The beings wore silvery outfits with luminous bars and one carried a roll resembling a scroll-like document.

The beings were about 4-foot tall with large heads, large black slanted eyes, and long thin arms. They spoke among themselves in a high-pitched monotone. At one point the object rose and the beings hid as a car drove by. The beings eventually re-entered the craft via the light beam. The object then shot away at high speed.

HC addition # 430
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52/53 Type: B

Location. Haddenham England
Date: January 1980 Time: morning

A man taking a walk with his young children spotted a translucent teardrop shaped object the size of small helicopter flying over the area at high speed. A singular figure seemed to be standing inside the craft as it flew about 1000 feet altitude.

HC addition # 1702
Source: Quest UFO Report Newsclipping service Type: A

Location. Coleshill Dorset England
Date: January 1980 Time: daytime

A young girl watched a huge cigar shaped craft gliding slowly above her house. It had four large square portholes and on each porthole she was able to see a purple bearded humanoid that stared at her. The object glided silently away.

HC addition # 798
Source: F Turner, FSR Vol. 32 # 4 Type: A

Location. Barrio Olivares Lajas Puerto Rico
Date: January 1980 Time: night

A security guard at the local dumpsite had gone to investigate a bright light coming from the area, thinking that it was a fire, he then encountered a hovering luminous disc shaped object very close to the ground. A six-foot tall very thin humanoid emerged from the object; he wore a tight fitting white suit and a wide belt that emitted flashing lights in all directions. As the being attempted to approach the witness fled the scene and did not returned.

HC addition # 71
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: B

Location. Oakenholt Wales
Date: January 1980 Time: night
The witness awoke one night to see an orange light materialize just outside the house. Unable to speak, he watched as a being entered the bedroom and felt himself leave the bed apparently in an out of body type experience. He followed the being to a craft and sat down on a bench. The being pressed a button and the witness saw his home, then his town and finally the earth recede.

They landed near a strange city and stepped out beneath a blue sky and what appeared to be sunlight. He entered a building with the being, but then lost most of his memory. When he returned to his room to reunite with his body, he noticed the room felt unusually cold. He reported frequent visits by the same being the following weeks, and remembered visiting an underground laboratory and a mess hall where he ate sweet tasting material.

HC addition # 2233
Source: Jenny Randles, Paul Whetnall Type: G

Location. Woodstock Ontario Canada
Date: January 1980 Time: night

The two witnesses were driving down a road when a strange figure ran up to their car. The figure ran zigzagging all over the roadway as if injured. The being's face was apparently scarred and his cheekbones protruded out. He had fangs that came down from its mouth and there was blood dripping from them. The being was about 6-foot tall, thin but well built, had had scraggly or tore up clothing and his eyes were very peculiar looking.

The driver of the vehicle had to swerve in order to avoid hitting the creature. He dropped off his girlfriend then returned to the scene to see the creature enter a yellow and black car then proceeded to turn into a dead end street and vanish.

HC addition # 1918
Source: Pat De La Franier, Trofus December 1980 Type: E

Location. Wildbad Schwarzwald Germany
Date: January 1 1980 Time: unknown
A 28-year old secretary was at a wild life reserve when she claimed she encountered several human like visitors from the star system "Sirius" who gave her instructions and told her that the human race was in mortal danger. No other information.

HC addition # 185
Source: Ulrich Magin Type: G?

Location. Trowbridge, Wiltshire England
Date: January 5 1980 Time: 0500A
The witness, a 33-year old painter, suddenly woke up in his bedroom to see a huge 2-meter tall glowing green figure standing at the foot of his bed. To him it looked more like a holographic image than a solid figure. The being apparently communicated with the witness by using telepathy. Among the many things he mentioned was that his race regularly transported human beings to other planets in order to colonize them.

When a planet was in danger of over population they somehow started a war in order to reduce the number of inhabitants in that planet. He also warned that the Earth was in danger of "breaking in half." Apparently the witness wife slept through out the whole encounter.

HC addition # 3423
Source: Jenny Randles Type: E

Location. Trafford, Pennsylvania
Date: January 10 1980 Time: night
A group of young boys observed a tall hairy figure with reddish brown hair and red glowing eyes. They also noticed strong sulfur like odor in the air and saw a strange white light in the vicinity. The creature retreated into the woods and began breaking branches and throwing stones before disappearing.

HC addition # 1881
Source: Paul G Johnson, Joan L Jeffers
The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Type: C?

Location. Huayana Potosi Valley, Bolivia
Date: January 12 1980 Time: night
The witness saw a lenticular shaped object over him. The object projected a beam of light and formed a dome shaped luminosity on the ground near the witness. The witness then experienced strange sensations as he walked inside the light dome. There he was met by a tall blond haired humanoid that had tanned skin and somewhat slanted eyes with a very prominent chin. The witness felt love and serenity projected by the tall humanoid.

HC addition # 1577
Source: Luis Fernando Mostajo, The Missing Link # 124 Type: G

Location. Heald Moor, Lancashire England
Date: January 14 1980 Time: 0300A

A truck driver was on his way to deliver goods along an isolated road when as he crossed a local railway bridge he became aware of a loud humming sound. Seconds later the headlights of his vehicle picked up a strange shape on the road ahead. The object was large, dark, and metallic with three red beams of light projecting from the top down to the ground. He recalled seeing several men moving around it as if doing some type of task. As he came closer to the object he realized that it was a tortoise shaped craft with a curved pipe on top.

He saw two figures that appeared to be inspecting the red beams. Reducing his speed he noticed that one of the figures wore a peaked cap and a dark two-piece uniform. His arms were at his side. The second figure was wearing a one-piece suit, gray, or silver in color and he was stooping down looking at the object as if inspecting it for damage. As the witness drove slowly away from the area his headlights suddenly cut off and he was forced to slam on the brakes, at this point he apparently blacked out.

A sudden jolt woke him up and he realized that the headlights were working again and the truck had moved about a quarter of a mile further along. When he arrived at his destination he was stunned to find out that he had lost more than 3 hours of time. The witness apparently did not undergo hypnosis.

HC addition # 1986
Source: Carl Nagaitis, Phillip Mantle, Without Consent Type: C or G?

Location. Cherbourg France
Date: January 14 1980 Time: 0500A

The witness saw a flat rectangular shaped object apparently on the ground at a nearby field. A port like opening became visible and a man like figure of average height was seen to step out and walk around the object apparently performing various tasks. At times a loud roaring sound was heard coming from the craft.

HC addition # 1741
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: B

Location. Nevada Test Site, Nevada
Date: January 23 1980 Time: night
A worker driving in a desolate nuclear testing ground saw a dark haired 6-7 ft tall hairy creature walk across the road and into sagebrush. No tracks were found. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Janet and Colin Bord, The Bigfoot Casebook Type: E

Location. Sao Paulo Brazil
Date: February 1980 Time: night
The witness who for the past two to three months had been followed by three strange men wearing black suits, was standing in front of his house one night when a car drove up and the door opened. The witness apparently lost his will and was compelled to enter the vehicle; inside the same three men he had been trying to hide from met him. They drove around for a while until they reached a wooded area outside the city. They stopped the car near a large hovering object that was encircled by a luminous ring.

The witness and the three men then walked underneath the object and were hit by a beam of light. He suddenly found himself inside the object, sitting on a chair. Suddenly handles appeared on the chair that secured his wrists and an iron bar pressed his forehead backwards while another gadget held his neck. The three men then appeared and suddenly seemed to shed their skin or bodies and transformed themselves into green scaly reptilian like creatures with heart shaped heads.

The beings interrogated the witness and spoke of upcoming global events. At one point a door in the room was opened and he was able to see human corpses hanging by their feet from hooks on the walls. Everything went blank after that and his next conscious memory was of standing next to a theater near his home.

HC addition # 1489
Source: Antonio Huneeus, UFO Universe Summer 1994 Type: G

Location. Tres Coroas Brazil
Date: February 1980 Time: night

Two men, including a local police commander were attracted to a luminous glow coming from the backyard of one of their houses. Upon investigating they encountered a luminous humanoid figure of average height that had his hands extended upwards. No physical features could be discerned and a low humming noise was heard coming from the entity. One of the men touched the being and he fell back as if shocked. The being then disappeared.

HC addition # 737
Source: Boar & Blundell, The World's Strangest Mysteries Type: E

Location. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date: February 1980 Time: night

The witness (a local attorney who wishes the remain anonymous) had gone to bed in the upstairs bedroom with his wife. Sometime in the middle of the night or very early morning, a very bright light illuminating the whole outside of his house and yard awakened him; he got up to see what was causing the bright light. It was outside all right, and above, but too high to see the source. He went downstairs and out the French Doors onto the patio in back, and there he saw a beautiful disc-shaped craft hovering in the air a few score meters from where he stood.

He walked out toward it, and suddenly found himself inside it in his bedroom clothes. The occupants looked entirely human to him. They told him they came from a planet in what we call the Pleiades star system, and showed him the inside of his house on a viewing screen. They took him someplace away from there for a short time while they spoke to him, and then they returned. He had asked them something about this ridiculous idea of changing time, and now to his great surprise he saw that his house was gone, and the property looked like it did before any construction had begun on the site.

This terrified him for a moment, as they showed him more of the surrounding area in a different time. Then they withdrew and returned him to his house in present time. Suddenly he was out of the spacecraft and he watched it withdraw and disappear. He turned and walked back to the French Doors, which were now closed and locked from the inside. Next day, about mid-morning, his wife received a call from their grown daughter who lived separately and who worked at night.

She happened to casually mention that she had come by the night before on her way home from work and finding everyone asleep, went to the refrigerator for a glass of milk and noticed one of the French Doors standing wide open, so she closed and locked it.

HC addendum
Source: Lt Col Wendelle C Stevens (Ret.), UFO contact from the
Pleiades, A supplementary Investigation Report Type: G

Location. Araguari Brazil
Date: February 2 1980 Time: unknown
Two aliens briefly paralyzed a female witness, a little bit over 1 meter in height with large heads. They used a small object that emitted a luminous beam. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: E?

Location. Montargil Portugal
Date: February 6 1980 Time: 1100A
A 55-year old farmer, Mr. Pavao, had left his farm taking his sheep to the fields. At about 1100A he heard a noise, at the same time his dog panicked and he felt something happening behind him. He turned and was surprised to see two 8-feet tall humanoids standing close to him and staring at him. The humanoids were described as very strong, dressed in gray suits. Their faces resembled humans except that the eyes and skin were different. Their hands were hairy and very big.

The beings approached the witness and with friendly gestures touched his left shoulder and several other parts of his body. At the same time they spoke in a strange language with a modulation like a human's voice. One of the beings then pointed to the sheep, and Mr. Pavao told him the type of animal it was. Meanwhile the two beings kept talking and laughing. The witness then gave an order to his dog to fetch one of the sheep. When he looked back at the beings he saw an intense flash of light, which blinded him for a few seconds. After that the beings had disappeared.

HC addition # 2378
Source: Victor Laurenco, Portucat Type: E

Location. Botafuegos, Spain
Date: February 11 1980 Time: late night
Five witnesses, including Rafael Tobajas, spotted a low flying luminous white-orange object that seemed to be lifting up from some nearby wooded hills. Minutes later the object divided itself in three different luminous sections, then it united again into one luminous point. Soon using a pair of binoculars they saw the lights descend in a falling leaf like motion. Near the ground two huge man like silhouettes appear in front of the lights. These figures were over 3 meters in height and gray in color.

The beings appeared to move using huge leaps and strides over the ground. Jumping easily over various obstacles, they seemed to move in slow motion and appeared to move in front of the luminous orbs of lights. According to Tobajas the humanoids stopped briefly by a small creek and seemed to look around and bend down several times. The humanoids suddenly began running towards the witnesses, who terrified drove frantically away from the area. The tall gray humanoids chased the witness vehicle for several minutes. The main witness apparently encountered similar humanoids a year later at night.

HC addendum
Source: Dr Jimenez del Oso, & J J Benitez Type: C

Location. Tranent Scotland
Date: February 16 1980 Time: unknown

A man encountered a hovering metallic oval shaped craft very close to the ground. Several small beings wearing silvery suits emerged. One of the beings was heard to say in a "demonic" voice, "This was our planet once and if you do not change your ways only the chosen will be saved." A strong smell of sulfur accompanied the object and beings.

HC addition # 417
Source: Jenny Randles, UFOS, and how we see Them Type: B

Location. Finksburg, Maryland
Date: Spring 1980 Time: 0300A

A lone motorist driving alone a high bank by a cornfield saw a gray figure standing on the road, which she thought was a man. When she approached she could see that it was a very tall winged reptilian like creature with a humanoid face with a very pointed chin. The wings on the creature began flapping and rose up flying above the witness car, it made the car shake as it apparently caused some wind displacement, it quickly vanished from sight.

HC addition # 8
Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate February 1993 Type: E

Location. Yawkey, West Virginia
Date: Spring 1980 Time: 1600
A man and his fiancée were walking on a narrow wooded trail when they heard what sounded like a bear coming up towards them from the left side of the trail. The mountain had thick underbrush on both sides of the trail, so they were unable to see exactly what it was until it stepped onto the trail approximately 20-30 feet in front of them. They described seeing a large black furred animal that was much larger than a bear, and had a long bushy tail and pointed snout similar to a wolf.

When it first appeared on the trail it was walking on all fours. They both noticed a foul odor coming from it and it made their hairs stand on end. At first it seemed the creature was unaware that they were even there, so they stayed completely quiet as the man eased his fiancée behind him in a feeble attempt to protect her in case the thing attacked. When it stepped on the trail it suddenly came to a stop, stood up on his hind legs like a man, and then turned and stared at them.

It had small eyes that shone bright neon red. It was about 7 ft tall. It then walked off the very steep side of the mountain to the right of the trail still standing on its hind legs.

HC addendum
Source: West Virginia's True Ghost Stories Type: E

Location. Near Lake Constance Germany
Date: Spring 1980 Time: evening
Lothar Schafler was walking along a street when he encountered a mysterious man in a long black coat. The man approached him from behind, repeated the same previous threat, (not to talk about his UFO encounter) and then disappeared by dissolving into nothing.

HC addition # 2881
Source: Illobrand Von Ludwiger Type: E

Location. Aviano Italy
Date: Spring 1980 Time: evening
A farmer was riding his motorcycle into town when he observed a "monster like" being enclosed in what appeared to be a glass cage, sitting in the center of the town square. The humanoid was seated, very tall, and very erect with his hands on his knees. His entire body was engulfed in long green filaments. He had very long hair and it was standing on end. As the witness approached he was overcome by a powerful odor that made him disoriented. He walked back to his motorcycle and then heard a sound similar to glass breaking, as he looked back he saw two blond girls screaming. No other information.

HC addition # 1527
Source: Maurizio Verga "Itacat" Type: E

Location. St Giorgio, Italy
Date: Spring 1980 Time: night
Witnesses in a vehicle spotted two human-like figures wearing tight-fitting luminous white diver suits, standing on the side of the road. Upon being seen they ran into some bushes and vanished. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: MOSAC, Italy Type: E

Location. Maldon England
Date: March 1980 Time: 1935

The witness was cycling home one night when he noticed a very bright circular light in the sky. He sat on his bike staring at the object when it suddenly dropped down and landed in front of him. A flap like door opened and 5 to 6 beings came out. These were about 6-feet tall, with oval shaped heads, black oval eyes, and gray in color. The witness approached the craft and felt being dragged inside. Soon he found himself on a table with screens in front of him and the beings looking over him. He remembered looking out a window and seeing the Earth and stars. His next memory was of being back where he saw the craft, 45 minutes had passed.

HC addition # 3605
Source: NUFORC Type: G

Location. Robres Huesca, Spain
Date: March 1980 Time: 2330
A motorist heading towards Huesca observed at 100 meters from the road on a field, a large object resting on the ground. It was rectangular in shape, the size of a large trailer and emitted a yellowish light from several vertical openings; on top it had two small red lights. The witness left his vehicle and walked closer to the object.

Around the object he observed two or three tall human like figures, all heavy set and wearing shiny whitish outfits. The witness went back to his vehicle and left the area expressing surprise that the beings did not react when they had surely seen him. The next day a flattened area on the wheat field was found.

HC addition # 86
Source: Ballester Olmos, Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros Cercanos con OVNIS Type: C

Location. Buen Consejo Rio Piedras Puerto Rico
Date: March 3 1980 Time: midnight
Four witnesses were awaken by noises in their patio where they kept some caged rabbits, looking out they were stunned to see five strange looking beings inspecting the cages. Two of the beings were five-foot tall and the other 3 were three-foot tall and heavier set. The tall thinner ones wore a one-piece brown outfit, had grayish skins with large ears, large eyes and a large flat nose and large thick lips.

Their fingers were large and were connected by a thin membrane; both carried a bright metallic sphere in their right hands. The smaller beings were similar in appearance, except that they had large brilliant medallions hanging from their necks and belts. An independent witness saw the same or five similar beings entering a landed disc shaped craft on a roadway near the village.

HC addition # 72
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: B

Location. Ronfe, Lugo Spain
Date: March 9 1980 Time: 0200A

The main witness first noticed a bright glare coming from a field on the other side of the river, getting closer he could see a huge luminous object with numerous lighted windows on the ground. It emitted a brilliant light from its center section. Next to the object stood three tall human like figures wearing white coveralls that glowed white that carried objects resembling flashlights, that emitted a reddish light, other witnesses now gathered, then the beings entered the object which took off at high speed.

HC addition # 97
Source: Ballester Olmos, Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros Cercanos con OVNIS Type: B

Location. Rainhill Merseyside England
Date: March 17 1980 Time: 2300

Three witnesses saw two mysterious objects maneuvering over the area. One object had orange and white lights and appeared to be domed as it descended lower. The second object was red in color and resembled a diamond, both objects were silent. Later as two of the witnesses drove home they passed by a strange figure walking on the road, it had long gray hair, and appeared to be a man with a thin face of about 50 years of age. He wore a Macintosh and a dark coat; they had to swerve to avoid hitting him.

On the way back they saw a similar figure with gray hair and a pale face they also had to swerve the car. And as they reached Knowsley lane they encountered a third similar figure with long gray hair walking in the middle of the roadway, they almost hit this one too. At no time did any of the figures acknowledge the presence of their vehicle.

HC addition # 2321
Source: Brian Fishwick Type: D?


Location. Herloas en Plouarzel Finistere, France
Date: March 19 1980 Time: 2030

The witness was in her vehicle driving back home when she noticed a luminous white sphere descend to the right of the car. The object then positioned itself over the car as the witness seemed to loose control of the steering, her vision became blurred, and she was overcome by sleep. She had the impression of being levitated up into the hovering sphere.

She woke up inside the object and was confronted by three short one-meter tall humanoids that assured her that she was not going to be hurt. She was apparently given a medical examination as the beings spoke among themselves in an unknown language. She was eventually released unharmed.

HC addition # 1743
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: G

Location. Aguadilla Puerto Rico
Date: March 23 1980 Time: 0130A
A security guard making his rounds on the grounds of the local hospital encountered a strange four-foot tall being wearing a gray outfit with headgear, it wore two bright medallions on its chest and it had gray skin, large slightly slanted deep set eyes, a flat nose and a large wide mouth, it also had large pointy ears. The witness also noticed black hair under the head cover.

The guard pointed his revolver at the little man and suddenly this one spoke in a guttural voice and yelled "Life!" The guard fired his weapon anyway with no apparent effect and then he fainted. When he came to the little man had disappeared.

HC addition # 74
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: E

Location. Butzbacher Forsthaus Hessen Germany
Date: March 23 1980 Time: 0320A
A farmer was alone in his house when he suddenly heard someone knocking on his window; he stepped out to check and was confronted by two men that asked him for water. The two men wore silvery outfits, had light skin and dark hair, with very attractive features, and looked very similar to each other. The witness brought them a bottle of Seltzer water and asked them if they spoke English.

They did not reply and then walked towards a nearby huge dazzling hovering object. The witness panicked and went to notify the police, but both the object and the men had departed when he returned with the authorities.

HC addition # 206
Source: Ulrich Magin Type: C

Location. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Date: March 24 1980 Time: night

The day after a security guard had encountered a bizarre creature on the grounds of the local hospital, a nurse and a female visitor to the pediatric wing of said hospital saw a strange female being, with pointed ears and large eyes, wearing a tight fitting gray outfit. Upon being seen the creature ran from the area and disappeared. The reason both witnesses could tell that it was a female is that the outline of breasts could be seen on its tight fitting outfit.

HC addition # 3547
Source: Jorge Martin, Milenio X # 1 Type: E

Location. Teulon Manitoba Canada
Date: late March 1980 Time: 0030A

A man recuperating from surgery at a local hospital was looking out the window when he saw a football-shaped object silently gliding over a nearby building. The object had multi colored lights along its upper edge. As the object passed in front of the witness it briefly turned some lights on, illuminating four white windows along the middle of the craft.

The witness was then able to see several figures at the windows, their heads facing the direction of the flight. The figures were humanoid with short-cropped hair and normal human features. The object made several passes over the area before leaving.

HC addition # 891
Source: Chris Rutkowski, Unnatural History
True Manitoba Mysteries Type: A

Location. Big Bone, Kentucky
Date: March 31 1980 Time: 2330
Jackie Jones, Dave, and son Jason were ready to retire for the night when they suddenly heard an unusual sound coming from the boat dock. The noise sounded like a combination of a lion and elephant roar. Jackie turned on the outside light, which connected to the boat dock when they saw the outline of something moving in the weeds. The creature was estimated to have been 2-3 feet wide, around 300 pounds, 5 feet in height and seemed to have a flat face. However, no eyes, ears, or snout could be seen, possibly due to the darkness.

The witnesses said the creature tried to jerk their trailer home around, as if trying to push it over. Dave then decided to go out and investigate. When the creature advanced toward him, he became frightened and shot at the creature with his shotgun. The creature then appeared to jump back into the river and quietly swim towards the east. (Apparently the shotgun did not have any effect on the creature, since it was seen again the next day.)

HC addition # 2943
Source: Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles # 2 Type: E

Location. Genoa Italy
Date: April 1980 Time: daytime

A man named Giorgio Dibotonto was visited in his room by a glowing entity, that appeared in a brilliant white light. "In the midst of this luminosity appeared the figure of a young man of extraordinary beauty." The being floated inches above the floor, he was barefoot, and clothed in a sparking tunic, and two bright wings appeared to be attached to his back. At this point the entity said his name was "Raphael" and told Giorgio that they would meet again in the future at a certain location.

HC addition # 2126
Source: Preston Dennett, UFO Universe Summer 1995 Type: E

Location. Near Waco Texas
Date: April 1980 Time: afternoon

A rancher out looking for a missing cow encountered two four-foot tall humanoids at a clearing near his ranch. The humanoids had egg shaped heads, and large almond shaped eyes, had green tinted skins, and wore tight fitting green outfits. The beings were carrying a calf between them and as they noticed the witness they turned their heads in unison to look at him.

The witness became frightened and left the area. Later at the same location where the humanoids had been, the remains of a mutilated calf were found. No blood was in evidence at the scene.

HC addition # 1045
Source: Timothy Good, Alien Contact Type: E

Location. Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: April 1980 Time: midnight
Andrew Hennessey was in his bedroom and was looking at the bookcase when he suddenly saw tiny green balls about the size of a one pence piece bouncing slowly over his books. He watched in fascination for a while and the tiny spheres remained in his room. His parents soon went to bed and after the lights had gone off he realized that there was a strange light in his bedroom.

He saw above the coffee table a hovering silver ball. It moved over to the foot of the bed and he heard a voice saying, "Don't be afraid." He pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep. Later he had vague memories of floating through the bedroom wall and into a spaceship above the house.

HC addendum
Source: Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland Type: G or F?

Location. Pudasjarvi, Finland
Date: April 2 1980 Time: 0115A

The witness was driving across a bridge when she entered a peculiar fog and the car headlights were somehow deflected upwards. She stopped the car and saw a silvery domed object with portholes. She was apparently taken inside the object and examined on a metallic table by three men wearing dark clothing. Before being released she was given an antiwar message by the beings and was told that they could not reproduce. She felt drained of energy for a week after the incident.

HC addition # 411
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests Type: G

Location. French Gulch California
Date: April 4 1980 Time: daytime

The main witness and his wife were looking over a recently cut road through their property when they encountered a four-foot tall thin humanoid wearing a gray suit standing on the road. Nearby hovered a silvery oval shaped craft. The being took several steps towards them, but they became frightened and grabbed their guns.

The being then walked back to the object, a hatch opened and he disappeared inside. The object then rose and vanished towards the west. (The main witness suffered a heart attack a week after the encounter and died two months later.)

HC addition # 914
Source: Jacques Vallee, Confrontations
A Scientist sear for Alien contact Type: B

Location. Aguas Buenas Puerto Rico
Date: April 12 1980 Time: 0200A
The witness saw a humanoid figure standing outside the bedroom window only six feet away. The being wore a gray one-piece suit with a turban like head cover. The being stared at the witness with its large green oval shaped eyes. The witness was not able to move during the encounter.

HC addition # 436
Source: Wendelle Stevens, Enigma 52/53 Type: E

Location. Jardim Do Cerido, Brazil
Date: April 13 1980 Time: evening

Next to a large round metallic object that emitted a loud fan-like sound, the witness encountered three tall humanoids, about 1.65 m in height. Two men and one woman. They had handsome human features and black straight hair. All three wore green coveralls with boots and the men wore maroon tight fitting belts. They communicated with the witness in perfect Portuguese.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: C

Location. Barrio Aguerre, Ciudad Treinta Y Tres, Uruguay
Date: April 20 1980 Time: 0040A

19-year old Luis Vital Carneiro was returning home after visiting friends during a powerful electrical storm in the region. Entering a gated field he first noticed a strange light cavorting over the area, and then about 50 meters away near a barbwire fence he noticed two short humanoid figures. Curious he jumped the fence and approached the figures.

At a distance of ten meters from the humanoids he noticed that they projected a bright white light from the top of their heads downwards to the ground. The white light suddenly changed to red and the two figures suddenly disappeared to then re-appear 30 meters from the road. As Carneiro attempted to jump the barbwire fence again, a beam of light that knocked him senseless struck him. Regaining his composure Carneiro ran to his aunt's house nearby and alerted her.

Mrs Orialis De Los Santos (his aunt) stepped out into the garden where she saw on the nearby field a group of about four humanoids that seemed to quickly glide back an forth above the ground. Accompanied by Vital they both counted a total of thirteen humanoids that "glided" about in different directions, within an area of about 100 square meters. For almost an hour the witnesses watched the strange humanoids cavort around as if playing. Vital Carneiro again attempted to approach one of the humanoids but again was knocked down by a beam of red light that seemed to originate from the creature's head.

He fell to the ground feeling as he had been struck by lighting. Concerned for his safety, Mrs De Los Santos ran to her stricken nephew and dragged him inside the house. From inside the house they both could still see the short humanoids gliding about, plus at about 500 meters away, behind some trees, a large bright silvery light that appeared to be on the ground or rising slowly up and down. The witnesses described the humanoids as 60cm in height, with very large heads, triangular faces, large pointed ears, and rounded eyes. Their bodies were small and "rectangular" in shape.

They wore a kind of gray uniform and a rounded cap from where the beams of light originated. They seemed to communicate amongst each other in quick bursts of "buzzing sounds." They glided quickly about the grounds and according to Mrs De Los Santos they stood on small rounded platforms, however Carneiro does not remember seeing any.

HC addendum
Source: Shoney Santana, Bettina Allen &
Fabio Zerpa Type: C?

Location. Santa Rosa Argentina
Date: April 22 1980 Time: 1940
A man driving his car near the city outskirts saw something falling near some high-tension cables. It was a room size object. The vehicle suddenly stopped and would not re-start again. The witness got out of the car to check under the hood, when he suddenly felt a chilling breeze at his feet. He then looked and saw a very tall gesticulating being. He ran towards his car then saw another similar being. Both humanoids were wearing shiny black divers suits, they then approached the witness.

He described them as seven-foot tall, with webbed hands, protruding mouths, long pointed ears, and almost no hair. Their eyes were hollow and no nose was visible. Their faces resembled that of a skull. The beings moved their lips but did not speak. One of them took the witness hand with both of its cold hands and the witness then began to feel weak and dizzy. He then fainted and later found himself ½ mile away from where he had been originally, and somewhat confused.

HC addition # 243
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 8 Type: C or G?

Location. Carolina Puerto Rico
Date: May 1980 Time: night
The witness was alone late at night when she heard a loud humming sound over the house and then in her rear patio area. She went to look and saw a small shiny metallic disc shaped craft descend and hover over some ornamental plants. The witness stepped back and suddenly a huge man-like figure materialized in front of her. The figure was about seven-foot tall, very pale and with large dark slanted eyes. He was wearing a tunic like garment with a hood all in white. Only his face and hands were visible.

The witness felt a mental message telling her not to be afraid. She was told to watch as the being pointed at this chest, there a television like screen became visible. She then heard another message that stated, "You are destroying this garden and is not yours." She then saw horrible scenes of devastation and death, including earthquakes and fires. The witness at this point knelt down and begged forgiveness for all humanity. The being then moved his head and vanished. At the same time the small shiny disc shot away into the sky and disappeared.

HC addition # 438
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52/53 Type: C?


Location. Benedikbeuern Bayern Germany
Date: May 1 1980 Time: 0115A
Two Italian workers were traveling by car on the night of the full moon when as they approached a field they heard a loud noise and saw a very bright colorful beam of light on the side of the road. They slowed their vehicle and then noticed three peculiar figures approaching their car. These figures were tall and man-like and appeared to be wearing black monk-like outfits that covered their bodies completely except for their faces.

These were upturned and looked towards the sky as if looking for something. Their arms hung on their sides. The figure on the far left side was carrying on his right hand a type of lantern that was emitting the bright beam of light first seen by the witnesses. The two men apparently then drove away from the area.

HC addition # 204
Source: Ulrich Magin Type: E

Location. Near Spotorno, Italy
Date: May 2 1980 Time: night
G D reported seeing a gray cigar shaped craft, about 100 meters in length with rotating windows and multicolored lights hovering above a field. The lights emitted a soft diffuse glow. He saw 4 white luminous disc shaped objects leave the object. One of them landed near him and 4 human-like entities emerged. One, which he had encountered before, described as resembling the "Arch Angel Raphael" and the other four were beautiful female aliens. Witness involved in other contacts.

HC addendum
Source: CUN Genova Type: B

Location. Near Cimarron New Mexico
Date: May 6 1980 Time: 1915
A woman and her 8-year old son were driving along the desert when they spotted three lighted objects on a nearby field. The center object was the biggest with lighted windows that emitted an amber light. She became paralyzed and confused, a four-hour time lost resulted. Later under hypnotic regression the woman remembered walking over to the filed and hearing cattle "screaming" in apparent pain. Four figures approached and carry the witness into a nearby object, she kicks and screams and feels extremely cold. The beings are greenish in color and move in a strange shuffling manner.

A taller pale being with a high forehead and wearing a white outfit with cape approaches the group. He appears angry and says that she should not be here. At one point she is briefly touched by the tall humanoid and feels a burning sensation. She is shown her son and he seems to be sleeping peacefully. She is apparently medically examined and experiences a lot of pain. She was then taken into a bright white room where she sees the beings apparently cutting up a cow into pieces apparently while the animal was still alive. Several beings wearing dark brown outfits with an orange insignia escort her to another room where the tall white garbed being waited.

She then remembered landing in desert area and met there by several tall beings wearing shiny clothing that shuffled their feet when they walked. She is then apparently taken into an underground facility where the tall beings, described as hairless with large beautiful eyes wearing long robes, examine her. At one point she briefly enters a large metallic room where she sees a huge container filled with floating animal and what appeared to be human body parts. She is eventually returned along with her son unharmed.

HC addition # 1366
Source: Linda Moulton Howe, An Alien Harvest Type: G

Location. Eben-Emael, Belgium
Date: May 13 1980 Time: 1000A
In the area near the German border close to the Albert Canal the owner of a mushroom plantation was inspecting the caves where he grew the mushrooms when he spotted nearby a metallic circular object about 5.20 meters in diameter hovering about 50 cm from the ground. From a dome on top of the object an "escalator" descended to the ground then a human like figure came out and descended to the ground and stood next to the object.

Two more similar figures came out and walked towards the witness. He described them as totally human in appearance, very pale, eyes slightly larger than normal and about 1.60 meters in height. They wore light colored combination outfits. The beings began speaking among themselves, saying: "What are we doing here?" the witness overheard them, (apparently the beings spoke in French) and started to explain that he was cultivating mushrooms, asking them if they wanted some. They replied, "Yes."

Then the witness led them into the caves, and took a wooden tray containing several mushrooms, which he offered them. But the leader said he only wanted one piece. As soon as that single mushroom was placed in his hand, they all turned away and reboarded their machine, which took off and disappeared in the direction of Holland. The local gendarmerie was alerted, and interrogated the witness. The same day, in the afternoon, the witness received 2 visitors in blue military uniform (Belgian Air Force?) who were speaking French with a Liege accent. After listening to his story, they then warned him "that he would be better off if he not seen anything."

HC addendum
Source: J L Vertongen, & Frank Boitte, in Overmeire Catalog Type: B

Location. Palavas-des-Flots, France
Date: May 20 1980 Time: before midnight

Just before midnight two couples were returning from a day at the beach in their Renault when the driver spotted a woman standing by the roadside. He stopped to pick her up and she settled in snugly between the two women in the back. The driver told the woman where they were headed but she said nothing and simply nodded her head.

The car continued on its way, then just as they were approaching a sharp bend, the woman cried out: "Look out for the turn! You are risking your life!" The driver slowed the car and safely turned the bend, when suddenly he heard cries coming from the backseat---the hitchhiker had disappeared. A subsequent investigation of the scene revealed nothing. (Phantom hitchhiker?)

HC addendum
Source: David Pratt, Visitors from The Twilight Zone Type: E

Location. Kansas, Exact location not given
Date: May 27 1980 Time: unknown

The witness was driving alone when she experienced an unexpected time loss. Under hypnosis she recalled being escorted onboard an object by several seven-foot tall humanoids with large heads, pointed noses and slender fingers. The beings wore black capes and claimed they had come to earth to teach and learn.

HC addition # 494
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The measure of a Mystery Type: G

Location. Porto Maurizio, Italy
Date: May 29 1980 Time: 2320

The owner of a local hostel heard his dogs barking outside. Looking at a window he was stunned to see a small child-like hand with 5 digits on the window. He described it as thin and long with what appeared "suckers" at the tips. Apparently the "hand" left an imprint on the window glass.

HC addendum
Source: CUN Genova Type: E?

Location. Santa Monica California
Date: Summer 1980 Time: unknown
The witness encountered a landed metallic object and next to it three short dwarf like beings with large eyes, pronounced nostrils and small noses. Each had a metallic rod and was poking these in the ground. One of them communicated by telepathy in a very friendly demeanor.

HC addition # 746
Source: Brad Steiger, UFO Universe Sept. 1988 Type: C

Location. Nebraska, exact location not given
Date: Summer 1980 Time: afternoon

Family members spotted several short child like figures in the garden, this time accompanied by two tall thin men. One of the male family members armed himself with a shotgun and went out to investigate. Five minutes later a loud "bang" was heard. Some thought that it sounded like a short burst of thunder. The other family members ran out and saw the man lying next to the fishpond with his eyes open and his muscles taut.

He was dead, although no wound was found on his body, apart from a small, cylindrical piece of silver, embedded just under the surface of his skin. The gun was lying next to him and was unfired. After an inquest the police said that it was an accidental death. The police kept the piece of metal.

HC addition # 3471
Source: The Communion Letter, autumn 1990 Type: E

Location. Nebraska, exact location not given
Date: Summer 1980 Time: afternoon
In the past several days' family members at an isolated location had seen on numerous occasions little men running around the grounds carrying flash-light like implements. At times the little men would shine the lights into the windows at the witnesses. Police were called but nothing was found.

HC addition # 3470
Source: Communion Letter, autumn 1990 Type: E

Location. Near Marbella, Spain
Date: Summer 1980 Time: afternoon
The main witness was riding a tour bus near Marbella. The sun was setting over a beautiful calm sea and a vast and empty blue sky. Suddenly a few people turned to look out of the side window to the rear of the bus. He turned to see why. He then saw a spherical white object about the size of a small house---very bright. At the front, which he presumed was a window, was what looked like a tall man standing erect.

He appeared to be wearing a black suit, his face was white and he was wearing what looked like large dark glasses. The UFO remained for about a minute then shot backwards and out of sight over the horizon. The UFO had been to within 20 meters from the bus.

HC addendum
Source: Alien-UFOs.com Type: A

Location. West Jefferson Ohio
Date: Summer 1980 Time: night
Around the same time that witnesses reported encountering giant red-eyed ape like creatures a witness reported seeing a red glowing "something out of mythology", described as a half-horse, half man. It had pointed head and ears, fiery slanted eyes, a beard, and skinny wings. The horrifying apparition moved across the yard on long cloven feet leaving hoof prints in the ground.

HC addendum
Source: Don Worley, FSR Vol. 41 # 4 Type: E

Location. Topeka Kansas
Date: Summer 1980 Time: late night
In a dream like state the witness remembers waking up and finding himself in a small room, paralyzed, lying on top of a bunk bed. Using his peripheral vision he saw a humanoid sitting cross-legged on the floor. He described the humanoid as having long arms, big head, with a pointed chin, slit for a mouth, two holes for a nose, large eyes shaped like tear drops that wrapped around the head. It had a thin neck that looked too small to hold the weight of his head.

He then hears someone trying to scream, and sees the humanoid now bent over the person on the bottom bunk. Realizing this other person is his brother he breaks the paralysis and jumps down from the top and pushes the humanoid. It flies across the room. He wakes his brother and both began to run down a hallway into a very large room. The room has a wall covered with lights and buttons, resembling a control panel.

The room is also full of tables with people on them. They attempt to run out some hug double oak doors, but these are shut closed. The whole place reminded them of a "castle." Suddenly he wakes up back on his bed with his brother sleeping besides him.

HC addition # 3887
Source: CAUS Type: G?

Location. Ponce Puerto Rico
Date: Summer 1980 Time: late night
The witness who at the time was suffering from a debilitating bone disease and was bedridden was in his bedroom one night when the room was suddenly filled with a golden light. The sources of the light were several basketball-sized balls of light that hovered inside the room. Suddenly he heard a voice in his head telling him to remain calm. The balls of light then transformed themselves into two four-foot tall humanoids, described as pale-gray white in color with large egg shaped heads and huge black almond shaped eyes. They were thin with long skinny arms and fingers.

Both wore metallic helmets and white robe like outfits. Suddenly the witness found himself standing in between both humanoids and moments later he was sitting inside a small oval shaped craft made out of a transparent glass like material. He sat on a silvery metallic seat that protruded from the wall. One of the beings then put a metallic helmet on the witness who felt as if the object rose up and accelerated. He could now see the top of houses and later he saw the earth below him and a peninsula resembling Italy.

Later the object returned and apparently descended into the waters just off the coast of Mayaguez Puerto Rico. The witness was then taken into some type of huge undersea installation. He was forced to lie down on a metallic table and given a terrible tasting yellow colored liquid to drink. On the walls he saw a metallic plaque with a pyramid pictured on it and other symbols. Later several beings performed various examinations on him including collecting saliva and semen samples.

At one point one of the beings became translucent and somehow seemed to merge into the witness body. The witness was eventually returned to his home. He eventually recovered from his illness and is now almost totally cured.

HC addition # 1974
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 3 Type: G

Location. Northern Quebec, Canada
Date: Summer 1980 Time: late night
A family was sleeping in an isolated cabin in the woods when a bright bluish light filled the cabin. The father and his 12-year old son woke up and both looked out the window at the source of the light. Speechless they watched a luminous ball of approximately 1 meter in diameter, sitting in the middle of the front yard. Curious they both went outside and walked to within 4 meters from it. Then a tiny door opened, like the door of a castle, forming a bridge to walk on.

Both stared as a luminous blue doll-like figure walked down to the grass. It stood there looking at the witnesses. They could see a smile on its face, which was reassuring. The father went around it and attempted to grab it but had to put it down, because it felt very soft like gelatin and could not get a grip on it. At this point their memory ended and both woke up the next morning in their beds. They ran outside and found a yellow circle on the grass where the ball had landed.

HC addendum
Source: Unsolved Mysteries.com Type: B?

Location. Near Taboleiro, Minas Gerais Brazil
Date: June 1980 Time: afternoon
Around the middle of the month local farmhand, Joaquim Jose was returning to his home along a rural path that led him to a log bridge crossing. Very tired he began to cross the log bridge. Halfway over the bridge he noticed a tall black humanoid figure, with large bright white oval shaped eyes staring at him. The creature stood at the end of the bridge next to a eucalyptus tree. Frightened the witness let out a yell, stepped back then fell over to the ground injuring his knee. At that point the creature took off running, quickly disappearing from sight.

HC addition # 3593
Source: CIPFANI Type: E

Location. Capodimonte, Naples, Italy
Date: June 1980 Time: 2000
A police officer observed two dark points, which were descending vertically at very high speed from the sky. One of the dark objects changed direction and flew towards the horizon while the other object approached the witness house. The object now neared the object, it was shaped like a huge balloon divided into three parts. The inside and outside were black, while the center appeared to be opaque glass. A very bright light shone from inside the object.

At its lower section smoke was coming from its sides along with an intense red light. The police officer then noticed a tall figure that wore a cap on his head and had two antenna-like protrusions; the mouth was described as large and "wolf-like." It appeared to be seated in the object. After awhile the object disappeared behind some nearby woods.

HC addition # 1526
Source: Maurizio Verga, Itacat Type: A

Location. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Date: June 1980 Time: night

Salina Quail's husband had a rather unusual and disturbing "dream." He found he was being spoken to and at the same time totally unable to move. Somebody told him to look after his wife and that they would be back again. Immediately after that he was free to move again and turned to wake his wife whom he found had eyes that were white and showed no pupils.

He also felt that someone was looking at him through his wife's eyes. Totally frightened he ran from the room and refused to talk about the incident. Finally announcing that they would be back in nine days and he had to tell no one about their visit.

HC addendum
Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC Type: E or F?

Location. Sproston Green, Cheshire England
Date: June 1980 Time: late night
The main witness was driving a car with her boyfriend that was sleeping when she saw an object with red and yellow lights appear in the distance. Brilliant lights then appeared on the road ahead and she was forced to stop the car. Out of the lights two seven-foot tall figures wearing silvery suits appeared, they moved in slow motion, almost gliding as they approached the car.

One of the figures went to the window and seemed to tap on it. The witness attempted but could not wake her boyfriend. She refused to open the car door and apparently the figures finally left. The witness recalled most of the events under hypnosis.

HC addition # 522
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction Type: C

Location. Near Chacharramendi Argentina
Date: June 1980 Time: late night
Valeriano Verdugo accompanied by his wife and young son were traveling by truck along an isolated stretch of highway when they noticed a strange man on the side of the road that appeared to be hitching a ride. The man wore a large straw hat, large white gloves and was carrying a "very modern" briefcase, the type never seen before by the witnesses. The man was described as about 40-years old, short, well built and wearing a dark coat.

The witness was somewhat perplexed as to the reason why he had stopped to pick up the man, somehow he felt compelled to do so. The stranger sat in the vehicle and took off his hat. During the trip he engaged in conversation, bringing up different topics. When questioned, his answers were short and evasive. Verdugo felt nervous during the trip but was not frightened. During the entire journey, three unexplained red-yellow lights appeared to pace the witness's truck.

These lights apparently disappeared the moment the stranger exited the truck. At one point Verdugo attempted to bring up the subject of UFOs in the conversation, but the stranger seemed disinterested and denied any knowledge of the subject. The stranger finally asked to be let out in a wooded area near a little town called La Reforma. The area was completely desolate and wooded. Later as Verdugo stopped for a barbeque further down the road he saw the same red-yellow lights disappear in the distance towards the south.

HC addendum
Source: Patricio Parente, Gaceta Ovni Type: E or C?

Location. Vancluse France
Date: June 1980 Time: 2335

The 29-year old witness that lived in an isolated village had opened the window to her bedroom in order to alleviate the heat when she suddenly felt a bizarre sensation like vertigo and of rising to a great height. She then saw a flashing white cone shaped light. Moments later the witness apparently found herself onboard some type of object.

There she heard voices in her head telling her not to be afraid. She then felt a peaceful and serene sensation. Several immense figures now appeared. These were at least three meters tall and had bizarre profiles resembling huge beaks. The beings said, among other things, that they came from the "seventh" sun. They also stated that they would return in 1995 with an important message. The witness eventually found herself back home feeling very peaceful and with a sense of great joy.

HC addition # 2016
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: G

Location. Gulf Breeze Florida
Date: June 7 1980 Time: night

The witness suddenly was confronted in his home by several tall beings dressed in white that materialized in front of him. The beings, that seemed not to be as dense as physical human forms invited the witness to go with them. He agreed and suddenly found himself flying over desert sand. He then found himself inside the apex of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

The beings communicated by using telepathy and informed him that they were members of the "Great White Brotherhood" and that they were here to instruct him in certain healing skills. The witness eventually became a spiritual leader.

HC addition # 1655
Source: Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Fate June 1994 Type: G

Location. Rome Italy
Date: June 9 1980 Time: 0400A
16-year old Iolanda Russo woke up to see a humanoid figure standing at the foot of her bed. The figure was tall, about 1 meter 80cm in height, and stood motionless with its arms resting on his sides. It had a round head as if covered by a helmet, but no other features could be seen. He then stood on the side of the bed, emitting a low shuffling sound.

Frightened the witness was unable to move and felt extreme heat on her legs, which were closer to the figure than any other part of her body. She asked the figure what it wanted but received only a gurgling sound in response. At dawn the figure vanished and Russo was able to move again. She ran to the balcony and watched a disc shaped object leaving the area at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: Archivio SUF Type: C?

Location. Nervi, Italy
Date: June 14 1980 Time: unknown

G D accompanied by two friends encountered at a place called Viale delle Palme the tall "Arch Angle Raphael" entity plus another tall human like entity wearing brilliant bluish-metallic clothing. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: CUN Genova Type: E

Location. Chertanovo Moscow Russia
Date: June 14 1980 Time: evening

On the same night of various other UFO incidents in the area the witness was suddenly awakened by a very annoying buzzing sound coming from the street. The witness went to the kitchen window to look outside. Looking into the dark street he was able to see a huge wide dark object on the ground. A small "man" now appeared and walked around the object, he seemed to be making some 'repairs." The witness went back to bed but a vivid flash of light suddenly illuminated his room. He then went back to sleep and woke up the next morning suffering from a severe headache.

HC addition # 821
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 27 # 4 Type: C

Location. Libertad San Jose Uruguay
Date: June 14 1980 Time: late night

The witness had been lying in bed listening to his radio when his wife heard noises coming from outside the building. The witness got up to investigate and switched on a powerful front door light. He then looked out the kitchen window. Outside he saw two peculiar looking tall figures, they appeared young and had beautiful facial features. One seemed to be a male the other a female. They had short very black curly hair and pale skin and resembled each other.

They both wore lead gray tight fitting outfits. Both were extremely muscular and well built. Strangely, they had what appeared to be a big deep cicatrized wound running up vertically on their foreheads. The male being now came up to the front door and pushed it open. The witness then struggled to close the door and grabbed the back on the beings hand, he had to release it instantly as he felt a burning heat like sensation. He finally was able to close the door and the two beings walked away. The witness suffered several light burns on the palm of his hand.

HC addition # 833
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 28 # 1 Type: E

Location. Moscow Russia
Date: June 15 1980 Time: night
A military officer observed a large bowl-shaped object on top of smaller plate shaped craft hovering close to his home. The craft emitted aluminous pink vapor and a humming sound. The witness attempted to approach it but each time he was repelled by a totally invisible barrier.

The object then gave off several blue green flashes and departed. Several other witnesses watched the same object including a man that was able to see a small humanoid figure inside a transparent cupola on top.

HC addition # 795
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 29 # 5 Type: A

Location. Near Thiva, Boiotia County, Greece
Date: June 16 1980 Time: daytime

On the previous night (June 15) the 47-year old witness had seen a dark red luminous sphere low in the horizon, about 10 meters in diameter. It passed with enormous speed and stopped for a while over the car. The color changed to dark violet. The witness then saw three small circular red openings aligned as a triangle. The UFO was emitting a sound "like water running in a stream."

The car's motor started to "cough" and its lights were dimmed. The next day (June 16) the witness was driving again when a strange looking man of "Gypsy appearance" extraordinary accent and "Mongoloid complexion" stopped him. The man claimed that his motorbike had stalled, but it seemed OK to the witness. The stranger was staring intensively at the car's hood and had a strange grin on his face. As a result to the stranger's behavior the witness left the area feeling "perplexed."

HC addendum
Source: George Balanos Type: D?

Location. Rosario Santa Fe Argentina
Date: June 16 1980 Time: late night
The witness, carpenter, Juan Gomez was in his bed listening to the radio when the room light and the radio went out. A bright light appeared and then through a small window four short beings entered the room. They wore yellow outfits and helmets. The beings uttered unintelligible buzzing sounds among themselves. The humanoids left after about four minutes, apparently absorbed by the light.

HC addition # 981
Source: UFONS # 133 Type: E

Location. Lumut, Perak Malaysia
Date: June 18 1980 Time: 1030A

Two young girls had gone to the back of their school to throw some rubbish away when suddenly they caught sight of two strange tiny figures standing on the grass nearby. The two girls ran away scared. The two entities were described as very hairy and monkey like. One of the figures was dressed in a white outfit, with a white hat and white boots; the other one wore all black.

Both carried something resembling a backpack and a long weapon on their backs. Later another student saw a large monkey-like creature that suddenly shrunk in size to a few inches, the witness fainted. Soon after two teachers and several other students searched the area behind the school and saw three tiny entities dressed in white that then disappeared behind a rock. A U-shaped trace was found on the ground.

HC addition # 378
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin, A Summary of UFO And Related
Events in Malaysia 50/80 Type: E

Location. Barrancas, Argentina
Date: June 19 1980 Time: 2300
45-year old Antonio Gerardo D'Amico was on his way back home after a meeting. Near the intersection of Firmat & Ituzaingo streets something made him look up. Standing in front of a wall of the local coat-hanger factory he saw two humanoids about 1.10m in height. D'Amico stopped and under the light of a nearby streetlight he was able to observe some of the details of the humanoids. The humanoids wore "Roman type" helmets and boots. They also wore tight fitting diver's suits.

Their bodies appeared to be extremely athletic. The suits appeared to be luminous in nature, one silvery, and the other with a pinkish tone. He could not see any mouths or noses, but their eyes were large and slanted. They stood under a window staring at the witness. D'Amico moved towards a nearby large tree. At this point the being wearing the silvery suit moved also. The witness then felt a strong discomfort in his eyes and began walking away rapidly from the area.

He turned around and noticed that the two beings were now following him, the one in the silvery outfit ahead of the other. D'Amico then noticed a parked vehicle with its lights on nearby and walked towards it, hoping somebody might be inside. He looked back again and noticed that the two beings were not nowhere in sight. D'Amico was somewhat surprised since they had nowhere to go. They seemed to have vanished in plain sight. The witness's eyes were extremely inflamed and red afterwards and he also felt extremely thirsty afterwards.

HC addendum
Source: Oscar Alberto Alemano Type: E

Location. Barrancas, Argentina
Date: June 23 1980 Time: 1930
24-year old Beatriz Delgado had stepped out to the road in front of her house in order to empty a bucket of water and as she turned around to go back into the house she noticed a short humanoid standing in the middle of the road.

The figure was about 1.10 m in height and was wearing a one-piece, close fitting silvery suit. His face appeared to be covered. Delgado walked back inside her house, looked out, and noticed that the figure had now moved a few feet closer. Concerned she locked the door and did not see the humanoid's departure.

HC addendum
Source: Oscar Alberto Alemano Type: E

Location. Tslachtchevo Russia
Date: June 28 1980 Time: unknown
A man walking along a field near the village encountered a he very tall man like figure standing nearby, the witness promptly fainted. He came to two hours later and could not remember anything. Later he was able to recall being taken inside an "invisible" object by the tall entity. Inside he met two normal men of average height. Apparently one of the men communicated with him but he was totally ignored by the other one. No other information.

HC addition # 1468
Source: Boris Chourinov, Cuadernos De Ufologia Vol. 15 # 2 1993 Type: G

Location. Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina
Date: June 28 1980 Time: morning

The night before (June 27 1980) members of the Carelli family were already in bed as a result of the intense cold temperatures when one of the members, "Malvina" heard noises coming from outside her window. She woke up Mrs Carelli and both heard what appeared to be "slow moving heavy footfalls" coming from the patio stairwell and later on the terrace area. Minutes later Malvina saw a strong light moving outside the window, that shone right through the bedroom curtains, Mrs Carelli also observed the light.

They did not go outside to investigate. In the morning of the 28th Mrs Carelli was outside hanging some laundry and noticed that it was very cold, her pet dog "Esteban" accompanied her. As she worked she noticed, about 20 meters away a woman that was accompanied by two children. The two children, described as blond and wearing very light clothing in relation to the weather, were playing around a huge cactus plant. The woman wore a tight-fitting brown colored outfit, again kind of light for the weather. She had long blond-platinum hair and large beautiful penetrating, blue-green eyes.

She approached the stranger and warned her about the dog, but the woman seemed unconcerned and said, "he will not bite us." The witness further describes the woman as very delicate and "beautiful", with a lean voluptuous body. Mrs Carelli then asked the woman if she was cold, but she replied in the negative. Moments later Mrs Carelli, a little perplexed, walked back into the kitchen; from that vantage point she no longer could see the strange woman and the children. An hour later Malvina went outside to check and saw the woman, this time breastfeeding a baby, and sitting next to the cactus while the two other children remained playing nearby.

There was no obvious mode of transportation around (vehicles, etc). Malvina approached and also spoke to the woman, which looked at her with the penetrating eyes n a somewhat disdainful stare. The dog walked around the strangers, barking but did not dare approach. (The dog was later seen in the kitchen area and apparently disappeared later, and was never seen in the area again). On that same morning at a nearby sports field witnesses found strange tracks on the ground resembling an isosceles triangle. Also, mysteriously, the water level from the sports pool had inexplicably substantially decreased.

HC addendum
Source: Eduardo Adrian Ficaretti FAECE-ONIFE Type: E or C?

Location. Rosario Santa Fe Argentina
Date: June 28 1980 Time: 2330

The witness was walking home alone and as he passed a large empty lot he noticed an intense light descending from the sky. As he looked at the light he felt attracted to it and was lifted up inside. He then found himself sitting on a large armchair surrounded by four short humanoids in yellow outfits and helmets. The beings stared at him silently. He was found 15 hours later next to a wall of the local cemetery.

HC addition # 982
Source: UFONS # 133 Type: G

Location. White Tank Mountains, Arizona
Date: June 28 1980 Time: 2330

Three witnesses had driven to an isolated mountain area when they all apparently drifted off to sleep. The main witness later awoke in a trance to see three small men wearing helmets and diving suits surrounding their vehicle. All three witnesses then exited the car and were floated over a nearby canal and towards a silvery dome shaped craft on the ground. As they neared the craft they could see another little man standing on a rim that protruded around the bottom of the object.

The little man pointed something resembling a flashlight at the main witness, then a rectangular opening became visible and all three witnesses entered the object. Inside there was a room that appeared to be the main control room filled with buttons and display screens. Five little men staffed this area. The main witness was then taken into another room filled with bright blue lights.

Inside this room she met a very tall man whose face was covered with a veil with symbols on it. She is then directed to sit on an L-shaped device after removing her clothing. The tall man communicates with her and apparently performs several tests and examinations on her. The little men later return her and the other two witnesses to the car.

HC addition # 1916
Source: William Hamilton, Alien Magic Type: G

Location. Johannesburg, South Africa
Date: July 1980 Time: 0300A
James Forber woke up in the middle of the night feeling a terrific thirst, but to his displeasure he is unable to move from bed. He notices a kind of blue nebulosity forming in the room; the center of the blue light implodes without noise. A being now appeared in the center of the light. Is a man-like figure approximately 2.30 m in height, wearing a white suit with shiny silver-blue eyes---Forber remembers is the same face he saw at the window of a hovering saucer 6 months before.

On its suit he sees a gilded badge, resembling a triangle and a pointed star. The man calls himself Karne, and tells Forber he is from a planet called "Aenstria". Two night later the entity returns, this time two young people are the main witnesses who see the entity enter the house. They both then accompany the entity into a landed saucer where he meets a female alien called "Meyae" apparently the commander of the craft. Both witnesses are told that the aliens come from the star system called Andromeda and that they were the ones who brought the prototype of all humans to earth, which they called "Adam Kadmon".

HC addendum
Source: UFO Geheimnisse & NUFORIC Type: G

Location. Moca Puerto Rico
Date: July 1980 Time: night
The witness had gone out to her backyard to pick up some clothing from the wash when she spotted dozens of bright specks of light that united together to form a tall humanoid figure. The figure was a man with long silvery blond hair, wearing a silvery outfit with a double inverted pyramid symbol on the chest area. The being had beautiful blue green eyes and told the witness that his name was "Ashtar Sheran."

HC addition # 431
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma 52/53 Type: E

Location. Near Laramie Wyoming
Date: July 1980 Time: night
Wanda McGuire saw strange lights while she looked out a window, then suddenly found herself before a semi circle of light, when she walked through it 2 shadowy figures joined her and they walked through a lighted hallway into a chamber where another shadowy figure sat on a throne. He read her mind, and then 2 beings took her to another room, strapped her to a table, and gave her "shock treatment" for misbehavior.

HC addition # 2239
Source: Dr. Leo Sprinkle Type: G

Location. Surrey, British Columbia
Date: July 1980 Time: night
Salina Quail got up during the night to go to the bathroom; upon returning to the bedroom she detected a strange odor in the room but was unable to identify it. Suddenly she felt frightened, went to the window and closed it, at the same time having a strong sense that something was going to happen. As she lay down in bed she pulled the blanket over her and suddenly found herself "frozen" and unable to move. Then to her horror she saw a shape alongside her bed.

The visitor told her telepathically not to be afraid, at the same time radiating a sense of warmth and well being. The room was completely devoid of noise, something that was extremely unusual as the couple lived alongside a major highway and traffic was a constant background. Again the featureless shape told her "we are not going to hurt you." At this point she noticed three other similar visitors in the corner of the bedroom talking together, one of who appeared to be sitting down, though on what she did not know as to her knowledge there was nothing suitable to afford that comfort.

The visitor then told her that he was going to look at the baby. Then leaning over, he circled his hand over her abdomen and peered in. Pausing a moment he circled his hand again as if to close up the cavity. Closing her eyes she could suddenly hear a rushing, humming, pulsating sound. She opened her eyes and the shape was still there. She closed them again and on opening them this time found that everything was back to normal.

HC addendum
Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC Type: E?

Location. Hawaii, exact location not given
Date: July 1980 Time: 2300
The witness who had seen a UFO the week before had retired to bed and was reading a magazine when she suddenly found herself lying on a metallic table, surrounded by several figures wearing white doctor gowns and operating masks over their mouths that were looking down at her. They had slit like eyes. Three small metallic disks then hovered over her body making whirring sounds. She was then injected and apparently passed out. She later woke up in her bed feeling excruciating pain that lasted the entire day.

HC addition # 1091
Source: Brad Steiger, The UFO Abductors Type: G

Location. Near St Louis Missouri
Date: July 1980 Time: 2300
Hearing his old Border collie barking and whining at something in the melon patch behind the barn, Joe Pierce set out with a flashlight to investigate the disturbance. As he turned the corner of the barn, he nearly stumbled over his dog, which was cowering and shivering next to the building. Thinking that the dog had been hurt, he knelt briefly beside his dog, checked quickly for any injury then stood up and directed the beam of the flashlight toward the sounds of movement in the melon patch.

At fist he saw a figure that he thought was a man with a blanked wrapped around him, bending over and chomping into a melon. Pierce yelled at the figure and it suddenly stood up revealing itself to be a tall man-like creature with dark wings that had been folded around his torso. As he stretched itself to his full height of well over six feet, each wing unfolded to a width of what appeared to be seven to eight ft---at least fourteen feet from one wing tip to the other.

The terrified witness dropped the flashlight and slid down to the ground. The humanoid then emitted a terrible screeching sound, then lifted off into the night sky. "Its wings made a sharp leathery slapping sound as it flew away."

HC addendum
Source: Brad Steiger, Out of The Dark Type: E

Location. Del Mar, California
Date: July 1 1980 Time: 0600A

The witness suddenly woke up on his back, paralyzed and with his arms down on his sides. He was able to move his head up to see a 3-4 foot tall blue colored figure with large eyes smirking at him. Terrified he tries to move but is unable to. He is finally able to get up but the figure is gone. He had a vague impression sperm had been taken from him.

HC addition # 3187
Source: NUFORC Type: E

Location. Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: July 6 1980 Time: 0230A
Marlene LeJune reported that she heard voices and a noise like a car going by outside her house, so she glanced out her window. She saw a large circular light like a dinner plate or the full moon, the latter of which it could not have been since there was no moon that night. Marlene described the object as bluish white with flashing lights.

The object remained outside her house for about 30 minutes, perhaps longer. She became frightened and decided to go to bed. The next day, a neighbor discovered a perfectly circular depression; about 20 ft in diameter, in tall grass near the LeJune house in the same location where Marlene reported the object had hovered.

HC addendum
Source: Don Ledger, Maritime UFO Files Type: F

Location. Near Pecos New Mexico
Date: July 16 1980 Time: 1030A

A civil air patrol cadet observed along with several other witnesses a dull metallic circular object maneuvering over the area. The cadet went closer to the object as it landed on a nearby clearing. He then observed a human like figure dressed in a metallic suit emerge from the object and walk a few feet away, moments later the figure returned to the object which quickly took off towards the northwest.

HC addition # 1440
Source: Timothy Good, Above Top Secret
Worldwide UFO Cover-Up Type: B

Location. Passfield Hampshire England
Date: July 18 1980 Time: after midnight
Six nurses at the local High Hurlands hospital heard a loud humming sound coming from outside. They looked out and saw a round flashing light that appeared to be descending; it suddenly disappeared near an orchard. Later some time after midnight two of the nurses heard a noise in the back of the building and saw a figure go by the door.

Moments later while they were telephoning the police they noticed the figure looking at them through the French windows. The figure was described as totally black and wearing a huge helmet. It was about six-foot tall. The figure seemed to have no neck and gave off a glistening shine; it then stepped back into the darkness and disappeared. Moments later the same or similar figure was seen at the other end of the orchard, almost half a mile away. The police arrived but failed to locate anything.

HC addition # 828
Source: Omar Fowler, FSR Vol. 30 # 6 Type: C?

Location. Guffey Pennsylvania
Date: July 20 1980 Time: night

Several witnesses first saw a strange blue light hovering over a field and then they saw a tall hairy creature walking nearby. The creature moved quickly and made deep breathing sounds.

HC addition # 1882
Source: Paul G Johnson, Joan L Jeffers, The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Type: C?

Location. Lerida, Catalonia Spain
Date: July 21 1980 Time: midnight

The witness was alone in her house with her baby when she suddenly began to feel a strong pressure around her head, wrists, and ankles. Two very tall golden haired men with blue eyes that were leaning over her as she lay in a bed then confronted her. She felt they performed some type of operation on her and was told telepathically that her next child was going to be a boy.

HC addition # 211
Source: Antonio Ribera, International UFO Library
Magazine Vol. # 2 Type: G?

Location. Near Bethesda Wales
Date: July 27 1980 Time: early morning
A man fishing at a river with his dog saw a bright pulsating light approaching. It hovered then landed on a nearby field. The witness went to investigate and encountered a cylinder shaped craft, which had landed on a tripod. A door opened and a metal ladder was lowered to the ground. Three tall gray suited figures emerged, each carrying a bucket and a spade like gadget.

They then proceeded to dig nearby. The witness dog began barking and ran towards the craft. At this point the witness apparently lost consciousness and upon walking up his dog, the object and the beings were gone. Landing traces were found at the site.

HC addition # 731
Source: Bob Gribble, Mufon UFO Journal # 267 Type: B

Location. Polushino Moscow Russia
Date: July 28 1980 Time: unknown

A truck driver was traveling near the village when he was apparently taken inside an object and examined by several human like beings. He was shown a star map onboard the object, which he later copied under hypnosis and was identified as the constellation of Vela. No other information.

HC addition # 653
Source: Antonio Huneeus, Mufon UFO Symposium
Proceedings 1990 Type: G

Location. Kailua, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Date: August 1980 Time: evening
The main witness and some friends were traveling on the isolated Pali Highway outside of town (a place known for its paranormal occurrences) when they felt a sense of foreboding in the air and an urgency of "getting out of there" that they somehow were "running out of time." Everybody was silent as they started pulling into the main road when the witness looked to his right and saw a human-like "dwarf" that had appeared out of nowhere and was now walking on the Pali Road.

The dwarf like figure was totally human in appearance and walked in a strange bounding fashion. The short figure appeared to be wearing "regular pants" and some sort of silky type shirt, he had dark brown hair, and he appeared to have been carrying some sort of briefcase.

HC addendum
Source: Castle of Spirits and Direct
Witness communication Type: E

Location. Selden, Suffolk County, New York
Date: August 1980 Time: 2000
The witness who was out at the intersection of Country Rd and Boyle Rd, saw a sort of blimp or cigar shaped object about 75 to 125 ft in length hovering about 30 ft in the air. The object seemed to have dimly lit opaque panels or windows along the outside length and he saw shapes of "people" looking out.

The underside was covered with hundreds of small light-bulb size white lights. The object was totally silent and remained stationary for a minute or two. It then moved across the road, reversed directions, and then veered to the south and out of sight.

HC addendum
Source: Mystical Universe Type: A

Location. Northern Minnesota, exact location not given
Date: August 1980 Time: 2030
The witness had been out camping in a wooded area by a lake with her husband and twin sons when she decided to take a walk out into the woods. As she walked down a path she noticed a shiny disc-shaped object hovering above a clump of pine trees. She sat on a rock and watched the object until it disappeared. She then went back to the tent and realized that she had lost 2 hours of time.

Later under hypnosis the witness recalled staring at the object and hearing her name called. Then a group of humanoids, described as thin and five foot six inches tall, wearing one-piece jumpsuits with a belt, took her inside the object. She noticed that on the belt buckle they had a symbol resembling a winged snake. They spoke to her by using telepathy and were apparently upset that she had tied her fallopian tubes.

HC addition # 745
Source: Brad Steiger, UFO Universe September 1988 Type: G

Location. Mexico City, DF, Mexico
Date: August 1980 Time: night

Juan Maturano (involved in previous encounters) encountered a humanoid being in his room wearing a white tunic like garment, a green turban around its head that was carrying a red colored "portrait" over its shoulder. The being spoke to Maturano telling him that soon all his problems will be over. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Juan Maturano, "Tulipan de Diamantes" Type: E

Location. Ohio, exact location not given
Date: August 1980 Time: late night
The witness had been sleeping when suddenly she woke up feeling like someone was watching her. She saw a figure standing in the room, described as about 4 ft tall, wearing a long flowing dress, with long grayish white hair to the floor, both hair and dress were blowing as if in breeze.

The figure did not have a face; it was just white and kind of see through, very "ethereal" looking. For some reason the witness thought it was of a male gender. She felt that it was trying to communicate with her. A feeling of peace came over the witness and the figure disappeared, her husband apparently also saw it.

HC addendum
Source: Archive X Type: E

Location. Witkowice, Poland
Date: August 2 1980 Time: unknown
The witness encounters four undescribed humanoids in his house. There was verbal communication between the humanoids and the witness. No UFO was seen. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Uforaport Poland Type: E?

Location. Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: August 2 1980 Time: late night
A man was returning home late at night when a bright light appeared in front of him, as he approached he could see that it was some type of object. A short human like figure emerged; he wore a shiny suit and appeared to have "flat ears." He looked at the witness and pointed a strong beam of light at him, the witness then found himself being held captive inside some type of crystal sphere. He remained there for several minutes while being observed by the humanoid.

HC addition # 983
Source: UFONS # 134 Type: G

Location. Medway Kent, England
Date: August 4 1980 Time: 1650
Edith Sage was walking down an alley on her way to some nearby shops when she saw a ring of smoke and sparks coming from an area nearby, a craft then suddenly materialized. It resembled a small helicopter without any rotor blades, doors or engines. There was a large transparent dome at the front and it had green and tan camouflage markings on the side.

Inside she could see two men sitting, they were of normal height, wore gray jumpsuits, and looked very much alike except that one had long blond hair and the other had dark hair, both had olive complexions. All sounds area the area suddenly ceased and there was also a sweet odor in the vicinity. The men apparently communicated via mental telepathy with the witness then the craft disappeared in plain sight.

HC addition # 354
Source: Jenny Randles, Mufon UFO Journal # 234 Type: A

Location. Bruscarella, Italy
Date: August 5 1980 Time: afternoon
Witnesses watched a large disc-shaped object with three bright lights land on a field. Another man reported seeing three human-like figures dressed in black exit the object and walk around. A scorched area on the ground was found where the object had landed.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Pavia Type: B

Location. Near Pine Bush New York
Date: August 7 1980 Time: 2130

The witness, Ellen Crystal, was out in an isolated field by herself when she noticed a large lighted object descend among some nearby trees. The object turned its lights off as it landed. The witness decided not to approach the area but later she drove near the site and with a flashlight caught sight of a four-foot tall thin humanoid with a large head and huge yellow cat like eyes, he seemed to be wearing a tight fitting beige jumpsuit. The being stood briefly and stared at the witness who panicked and quickly drove away from the area.

HC addition # 1237
Source: Ellen Crystal, UFO Universe Spring 1989 Type: C

Location. Capachos Bolivia
Date: August 15 1980 Time: evening
A young TV and radio technician was bicycling back to his home when he suddenly noticed that his transistor radio was no longer operating. As he got off his bike an orange colored beam of light that left him paralyzed struck him. A loud "kind" voice told him to remain calm that he was not going to be harmed. Moments later the man and his bicycle were lifted up by a beam into a hovering disc.

Inside he was confronted by several beings described as tall with three eyes and large ears. They wore lilac colored tunics and green pants. He attempted to struggle but was subdued. He was later deposited on a highway where he was picked up by several workers and taken to a medical center. He suffered an almost complete mental collapse as a result of the encounter.

HC addition # 1813
Source: Scott Corrales, Intl. UFO Library Magazine
Vol. 3 # 1 Type: G

Location. Leon Province Spain
Date: August 15 1980 Time: midnight

The main witness (an ex member of the Basque terrorist group ETA) was at a camping tent with members of his family, all which had been unable to sleep for some unknown reason. Suddenly everything became bright just like daytime. In the air just above them a human figure began forming, first the head then the rest of the body.

The witnesses became filled with a sense of peace and tranquility and were not afraid. The figure was a man almost 3 meters tall, apparently middle aged, very tanned, with blue eyes and long white hair. He wore a white flowing tunic. He spoke to the witnesses telling them to choose the path of peace and reconciliation. He finally gave a hand signal, signifying love and peace and vanished.

HC addition # 639
Source: J J Benitez, La Quinta Columna Type: E

Location. East Texas, exact location not given
Date: August 22 1980 Time: early am
The witness was driving with her young daughter on a desolate road when her car radio became garbled and she heard a loud electrical noise, then her headlights dimmed. She and the vehicle were suddenly lifted off the road and the car entered the flat metallic bottom of a hovering craft and into a bright circular room. A voice in her head told her to get out of the car but she did not move, a small humanoid, his feet encased in mist, now appeared and opened the door forcing the witness and her young daughter to follow him.

He was described as having a large head with huge oval eyes, no body hair, a broad flat nose, and a small slit for a mouth. Both were then clamped down on metallic tables and were probed by two humanoids using different types of devices. Before being returned to the car and lowered to the ground, the witnesses were fed various colored pills. Under hypnosis the witness recalled extensive communication with the beings.

HC addition # 411
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests Type: G

Location. Paradise Valley, Arizona
Date: August 25 1980 Time: night
A young man named Russell was driving west on Bell Road the night of the full moon. Russell then saw an orange ball of light coming from the southwest. When it got closer, he could see a domed fling saucer that had three hemispherical appendages on the bottom side of the craft. Russell then lost a short period of time. Later he recalled seeing several humanoid beings that brought him inside the craft where he sat at a table with a metallic plate positioned in front of him.

The aliens used this touch-plate to control the craft; it was evidently their interface to propulsion and navigation, a kind of mental avionics. Only when the alien was in contact with the touch plate would the ship's systems be activated. At one point the domed ceiling darkened, and Russell could see stars projected against the inky ceiling. It appeared that lines connected one star to another indicating a route traveled by these visitors.

HC addition # 2810
Source: Jim Ossipov, Bill Hamilton Type: G

Location. Macambira, Brazil
Date: August 27 1980 Time: night
A witness saw a low hovering disc shaped object and through several lighted portholes he saw two short humanoids wearing silvery outfits apparently looking out. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira Ovni Type: A

Location. Rush City, Minnesota
Date: August 30 1980 Time: 1600
The 15-year old witness was outside playing basketball alone while his family was inside the house. Suddenly he had the feeling of being watched. He looked around and saw a figure wearing a silver "space suit" standing on the side of the house. It was only there for a second and the next second it was on the other corner. Then back again. The witness could not tell if there were several of the figures or that it moved faster than light. Shaken he went into the house and did not say a word to his family. Later while taking a shower he heard a loud noise coming from outside he ran out and put his clothes on.

He met his father in the living room who told him that the rest of the family was outside watching a "spaceship" or something. He ran outside and saw his mother and brothers looking at a bright object that had shot out of the woods and into the sky emitting a loud noise. The craft hovered briefly and shone beams of light to the ground and then left at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: C?

Location. Near Belmont England
Date: September 1980 Time: 2130
The witness and his girlfriend were taking a short cut along an isolated road when they saw a tall dark figure, stepping out from the side of the road. It walked slowly across the road about 10 yards in front of the car. He slammed on the brakes and was unable to avoid it. When he stopped the car, thinking he had hit somebody, he looked back and the tall dark figure was nowhere in sight. In the meantime his girlfriend was screaming hysterically.

HC addition # 3885
Source: MAPIT Type: E

Location. Near Riga Latvia
Date: September 1980 Time: night

The witness was walking to a village to visit her daughter when she suddenly saw very clear images of her mother and self as an infant appear in front of her. Then three human like figures appeared from her right side, these walked towards the images.

These three figures wore white tight fitting outfits, and helmets with visors. They then walked to a nearby field where a bright red sphere sat on the ground. The woman then ran home to see a yellow oval shaped object disappear into the clouds.

HC addition # 720
Source: Richard Haines, Joint US-CIS
Aerial Anomaly Federation Type: C?

Location. El Condado Santurce Puerto Rico
Date: September 1 1980 Time: night
A witness noticed a strange spectacle in the sky near the Convention Center in the downtown area. She saw a kind of hole or "portal" open up in the sky. Grabbing a pair of binoculars of high power he observed within the "portal" a type of platform and on top of it a group of figures wearing white outfits and conical headgear, she could not distinguish any facial features. After about four minutes the "portal" suddenly closed and the sky returned to normal.

HC addition # 75
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: A

Location. Urbanizacion De Guanica, Puerto Rico
Date: September 2 1980 Time: unknown

In a rural area a young man encountered a three-foot tall greenish humanoid with large round eyes and large pointed ears. No other information.

HC addition # 76
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: E

Location. Wyoming, exact location not stated
Date: September 7 1980 Time: 0300A
In a rural area two witnesses were sleeping in a tent after a day of hunting when they suddenly woke up to see a bright light outside. A sense of calm fell over them and they woke up 3 hours later. While leaving the area they saw a mutilated cow on the side of the road. Later under hypnosis they remembered that 3 beings five-foot seven inches tall, thin with large heads and eyes and wearing tight fitting silvery outfits had come to the tent and took them.

The husband remembers finding himself alone inside and oval room that contained a table and a box filled with smoke. He was examined with a lighted probe on his ears and stomach.

HC addition # 478
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of the Mystery Type: G

Location. West Willington Connecticut
Date: September 11 1980 Time: 2125
The witnesses were traveling south on Route 32 when they suddenly spotted a pancake shaped object surrounded by an orange rim of light grayed down by some surrounding haze. It had a clear dome on top and inside a bald headed or helmeted figure was seen. The object appeared tilted up on one side as it flew down towards the car at low speed. The witness quickly drove away from the area and did not look back.

HC addition # 1582
Source: Allen Hendry, Frontiers of Science Vol. 3 # 1 Type: A

Location. Trafford, Pennsylvania
Date: September 22 1980 Time: afternoon
Two boys observed a tall hairy figure move slowly down a path towards them. The creature appeared to float or glide just above the ground rather than walk. Its body was covered with shiny black hair and it had a human looking face. Both witnesses fled the area.

HC addition # 1883
Source: Paul G Johnson, Joan L Jeffers
The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Type: E

Location. Conceicao De Araguaia Brazil
Date: September 25 1980 Time: 2228
Elias Seixas de Mattos and two friends were returning to Rio in a truck when the driver felt a cold liquid and heard a voice in his head telling him to go to a certain spot. The other two men saw a flash of light hit the hood of the car. All three then saw a luminous object on the ground about a mile away. The driver got out of the vehicle and attempted to film the object, the other two men panicked and ran. Later the main witness felt drowsy and talked one of the other men into driving the truck.

They apparently experienced a time lapse during the drive and the truck behaved in a strange manner. Later under hypnosis the main witness recalled floating into a fiery red cigar shaped object with flashing white lights. Inside he entered an egg shaped chamber attached to a large white circular room with tables and machinery. A being described as almost seven foot tall wearing a tight fitting yellow coverall that covered his head except for his face operated the machinery. The being had large slanted lilac colored eyes, a long nose, a large lipless mouth, long arms and hands and very pale skin. He wore a belt with a circular buckle with colored lights. An invisible barrier apparently prevented the witness from approaching the being. Seixas was submitted to several medical examinations on top of a bed-like apparatus.

At one point the aliens connected some type of machinery on his head and chest area. Blood and sperm samples were extracted from him. At one point the main witnesses remembered seeing two man like beings, one black the other white that resembled identical twins, these wore tight-fitting gray clothing. The beings told Seixas that their point of origin was within the star cluster of Ursa Minor and that they had bases on the planet Mars.

HC addition # 493
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery Type: G

Location. Clazay, Deux-Sevres, France
Date: September 30 1980 Time: 1615
A witness observed for a total of five minutes a luminous oval shaped craft a short distance away. The object was about 1.40 meters in width and only half a meter in length. The craft emitted a brilliant orange beam of light and the witness also heard a sound like a "piston." At one point the witness heard a loud echo like voice that something like "Orio." The witness then began to feel dizzy and experienced a severe headache and apparently blacked out. He came to around 1800 noticing that there had been an electrical outage in the house.

HC addendum
Source: Jimmy Guieu Type: F?

Location. Cayey, Puerto Rico
Date: late September 1980 Time: late night
The witness was preparing to go to bed when she felt like someone was watching her; she turned around and saw a tall slender man in the room. She tried to scream but could not, and then she felt going forward towards the man. She then floated behind him through a closed window. The next thing she remembered was lying down in a dark place. Here next conscious memory was seeing a total darkness then waking up in her bed.

HC addition # 1674
Source: Karla Turner PhD, "Taken" Type: G

Location. Nebraska, exact location not given
Date: October 1980 Time: afternoon

A man was walking through his garden when he came upon the fishpond, and sitting by the pond was a small humanoid figure with a pointed chin and large eyes that was wearing a blue cap. The figure sat next to the pond apparently stroking something in the water. The man ran towards the figure. This caused the short humanoid to jump up, and touched the man on the thigh.

The man collapsed on the ground and saw the humanoid cover his face and run off, shouting "Sorry! I shouldn't have! The man was taken to the local hospital where it was found after a battery of tests that all the calcium in his left thighbone was rapidly dissolving. He now has an artificial hip and femur.

HC addition # 3472
Source: The Communion Letter, autumn 1990 Type: E

Location. Near Ft. St. John British Columbia Canada
Date: October 1980 Time: night

Two brothers and a friend that had gone hunting for moose off the Alaska Highway decided to go back to town to get some beer, leaving two other men behind. Not long after departing the men spotted what appeared to be a forest fire on the horizon. They stopped to look and got out of the car. Soon they saw what appeared to be a large ball of orange light approaching, coming out of the ball of light were between 50 to 100 small white balls of light that resembled dripping molten plastic.

The lights would follow each other toward the side of the gully where they would brighten as they came close to the mountain. They would then return to the orange sphere causing it to expand. After 20 minutes three lights approached their location. These hovered 100 feet above them, and appeared to be part of a larger dark object. At this point one of the brothers noticed that his companions seemed to be frozen in place; he then saw three large spiral clouds forming overhead. He decided to run towards a ditch but was hit in the back by a ball of light. Next thing he knew he was going up backwards through the air. He then saw a human looking figure resembling a priest.

The man had black hair and a black beard, and appeared to be suspended above him. The witness was unable to move and could only move his eyes. He then looked down and saw what he described as a hundred small beings resembling skinny Pillsbury doughboys. They seemed somewhat out of focus. The human like figure communicated telepathically with the witness. Next he remembered floating down to his car, then driving away with the other two men. He could see many balls of light floating above the road and then he left the area.

HC addition # 2750
Source: Gavin McLeod, Mufon Canada Type: G?

Location. Passa Tempo, Brazil
Date: October 1980 Time: night

Two days after seeing a large luminous object maneuvering low above a road, Jose Batista Leao was working in his gym when he saw, standing at the door a strange short humanoid figure wearing dark clothing, and with a large head and eyes that stared at him fixedly. Seconds later it moved away and disappeared.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: D

Location. Huesca Huesca Province Spain
Date: October 1 1980 Time: 2030
A young couple driving on the Barbastro Road noticed at the end of the local industrial runway a huge reddish object sitting on the ground. Curious they approached the area and could see the glowing red object on the ground and at the same time they could see several formations of bright luminous lights overhead. The witnesses shone the high beam lights at the object several times, and then a small luminous sphere left the object and approached their vehicle hovering nearby.

At this time the witnesses felt an extreme cold from an unknown source. Both decided to leave but found a third witness who confirmed the presence of the object. They returned to a different vantage point and now were able to see several tall human-like figures standing in front of the object, as well as the small luminous sphere that at one time flew silently over their vehicle.

HC addition # 87
Source: Ballester Olmos, Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros Cercanos con OVNIS Type: C

Location. Dores De Guanhaes, Brazil
Date: October 3 1980 Time: unknown
A local laborer was confronted by two humanoids that immobilized him with a green beam of light. The beings were about 1.40 meters in height and wore silvery tight fitting coveralls. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia Type: E?

Location. Mayslick Kentucky
Date: October 7 1980 Time: 2130
Charles Fulton and his family were watching television when they heard a loud noise on the front porch. Fulton said he heard his son's pet rooster disturbed. When he peered out the front door, he saw a white, hairy creature with pink eyes that must have weighed about 400 pounds and was about 7-feet tall.

The creature was holding the rooster by the neck and then threw it against the side of the house. It then proceeded around the back of the house in a vacant lot. Fulton claimed to have grabbed his .22 pistol and followed the intruder. He fired at the creature twice, as it ran out of sight.

HC addition # 2944
Source: Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles # 3 Type: E

Location. Fairview Kentucky
Date: October 11 1980 Time: night
J L Tumey was sitting home watching a baseball game when he heard a strange noise originating from the back porch. Thinking it was a prowler; he retrieved his pistol and went around back to investigate. He saw what looked like a large dark man-like entity running towards the woods, he fired shots at it, and then ran back to his trailer for more bullets. He then saw it again by an old stable.

He fired at it again, but missed. Later Tumey discovered that the freezer on the back porch had been broken into and some frozen chicken was removed and scattered outside. He also found some unusual white hair and impressions on the ground.

HC addition # 2945
Source: Ron Schaffner Type: E

Location. Near Pleasantville New York
Date: October 16 1980 Time: 1930

Terry had gotten off work at a bank in New York City and was on her way home on the Parkway. It was dark and the sky was clear when she saw a small airplane go overhead from west to east toward the Westchester County airport and, following close behind, an enormous object. She pulled to the side of the road to watch for approximately two minutes or so it seemed. She said that the object had numerous antennae and was approximately ½ mile long. Intriguingly, she mentioned when she arrived home her mother asked her why she was late; she didn't think she was late.

Under hypnotic regression Terry recalled that she was driving north on the Sawmill Parkway, which if four lanes wide with a median, when she noticed the small twin engine aircraft going left to right toward the airport. Immediately following the plane was the huge object. She pulled off to the side of the road and looked out her window to get a better look. A green car pulled off in front of her. A male driver was in the car alone. Other cars drove by, apparently not seeing what was occurring above them. The object was very bright, mostly a silvery-white color. It was moving slow and not far above the trees.

The object filled her field of view from the trees on the left side of the road to the trees on the right, and to the overpass ahead of her back to the Pleasantville Road overpass behind her. She said she was not frightened. The white underside of the object had "craters" on the surface, as well as what appeared to be steel beams, girders and lots of antennae. She remembered hearing a low hum. She became startled when she realized that her car had stopped running and her radio, which had been playing, was silent. She remembers starting her car and continuing the drive home after the object passed over.

The object was at least 150 ft wide and 450 to 600 ft long. It had somewhat of a boomerang shape. Terry admitted having a lifelong fear of looking out of windows at night. Recently one of her flashback memories had included seeing alien-like entities at a window. One was tall with hands that had long fingers. She observed, " He was much too skinny to be one of us. He had big, black eyes and a pear shaped head. Both had skin that was not quite white; they're a grayish white. The tall one was over seven feet. I asked them when they were going to let others know. They said they weren't ready." Terry never heard them speak, but knew what they were saying in her mind.

HC addendum
Source: Franklin B Reams, Ohio UFO Notebook, summer 1994 Type: G

Location. Near Salina Kansas
Date: November 1980 Time: 0213A
On a cold clear night Donna Butts, her mother in law and two children were en route to Kansas City and had been following a semi tractor-trailer for miles. As they approached a hill and curve they noticed a bright light beyond the hill and the whole area lit up. The truck and the witness vehicle suddenly slowed down as they both saw a huge brightly lit object hovering above them.

Both the trucker and Butts panicked and accelerated their vehicles; the object was huge and consisted of three triangular sections. It had green and glowing peach colored lights, at the bottom it had a huge white light and was emitting a loud vibrant hum. As the witness was about to pass the truck the object shot down a beam of light that hit the highway directly behind her car, the beam followed the car and hit the truck, it then suddenly disappeared, and so did the truck. At the same time several small aircraft and helicopters appeared to circle the object and the area.

The small aircraft seemed cubical in shape and appeared to be playing tag with the helicopters. She also noticed army trucks in the area. Later under hypnosis they learned that they had been taken onboard the object where the main witness had a conversation with certain entities. No other information.

HC addition # 212
Source: Bill Caulfield, Intl. UFO Library Magazine Vol. # 3 Type: G

Location. Near Nava De Abajo, Albacete Spain
Date: November 1980 Time: 0400A

Hours after independent witnesses sighted circular luminous objects maneuvering over the area, two witnesses were driving back to town when they saw what appeared to be a human figure standing in the middle of the roadway. As the witnesses drove closer to the figure they had to swerve the car in order to avoid hitting it.

The figure was described as very tall and wearing beige colored coverall that covered its whole body including the head. The head appeared shapeless and the figure moved back in stiff movements almost mechanical. The driver of the car accelerated the vehicle and left the area at high speed.

HC addition # 841
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 27 # 2 Type: D

Location. Wicomico River, Maryland
Date: November 1980 Time: night

An area around Maryland's eastern shore is reputed to be the home of a bizarre entity dubbed the "Cat Man". Four people parked near a landfill looked out to see two yellow eyes looking in the car window. Frightened they quickly left the area but soon decided to return. They returned in two cars this time and parked them at angles so they could direct the headlights and be able to see more area. Soon they saw something crouched down and moving towards them.

The creature came over to them on all fours. He was all black and hairy, and had claws or hook like fingernails on each hand. He came over to one car and hooked his claws on the car and looked inside the window. His yellow eyes glowed in the dark as he peered inside. Again terrified, the witnesses started the car causing the creature to fall away from the car letting out a high-pitched scream and run away. Scratch marks were reportedly found on the car.

HC addendum
Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters Type: E

Location. Hovsta Sweden
Date: November 1 1980 Time: 1730

Two witnesses in a car saw an oval shaped metallic craft descend over the road 12 meters away. Two figures were seen moving back and forth inside the object through a large opening. The car stalled and shook violently as the object departed.

HC addition # 2379
Source: AFU Newsletter # 22 Type: A

Location. Lucky Point Indiana
Date: November 1 1980 Time: 2100
A deputy sheriff on routine patrol had stopped to rest and was standing next to his police vehicle when he noticed a large black triangular shaped craft hovering at an angle about 200 feet away. The craft had large windows on its side and five humanoid figures could be seen standing inside from the waist up. The beings were gray colored with large heads, slim necks and slim bodies.

No other features could be seen. As the witness stood watching in amazement he apparently received a telepathic message, "Why do you hate the Iranians?" it asked. He thought to himself that he did not hate anybody. At that moment one of the figures turned and faced the others, as this happened the object suddenly shot up and disappeared at high speed.

HC addition # 1846
Source: Francis L Ridge, Regional Encounters
The FC Files Type: A

Location. US route 68, Kentucky
Date: November 5 1980 Time: 0400A
Noble Clay, an Alabama truck driver was hauling steel west when he saw a figure on the opposite side of the highway. He slowed his vehicle and turned on his high beams thinking that it was a hitchhiker. When he approached the figure, he was shocked to see a 6-7 foot tall white haired "ape-like" creature. He quickly drove away.

HC addition # 2946
Source: Ron Schaffner Type: E

Location. Cambridge, Ontario Canada
Date: November 18 1980 Time: 1930

The main witness and her son were traveling on Pinebush Road when she spotted some bright lights approaching from the east. The witness pulled over and stopped the car thinking that it was an airplane in distress. The lights now approached and stopped nearby, the witness could now see a dark metallic dome shaped craft behind the light. Now more lights turned on, on top of the hovering craft.

The witness now felt hypnotized by the lights, she then had a floating sensation and felt drawn towards the craft. Here next recollection was of seeing the craft shoot straight up and disappear. Later under hypnosis she recalled being taken into a small craft that was cold inside, then into a larger object. She was then surrounded by numerous short ugly beings with large bright eyes that were somewhat insect like. She was then taken through a long tunnel with rough edges. She then entered a room with bright lights, there her clothes were removed, and she was medically examined.

The beings communicated by using telepathy and told the witness she had been "rejected." Another being with three eyes was apparently in charge and commanded the others. She was finally released. The witness suffered many painful after effects similar to some type of radiation damage. Her son was apparently not abducted.

HC addition # 1145
Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research
Group, Ontario Canada Type: G

Location. Near Longmont Colorado
Date: November 18 1980 Time: 2345

A couple was returning home one night when an intense blue beam of light shone on their vehicle. They heard a swishing sound and the car lights dimmed at the same time they felt the car being lifted off the road. The next conscious memory was one hour later. The woman found odd marks on her lower abdomen. Later under hypnosis the husband described the car being lifted into a hovering domed object apparently suspended above a heavy mist.

A strong odor pervaded the area. Inside a five-foot gray skin being wearing a shiny gold colored outfit led them into a brightly lighted area where they were examined nude on a table. The beings were described as having elongated baldheads with narrow chins and four elongated fingers. They communicated with the witness by using telepathy.

HC addition # 410
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests Type: G

Location. Burneside Cumbria England
Date: November 21 1980 Time: night
Mario Luisi, a mill worker, had gone out in a field by a river when he came upon a hovering dark colored submarine shaped craft. He heard some "squelching" noises and turned around to confront two figures walking towards him. One figure was a male and the other a female, both fair skinned and with beautiful features. Both wore dark one-piece suits.

The female carried a pencil-shaped object. The witness then shone his flashlight at the beings and instantly the female pointed the object at him and a bright beam of light emerged and struck the witness flashlight causing the front to shatter. There was a brief verbal exchange between the witness and the beings, which then walked back into the object, which took off at high speed.

HC addition # 571
Source: Jenny Randles, UFO Reality Type: B

Location. Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England
Date: November 28 1980 Time: 0500A

Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol when he saw a bright light hovering above the roadway ahead, approaching the area he encountered a large revolving dome shaped craft with five dark "windows." It appeared to have a reflective metallic surface. He watched the object and attempted to contact his base station but his radio would not work. Suddenly the next conscious memory he had was parked further on from where he originally had been.

The object was nowhere in sight. Later he realized that there was some missing time that he could not account for. Later under hypnosis he was able to remember that he had been taken onboard the object. Inside he met a bearded human like entity that wore a white robe. He was also medically examined. The aliens apparently communicated via telepathy with the witness. Onboard he also saw a large furry creature resembling a huge dog.

HC addition # 386
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain Type: G

Location. Braganca Para, Brazil
Date: late November 1980 Time: dawn
A man walking along a beachfront area watched a luminous object descend at high speed. It was a luminous disc shaped object that then landed nearby on the sand. Two beings resembling normal men emerged from the disc. They approached the witness and asked him numerous questions in his native tongue. Before leaving the men told him that they would return soon.

HC addition # 326
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, Ufolore Type: B

Location. Near Todmorden England
Date: late November 1980 Time: 0100A

The witness who was living in a rural farm area suddenly awoke from a deep sleep. She saw an orange light shining through her window. She then attempted to wake her husband but he did not respond. Looking outside she noticed that the light originated from a hovering oval or football shaped object at a nearby field, it had a white aura around it. She then suddenly found herself outside of the farmhouse sitting on the grass, looking at the object and three figures standing next to it.

The figures were described as five-feet tall and wearing black colored diving suits. They stood in the shadows near a farm building. She then found herself back in her bed attempting to wake her husband. The next day several of the chickens in the coop were found dead by the witness son.

HC addition # 1497
Source: Steve Gerrard, quoting Northern UFO News # 141 Type: C?

Location. Cahirciveen Ireland
Date: December 1980 Time: evening

A woman walking home from work saw a tiny man-like creature with brown skin and a long nose riding on a large black cat which bounded across the lane in front of her and disappeared as it leaped over a wall. (!)

HC addition # 439
Source: Doc Shiels, Fortean Times # 37 Type: E

Location. Foxboro Massachusetts
Date: December 5 1980 Time: 1845

A 13-year old boy had run out to his backyard to check on the frozen ground and as he was bending over he heard a peculiar noise. Looking up he saw a large saucer-shaped object hovering over him; it had numerous lights and windows. As the boy watched, a beam of light shot out from the bottom of the object and struck him on the chest, he recalled feeling a tingling sensation in his legs and becoming paralyzed. After an unknown amount of time the beam withdrew and the boy ran into the house.

Strange sunburn like markings was found on his chest. Later he also recalled hearing a mumbling in his head as if someone was trying to communicate. Later under hypnosis he remembered being approached by a short humanoid with a large head and eyes and a long nose and apparently being examined onboard the object.

In the days following, a number of seemingly paranormal events were reported that implicated the 13-year old as the agent. These included lights going on and off, the movement of small objects, and water faucets turning on and off-all without apparent agents.

HC addition # 949
Source: Joe Nyman, UFONS # 209 Type: G

Location. Near Short Mountain, Warren County, Tennessee
Date: December 7 1980 Time: before dusk

Two witnesses (brother & sister) were sitting on there back patio when they saw what appeared to be a bipedal, light gray colored creature, that appeared to have a head shaped like a feline. It walked slowly out of a tree line towards a pond and upon reaching the pond; the creature bent over and drank. They both noticed that it had large canines that were visible even from a distance of about 100 yards. The creature then stood up and walked back the same way it had come from.

HC addendum
Source: GCBRO Type: E

Location. Cairns, Australia
Date: December 23 1980 Time: after midnight

The eight-year old witness had gone to bed after praying for a better father, since apparently her father was very abusive to her mother. Soon she was awoken by a dull humming noise. When she awoke the noise suddenly stopped. She sat on her bed and saw right outside her bedroom window a huge disc shaped object, white metallic in color, hovering low over the ground. In the middle, which seemed to revolve around it, there were several lighted windows, and she could see several human like figures walking around inside.

After a brief sensation of fear she felt an overwhelming sense of love and security. She ran to the door to go outside but a voice in her head told her not to open the door. She went back to her room to see the craft still hovering in the same position. She then heard a voice in her head, telling her not to be frightened that she wont be hurt. She was then asked to come with them, to this she replied that she could not since she was afraid for her mother.

The voice then said that they would come back for her one day. The disc then lifted slightly and noiselessly before moving towards the mountains, which it then darted sideways and vanished. She was able to see several red lights on the underside of the craft.

HC addition # 3894
Source: NUFORC Type: A

Location. RAF Watton England
Date: December 27 1980 Time: late night

HT & DS both military police officers and dog handlers were on duty that night when they were asked to investigate strange lights near the airfield fence to the west. Both ground and air radar had apparently picked up "a large moving target of unknown type." HT got to the fence and saw several figures about 100-150 from them, shining green and blue lights into the sky.

When HT and DS turned their Landrover searchlight on the figures ran off very quickly. Both men saw the figures briefly and both were under the impression that they wore non-reflective silvery outfits.

HC addition # 2903
Source: Georgina Bruni Type: C?

Location. RAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge England
Date: December 28 1980 Time: 0130A " THE RENDELSHAM INCIDENT "
Larry Warren was on guard duty when an army truck pulled up and he was ordered into the vehicle along with other guards, none of them knew what was happening or where they were going. They went out the east gate and entered a clearing at the nearby Rendlesham Forest. There they encountered other small groups of soldiers. They set off in groups into the woods. Soon they came upon a large white mist about two feet from the ground and about 50 ft in diameter. Suddenly they noticed a red light silently approaching from the far side of the field.

This went into the mist creating a blinding flash of light that was so bright they had to shield their eyes. When the soldiers looked again the mist was gone, and it its place was a large triangular craft with a white light on top. As they stared the object seemed to slightly distort. Larry and the other soldiers were instructed to surround the object; they then noticed that their shadows were cast on its surface, and that these were unusually large. Suddenly a shaft of light came from the object, and inside this light were three beings, which were described as small with enormous heads and big dark eyes. They seemed almost semi-transparent in appearance. A senior officer approached the beings and there was apparently some telepathic communication.

The soldiers were then ordered to go back to the clearing, as they walked back, a triangular object, smaller than the main craft appeared in the clearing close to where their trucks were parked. One of the officers grabbed the object, which literally carried him some ten metes before he let go. One of the truck drivers reported seeing one of the small beings passing through his windshield, terrified, he kicked out with his boots and smashed the glass. Others reported seeing small probes, which passed through the side of their vehicles, only to appear on the other side.

Later on all the men who had been present at Rendlesham Forest were debriefed and sworn to secrecy. Apparently around the same time there were other incidents and landings at the same military base. Other sources including the then base Commander Charles I Halt, said that some of the objects beamed laser-thin rays of light into the nuclear weapons storage bunkers. The purpose for this remains unknown.

HC addition # 2165
Source: Tony Dodd, UFO Magazine January/February 1995 Type: B

Location. Lumberton North Carolina
Date: late December 1980 Time: late night

During a spate of UFO sightings in the area, a woman living at an isolated farm house heard noises coming from outside and looked out to see a figure wearing a silvery suit dash into the woods at high speed. The witness husband went outside to investigate and found that someone with superhuman strength had apparently uprooted his fence.

HC addition # 1139
Source: Gray Barker, UFO Annual 1981 Type: D

Location. Northern Puerto Rico, exact location not given
Date: late 1980 Time: late night
The owner of a cattle ranch after finding several heads of his cattle mutilated under mysterious circumstances decided to guard the ranch during the night armed with a rifle and together with two of his friends. One night they saw four short gray large headed creatures emerge from a nearby ravine and approach the cattle. The beings entered one of the cattle pens and proceeded to float a young calf out.

The beings floated the animal very close to the ground and walked alongside it in a strange shuffling fashion. At this point the rancher not believing what he was seeing began firing at the creatures. One of the creatures was apparently hit and fell to the ground emitting loud shrieks. The animal also fell to the ground while the other creatures attempted to assist their wounded companion that was wriggling in obvious pain on the ground.

The men fired again on the creatures and these ran into the woods leaving the injured one behind. The wounded creature attempted to run away but was shot in the neck by the rancher and as it laid on the ground dying, it was struck on the head by one of the men with a rifle butt caving in the top of its head, finally dying. Pictures of the dead humanoid were taken as it was preserved in a large jar filled with alcohol and formaldehyde. The body is supposedly being kept hidden by a local rancher fearing the local and US authorities.

HC addition # 1972
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia OVNI # 3 Type: H

Location. Near Tetas De Cayey, Puerto Rico
Date: late 1980 Time: afternoon

A man walking through a wooded area looking for old archeological artifacts was suddenly surrounded by several 14-inch tall humanoids that attempted to grab at his legs. The beings were thin with large heads and what appeared to be webbed hands. The frightened witness grabbed a large branch from the ground and managed to strike one of the beings over its head killing it instantly. The rest of the tiny humanoids ran into the woods and disappeared.

The man then took the creature's body and with the help of a local chemist was able to put in a vase filled with formaldehyde. Pictures of the creature were supposedly taken and presently the creature is being kept hidden by locals. (Source tends to think that this version is the most accurate, but does not rule out two separate incidents.)

HC addition # 1973
Source: Jorge Martin Evidencia OVNI # 3 Type: H

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