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1979 Case Summaries.

79 Humanoid reports. The end of the "High Strangeness Decade" went out with a bang. A decline was noted from the almost record breaking year of 1978, but humanoid reports were still wide spread and many bizarre in nature. Starting the year with the witnessed abduction of Filiberto Cardenas in Miami, and the mind boggling affair at Rowley Regis in England humanoid encounters continued on a steady pace, with concentrations in England, Puerto Rico and Spain. Brazil still seemed to be the focus of several assorted types of "visitors". The winds of change were approaching; the 80's decade was upon us. Suddenly abductions were being reported with a higher frequency, and simple close encounters of the third kind, suddenly became bizarre abduction affairs.
There was no turning back now.

Location. South of Santiago Chile
Date: 1979 Time: unknown

Alejandro Hernandez and his 13-year old son were driving in the area, when suddenly the elder Hernandez looked out the window and saw a strange object hovering directly above their car. On the bottom area of the object a large door began opening. The car began to vibrate and was suddenly lifted up into the object. Both witnesses sat stunned in their vehicle and watched five and six tall human like figures approached the car. The beings wore shiny metallic outfits.

One of the strangers, in a metallic sounding voice ordered the younger Hernandez to exit the vehicle, afraid he obeyed his hosts. Meanwhile his father was able to observe numerous instruments, which he described as beautiful and resembling casino slot machines. These instruments emitted multicolored beams of light. Later he was able to conversed for 15 minutes with the humanoids, which seemed to know his name already. He asked them where they were from and all they did was raise their hands & point upwards. Soon Mr. Hernandez and his son were deposited back on the ground.

HC addendum
Source: Fabio Picasso, quoting Cuarta Dimension Type: G

Location. Seguin, Texas
Date: 1979 Time: 0300A
The witness sleeping on the couch when he suddenly woke up and saw on the hallway a figure dressed in a long black robe. It floated across the room toward the witness. The bottom of the robe was about 1 foot off the floor and he could not see any feet. The face was thin and drawn with wild gray hair going in all directions. It floated over to the witness and bent its neck, which appeared to be 3 ft long into an "S" shape and placed its face near the witness and smiled. The frightened witness closed his eyes and jumped a little in fright. When he opened his eyes it was gone.

HC addendum
Source: Archive X Type: E

Location. Sunrise Florida
Date: 1979 Time: 0400A
The witness had gotten up to get something to drink and as he opened the bedroom door he saw a 5-foot tall gray humanoid, wearing a shiny black jump suit. It had large black eyes, resembling those of an insect. The being was turned half way reaching up holding a crystal from the witness chandelier, it seemed surprised as he looked at the witness. He suddenly reached down at something on his belt and disappeared like an old fashioned TV screen when turned off. The witness heard a soft "swoop" sound.

HC addition # 2617
Source: Andy Page Type: E

Location. Reading Pennsylvania
Date: 1979 Time: evening
The witness who was standing at a street corner looked up and noticed three dome shaped objects maneuvering overhead. Suddenly a golden human shaped figure without any discernible features descended and knelt before her. The witness felt a shot in the arm; she then became dizzy and blacked out. Later she woke up in her vehicle, which suddenly started by itself. No other information.

HC addition # 967
Source: UFONS # 250 Type: C? Or G

Location. Plano Texas
Date: 1979 Time: night

At least a dozen witnesses were at a high school football field when a bizarre humanoid figure suddenly bounded into view. They described it as 10 ft tall and thin with long, pointed ears, and said it moved by a sort of slow motion hopping. The spellbound witnesses watched as the creature took about 3 minutes to traverse the open field and disappear into the woods beyond.

HC addendum
Source: Martin Jeffrey Type: E

Location. Ocala, Florida
Date: 1979 Time: night
The 8-year old witness suddenly woke up and sat up in bed. He looked towards the bedroom door and the silhouette of a short skinny figure with a large head. All of the sudden he had an overwhelming feeling of fear and he started to cry. He covered his head with a blanket and found himself waking up the next morning not really sure what had happened. He searched the house the next morning but could not find anything.

HC addendum
Source: Great Dreams.com Type: E

Location. Coast of Hong Kong, China
Date: 1979 Time: night
Amin Oxidase was working on a merchant ship and after leaving Hong Kong he was sitting at his desk writing on his journal when suddenly the stateroom and everything else simply disappeared. He felt like a disincarnated being in a sea of white light.

At some point some bright colors coalesced into what he was only able to describe as a being of light---it kept changing its shape in a very organic way, the beams of light that made up its structure looking like laser beams of incredible beauty. At some point he realized that the being was conscious, but as soon as the thought process started, it precipitated further questions like "where am I"…instantly he was back in his stateroom and a knock on his door announced that he was late for his watch.

HC addendum
Source: Amin Oxidase, TASTE Type: E or F?


Location. Rians, Var, France
Date: 1979 Time: night

The witness, W Viana encountered two little men wearing silvery brown combination suits walking along a canal. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: L'Inconnu # 230 11/1995 Type: E

Location. Melbourne Victoria Australia
Date: 1979 Time: 2300
Shortly after retiring to bed one night the witness suddenly lost all sense of sound and feeling and found himself traveling in a tunnel through space. There appeared to be a light at the end of the tunnel. He next recalled lying on a table apparently inside a craft.

He was being medically examined by three beings. One of the beings was a human female with long blond hair. The other two were of average height and dark brown in color, these two had plump faces, large eyes, large noses and large lips and ears. The beings spoke to the witness in English and apparently passed some type of scanner over his body.

HC addition # 1772
Source: Keith Basterfield, Mufon UFO Journal # 315 Type: G

Location. Nildottie South Australia
Date: early 1979 Time: evening
The two witnesses Jack and Don had been experiencing problems with their TV antenna being twisted around. The cause puzzled them. One evening after cooking a meal, the Venetian blinds went up and down. Both went outside to look and were approached by European looking people. They appeared to be wearing woolen jumpers. There were both male and females.

A bright light shone on them and both men felt calm. They were then taken over to a mound of gravel adjacent to which a craft was located. The men were taken inside. It was cold and the beings apparently agreed to escort them back to the house to get jumpers. They were not allowed to take food. They then returned to the object and it took off. As it rose they saw the TV antenna on the house below twist around.

They could see across the Murray River as they rose up. Don, the younger of the two, was given strange, repetitive tests. Seven hours later they were returned. When a neighbor visited and found them confused, police were called in. The two men were taken to a local hospital. They seemed to be suffering from yellow jaundice and eye problems. Both men passed away within two years of the encounter.

HC addition # 154
Source: Bill Chalker, "The Oz Files" Type: G

Location. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: January 1979 Time: night
A disc-shaped craft was seen on the ground and two tall figures wearing gold colored metallic suits and helmets. These were seen to float or fly out of the object several times and then go back inside. The craft then took off and left.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: B

Location. Near Santa Cruz Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil
Date: early January 1979 Time: late evening
The witness was walking home after dark, he stopped to light a cigarette and moments later a brightly lit object suddenly descended from the sky and stopped just several meters above his head. It was silent and shaped like a silo. A door opened and the witness could now see a man and a woman sitting inside on seats. They sat motionless side by side.

A light now engulfed the witness and he felt being pulled upwards into the object. He grabbed a small palm tree and wrapped himself around it. He could barely hold on when drops of hot liquid like melted wax began falling on his arms, possible in an attempt to loosen his grip. But the witness would not let go and the beings finally gave up. The door closed and the craft shot up into the sky vanishing at high speed.

HC addition # 538
Source: Bob Pratt, The UFO Report 1991 Type: A

Location. Taubate, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: January 1979 Time: night
A professor at a local college was driving on his way along a short street when suddenly his vehicle stopped. As he stepped out of the car two tall dark skinned men appeared. Both were very handsome and had long black hair, they approached him and told him they had been looking for him for a while due to his above average intelligence and knowledge.

They soon conducted him to a nearby gigantic object that had been somehow concealed. Inside time seemed to stand still and they spoke to him about numerous subjects having to do with life on earth. Soon he was given a drink and apparently fell asleep. Later he woke up in a wooded area outside of town. He walked home and was stunned to find out that two years had gone by and that his wife had now re-married. (!)

HC addendum
Source: Cristiane Maria Tavares Picoli, Revista Brasileira de
Ufologia Type: G

Location. Kunsan Air Base, South Korea
Date: January 1979 Time: night
The witness was, a member of the US Air Force, was sleeping at an off base-housing compound called Silvertown. As his wife slept next to him he woke up to see a large dark figure standing in the door wearing a dark gray hooded cloak or cape. It began to glide towards the witness. He tried to call for his wife but could not and was unable to move either.

It moved about 3 to 4 ft when suddenly the witness managed to make a whisper type noise and finally his voice returned and he began calling his wife's name. His next memory was of waking up on the floor. He dragged himself back to bed and found his wife sleeping soundly. The room appeared somewhat darker now.

HC addendum
Source: Filer's Files # 28 Type: E

Location. Nuoro Sardinia Italy
Date: January 2 1979 Time: 2315

L M was on his way to open a window due to the intense humidity inside the house, when he noticed outside, near the building, two short human like figures that appeared to be "floating" ten meters above the ground. Mesmerized he watched the two figures from the balcony. The two humanoids wore a transparent coverall, like plexi-glass and under that a gray metallic outfit, that emitted a bluish glow.

On their heads they wore white colored helmets, with clear visors. He could see that their faces were normal, very handsome with large eyes. They also wore white tight fitting boots and had a dark cylinder shaped "container" around their waists. During the encounter the witness felt chills. As the beings approached the house they smiled at the witness and were soon lost from sight in the distance.

HC addendum
Source: Archivio S.U.F. Type: E

Location. Near Miami Florida
Date: January 3 1979 Time: 1830

Filiberto Cardenas was driving on Okeechobee Road, with three family friends just north of the city, when the car engine suddenly failed, he and another man got out of the car to check under the hood when a large luminous object emitting a humming sound descended over the vehicle. The witness vanished in plain sight of the others apparently taken up into the object by a beam of light.

He was found dazed 2 hours later and 16 miles away from the original location by a police officer. Later he recalled being taken up and blacking out. He found himself onboard the object and three human-like beings all dressed in tight-fitting white suits took him to a ocean front like location where they opened a "lock" on a rock and entered through a tunnel beneath the sea. The beings were of average height, wearing dark tight fitting outfits that covered their heads, with winged snake-like emblems on their chests.

They spoke to the witness in Spanish and mainly spoke about coming wars and disasters. He was led to a seat made out of stone and was given a liquid to drink that tasted like honey. A huge door then opened in front of him and several persons began coming out. Cardenas began feeling a strong pressure in his chest and at this point an individual approached him and told him he was welcomed. The individual appeared totally human and spoke with a South American accent. Indeed this man told Cardenas that he was from earth but had lived with the extraterrestrials for a while now.

He was then taken through a door and corridor into what appeared to be a great city. He then entered a small room, there he was suddenly sucked into the wall, which then flipped over and became a bed. Paralyzed he was unable to move and noticed several figures moving around him. As a light blinded him something was inserted into his ear. From the wall emerged what appeared to be several arms ending in suction cups that covered his body almost totally. He felt no pain but could not move.

After the examination he was taken into another room. There he saw a tall seat and on it was a tall man wearing a cape, he also saw numerous consoles and monitors. He was shown images of three pyramids joined by a thin ray of light. Cardenas apparently slept several times and was awakened and given several tablets to eat. In another room he saw several human like figures wearing gray coveralls. In another room he saw a large gathering of people in what he thought was a "party".

Soon he was taken into another room where he saw a large rocket style ship in which he was taken into along with three other humans. He was made to sit on a suction-like seat. After a short trip he was made to exit and given something to eat. He last saw the object disappear into the distance. He was found disoriented by a police officer in an isolated section of southwest 8 street.

A medical examination found 108 tiny pricks on Cardenas body. Days after the encounter he suffered from severe sweating, extreme thirst, extreme temperature changes, and a strong sulfur like smell followed him, he also suffered from memory loss, decreased sexual appetite and strange space-time altering episodes.

HC addition # 458
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery also Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Type: G

Location. Mirabello Italy
Date: January 3 1979 Time: 2315
A couple was crossing a roadway when they noticed at a distance a red beam of light on the ground. The witness boarded their vehicle and approached in order to obtain a better look. As they approached they perceived a strong burning smell. The light resembled a pulsating vertical bar, red in color encircled by a round halo.

As they got even closer they saw a human like figure walk in front of the light, moments later a second figure walked from the opposite direction. As a result of the intense cold the witnesses had to leave the area. As they drove away they observed a similar but larger light on the ground in front of a nearby orchard. The light slowly pulsated. Again the witnesses had to leave because of the cold weather.

HC addition # 1555
Source: Maurizio Verga, "Itacat" Type: C

Location. Rowley Regis West Midlands England
Date: January 4 1979 Time: 0700A

Jean Hingley had waved goodbye to her husband while he went off to work in a bitter cold morning when she saw a light in the garden. Thinking he had left the carport lit, she went to investigate, but it was dark, so she returned to the kitchen. She put down some food for Hobo, the family Alsatian and called him from the garden, but he flopped down as if drugged and gazed at the ceiling, glassy-eyed.

Then, with a "zee---zee-zee" noise, three weird creatures flew past into the lounge. They were only 3-1/2 feet tall and had waxy white faces and coal-black eyes with no eyebrows and very thin mouths. They wore silvery clothes, with a transparent bubble-type helmet over their heads. These humanoids also had transparent "wings" and floated. Jean was clinging to the sink paralyzed but then, she says, she suddenly floated towards the lounge.

Jean noticed that the aliens were inspecting the ornaments on the Christmas tree with interest. They also probed into her mind with telepathy---"It was like a light or an X-ray penetrating." They told her she would not be harmed and, when she asked where they were from, they said (or rather she could not tell which one said), "We come from the sky." The she explained why the house was all dressed up to celebrate Jesus birthday. "We know all about Jesus," they claimed.

They said they would return and, "We come down here to talk to people but they don't seem to be interested." Finally when she showed them how to light a cigarette they fled as if in terror, taking a mince pie each with them. Outside, on her garden, was an egg shaped object with windows. They floated into it, and it took off, emitting a bluish flash and pulsating twice before disappearing with a flash. The dog returned to normal, and Jean called the police.

The electric clock in the house had stopped, and all her cassette tapes were magnetized and unplayable. In the snow where the object had sat, was an oval outline, which the local UFO group was able to photograph before the snow melted.

HC addition # 440
Source: Alfred Budden, Fortean Times # 50, Jenny Randles "Abduction" Type: B

Location. Mindalore, Krugersdrop South Africa
Date: January 4 1979 Time: midnight

Meagan Quezet and her 12-year old son Andre were out looking for their dog, Cheeky after they heard it barking. Soon they noticed a peculiar pink glow beyond a tarmac road. Thinking that it was a police vehicle they approached the area. As they reached the glow they noticed that it came from a peculiar egg shaped craft sitting on the ground on several thin leg like protrusions.

The incredible pink glow emanated from an area on top of the craft. Suddenly from an opening on the craft 5 to 6 men jumped to the ground. One of the men walked to the far end of the object, two remained standing in the front and two others walked towards the witnesses. The men appeared to speak among themselves in loud singsong like voices in an unintelligible language; two kneeled down and appeared to touch the asphalt. All the men wore tight-fitting white suits with hoods that covered the faces of most of them except for two.

One that appeared to be the leader approached the witness and spoke to her in a high-pitched unintelligible voice. He made a slight bow towards Meagan as if in a form of salute. He had a black beard, frizzy black hair and slanted eyes and dark olive skin.

Soon the men walked back to the craft and entered the object, the craft then emitted a whistling sound, the thin leg-like protrusions telescoped back into the craft, which then rose up and disappeared into the clouds. Under hypnosis the witness recalled being taken inside the object where she saw chairs, panels and a table. She was asked to come with them but she refused.

HC addition # 320
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore, quoting Cynthia Hind Type: G

Location. Near Sturbridge Massachusetts
Date: January 5 1979 Time: 2300

During repeated sightings of low level lights and a diamond shaped object over the area, a witness saw a 7-8 foot tall hairy figure in a field, he shone a spotlight at it, and it ran towards him. The witness fired 3 shots at it and then ran away, shooting one more time over his shoulder. The shots appeared to have no effect on the creature, but it stopped and did not chase the witness.

HC addition # 741
Source: Cufos Reports Type: D

Location. Fortaleza, Brazil
Date: January 11 1979 Time: night
A short humanoid about 80cm in height wearing a helmet with two luminous antennae like projections approached a witness and touched him in the arm, apparently burning him. It wore a silvery suit and blue boots. The humanoid apparently arrived in a gray colored object about 15 meters in diameter with lighted windows.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: E

Location. Sorocaba Sao Paolo Brazil
Date: January 12 1979 Time: night

In a farm area three reporters watched a large luminous disc shaped object descend and hover near the ground, while multitudes of witnesses watched several luminous disc shaped objects maneuvering over the nearby village. Two small beings about four and a half foot tall emerged from the object.

The beings were human shaped and were wearing one-piece outfits with a kind of fishbowl type helmet over their heads. The helmets emitted bright beacons of light. Suddenly everything became very dark and moments later the disc ascended and disappeared behind some nearby hills.

HC addition # 1641
Source: A J Gevaerd and Wendelle C Stevens, UFO
Abductions at Maringa Type: B

Location. Loreto Santiago del Estero Argentina
Date: January 13 1979 Time: 1150A
A boy was alone in a schoolroom when he heard a sudden noise, looking around he saw a rectangular silvery object, 2 feet wide, and 5 feet tall and 3 feet long hovering a few inches above the floor. Two flaps opened on the sides of the object and two beings emerged, each was about 3-foot tall and dressed in shiny one piece overalls.

Both wore helmets with a dark faceplate that covered the eyes, they had a device with a tube and clock like instrument attached. Their hands had only four fingers. One being grabbed the boy and a voice spoke to him in Spanish coming from the object, telling him to sit down.

The boy was unable to move on the chair, while one of the beings went to another room and the other back inside the object. A reddish beam of light from the object knocked the witness out. When he woke up later the object and beings were gone. A strong sulfurous odor remained behind.

HC addition # 499
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions, The
Measure of A Mystery Type: B

Location. Viterbo Italy
Date: January 13 1979 Time: evening
A farmer spotted a large fiery red sphere descend onto a nearby pasture. The sphere changed colors t bright orange and red then it began to dim revealing a 2-meter metallic sphere. A small man wearing a silvery white suit emerged from the object and walked around frequently bending down as if it was picking things up. The witness ran away from the area.

HC addition # 996
Source: Bufora Journal Vol. 8 # 3 Type: B

Location. Lusiana Vicenza Italy
Date: January 18 1979 Time: 2330
A 42-year old woodcutter suddenly had his vehicle stopped, the headlights turned off, and the doors opened by themselves, he then saw an orange colored sphere on the road in front of the car. A door opened and two 1-meter tall brown colored humanoids came out.

The beings approached and the witness could not move. The beings wore metallic looking scaled coveralls, they had long hands ending in pointed nails, their ears were like twisted wires and apparently were vibrating and humming. They then invited the witness onboard the object by using gestures, he went with them and into a room filled with instruments and a screen.

The beings began undressing him, but the witness became frightened and implored them to let him go. Finally a door opened and he got out of the craft. The witness returned to his car finding his headlights back on.

HC addition # 134
Source: Paolo Fiorino, UFO Universe Oct/Nov 1991 Type: G

Location. Near Bastia, Liguria, Italy
Date: January 19 1979 Time: evening
The witness was on his way to town and was turning on a curve when his vehicle engine suddenly stalled. As he looked under the hood he noticed two figures looking at him from behind a nearby electrical pylon on the side of the road.

At first he thought they were electrical company workers and did not pay them any attention. He soon looked back at the two figures more closely and noticed that one was about 2.50 meters in height and massive in appearance, the other figure was somewhat shorter. Both wore shiny tight fitting outfits.

The figures stared at him for a few minutes then walked back into the woods. Soon after that he was able to start his vehicle engine. That same night another witness had seen a bright bluish light descend into the same woods.

HC addendum
Source: Notizieufo, X-Files # 6 Type: C?

Location. Toquilla Colombia
Date: January 24 1979 Time: unknown
A dentist and three students were traveling by car when suddenly the motor engine stalled. They then saw two metallic objects land nearby and three men wearing tight fitting silvery outfits and large helmets come out. There was a sudden whirlwind that surrounded their vehicle and they no longer could see the figures and the objects. When the "whirlwind" went away the figures and objects were no longer there.

HC addendum
Source: Miguel Forero, Centro Investigacion Ovni Colombia Type: B

Location. El Dean, Argentina
Date: January 25 1979 Time: 1500
10-year old Marta Isabel Santillan, was playing in an isolated field with a 3-year old playmate, when "a square shaped" object descended from the sky. It landed on some type of supports. A door opened and two small figures came out, followed by five more figures, all less than 1 meter in height. One of the beings that appeared to be the leader motioned for the little girl to approach, but she refused.

The little beings wore black coveralls, with bracelets, covered with tiny shiny spheres, black boots, and covered their heads with a cap that had a shiny sphere on top. The leader of the group pointed a flashlight device at the little girl that emitted a red light that temporarily blinded her.

She became disoriented, and her next memory was of seeing the little men enter the craft. Two large metallic protrusions, resembling arms, came out of the object. The object then shot away at incredible speed. Apparently other children in the area saw the craft.

HC addendum
Source: Fabio Picasso Type: B

Location. Bissoe Truro Cornwall England
Date: January 29 1979 Time: 0200A
The witnesses were awakened to find their bedroom brightly lit up. One of the witnesses looked out the window and was amazed to see a bright hovering oval shaped craft. Inside two human like figures with long fair wavy hair could be clearly seen. The bright object then glided silently away and shot away at high speed.

HC addition # 1435
Source: Bob Boyd, Plymouth UFO Research Group Type: A

Location. Xucurus Argentina
Date: February 1979 Time: unknown

Local villagers claimed to have seen on several occasions, nine-foot tall humanoids, green in color with antennae like protrusions and square legs come out of a local cave. That was recently discovered and its said to have many inter-connecting tunnels and glyph like inscriptions.

HC addition # 1074
Source: Saga UFO Annual 1980 Type: E?

Location. Ayia Galini Crete Greece
Date: February 1979 Time: 0300A

The witness and his wife were sleeping in a third floor hotel room when he was suddenly awakened by a loud electrical humming sound, and the barking of dogs in the street below. He opened his eyes and found the room filled with a reddish orange light. He woke up his wife and jumped out of bed running towards the balcony, he looked out and could not see anything, he then went back to bed and later recalled that the room door opened and a very tall man entered.

The tall figure invited the witness to come with him; he was then led to the roof and saw a small gray colored disc hovering overhead. A turquoise beam of light hit the witness who became paralyzed and was then floated up into the craft. He was then taken to a larger "mother-ship" type object then into a dimly lit room with a very high ceiling.

He then saw a thin gray skinned figure, with a long thin face sitting at a nearby table. They communicated with him, and then took him to a huge floating city like structure. There he saw numerous human like beings wearing one-piece suits of different colors and boots. He is later taken on an extensive tour then returned.

HC addition # 935
Source: Ruth Montgomery, Aliens Among us Type: G

Location. Ipaucu, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: February 1979 Time: night
The witness encountered several 1.30-meter tall humanoids that wore bright silvery capes and floated slowly above the ground. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro Type: E

Location. Cañaveral De Leon, Huelva Spain
Date: February 12 1979 Time: 1900
Several witnesses at the city outskirts near the main road, observed a flat cucumber-shaped craft descend towards an embankment, it emitted a strong red light then hovered very close to the ground making up and down movements and at times touching the ground, with one of its three leg like protrusions.

A crowd gathered and some walked towards the object getting close enough to see lighted windows and moving figures inside. The object also emitted a wave of extreme heat. After about two hours the object departed at very high speed.

HC addition # 83
Source: Ballester Olmos, and Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros Cercanos con Ovnis Type: A

Location. Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania
Date: February 12 1979 Time: night
A man named Larry Johnson reported hitting a humanoid creature with his car. Johnson said that he had loaded the creature into his car, when he checked it three hours later it had died. The humanoid was about 3-foot tall, without a nose, and with a single ear, the other apparently having been cut off in the accident. It was covered with fuzz and the hands had only three fingers with webbing between them. Johnson apparently disappeared and was never heard from again, and the whereabouts of the creature is unknown.

HC addition # 3499
Source: Leonard Stringfield, Larry Moyers Type: H?

Location. Near Zhigansk, Russia
Date: February 17 1979 Time: unknown
Near this village a disc shaped object with a mirror-like surface crashed into the banks of the Lena River. Alien bodies were allegedly recovered which were later autopsied at the Moscow State University. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Chronology of UFO Crashes in the Former Soviet Union Type: H

Location. Near Miami Florida
Date: February 21 1979 Time: 1300
Filiberto Cardenas, this time accompanied by his wife felt compelled to return to the site of the previous abduction. There they both entered a hovering top shaped craft with numerous terminals and buttons inside. Two men met them and one woman, four-foot tall, dressed in tight fitting silvery suits that covered everything except for their faces. The outfits had a serpent-like emblem on their chest area.

An antenna like device covered their ears. This time the beings communicated with the witnesses via telepathy and spoke among themselves in an Arabic sounding language. They spoke mainly about universal love.

HC addition # 459
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A Mystery Type: G

Location. Oakenholt Clwyd Wales
Date: February 21 1979 Time: 1815
The witness had been out walking her dog when the animal suddenly laid down on the ground whimpering for no apparent reason. Glancing ahead of her, she saw a bright orange hovering spinning sphere. She then looked to her side and saw nearby, standing in the shadows among some bushes two silvery-garbed humanoid figures that appeared to be smiling. The dog then briefly distracted the witness and when she looked up again the figures were gone. The bright orange sphere then vanished; the dog then ran home barking.

HC addition # 861
Source: Jenny Randles and Paul Whetnall
FSR Vol. 25 # 4 Type: C

Location. Crayke North Yorkshire England
Date: February 24 1979 Time: 0800A

Phil Shepherdson was riding his motorbike along some twisting country lanes when he saw, hovering in the corner of a field, a black triangular shaped craft. He saw a figure in the cockpit of the craft and two other figures by the side. These turned to stare at him, and he believes some sort of mental contact was made. The figure inside the "cockpit" wore a black helmet and coverall.

The 2 figures by the craft were tall and slim, and wore also dark coveralls and helmets, at first they appeared to be crouching but stood up as the witness approached, then stared at him intently. As Shepherdson stood transfixed, the craft suddenly took off at high speed, he does not remember seeing the figures entering the object. The craft was dark metallic, and had two fins on its back.

HC addition # 2877
Source: Simon Ritchie, "Y Files" Type: A & C

Location. Serodino Argentina
Date: February 26 1979 Time: 2030

49-year old Ernesto Camusoni was clearing some overgrown fields at the entrance to the farm when suddenly everything became illuminated behind him, turning the night into day. Turning around he saw an approaching object that landed 40 meters away from his location. He tried to make out what the object looked light but the light emanating from it was to strong.

As he approached the object he saw a strange figure emerge from the rear of the craft. The figure appeared to be robot-like in nature, lacking any arms; it did not move its body when it walked. Its head appeared to be of normal size, but it had what appeared to be a trunk-like object coming from the facial area. It wore a very shiny outfit. The strange being walked towards the witness and approached to within 3 meters and stood silently, seemingly observing the witness.

The witness felt no fear, but did feel curiosity towards the strange entity. Apparently the entity did not want to communicate since it suddenly wheeled around, returning to the object and then disappearing behind it. The craft then rose up and disappeared at high speed towards the south. The whole encounter lasted 5 minutes. Ground traces were found the next day.

HC addendum
Source: Oscar Alemanno, ONIFE Type: C

Location. Sheffield South Yorkshire England
Date: March 1979 Time: daytime

A man and a woman were out chatting by a payphone in broad daylight when they noticed a gray disc shaped object with a dome on top hovering above a local restaurant. Through a transparent window on the dome they were able to see two men like figure staring down at the witnesses, one had his hands behind his back. Both figures wore ice blue tight fitting suits and had long blond hair.

At the same time the witnesses noticed a strange silence in the area. After the incident the woman began to experience different types of psychic phenomena including seeing an apparition of her dead husband.

HC addition # 520
Source: Jenny Randles, Abduction Type: A

Location. Portsmouth Hampshire England
Date: March 1979 Time: afternoon
In broad daylight the witness encountered a "strange little man" that appeared in front of her and passed by her. On turning around, expecting to see his back, she was shocked to find that he had vanished. He was described as about five-feet tall, olive skinned, large round dark eyes, and black hair, slicked straight back. He seemed to have been wearing some sort of RAF uniform, except that it looked made to measure, perfectly cut, and stitched. His shoes looked brand new. He walked towards her, gazing straight ahead, with dead, baleful eyes.

HC addition # 3483
Source: World of The Strange Type: E


Location. Rivera Uruguay
Date: March 2 1979 Time: early morning

Two men working on top of a transmitting tower watched a large oval shaped craft circle the tower several times. Through some large portholes several beings with enormous heads and wearing transparent helmets could be seen looking out. Moments later the object dove over a truck carrying farm workers, then shot away into the sky leaving a fiery trail and a thick column of smoke behind.

HC addition # 1154
Source: IUR Vol. 4 # 2, August 1979 Type: A

Location. Chernyakhov Russia
Date: March 4 1979 Time: morning
A man spotted two large domes on a field 650 yards away, he ran towards them and one of them lit up with a violet glow and shot up vertically. Hiding behind the brush the witness crept closer to the remaining object. He then saw four little beings standing next to the dome, which was hovering very close to the ground. The beings had long bodies, long arms, and short legs.

They all wore green space suits, with pointed silvery blue helmets. They appeared to be busy spreading some shiny metallic objects on the ground. The beings turned and looked at the witness, he could see that they wore a sort of mask that covered their mouths and noses, they had large red eyes which were covered by goggles. The tallest of the beings raised his arm as if saluting the witness.

Moments later they somehow entered the dome, which suddenly was encased in a violet light and shot away at high speed. There was other several other independent witnesses to the craft and its occupants.

HC addition # 421
Source: Felix Zigel, Fortean Times # 33 Type: C

Location. Monroe North Carolina
Date: March 9 1979 Time: 0300A

A salesperson was returning home when he came to a one lane steel bridge, suddenly a brilliant light appeared overhead, and he apparently lost consciousness. Later he woke up driving slowly in a different location.

He was dazed and his eyes burned badly. He could not account for a period of missing time but felt that he had been onboard a craft of some sort. Later under hypnotic regression he remembered being in a bright room with two seats and a panel. A short being wearing a uniform and a helmet with visor took him to a dark room where several tests were conducted on him.

HC addition # 340
Source: Richard Hall, Mufon Journal # 173 Type: G

Location. Isle of Sheppey Kent England
Date: March 22 1979 Time: 2230
A motorist driving along Sheppey Way spotted a stocky, silver suited figure loping down an embankment on the side of the road. Its suit and helmet were all in one piece and it was wearing a visor at eye level. Other motorists also spotted the figure, and earlier in the evening a couple had seen a red revolving light over the area.

HC addition # 399
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain Type: D

Location. Cardenas Mexico
Date: March 30 1979 Time: late evening
Two children coming back from school encountered along a road, twenty little one eyed men moving very quickly over the ground. These beings were enveloped in light and suddenly floated up into the sky and disappeared. No other information.

HC addition # 239
Source: Fabio Picasso, Strange Magazine # 9 Type: E

Location. Near Seattle Washington
Date: Spring 1979 Time: night
The main witness and a friend were driving on a local highway when a man driving an old white Chevy sedan approached them. The Chevy stayed right besides them preventing them to exit the highway, it acted like a magnet attached to their vehicle. Suddenly a bright light came up on them and they apparently blacked out.

The next thing they remembered was being stuck in the gravel besides the road near Edmonds Washington. Later under hypnosis the main witness remembered being taken from his vehicle and into a hovering object. Inside he was met by a beautiful human like female that took him on a tour of the object. In one room he saw many "heads" on a shelf and on the floor were boxes filled with human bodies.

In another room he was shown many different types of alien beings standing behind some type of transparent partitions. The witness does not remember seeing his friend inside the object and feels he was used for some type of genetic experiment.

HC addition # 1115
Source: Aileen Edwards, On The UFO Road Again Type: G

Location. El Combate Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico
Date: April 1979 Time: afternoon
Two young girls playing in their yard suddenly saw a very small humanoid approach them from the brush. It was described as greenish in color with a large mouth, thin lips, and a lock of brown hair on its forehead. It also had long arms and some type of membrane between the fingers. The being asked the witnesses for water, at this point both girls screamed and the being disappeared in a flash of light.

HC addition # 60
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: E

Location. Dago Pakar, Bandung, Indonesia
Date: April 1979 Time: night
Sudjana Kerton (involved in previous sightings) was out in his workshop reading alone when he noticed a luminous disc-shaped object skimming over the nearby trees. He stepped to out the take a closer look at the object. The craft seemed to get closer to the witness who was mesmerized by the light emitted by the craft. Suddenly a strange light enveloped him, he attempted to run away but was completely paralyzed. In that semi conscious state Kerton was suddenly picked up by two robot-like figures about 95 cm in height.

In a "stiff" walk the two robots guided Kerton, who was unable to resist into the disc, which now hovered just above the ground, he seemed to walk up into the craft on a beam of blinding light. He found himself in a strange place, all white, unsure if he was onboard the ship or in another planet. There he met four aliens about 3 meters in height, and wearing all white.

The tall creatures had mongoloid features, with small slanted eyes, thin mouths, and totally hairless heads. At this point Kerton memory seemed to end and he does not recall what took place next onboard the object. Suddenly he was standing in the front porch of his house. He could vaguely recall seeing what appeared to be a star map inside the ship.

The UFO was now gone. He fell horrible and his feet were covered with mud. He found his footprints and the robotic alien's footprint in the mud. While he fed his chickens in the morning he noticed that the animals appeared to be sick and remained like that for three days. He made plaster casts of the footprints.

HC addendum
Source: Dedy Suardi, "Tafakur Di Galaksi Luhur",
Translated by Nur Augustinus Type: G

Location. Ospepal Forest, near Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Date: April 1979 Time: night
The main witness, 50 year Ursula had seen luminous objects previously performing geometrical maneuvers over the area and had gone to the area with two friends in order to see any unidentified activity. There she meets an elderly gentleman, Serge Castel from nearby Ajaccio and another young man. In an area known as Roccapine they wait for a while and are about ready to leave when suddenly Ursula sees a luminous sphere quickly approaching their position.

The huge sphere flies over the road and finally stops at about 60 meters away. It occupies the width of the roadway, the young man (unknown name) attempts to talk to Castel but this one is glued to his vehicle's steering wheel, in an apparent trance. Within the sphere Ursula distinguishes two very tall luminous human like figures of about 2.50 meters in height.

One of the humanoids apparently attempts to exit the sphere and has one foot on the ground when he possibly perceives the fear on the witnesses, specially Ursula, the humanoid steps back into the object, which then moves slowly behind a nearby hill and disappears. Castel comes to and only remembers the arrival of the sphere; he later is to suffer serious cardiac complications.

HC addendum
Source: Godelieve Van Overmeire Type: A

Location. El Corozo Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico
Date: April 1979 Time: night
Several area residents were awakened by the sound of dogs barking furiously, some of them looked out their windows to investigate and were startled to see three, three-foot tall beings with large heads, gray skin and long dangling arms. The entities were being chased by some of the area dogs and were last seen running towards the seashore where they disappeared.

HC addition # 1781
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 1 Type: E

Location. Paciencia, Brazil
Date: April 1979 Time: night
A farmer named Marinho saw two humanoids next to a landed object that illuminated a nearby lagoon. After awhile the object dimmed and shot up in to the sky resembling a ball of fire.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: C

Location. Paciencia, Brazil
Date: April 1979 Time: night
A young man named Peixoto was returning home when he saw two figures talking in a strange language nearby. As he approached the figures, these suddenly ran and were soon enveloped in a fiery bright red ball of light that shot into the sky and vanished.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: C or B?

Location. Not stated
Date: April 12 1979 Time: late night

The witness woke up in the middle of the night feeling someone's hand on her back. She turned around to se two beings leaning over her. One held a large hypodermic syringe with a long needle; the being had a gloved hand. The witness attempted to resist but was pushed down gently and told by mental telepathy that it was useless to resist.

The witness noticed that the room had a soft glow and the beings wore suits designed with a series of inflated rings resembling a "Michelin Man." Next thing the witness remembered was seeing the beings walking out the door.

HC addition # 1930
Source: Kenneth Ring, PhD. "The Omega Project" Type: E

Location. Jardim Alvorada Maringa Brazil
Date: April 13 1979 Time: 2330
Two brothers were walking in a remote area when they saw a bright object approach; as they passed a ravine they heard a strange sound and their legs grew weak. They then walked towards a field and fell beneath a tree. Both passed out as the bright object approached. Under hypnosis one of the men remembered floating upwards into the object.

Inside he was led by a being described as tall, wearing a shiny silvery uniform with buttons, with generally human features and short cropped hair, to a room replete with computers. In that room he saw images of the earth. He was then taken to another room where he was examined and a sperm sample was taken. Later a beautiful female being entered the room and had sexual intercourse with him.

The beings spoke among themselves in an unknown language, but assured the witness by telepathy that they wanted to study the earth and were peaceful. He was eventually released along with his brother.

HC addition # 473
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure
Of A Mystery Type: G

Location. Near Kostino, Moscow, Russia
Date: April 17 1979 Time: daytime

The witness, Anatoliy Malyshev, 22 years old (abducted in 1975) encountered the same human looking alien, of middle height, dressed in a normal human suit, dark grayish one. The witness recognized the man right away. After a short conversation the alien turned away, walked out of the house and disappeared in a strange way, apparently in plain sight in front of a forest glade.

HC addendum
Source: Mark A Milkhiker, Anton Anfalov Type: E

Location. Charleston South Carolina
Date: April 21 1979 Time: daytime

The witness was on the phone with a local UFO investigator in his trailer home when suddenly two short gray skin beings with huge heads and large black almond shaped eyes appeared next to him, amidst a blue glow. During the visit they apparently gave him a piece of metal as "proof" of his experience.

HC addition # 1349
Source: Richard L Thompson, Alien Identities Type: E

Location. Raleigh North Carolina
Date: April 24 1979 Time: 0032A
The witness had gone out in her patio to take out the trash and feed the dogs when she saw a bright glowing craft nearby. It had 3 or 4 lights, a transparent opening in the center, and two windows like slits exhaust type protrusions, and railings around a cone shaped top. Several figures where at the windows. The craft descended making a whirring sound; it then extended three tripods and landed.

The witness does not recall how she entered the craft but remembers being examined by probes and something resembling a CAT scanner. She recalled seeing 3 or 4 humanoids described as four-foot tall, with clay like complexions, a large head, no facial hair, and large slanted blue lavender eyes. They all wore silvery suits.

HC addition # 934
Source: UFONS # 226 Type: G

Location. Near Talisay Philippines
Date: April 25 1979 Time: 0400A
Farmer, Mamerto Demetillo, saw a bright light near his home and went outside to investigate. He was surprised to see a saucer-shaped object hovering about 20 yards above the ground, apparently looking for a place to land. The farmer followed the object and saw two similar UFOs, about 300 yards away, which had already landed.

Each craft was resting on four legs, which were about two feet long, and a short ladder extended from the door to the ground. From each object, two humanoids came out and formed a circle. The six beings were pointing in all directions and nodding their heads, which the witness assumed, was some form of alien communication.

The beings were wearing what looked like gray rubberized suits with brown belts, black gloves, and boots. The humanoids were on the ground for about 15-20 minutes before they got back in their crafts. The objects then rose up into the air and disappeared at high speed.

HC addendum
Source: Ahmad Jamaluddin Type: B

Location. Passa Tempo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Date: April 29 1979 Time: afternoon
Two tall silver clad humanoid figure with large heads were seem on a hill apparently examining a drainage system into the river Para. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: GEPUC Brazil Type: E

Location. Huesca Spain
Date: May 1979 Time: unknown
Workers in the Pyrennes region encountered a huge creature described as a cross between a man and an ape that appeared to be naked and was emitting animal like sounds. It threw a tree trunk at the workers and ran into the woods.

HC addition # 1812
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries
Of the 20th Century Type: E

Location. Todmorden England
Date: May 1979 Time: 0300A

The witness was suddenly awaken by a huge light moving silently down from the moors and heading straight for her home. She panicked and leaped from her bed in an attempt to get away. She then suddenly found herself outside in the open sitting on the grass.

A huge oval shaped lights had apparently landed close to the house on a nearby field. A small egg shaped object could be seen inside the glowing oval. Three figures then emerged from the front of the object and began to walk towards her.

These were described as slightly under normal human height and slim in build. At this point the scene changed and the witness found herself back in bed unable to account for one hour of missing time. The next morning as she checked the chicken coop she found nine dead animals without any obvious sign of attack from a predator.

HC addition # 2046
Source: Jenny Randles, The New Ufologist # 3 Type: C & G?

Location. Portsmouth Hampshire England
Date: May 1979 Time: afternoon
The witness was out walking when she came upon a small van parked on the road. The van was white, with what looked like blue clouds and flowers painted on it. As she approached the van, its door suddenly opened and a "midget" jumped down in front of her. She kept slowly walking as she and the short man gazed at each other.

The little midget resembled a cute "doll" with an immaculate checkered shirt and dungarees, but she was startled with his eyes, which were jet black, marble like, with two white dots where the pupils should have been. He seemed to have Eskimo features, with dull black, straight hair, roughly cut. As he passed by her she tried to look over her shoulder to see him, but her neck did not seem to respond normally.

HC addition # 3844
Source: World of The Strange Type: E

Location. Near Upper Baracatan Philippines
Date: May 1979 Time: afternoon
An American scientist and 600 Filipinos sighted a round object like a huge balloon emitting flashes of light over a high mountain peak. The object remained in the area for about 20 minutes and the scientist was able to observe it with binoculars.

He said he was able to see figures or "objects" moving inside the craft. The object had two appendages directly below it, one that produced strobe like effects. The UFO then landed in an open space behind a cluster of trees. That panicked the locals that quickly ran into their huts. No other information.

HC addition # 2319
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, FSR Vol. 25 # 6 Type: A

Location. Mirador Bairoa Puerto Rico
Date: May 1979 Time: night
There had been sightings of low level flying objects over some wooded areas near the town, when one night several children were playing in a field when they noticed a strange little man looking at them from some nearby bushes. The children ran from the area except for the oldest one that was able to observe more details on the creature.

The being had a large round head, two large round eyes, two holes where the nose would have been and no sign of a mouth. It wore dark clothing and had slumped shoulders. There was a peculiar greenish glow coming from his left hand side, the hands had four small fingers.

HC addition # 64
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: D

Location. Near Houston, Texas
Date: May 1979 Time: night

The witness was involved in an unavoidable head-on collision with a drunk driver. After being trapped in the wreckage for several hours the witness was at a local trauma unit, utterly immobilized, for almost 2 hours. He had apparently suffered a major injury to the Atlas vertebra and the attending specialist explained to him that any movement in his part could be fatal.

Later that night the witness was wide awake counting panels in the ICU ceiling, when suddenly his vision just shut off. Then he felt a sudden sense of acceleration, which grew faster and faster, he thought he was dying at this point. Then a voice---or more precisely, an "outside thought" spoke: "Release the fear." He was able to relax and as soon as he did, the acceleration stopped and his vision returned. He found himself alone, standing in a long rectangular room or chamber, made entirely of stone. Floor, ceiling, and walls everything was made of green stone.

He was lucid and started examining the wall, peering at it and touching it. Although the stone was a deep green color, its surface was a glistening crystalline, with very minute facets, like granite. Turning around 360 degrees, looking up and down, he noticed that there were no doors or windows in the structure. At the far end of the stone chamber was a row of 7 evenly spaced stone pedestals, about 3 ft tall and three ft square each. Even though he could see very clearly there was no apparent lighting source in the chamber. At this point he became aware of another presence in the room, behind him.

Turning completely around, he saw nothing, but the presence remained behind him. It was not oppressive or evil, but it was "forceful", as if trying to urge him toward a course of action…his attention was drawn to the far end of the chamber, and the "urging" became more insistent…then he was pushed toward the solid stone wall, and the sense of acceleration returned. Upon impact, he passed right through the stone into utter blackness. The acceleration continued through this blackness for a long time, it seemed, with the same unseen "presence" urging me on.

Instantly a starscape appeared around him, unlike anything he'd ever seen before. It appeared to be a three-dimensional scene, with thousands of stars of different sizes and colors moving smoothly past him. Additionally, there was a billowing "veil" of translucent pastel colors that seemed to envelope his "body" without obstructing his vision. A thought came to his mind that he wanted to be somewhere else. Instantly, the starscape changed, but was replaced by another starscape with different constellations, and he was still sailing along at a fantastic clip.

The presence was still behind him, and he could sense this in a powerful way. With determination, he again turned around and this time the "presence" was quite visible. The thing was a glowing sphere of warm orange light. It was very three-dimensional in appearance, with reddish "corona" and a depth to its colors. And it was "looking" at the witness, expectantly. It had no eyes, no nothing, but the witness had the sense that the sphere was conscious---even sentient---and was waiting for him to make the next move.

His next move was to reach toward it with his hand and ask: "What do you want?" In apparent response to his question the thing started gliding to his right and suddenly his "real" vision returned, he was back in ICU. The next day he was told that he neck was not broken and that he had suffered no cranial or brain injuries. Apparently the injuries originally found were from old childhood injuries, which the witness has no recollection of.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Experiencer.com Type: F?

Location. Chingirlau Region, Urals, Kazakhstan
Date: May 1 1979 Time: night
A flaming disc shaped object was seen crash landing in an isolated area; it partially buried itself on the ground. It was estimated to have been from 12m to 22 m in diameter. Military units quickly arrived at the site flying in helicopters. The surrounded the object and set up an observation post.

They could not approach the object since it emitted a terrific heat, even though radiation was not detected. Those present experienced strong headaches and pressure in their ears. They moved back to within 50 meters from the object. Several personnel equipped with protection suits approached the object and examined it.

Soon they heard incomprehensible sounds coming from within the object. Suddenly the visibility fell to zero and weather sharply deteriorated. The object then mysteriously disappeared, either it flew away or it was taken away. Ground traces were examined.

HC addendum
Source: Anton "Cade" Belousov, Soviet X Files List Type: F
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Did the aliens perform their own crash retrieval?

Location. Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Date: May 5 1979 Time: 2030
Report of a black metallic umbrella-shaped craft that had landed on a field. Two silvery clad figures were briefly seen standing next to the object. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Essex UFO Type: C

Location. Belo Horizonte Brazil
Date: May 5 1979 Time: midnight
Two police officers see a large saucer shaped craft land nearby as their vehicle stalled. Several humanoid figures are seen looking out some lighted windows on the craft. Ground traces are later found.

HC addition # 2421
Source: Mufon UFO Journal # 141 Type: A

Location. Santa Filomena near Lins Brazil
Date: May 13 1979 Time: 1930
A ten-year old youth saw in a pasture a luminous object hovering at ground level. Two small beings (not described) came out of the object and began signaling at the witness with their hands. The youth ran from the area while one of the short beings chased him for a few moments. He arrived home and locked himself in his room.

HC addition # 1657
Source: Dr. Walter K Buhler, Guilheme Pereira & Prof. Ney Matiel Pires
UFO Abductions at Mirassol Type: B

Location. Near Baependi, Minas Gerais Brazil
Date: May 16 1979 Time: 1030A
Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos was hunting with two friends in a wooded area when he became separated from the other two men. In a clearing, dos Santos saw an object descending towards the ground. The witness approached to within 180 meters and noticed that the object was shaped like a "telephone booth" about 1 meter ½ in height.

Apparently the witness had been carrying his KODAK camera with him and was able to snap a picture of the object, which suddenly disappeared in plain sight. He walked over to where the craft had been and suddenly saw another object descend. This other object was shaped like a toy top a little larger than the previous object and with a small propeller like apparatus on top and a long pointy protrusion on its bottom.

As the witness stood attempting to photograph this second object he heard a whooshing sound and the craft was suddenly enveloped in smoke. Approaching closer to the smoke he noticed yet another craft descending overhead, it was a 1-meter tall barrel shaped craft that balanced itself above the ground then landed. It had a large propeller at one end and was covered with red stripes. After walking for about 10 meters towards the object, this one suddenly vanished and he saw a huge egg shaped, white colored object descend to the ground.

The egg shaped craft had a pointy top, and fin-like protrusions on each side. Next to the fins the witness could see several windows. As it descended it emitted a horrible noise resembling a choking motor, as it descended to the ground, it projected 4-leg like landing pods. As the witness approached and attempted to photograph the object there was a sudden flash that temporarily blinded him, irritating his eyes.

Frightened the witness dropped the camera and ran, but after about 10 meters he suddenly stop, unable to move anymore, he felt as if someone was grabbing him from behind. As he looked behind him he noticed two men wearing helmets with visors and gloves. Behind the glass visor he could see human faces. They grabbed the witness, each grabbing one arm. He begged them to let him go in the name of God, but he received the following the answer, "In the name of God, we are all brothers, we don't harm anybody." The voice seemed to originate from a box like apparatus on their backs.

He was taken towards the landed object. As he neared it, he felt an intense cold around it. Another helmeted figure stood by a ladder from the craft, looking from side to side, apparently on guard duty. The man asked dos Santos if he had seen something that sounded to the witness like a "Zurca", which he thought it could have been one of the previous smaller objects. The man than extended his gloved hand and pulled the witness inside the craft through a square door. Inside the craft the atmosphere was pleasant and cool and there was a smell of "baby powder" in the air.

There were other men sitting around on seats in the room. He described the humanoids as man-like, wearing dark tight fitting outfits. The men had large slanted eyes, thin noses, and large mouths and they seemed to operating some type of unknown machinery. The men suddenly stood up and began conversing among themselves in an unknown language. Suddenly from out another room a heavyset woman came out, she wore a white uniform, gloves, but no helmet.

The witness described her as good looking, tanned, with long light fine hair. The woman and one of the men then took him into a corridor. He then entered a room where he saw a square shape object in the middle. The man pushed a button on the wall and the object rose up. The object resembled a large piece of marble. The woman then took out a long wand like object and pointed it at the object.

On the object the witness then saw an image of the planet Earth and other planets. At this point the man the removed his helmet and the witness could see that he had very short light colored hair. When the witness exited the object he was told to cover his eyes and not to look as the object left. He did and did not see the object depart.

HC addendum
Source: Dr Libirajara Franco Rodriguez, Maria Jose Pereira Type: G

Location. Summerville South Carolina
Date: May 17 1979 Time: 1225A
William Herrmann saw a UFO at home and felt an urge to get in his car and go to a location. In a remote spot everything became silent and an object descended and pulled him inside by means of a beam of blue light. He lost consciousness then awoke on a table. He was medically examined by short light skinned beings, with large heads and large oval shaped eyes.

They wore red tight fitting coveralls, and pullover boots, and their leader had an emblem like a winged serpent on his chest. They conversed extensively with the witness providing him different type of information. He was then taken on a ride and was allowed a view of a larger vessel in flight and of people on the surface looking up at the craft. He was eventually returned.

HC addition # 2258
Source: Wendelle C Stevens Type: G

Location. Bukit Mertajam Penang Malaysia
Date: May 19 1979 Time: 1500
Six school children reported sighting a landed object and four tiny humanoid figures near it. One of the students attempted to catch one of the creatures but was shot in the hand. The creature then shot at a brick breaking it into pieces.

Afterwards the creatures ran back into the tiny object. Another student reportedly grabbed the small object and was shocked by an electric current. The object then took off, and adult witness watched the object taking off.

HC addition # 1464
Source: Ahmed Jamaludin, A summary of UFO and
Related Events in Malaysia 50/80 Type: B

Location. Sussex England
Date: May 21 1979 Time: 2030
The witness was camping with some friends in the "Downs" area when he heard a faint humming sound and went outside to investigate. Outside there was a bright shining light. As the light came closer the witness felt being lifted up in the air by what seemed to be a magnet. He then apparently blacked out. His next memory was of lying on a cold surface with one of his friend lying next to him.

Looking to both sides of him, he saw several figures, with sparse tufts of hairs on their heads, large eyes with purple pupils. The figures came over to the witness and spoke to him in an unknown language, but they seemed friendly. They seemed to examine one of the sleeping bags. His next memory was of being on the ground again, and their sleeping bags missing.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Sightings, England Type: G

Location. Toronto Ontario Canada
Date: late May 1979 Time: 1230P
Three young brothers were leaving their high rise apartment complex with their mother on their way to school, when one of them happened to look up and see a large oval shaped craft, dark in color, with a row of transparent windows, hovering above the building.

All four cold now see about 30 figures moving back and forth behind the windows and some apparently looking down on them. There was a red light on the bottom and blue and yellow lights under the windows. Suddenly the craft shot up diagonally and disappeared, no sound was detected.

HC addition # 194
Source: Lawrence J Fenwick, Cuforn Bulletin
November/December 1988 Type: A

Location. Beserah Pahang Malaysia
Date: mid 1979 Time: 1030A
A small object was reported to have landed on the water tank on a local primary school. Several students rushed forward causing the object to ascend, it then descended again on a nearby field. Three tiny figures emerged from the object but disappeared into the bushes as the students attempted to grab them.

HC addition # 1465
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, A Summary of UFO and Related
Events in Malaysia 50/80 Type: B

Location. West Jefferson, Ohio
Date: Summer 1979 Time: morning
A truly mind-boggling report, as a couple sees a brilliant orange balloon-like object that swooped down by the back door of the house one nice summer morning. It seemed to deliberately go slowly, so that the couple ended up within touching distance of it. The basket of the balloon had three tiny man-like figures in it. One had on a black suit and the other two wore heavy black jackets with fur on them. The figure in the suit said with a very English accent, "And a good morning to you too." Then the basket rose rapidly up and out of sight.

HC addendum
Source: Don Worley, FSR Vol. 41 # 4 Type: A?

Location. Brantford Ontario Canada
Date: Summer 1979 Time: afternoon

The witness was traveling by car when a craft with bright lights descended over the highway in front of the car. The witness then sees two short humanoids standing on the side of the road. The beings are described as having large triangular shaped heads, large eyes, small mouths, and small holes for a nose. They had broad shoulders and thin necks and wore one-piece dull gray colored suits.

The witness was then floated into the craft. Inside she saw a curved corridor with many rooms. She was then examined on a small table by six small beings that communicated by using mental telepathy. The witness remembers seeing other humans being examined onboard.

HC addition # 1147
Source: Bonnie Wheeler, Cambridge UFO Research
Ontario Canada Type: G


Location. Near Mt St Helens Washington
Date: Summer 1979 Time: afternoon
The witness saw a metallic disc shaped object land near his ranch along the river. Several humanoid figures emerged from the craft. These wore shiny blue and white, one-piece suits and were apparently barefooted showing tanned legs.

They walked out into the river with some type of equipment that resembled a stainless steel thermos bottle with a handle on it. They entered the water that was about 3-feet deep, and caught several fish. After filling about 4 sacks with fish, they went back into the craft. The object emitted a loud whooshing sound and went straight up and at very high speed. The sand underneath the object was thrown in all directions.

HC addition # 2175
Source: Don Worley, TROFUS June 1980 Type: B

Location. Near Pinedale Wyoming
Date: Summer 1979 Time: night
The witness was staying in a cabin in the hills of the Wind River Range, when in a dream like state he saw a beautiful female being about 8-feet tall. She had all white hair, very large eyes, but perfectly proportionate to her face, with a very glossy look.

She wore a dress that was all white and made of some kind of feather-like material. The witness was so awed by her beauty that he actually flirted with her. He felt compassion and love from her. The day after this incident the witness saw a silver lens shaped object over the Wind River Range.

HC addition # 2915
Source: Direct From witness Type: E or D?

Location. Near Shoreham, England
Date: Summer 1979 Time: night
Joe and Sheila Harper were on the A23 road when they saw two figures wearing light-colored clothing crossing the road a short distance ahead of them. Mr. Harper flashed his headlights to warn the figures, but they instantly vanished.

HC addendum
Source: Paul Deveraux, Haunted Land Type: E

Location. Twenty-Nine Palms California
Date: June 1979 Time: 0100A
A man stationed at a local marine base was driving through the National Monument Park outside of town on a deserted stretch of road when his vehicle engine stalled. He then had a strong urge to walk out into the desert. He soon became disoriented and saw a flash of light up ahead. The light approached his position and the witness suddenly felt dizzy and fell on the sand.

Before passing out he saw a row of blinking lights approaching him. When he woke up he saw the figure of a tall woman with long blond hair and bright blue eyes with a clear ivory complexion looking down on him. She wore a tight fitting silvery outfit with boots and a high collar that went up to her chin. She helped the witness up and at this point he noticed a large metallic disc on the ground nearby, with a ramp leading to the ground. Two figures were coming down the ramp; these were human like, almost seven-foot tall, wearing tight fitting silvery outfits with dark boots and gloves.

They also wore a large mirror polished helmet that covered their faces. A third figure also came out, this one was eight-foot tall, dressed like the others but somewhat robot like. This last figure stood next to the object as if standing guard. He wore a transparent helmet and two bright red pinpoint dots of light could be seen where the eyes would have been. The witness was then taken inside the object and given a brief tour. In a large room he was shown what appeared to be military weaponry.

HC addition # 1111
Source: Aileen Edwards, On the UFO Road Again Type: G

Location. Bayamon Puerto Rico
Date: Summer 1979 Time: 1900

A young woman and her mother were traveling in their car along Puerto Rico Highway number 2 in the Bayamon area, right behind the Bayamon Commercial Center. The mother and daughter suddenly found everything becoming dark and obscure, and everything seemed to have vanished from view. They began to hear a strange humming noise, and to feel queer themselves. The car seemed to be to light.

The daughter could not feel if they were on the road and was very confused. The mother seemed to be in a trance, just gazing ahead. A strange bluish white light entered the car, and the next thing that they both remembered was being still in the car and seeing the road and the trees and the street lamps reappearing before them. They were both arriving at Arecibo, and they had no idea how they got there. Tow and half hours had elapsed and they had no memory of what had occurred during that period.

Years later under hypnosis the daughter Myriam, remember that as she was driving everything around her became dark and she was no longer aware of the road, and all she could see was a faint mistiness around the car, and all she could hear was a loud hum. Then a bluish white light came down from above and invaded the car, and she asked her mother what was happening. Then a brilliant ray of white light came into the car from the right hand side, and enveloped the mother, who disappeared.

Terrified, Myriam looked out the car, and saw that hanging above it was a large flying object, of a metallic silvery gray color. At that same moment another beam of light enveloped her too. She then found herself going out of the car through the roof, passing through it just as though it did not exist. Glancing back, she saw that the car was floating in the air at a great height, very close to the huge round object. She looked up again at the flying object, and saw that a door in the side of it was starting to open.

Then she saw that there was a very strange, very tall figure standing in the doorway. He was a humanoid being, about six ft tall, and very white, very slim. He had a large head, somewhat rounded, dark eyes, not very big, and a gentle, tender mien and look. His mouth was very small with a soft smile, and his nose was normal, but very small. He had long arms, and hands with long fingers. His entire skin was of a pale gray, whitish shade. Addressing her mentally the being said, "Come with me don't be afraid." She felt a great goodness emanate from that being.

He stretched out his hands and took hers, gripping them gently, and took her into the object. Once they were inside. He continued to tell her, telepathically, in a voice that sounded masculine, that she should not be afraid. She was then assured that her mother was all right. The entire interior of the craft was of a pearly silvery shade, very beautiful. Her next memory was that of seeing a number of other gray type entities, similar to the tall one, but very small, only about 3 ½ ft tall, and together with the all one they take her up a little curved passage to a round chamber, on one of the walls of which there is a curved protuberance which appears to be a "a sort of seat that comes out form the all itself." Everything in the chamber appears to be molded in one piece, with the sole exception of a small metallic bed, with something like a white sheet on it, standing in the middle of the chamber.

Beside the bed there is a small metallic table with a tray, also of metal, and silvery colored, with many strange instruments, and something resembling a compass. In the room there were more of the little beings. They communicate with her mentally, telling her they were going to help her. A tall being and the little ones examined her physically and at a given moment, they introduce a sort of very fine, long metallic rods into various parts of the body. They explain that they are giving her an energy reinforcement so as to improve the condition of her organism.

They apparently took samples of her body with the same rods. Then the small beings brought some strange instruments resembling clamps and fitted them into her legs. Instantly Myriam felt a powerful heat or energy rising up throughout he entire body. On the right hand wall of the chamber, several of the "little grays" were manipulating machines like computers with lots of little lights. The tall gray entity told her that she had bone cancer but that they were curing her. She was told that they were curing her mother too. After the small beings placed an instrument on Myriam's forehead resembling a compass, it began to emit flashes, at the same time the tall being explained that it was for he psyche that it was going to deepen her intuition even further.

He also explained that his species was working in one of the creation's plans, which watches over the continuity of the evolution of the worlds and of the races that inhabit them. While the tall being was explaining all this to Myriam she saw him suddenly light up, become transfigure, and a beautiful aura of light enveloped him, and simultaneously she felt a powerful sensation of love and goodness emanating from him. He also said that there are other beings resembling themselves, who are doing things with the governments. The tall being went on to describe some of the physical changes that were coming to Earth.

Soon she saw a tall, fair human type being, wearing a pearly white colored tunic of some shining material like linen. The tunic fitted tightly at the neck, and gathered on the chest in pleats, and with long sleeves down to the wrists. On his feet he had gilded sandals. Looking out through a wide curved window, she could see a lovely landscape, with great mountains. The tall blond being told her telepathically that they were at a very high spot in the Swiss Alps. Her mother, Sonia, recalled under hypnosis a powerful, cold, bluish white light above the car and a loud humming noise.

Sonia described seeing a large smooth, dark bluish metallic thing, like a great big plate, in the air above the vehicle. The craft was not entirely circular, but had a part that was quadrangular and that light was coming from the underside from a hole and that there were some white seats inside there. A little humanoid guided her into another chamber, where there were little seats fixed to the wall of the craft. As she was lying on a bed she saw two other beings, described as wearing white tunics, shining glowing. They were very tall and with very nice faces, almost angelic like.

One of them had blond hair, a silvery blond, and looked very much like the other man-like humanoid almost like twins. They were very tall and with very fine features, and one point she is introduced to a normal looking oriental humanoid wearing a black cloak like outfit. Eventually they were deposited back into their vehicle.

HC addendum
Source: Jorge Martin, FSR Vol.43 # 1 Type: G

Location. Marion Indiana
Date: June 1979 Time: 2300
The witness who was between 10 and 13 years of age at the time found himself, in a dream like state, wandering through a graveyard. He could see other people doing the same thing, apparently all headed towards some type of rendezvous. The group then reached a pond and they stood by the water not speaking to each other.

Suddenly a man, wearing all white appeared standing above the water. He began talking to the group, lecturing them on the misuses of atomic power. He said that it was going to change one day. Everyone in the group then was given a book. The man then called the witness and he stood next to him. Suddenly out of the water a large luminous triangular shaped craft emerged. The witness then found himself back home.

HC addition # 3560
Source: NUFORC Type: C or F?

Location. Paciencia Brazil
Date: June 3 1979 Time: night
Alipino Alves de Morais observed a huge luminous object descend overhead. The craft had several lighted windows and inside the witness could see several human like figures looking out. He hid in his house and watched the craft slowly ascend and disappear from sight.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro Type: A

Location. Near Dubois Wyoming
Date: June 6 1979 Time: morning
While camping in a wilderness area the witness looked up toward a sunny hole in the clouds and had an abduction like experience. He found himself in a large room while an entity surrounded by light stood at his side. He looked back on his body and walked on air toward a network structure.

There someone placed a helmet on his head and he felt expanded awareness and an inrush of information. He saw the ground from his standpoint in the air, and someone touched a small device to different places on his arm. He conversed with the beings about happiness and helping others.

HC addition # 2266
Source: Dr. Leo R Sprinkle Type: G?

Location. I-10, rural Louisiana
Date: June 15 1979 Time: 1630
The witness spotted a metallic object hovering silently above the eastbound lanes. It had a light underneath that was apparently being moved around the outside of the object, shining onto it and into a small, recessed hatch area. A humanoid figure could be seen moving the mobile light source. The object appeared to causing a mild dust disturbance below it.

HC addition # 3197
Source: NUFORC Type: A

Location. Near Oxford England
Date: June 17 1979 Time: night
Graham Allen was driving alone on the A34 road suddenly began experiencing trouble with his radio and as he looked down to work on it he realized that it was suddenly raining. He became aware that he was now on a stretch of unfamiliar road and that he had some lost time to account for. Years later he was suddenly able to remember seeing a golden yellow haze surround his car that was now stationary.

He also heard a low humming sound and saw a bright light above the car. He felt the car slowly rising up into the air. Everything became dark and he became aware of being on his back lying on a smooth surface in a very brightly-lit room there he saw three humanoid alien figures looking down on him. These had large eyes, smooth skin, the beings, who Graham was unable to describe in great detail, seemed to be doing something to him.

Suddenly Graham awoke to find himself in bed. From above there was a loud humming noise, loud enough to wake his wife and children. For years he received highly technical information through his brain from an unknown source, this apparently after the abduction.

HC addition # 1239
Source: Clive Potter, Phillip Mantle, and Andrew Walmsley
UFO Universe May 1990 Type: G

Location. Mirassol Sao Paolo Brazil
Date: June 18 1979 Time: 0300A

The witness was returning home from his job as a security guard when a metallic oval shaped craft landed on three legs near his home. Three humanoids came out and paralyzed him with red beams of light from boxes that they carried on their chests. The beings also carried boxes on their backs and had an insignia on their chests.

He floated with the beings into the object and then passed out. Under hypnosis he remembered traveling to a larger craft where he found himself in a dark room with small lights and star maps. Ten to twelve humanoids were in the room with him. They were of two different types. Some were green skinned, with black smooth hair, thin lips, thin noses, pointed ears, and large eyes. The others were similar but had brown skin, crinkly hair, dark eyes, and thick lips.

All were about four-foot tall and wore white uniforms and gloves. He was taken to another room and laid on a couch, a naked woman the entered the room. She was human like with black slanted eyes, brown skin, large head, red hair, and very foul breath. He resisted her advances but was forcibly restrained. The beings spoke in an unknown language among themselves but by telepathy with the witness. He was given the impression that they were conducting genetic experiments and were interested in reproduction.

HC addition # 469
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of A mystery Type: G

Location. Rauma Finland
Date: June 19 1979 Time: 1230

The two witnesses that lived in a rural area were sitting in their living room with the window opened when one of them caught sigh of a silvery gray metallic cupola shaped object resting on the ground not to far away. The bottom of the object was blue black in color and it was emitting a blue-black beam of light form its middle section. The beam briefly swept the nearby woods then switched off. Both witnesses had now seen the object and one of them decided to have a closer look.

This witness walked very close to the object and was able to see that it rested on small metallic legs. The upper part of the object was transparent and inside two small humanoids could be seen. These were described a very "ugly" with crooked beak like noses and covered with green brown spots, they had large bulging eyes, pointed chins, large mouths and pointed ears. Both wore shiny gray helmets with antennae with a yellow line on the middle. They also wore black gloves and clothing.

The witness was also able to see numerous gauges and levers inside the object. The being nearest to the witness made a sudden move and the witness was suddenly blinded and fell back. The craft then took off emitting a whistling sound. The witness eyes were irritated for the next several hours and he was briefly in a state of shock.

HC addition # 792
Source: Juhani Kyrolainen & Pekka Teerikorpi
FSR Vol. 27 # 3 Type: A

Location. Joao Pessoa Paraiba Brazil
Date: June 20 1979 Time: 0030A
Near the local forest preserve two men were walking back home engaged in conversation when suddenly from behind a light pole a strange figure emerged. The creature had a horrible appearance according to the men, it was about 5-feet tall, with an oval shaped head, with huge fiery orange reddish eyes. It had very short arms, resembling chicken feet, with sharp claws.

It had a crest like protuberance on its head. Its legs were thick and robust looking. As they watched, the creature, it began approaching them, terrified they ran from the area towards the nearby road, where they apparently hitched a ride from the site. (Precursor to the Chupacabra?? The similarities are undeniable)

HC addition # 3862
Source: Gilberto de Melo Type: E

Location. Oakenholt Flint Wales
Date: June 23 1979 Time: 2300
The witness was lying in bed unable to fall sleep when suddenly she became dizzy while looking at the ceiling. She then found herself traveling along a dark tunnel. At the end of the tunnel she could see some human like figures apparently waiting for her. She then found herself surrounded by light and standing in a field, which contained trees, grass, and a stream.

A male and a female alien then approached her. The male was wearing a green top and had "wing like" protrusions on his shoulders. The female wore a pink dress that reached down to her knees. Standing in between them was a 2 to 3 year old boy dressed similarly to the male alien. A short conversation with the aliens ensued.

Then the female touched the witness hand and she suddenly found herself flying over a fascinating city that nestled beneath a very large and dark red sun. Here another conversation took place. Later the witness found herself back in the black tunnel then back on her bed.

HC addition # 1791
Source: Nigel Watson, Portraits of Alien Encounters Type: G or F?

Location. Turgay Kazakhstan
Date: late June 1979 Time: unknown

Several children at a holiday camp encountered five to eight very tall dark humanoids about 8-foot tall with three fingers and no thumbs. The children were chased by the beings. Other campers including a teacher saw the beings also. Military personnel saw an object hovering over some local woods during the same time.

HC addition # 577
Source: Jacques Vallee, UFO Chronicles of The
Soviet Union Type: D

Location. Monteregie City-St Alexandre, Quebec, Canada
Date: July 1979 Time: unknown
A 19-year old youth claims he saw a tall gray hairy figure with glowing red eyes in a forested area. He shot at it apparently wounding it. The creature ran into the woods and disappeared, emitting loud howls. Police apparently investigated the case.

HC addendum
Source: Donald Cyr, Quebec Type: E

Location. Wakefield Yorkshire England
Date: July 1979 Time: 1400
Six children were playing football in some nearby fields close to their home when they noticed a very bright silvery colored light in the sky. The light moved across the sky until it stopped directly in front of them. After about 6 seconds the object descended vertically beyond a hill directly in front of the children. The children then ran to the top of the hill. From this vantage point they observed a silver dome shaped object apparently on the ground.

And next to the object stood 3 seven-foot tall silver suited figures that appeared to have dark very short hair. All three figures wore boots and had a dark object in their hands that they waved it over the grass as if scanning for something. An adult witness was summoned and she also saw the object and figures. As the children moved toward the figures, these looked up and walked behind the object at a fast pace. The object then took off vertically and moved slowly away.

HC addition # 2322
Source: Philip Mantle Type: C

Location. Sangonera La Verde Murcia Spain
Date: July 1 1979 Time: 0030A
Four young men were riding up a wooded path looking for bird nests when as the neared the wooded hill, they saw a potent yellowish white light that effected circular movements over the hill top area. Rounding a curve the witnesses were bathed by a brilliant yellowish light. The light remained over the area. An hour later the witnesses saw a very tall human like figure come out of the woods and walk towards them, stopping 8 meters away.

The being wore a white shiny top with two large pockets, tight fitting black pants and his head was covered by an oblong helmet with a dark glass like visor, as the being moved towards the witness these fled in terror, as they rod away on their motorcycles they saw a bright light ascend at a 90 degree trajectory. Footprints were found at the scene.

HC addition # 93
Source: Ballester Olmos, and Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros cercanos con Ovnis Type: C

Location. Near Guaynabo Puerto Rico
Date: July 6 1979 Time: 1715
Maria was driving alone on the Carretera Guaynabo on a clear and sunny day when suddenly everything became dark around her. Afraid she began screaming and crying. Suddenly she noticed an entity sitting next to her in the car. Here next memory was of being in a room with four other entities. She was apparently abducted for five days then returned to her vehicle in another city. She described the entities as small wearing bright white clothing.

Some wore headgear others not. They were bald and had small "beautiful" eyes. Four of the beings appeared to be feminine, since Maria could see the outline of what appeared to be small breasts on their chest area. Maria spoke to a being that called himself "Eknock" that told her she had been contacted since she was 5-years old. He also warned of impending world disasters, but said they would intervene.

She was given some type of physical examination in which blood was extracted from her. She was also given a sponge or brush bath and her hair was shaved off for an unknown purpose. She also saw 3 other "earthlings" onboard and was able to talk to them. The beings also spoke of a coming third world war.

HC addition # 3317
Source: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo Type: G

Location. Schiedam The Netherlands
Date: July 13 1979 Time: midnight

After seeing bright nocturnal lights maneuvering over the area for several nights the two witnesses were standing in the balcony of their third floor apartment when they watched a large Saturn-shaped object appear from behind a nearby apartment complex. A snoring type sound seemed to be coming from the object as it slowly floated above the parking lot.

According to the male witness he saw three tall black slender figures through portholes on the object, the female witness thought that there was a glass like partition in the central part of the object and inside she could se the tall slender figures. The craft eventually disappeared behind some nearby buildings.

HC addition # 2088
Source: Wim Van Utrecht Type: A

Location. Near Pushkino Russia
Date: middle of July 1979 Time: daytime
A group of boy scouts had gone into a wooded area to gather tree branches when they encountered a strange object on the ground among the bushes. It was a bowl shaped object with a dome and spiral on top with a round window on the middle of the dome. One boy attempted to approach the object but was hurled back by an invisible barrier.

Inside the window they all could see a being of average height that appeared to be wearing metallic armor. His head was metallic and triangular in shape and appeared to have horns on its side. He had hands with four digits and his whole body seemed to be encased in dark metal.

The object began to rise emitting a light blue cloud from its bottom; it stopped briefly then shot away at high speed. The shrubs under the object were carbonized and a black circle remained on the spot.

HC addition # 562
Source: Felix Zigel, in UFO Landings in The USSR
And other Countries Type: A

Location. Nimes France
Date: July 15 1979 Time: 0400A
The witness is sleeping at home when his car alarm is suddenly activated. He goes outside to investigate and sees a glowing object hovering 2 meters from the ground. It had multicolored lights and was shooting flashes of light up into the sky. An opening becomes visible at one end of the glowing object and a short squat figure with thick arms and legs and a round body appeared. It began moving slowly towards the witness that ran back inside the house. Three other witnesses saw the lights.

HC addition # 1725
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: B

Location. San Antonio Texas
Date: July 15 1979 Time: night

A couple sighted three large glowing balls of light hovering outside their home. They watched as five strange creatures floated down from the balls of light, the beings were described as thin, with grayish skin, large heads, and large dark oval shaped eyes.

The man ran to get his gun, but suddenly both him and his wife were overcome with sleepiness. The next memory they had was waking up in the morning to find the man's shotgun totally dismantled and placed on the kitchen table. Later a frightening abduction was recalled under hypnosis. (No details on this one)

HC addition # 254
Source: Preston Dennett, Mufon UFO Journal # 299 Type: G

Location. Turis Valencia Spain
Date: July 25 1979 Time: 1130A
A 54-year old farmer was driving to some grape fields, just south of the village when he encountered a brilliant white object in the middle of the roadway blocking the access to the grape field. As he drove on and approached to within four meters of the craft he could see that it was a half egg shaped object with a smooth shiny white surface, about 2.20 meters tall and 2.50 meters wide. It rested on four brown colored supports.

Suddenly from out of some nearby bushes emerged two identical beings that ran quickly towards the object and entered it on its left side. The beings were described as very short wearing wide loose fitting coveralls, brilliant white in color, that covered the whole body except for the face and hands, the coveralls appeared to be inflated.

They both wore large black eye covers or visors and had small black oval shaped feet, and had short arms that were kept close to the body. The moment the beings entered the object, it lifted up and flew away silently. Ground traces were found on the site.

HC addition # 103
Source: Ballester Olmos and Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros cercanos con Ovnis Type: B

Location. Near Canoga Park California
Date: July 25 1979 Time: night

The witness recalled under regressive hypnosis that she had left her car to look at a bright light. She then found herself inside an object and strapped to a metallic table. She was examined by a tall robot like being with a small head, no shoulders, nose or mouth. He poked her with three fingered hands. Every time she was touched she felt an electric shock. Other beings were in the background but were not clearly seen.

HC addition # 321
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore Type: G

Location. Brooklyn New York
Date: August 1979 Time: 0130A
John Velez was walking home after being out with friends and as he reached the corner of 62 Street he saw a van sized football shaped light hovering above the buildings. Terrified he began running away from the area. His next memory was of daylight and of being back home. His eyes were hurting and he had bloodstains on his shirt.

Later under hypnosis he recalled seeing three gray little beings with large black eyes floating towards him from behind a hedge near his house. He began gasping for breath and felt a buzzing in his head. He then saw an object with a flashing red light hovering overhead. Very gently two of the little beings grabbed his arms then a spotlight shone on him and the little beings, suddenly he felt flying through the air and into the object.

His clothing was then removed and he found himself on top of a table. He then saw a large being resembling a praying mantis approach him. It held a very slim "wand" which it inserted up Velez's nose. Another being probed his eyes. His next memory is of being tucked in bed by several of the short gray beings.

HC addition # 3215
Source: Peter Brookesmith, Alien Abductions Type: G

Location. St. Paul Minnesota
Date: August 1979 Time: 0200A
The witness awoke to the sound of her dog barking. The dog was kept outside on a long chain. It had been barking about the same time each night, for the last 5 nights. She got up to take a look. Upon checking she saw that the dog was glaring at a clearing in the wooded strip between her front yard and the road. There she saw a figure come into view.

The entity was basically human in appearance, about 4-feet tall, with a rounded head and no other discernible feature. As the witness watched, the entity bounded twice. The first bound was from the edge of the woods to at least 5 feet lower on the hill, into her front yard. The second bound took it to the wooded path where their driveway meets the road, disappearing from view. Other dogs in the neighborhood began barking at this time.

HC addition # 2574
Source: Craig R Lang, Minnesota Mufon Type: E

Location. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Date: August 1979 Time: afternoon

Four young Amish men working in a field were suddenly approached by what they at first took to be a naked man walking with strange, bouncing steps. Suddenly afraid, they noticed that the creature had arms and legs, and a face with semi human features. It was covered with coarse, sandy hair, and bounded along in a strange hopping motion resembling that of a kangaroo.

Whatever the thing was it came to within less than 100 ft of the four men, at which point one of the witnesses said he felt "a stabbing sensation, like an electrical jolt." He had the eerie feeling that something was inside of him. He felt strange things happen to his brain and nervous system. He could hear himself crying out, shouting words that made no sense to him.

He could not understand where the words had come from. Then the creature opened his mouth and began shouting at him in the same foreign language. Eventually the creature ran off at superhuman speed and disappeared from view on some nearby woods.

HC addendum
Source: Phillip L Rife, America's Nightmare Monsters Type: E

Location. Toronto Ontario Canada
Date: August 1979 Time: evening
While looking for a lost kitten, a man named Ernest, accidentally entered into a small opening off Parliament Street in the downtown area. The cave was pitch black and he had to use his flashlight in order to see better. Suddenly he came upon a short, 3-foot tall thin creature, with glowing orange-red slanted eyes.

It had long large teeth and it was covered with slate gray fur. The creature then said "Go away, go away," in a hissing voice, then ran off down the tunnel off to one side. Ernest ran and left the "cave" and did not return.

HC addition # 2128
Source: Commander X, UFO Universe Summer 1995 Type: E

Location. Lerida Catalonia Spain
Date: August 1979 Time: night

The witness along with a friend was staying in her second floor apartment when she began to feel an oppressive atmosphere around her, especially in her head, wrist, and ankles. She suddenly floated out the open window and then vaguely recalls being in a huge dome full of crying people. Two men that took her into a gray metallic clinical looking room suddenly seized her. She was left lying on a bed.

Next to her stood two very tall beings wearing white robes, they had shoulder length gold colored hair, but she could not recall any facial features, another tall being appeared and took her by the hand. This being had a serene beautiful human face full of wisdom and compassion. She later awoke in her bed after she had felt a sting like a pinprick.

HC addition # 210
Source: Antonio Ribera, Intl. UFO Magazine
Vol. # 2 Type: G

Location. Buckfast Close Macclesfield England
Date: August 1979 Time: night
The witness had been visiting a friend's house when she suddenly felt a presence outside. Looking out she saw a giant figure at least ten-foot tall, it was silvery in color with no facial features and a dome shaped head, it had huge shoulders, but no arms or legs were visible. The figure was glowing brilliantly. As the witness shouted to the others the figure vanished in a flash of light.

HC addition # 959
Source: UFONS # 246 Type: E

Location. Garden Grove, California
Date: August 1979 Time: night
27-year old Thomas Puzzo was getting ready to go to bed when he heard the screen door rattling, he went to check and found nobody at the door. Soon he fell asleep and soon was experiencing a state of sleep very difficult to describe. He found himself in a wheel barrel going down a steep slope in the side of a street that was in complete darkness.

He soon hit bottom and tumbled out of the barrel. He found himself squatting near a picket fence in bright sunlight. In front of him was a 4' by 3' wooden brooder. Hesitantly he looked inside and saw four horses and seven cows that were about 1" long. They walked around the brooder mooing & braying. Then he looked behind him over the large picket fence, there he saw six UFOs in a V formation. One of the objects swiftly flew near him emitting a large beam of white light around him. Scared he ran under a nearby avocado tree.

As he squatted under the tree he felt pinch on his left arm and immediately he felt a paralyzing substance traveling through his blood stream. Then somebody grabbed him by his arms and said: "Come with me, I won't hurt you." This person picked him up and began walking with him. He described the "person" as seven feet tall with a baldhead and round eyes. He wore a white a one-piece, space suit. The collar of this suit was large and it was turned up.

They walked for about 50 ft to a shadowy area in the trees where he saw a white painted UFO with a white ramp. Puzzo and the tall being boarded the UFO and he was taken into a room to the right. He was told to sit on a table similar to a doctor's examining table. Soon he noticed seven gray colored humanoids scurrying around him. They seemed to be busy and ignored Puzzo. The grays were about 3-½ ft tall.

The tall being stood next to him and told him to look at a movie screen directly to his left. Soon the witness heard some banging noises and found himself back in his bed suffering from an uncanny craving for cinnamon. Later that night as he went to sleep he noticed a short fairy like creature holding a silvery wand that touched his head several times. Each time he was touched with the silver wand he would see visions of destruction and violence.

HC addendum
Source: I was Aducted.com Type: G

Location. Gorliz Vizcaya Spain
Date: August 1979 Time: 2345
Two female friends were both talking at the entrance of their tent at a local camping area where they were vacationing when out of the bushes a strange creature stepped out, at first they thought it was a dog, but when it passed in front of the pair and turned to look at them, they then realized that it was not a dog. It was described as generally humanoid in appearance, about five-foot tall; it walked kind of hunched over and had two very long dangling arms.

The whole body appeared to be covered with a thick dark leathery skin, it lacked ears and lips and had a large mouth, it had large protruding eyes, and black hair apparently combed back. Its face emanated a feeling of "kindness" according to the witnesses. One of the ladies attempted to shine a flashlight at the creature but it malfunctioned, the being left the area climbing up the side of a hill, minutes later three other similar beings emerged from the brush and walked extremely quickly following the first one's path.

At this point the witnesses became hysterical and began screaming, alerting the other camp residents, but the beings had now vanished. Moments later a large circular luminous object was seen flying over the hilltop illuminating the area like daytime. Apparently tracks were found in the area.

HC addition # 90
Source: Ballester Olmos and Fernandez Peri, Enciclopedia
De Los Encuentros cercanos con Ovnis Type: C?

Location. Parana state Brazil, exact location not given
Date: August 1979 Time: late night
The witness was on her way to visit a neighbor when an eerie fog-like light that lifted her up into a hovering disc shaped object suddenly engulfed her. The occupants of the disc were human like and wore tight fitting leather like outfits. They treated her well and gave her a viscous, tasteless liquid to drink, before returning her back to the ground. They told her that they were concerned about the pollution on earth.

HC addition # 325
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore, quoting
Machlin and Beckley Type: G

Location. St. Paul Minnesota
Date: August 1979 Time: late night
The witness was sitting in her living room when she observed a small human like form emerging from what she assumed was one of the children's rooms. The form appeared in the hallway, and then disappeared, apparently entering the bathroom. After a time no child or figure re-emerged from the bathroom, she called out thinking there might be a problem. When she got no answer, she went to investigate. She found the bathroom empty and no lights were on.

HC addition # 2575
Source: Craig R Lang, Minnesota Mufon Type: E

Location. Le Delus Ile D'Oleron France
Date: August 2 1979 Time: 0230A

The two witnesses were driving through town when they noticed a green flash of light overhead and two bright spheres descend. One of the objects shot towards the rear of the vehicle while the other descended close to the ground. A large rectangular shaped opening becomes visible and three humanoid figures are seen descending a ladder. The witnesses drove away from the area.

HC addition # 1734
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: B

Location. Canoga Park California
Date: August 4 1979 Time: 2235

A 60-year old woman and her grandson watched an object approach their location from the west. It then hovered silently nearby above an apartment building, it was described as a domed saucer, the dome was transparent, and two humanoid figures could be seen inside. They appeared to have oversized heads, but were human in shape. The object then tilted to one side and flew behind some trees to the west.

HC addition # 157
Source: Walt Greenewald, IUR Vol. 4 # 3 Type: A

Location. Alegrette, Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Date: August 9 1979 Time: daytime
During a UFO conference while General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa was at the podium to began his speech, a bizarre man like figure, baldheaded, and wearing strange shiny clothing fired a bright violet color beam at the speaker, that instantly paralyzed him. After two police officers attempted to approach the being a bright light blinded and paralyzed them. Apparently the strange figure disappeared during the confusion. The police officers had to be treated by a doctor.

HC addendum
Source: Fabio Picasso Type: E

Location. Czluchow Poland
Date: August 10 1979 Time: evening
A local resident was putting out his boat on the local lake when he noticed a long dark object moving over the surface of the water. It was moving very fast and in silence producing no waves, it disappeared behind a rock. A second witness also saw the object and with his two dogs went to investigate the shoreline. As he neared the lake he spotted two beings clad in back that were walking towards the forest.

The beings wore what appeared to be black divers outfits that covered them completely except at eye level where they had a kind of glass visor. Both had very wide hips and had a sort of hump on the back on their necks, they appeared to glide just above the ground. The witness dogs ran in the direction of the beings but these stopped and looked at the dogs that suddenly stopped and ran back towards the witness.

The beings then increased their speed and disappeared into the forest. The witness went into the woods looking for the beings then observed a brightly glowing rectangular shaped object just above the treetops. The object emitted blue beams of light from its sides then suddenly disappeared.

HC addition # 786
Source: Bronislaw Rzepecki, FSR Vol. 33 # 1 Type: C

Location. Near Ashland Oregon
Date: August 11 1979 Time: 2100

Two campers saw white beams of light shining down next to their tents. Moments later several translucent humanoids entered their tents and study the campers. No other information.

HC addition # 2420
Source: UFONS # 309 Type: C?

Location. Lumut Perak Malaysia
Date: August 11 1979 Time: 2200

Several students at a local vocational institute reported encountering three hung ten-foot tall hairy creatures that had red shiny eyes and were able to appear and disappear into thin air at a moments notice. The school was temporarily closed after widespread panic.

HC addition # 371
Source: Ahmad Jamaludin, Summary of UFO and Related
Events in Malaysia 1950/1980 Type: E

Location. Toronto Ontario Canada
Date: August 14 1979 Time: evening
The 14-year old witness felt drawn to a field where she had previously seen low flying UFO's, there she saw an arrow shaped craft approach and land. Four shadowy figures emerged from the object, the witness then blacked out. Later under hypnosis she recalled being inside a craft with another man that told her he was from a nearby town. She also saw a cat onboard.

The beings onboard were apparently transparent and communicated via telepathy. They told her that they were crystal beings dependent on light. Before returning she was apparently given a ride onboard the object and remembers seeing a red unknown world.

HC addition # 410
Source: Richard Hall, Uninvited Guests Type: G

Location. Lussac France
Date: August 15 1979 Time: 2300
A man driving near the village suddenly saw a short humanoid standing on the roadway completely illuminated by the vehicle's headlight. Apparently at this point the vehicle engine stalled also. The being had long arms and wore a tight fitting outfit with a transparent helmet. The being then quickly ran into the bushes and disappeared.

HC addition # 1733
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: E

Location. Istra Moscow Russia
Date: August 16 1979 Time: 1700

Near this location a lone witness observed a landed mushroom shaped object on a field. Near the object stood two short humanoids. No other information.

HC addition # 1467
Source: Boris Chourinov, Cuadernos De Ufologia
Vol. 15 # 2, 1993 Type: C

Location. East Didsbury England
Date: August 19 1979 Time: evening

A woman and her two children were picking wild flowers on the river bank besides some open land when they noticed a flash of light with shades of pink orange and silver above a nearby golf course. Soon they saw a curious object descending towards the ground, apparently crash landing. The witnesses ran up the embankment to obtain a better view of the object, which they described as resembling a gondola with curved base and a girder like structure, with a reddish glow on its top.

The witnesses were somehow attracted towards the object and began walking towards it. Next thing they knew they were running away, the grass around them swaying as if in a strong wind. The object could be seen flying silently away. After the incident the mother and daughter developed strange lesions on their legs and the young son had nightmares. Under hypnosis the mother was able to recall several strange beings with elongated heads and "puppet like" faces. She was examined on a table by some sort of light beam.

HC addition # 1583
Source: Peter Hough and Jenny Randles, Mysteries
Of The Mersey Valley Type: G

Location. Sitio Dentro, Rio Grande do Norte Brazil
Date: August 26 1979 Time: late night

Two men were walking back home late at night when they suddenly saw a huge bright light appear above them, illuminating the area like daytime. They looked up and saw a huge object coming towards them. They could see two beings inside the object through a transparent window. The beings could be seen from the waist up and looked almost identical to each other.

Both men ran behind a house and squatted by a wall trying to hide from the object. The object then passed over a nearby bar making a very loud noise. The next morning they discovered that the roof of the bar had been tore off and several rafters had broken. One of the men felt sick for three days after the encounter.

HC addition # 2594
Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone Type: A

Location. Near Winchester Virginia
Date: August 28 1979 Time: 2300
The witness, a truck driver was going southbound on route 17 when he noticed a bright light approaching his truck from behind. He felt himself and the truck being levitated into the object. Inside the object he met several man-like occupants wearing surgeon type clothing, these men were totally normal except that they had numbers printed across their foreheads as if for identification purposes.

The witness was taken to a city that he was told was beyond "Alpha Centauri." He said they had stopped briefly on the moon. The aliens told the witness that they were here to prevent a nuclear holocaust on earth, but that time was short.

HC addition # 322
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore Type: G

Location. Wroclaw, Poland
Date: August 29 1979 Time: 1600
Two primary school students were walking home after school through Zachodni Park. As they were walking along one of the alleys they saw a strange disc shaped object, with two silvery garbed humanoids standing next to it, and one inside (the top of the disk was a glass like dome). The witnesses ran to get additional witnesses but upon returning to the site the object and its occupants were gone.

HC addendum
Source: Tymoteusz Tobala & Marcin Mioduszewski
CBUFOIZA, Poland Type: C & A

Location. Mt. Cameron Tasmania Australia
Date: August 29 1979 Time: 1930
The witness had gone outside to investigate the reason her dog was barking when she noticed a bright light above a nearby mountain, which accelerated down and towards her. The witness apparently subconsciously told the object to retreat which it then did. Subsequently the witness saw an apparition of a small humanoid (not described) that was in a seated position.

HC addition # 1166
Source: Mark Moravec, PSIUFO Phenomena Type: F?

Location. Chicago Illinois
Date: August 29 1979 Time: 2200
The 47-year old witness living southwest of the city watched a huge blimp like structure passing over her house at treetop level, through the luminous yellow hull, apparently transparent, four different types of 3-foot tall humanoids could be seen, (not described). The object made a loud humming and roaring sound as if left the area. No other witnesses were located.

HC addition # 292
Source: IUR Vol. 5 # 1 Type: A

Location. Surry Maine
Date: late August 1979 Time: 2200
Two witnesses watched through a second story window of their house a small transparent craft dimly lit by a yellowish light and shaped like a large light bulb hovering outside, just 2 feet from the house. Inside there was a single occupant described as very thin with a slightly triangular shaped head with slanted eyes, he appeared to be wearing some sort of tunic.

He sat on a square pale blue box and his hand extended to a control panel. He seemed to be about four-foot tall and appeared to turn and look at the witnesses. The craft and being suddenly disappeared in plain sight. There had been other low level sightings of similar crafts in the area.

HC addition # 355
Source: Cufos Associate Newsletter, Vol. 5 # 2 Type: A

Location. Michigan, exact location not given
Date: Fall 1979 Time: 0330A
The two witnesses were parked on a deserted dead end street when suddenly they were startled by the appearance of what they thought was another vehicle. But gradually they discerned that it was really a bell shaped craft that gave off an eerie light.

Moments later the terrified witnesses saw next to the object a four-foot tall human like figure with a head slightly larger in proportion to the rest of the body. It wore a snug fitting body suit and was holding in one hand what appeared to be a small metallic pail. No other information.

HC addition # 1921
Source: Kenneth Ring PhD. "The Omega Project" Type: C

Location. Monterrey Mexico
Date: Fall 1979 Time: 2200

The witness (source) had gotten up to go to the kitchen in order to get something to eat. The kitchen was located by the patio, which was divided by a curtained window. Suddenly there was a movement behind the curtain and the witness was stunned to see a tall winged man-like figure standing on a table in the patio. It had shiny black hair, and a pair of huge bat-like wings.

The witness was unable to see its head. The startled witness clumsily ran out in order to attempt to capture the being, knocking down several items in the process, but as he stepped out the strange creature had completely disappeared.

HC addition # 2953
Source: Marco A Reynoso Type: A

Location. Catskill Forest Reserve, New York
Date: September 1979 Time: 0100A
Two campers were awakened by noises and saw a faintly luminous object resembling a stream lined camper trailer with a smooth irregular shape and a spinning unit in one end. There was a tall luminous figure with dark eyes standing next to it; the figure had a series of diagonal slashes on one cheek. Suddenly three more similar beings appeared. The men became frightened and left. Later both vaguely recalled being taken into an object. No other information.

HC addition # 424
Source: Fortean Times # 31, quoting Budd Hopkins Type: G?

Location. Oakenholt, Flint Wales
Date: September 1979 Time: afternoon
A six-year old witness reported encountering a landed object on a field; it was a domed craft with windows sitting on 4 legs. Three beings emerged from the object. They were humanoids with large ears and eyes, about 5-feet tall and with clawed hands. They communicated with each other by means of chirping sounds, and demonstrated a ray gun for the boy when they spotted him. They then went back into the object.

HC addition # 2235
Source: Jenny Randles, and Paul Whetnall Type: B

Location. Portsmouth Hampshire England
Date: September 1979 Time: evening
The witness was in her front garden when she noticed movement within a large bush, which was in the garden. Everything seemed unnaturally still, not a breath of wind. Slowly, the bush began to part in two or three places. She was then amazed to see faces, seemingly those of children. Realizing that those were not children, she froze, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end.

The creatures she was seeing reminded her of elves, or pixies and the like. They did not seem to be totally solid looking and the bushes covered their lower bodies. As their misshapen hands extended out towards her she ran indoors, trying to scream but could not. Later still frightened, she came down and looked nervously outside.

The "elves" were gone, but she saw walking towards her down the bridle path near her home, a dark figure lit by an aura that move with it, showing its short curly hair and the shape of its face, but not its features. Apparently her neighbor had seen a similar figure.

HC addition # 3845
Source: The World of The Strange Type: E

Location. Petushka Russia
Date: September 2 1979 Time: 1700
The witness was out picking mushrooms in a wooded area when he came upon a large shiny metallic mushroom shaped craft on the ground. The bottom half of the craft emitted a soft pink light and the top domed section was encased in an orange mist. The craft appeared to be spinning and emitting luminous flashes from its edges.

Two short men emerged from the object; these were strongly built with broad shoulders and strong chests. They wore black tight fitting suits that covered their entire body; it had two small slits at eye level. They were talking among themselves in a speech that sounded more like the twittering of birds than anything else.

They appeared to inspect the object, and then were apparently sucked up into it and the object left. On the spot where the object had rested the soil was found to be totally sterile with all living organisms completely missing.

HC addition # 835
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 27 # 5 Type: B

Location. Near Gateshead England
Date: September 3 1979 Time: night

Following a series of low level sightings by the witness and her family, the witness woke up to see a small metallic disc shaped object inside her bedroom. A dozen small men like beings now appeared, these were 2 ½ foot tall, with large heads and eyes and feminine features.

They wore white uniforms and cloaks. They walked up to her bed and examined her. The witness was paralyzed during the encounter. She later reported a further incident with an entity. No other information.

HC addition # 764
Source: John Watson, Northern UFO News # 74 Type: C?

Location. Oakenholt Wales
Date: September 14 1979 Time: past midnight
A beam of light shone through the witness window and she felt dizzy. She then rose into a tunnel and met two aliens in a field. A huge craft hovered nearby and a beam of light lifted her inside. The interior consisted of one large room with 3 other aliens and an almost human appearing girl of about 19.

The room contained a portrait of an older being, apparently a leader. After a 30-minute trip the beings showed her an alien zoo with many bizarre animals. The beings communicated with the witness and then said goodbye, she then found herself back in bed again.

HC addition # 2234
Source: Jenny Randles, and Paul Whetnall Type: G

Location. Barrio La Gloria Mendoza Argentina
Date: September 19 1979 Time: night
The witness, a military man, woke up in the middle of the night unable to sleep; he lit a cigarette and walked over to the kitchen area, his family still sleeping. He leaned on the kitchen window ledge then pulled the curtain aside, he was then surprised to see a circular gray metallic object on the ground near his house.

A short human like figure suddenly appeared next to the object, he wore a very white outfit with what appeared to be a bright green visor where the eyes would have been. The witness sensed some type of telepathic message but could not recall its contents and does not remember how the figure and the object left.

HC addition # 376
Source: Richard Heiden, quoting Banchs Type: C

Location. Sztum Poland
Date: September 21 1979 Time: 2100
Miroslaw Goralski and Krzysztof Kobus had been working in the garden and were cleaning their tools when a UFO (seen by one as a "ring" and by the other from a different angle as "two silver deltas connected by a cross") descended abruptly into the enclosure. Both men experienced a squeaking or high frequency sound in their heads. As they approached to investigate they were engulfed by a dense white "fog" and illuminated by bright light. They felt inertial effects as if rising at high speed.

Kobus propped himself against a soft object like an "armchair," which later vanished and experienced a kaleidoscope of colors and odd sensations as if ideas were flowing into his brain from an external source. Goralski asked questions to supposed unseen entities and obtained partial answers in unspecified fashion. "What is matter?" he asked. The answer, "The most important attribute of matter is its ability to pervade through other matter."

Goralski leaned over to the edge of the "fog" and could clearly see the town below. He experienced a visual display like a "time tunnel," including people in costumes of bygone days. Suddenly they fell as if from a height of about 30 cm and landed back in the garden. Goralski ran home, arriving at 2130. The witnesses were submitted to psychological testing, which showed normal personalities.

HC addendum
Source: Emilia Popik, Mufon UFO Journal # 150 Type: G?

Location. Talco Chile
Date: September 25 1979 Time: unknown
In a farming region a peasant out plowing the fields encountered a landed disc shaped craft. A tall humanoid emerged from the object and briefly chased the peasant. The humanoid caught up with the farmer placing his hand on his shoulders. Later the farmer was treated at a local hospital for 2nd and third degree burns on the shoulder area, apparently caused by the humanoid's touch.

HC addition # 1075
Source: Saga 1980 UFO Annual Type: B

Location. Monsey New York
Date: September 26 1979 Time: 1700
A witness watched a saucer shaped craft hovering above some nearby power lines. The craft emitted a soft humming sound and was about 35 ft in diameter. On the bottom of the object there was a ring of rotating colored lights and on the upper section was a circular row of windows and at the top there was an antenna like projection. The witness stood about 80 feet away and was able to see shadowy figures appearing at the windows. The object then flew away straight up at incredible speed.

HC addendum
Source: NUFORC Type: A

Location. Yaroslavl Russia
Date: late September 1979 Time: midnight
The witness was sleeping on the bed, head to the window, or, more precisely, to the portable TV set that was located on the bedside table between the bed and the window. The sound system of the TV was not working after an unspecified accident. The witness suddenly woke up to a strong feeling of danger---a terrible, mortal danger.

The feeling was so definite and violent that at the very moment of awakening the instinct of self-preservation went into action: he did not open his eyes, nor moved, still breathing steadily. Obeying the voice of reason and instinct the witness began to open his eyes slowly and carefully. Still not moving he examined the space in front of him: there was nothing there, but the feeling of extreme danger did not disappear. Utterly confused, I remained in bed, fearing something, indefinite.

Then he realized that the source of danger was situated at the back. Very slowly he began turning leaning on his left elbow. Having finished the turn, he froze in complete surprise. Somehow his portable TV set looked completely different. Neither its size, nor contours changed, but it now looked like a stone monolith of greenish gray color. And right in the center off the "screen" there stuck out a small semicircular cap consisting of a transparent substance; it was about 3 cm in diameter and jutted out form the "screen" to the same distance. Behind the cap he could see some "dense and viscous" light of crimson red color that did not illuminate anything in the room.

The astonished witness could not think of what to do and just lay back in bed. The feeling of danger did not disappear, he lay in bed, drenched in sweat and inanely staring into space. Suddenly, at his feet, in the space between the low back of the bed and another bedside table, there occurred a swift motion: a small being impetuously ran over his legs and sat down on his belly. He could not estimate its full height, as it sat on a squatting position. In this position its height was some 30-35 cm or so, its full height might had been some 50 to 55 cm.

It looked like a small human being, not a child or a monkey, but just a small human being, notwithstanding minor differences in proportions. It sat down on the witness abdomen and slightly leaned forward stretching out its left hand forward and downward in a natural gesture. Its fingers clung to the witness right arm, which was lying on his chest. This made him feel sick; the being's touch was cold like a frog. The humanoid was staring intently into his eyes. However somehow the feeling of danger had vanished. He felt no fear towards the humanoid, clearly realizing that it was intelligent.

The face of the being was fascinating. Its head was disproportionately large in relation to its body. It was globular on top and slightly narrower beneath. Its eyes were rather large, elongated, and "horse-like". The bridge of its nose was hollow and the nostrils protruding. The mouth was long, having no lips. The ears were large, round and prominent. The face was gray-greenish in color. He does not remember any hair or headgear. The being's clothes appeared to be close fitting, of some indeterminate color. It looked as if there was also a stand up collar, like on an old full dress coat.

The humanoid looked at him for about 10 seconds and then it leaned somewhat lower and extended its hand in a purely human gesture, holding its palm upwards. And it began to speak, moving the hand up and down, as if trying to help the witness comprehend its speech. The being's voice was expressionless, low and somewhat dry. It pronounced a sound, something between "a" in the bad and "e" in the word "men". In general, its speech much resembled the Morse code.

Realizing that the witness did not understand anything, the humanoid leaned its head still lower and began to speak again. The speech remained incomprehensible as the first. The being seemed to be irritated about this, and stopped talking, but attempted to communicate one more time. At this point the witness attempted to move slightly and the being suddenly rushed toward his feet at very high speed and apparently vanished in plain sight.

Looking back the portable TV had apparently returned to normal. The witness discovered the next day that the sound system of the TV was now operating normally. The witness apparently obtained bizarre "paranormal" abilities soon after the incident.

HC addendum
Source: Valery A Kukushkin, RIAP Bulletin 2002, Vol. 8 # 1-2 Type: E

Location. Isla Verde Puerto Rico
Date: October 1979 Time: night
The witness was asleep at home when he was suddenly awakened by several figures that appeared to have flashing red and blue lights on their faces. The witness lost consciousness at this time. Later with the help of a hypnotist he remembered being taken onboard a large cigar shaped craft by the beings. The object had a luminous H on its side and hovered above the beachfront area.

Inside he saw a lot of computer like equipment and terminals and numerous transparent spheres all halfway filled with a clear liquid. He was shown images and was told that the earth was about to enter a cycle of changes. The beings were described as four and one half foot tall, thin, with pale rosy skin, human looking except for their over sized craniums. They had large staring eyes, thin noses and very thin lips apparently they had no visible ears.

HC addition # 65
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: G

Location. Santos-Peruibe, Brazil
Date: October 1979 Time: night
In a field a witness saw a giant humanoid figure about 2.50 meters in height. It wore a white tight fitting coverall and black gloves and boots. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: E

Location. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: October 1979 Time: night
In a wooded field a witness saw a large gray colored disc shaped object on the ground. Next to the object stood two tall human like figures with long black hair, very pale skins and wearing tight-fitting gray coveralls and boots. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: C

Location. Viggiu Varese, Italy
Date: October 4 1979 Time: 0320A
Garbage collector Aldo Natoli was on his way to work when he spotted two strange figures suspended about 20 cm from the ground and gesticulating animatedly among themselves, without making a sound. Natoli stopped his "Vespa" and continued observing the scene.

The figures were thin and man-like wearing dark blue loose fitting coveralls. Their eyes were fluorescent and they had black hair. When the witness restarted his scooter, the figures disappeared into the darkness. The scooter then malfunctioned but in moments it started again. The witness then drove away from the area.

HC addendum
Source: C.U.N Type: E

Location. Handsworth Sheffield England
Date: October 4 1979 Time: early evening
A seven-year old boy watched a seven-foot tall silvery figure that was apparently drilling a hole on the ground with a tube. The boy watched the figure until it suddenly spotted him. The figure then disappeared in a puff of pink smoke. Four inhuman footprints were found on the site.

HC addition # 397
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Modern Mysteries of Britain Type: E

Location. Toms River New Jersey
Date: October 6 1979 Time: midnight
The witness had been watching television by himself when a sense of apprehension overcame him and an intense blue light appeared inside the room, it brightened then faded. The witness then armed himself with a gun and went outside to investigate; outside he saw a bright light among the nearby trees. Something then touched his neck and he dropped his gun and fell to the ground unable to move.

Several shadowy short humanoids came up to him; they had bright eyes, long fingers, and skinny arms. The beings seemed weak and fearful and lacking any will and felt cold to the touch. A light surrounded the witness and he floated towards a black cloud with a light inside. He remembered a room where the beings touched him with lights and drained him of his energy. The beings never spoke to the witness.

HC addition # 495
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions
The Measure of a Mystery Type: G

Location. Heiloo The Netherlands
Date: October 7 1979 Time: night
Several teenagers saw a configuration of lights fly over the field where they were playing and at the same time reading a UFO-photo book. When the lights left the teenagers noticed a faint being standing in a corner nearby. It apparently had bright eyes. No other information.

HC addition # 1487
Source: Hans Van Kampen Type: C?

Location. Goiania, Brazil
Date: October 12 1979 Time: night
Two glowing humanoids about 1.20 meters in height that appeared not to have eyes or arms were seen moving in a field using apparent mechanical movements. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Antonio Faleiro, Brazil Type: E

Location. Barrio Cantagallo Juncos Puerto Rico
Date: middle of October 1979 Time: unknown
Several human like entities that claimed to be from the "Andromeda" galaxy visited a young woman in her residence. These were described as six-foot tall with comparative short arms, rosy skin, and abundant long black hair. They wore military type one-piece silvery outfits with wide black belts and black boots.

The witness was taken into a large circular metallic craft with a luminous H on its side, and then supposedly was taken to an underwater base near the island. The same witness had previously reported numerous paranormal events in her home.

HC addition # 67
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 3 Type: G

Location. Urbanizacion Villa Capri Rio Piedras Puerto Rico
Date: middle of October 1979 Time: 1400

The witness, a lone housewife, was resting at home when suddenly she heard a loud humming sound and the sound of something falling on the roof. When she looked out the window she felt paralyzed and began hearing a voice in her head telling her "not to be afraid." Consequently five little men, three-foot tall, descended from the roof and began rummaging through the patio terrace.

She was able to see some flashing lights in the direction from where they had descended. The beings were described as thin, with child like bodies, short arms, wearing tight fitting one-piece green outfits with yellow hood-like headgear. They wore wide belts around the waist and small yellowish boots. They all had human, but somewhat deformed features. One of them that appeared to be the leader communicated telepathically with the witness and warned her of coming wars and disasters.

HC addition # 66
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: C?

Location. Near Saquarema Brazil
Date: October 15 1979 Time: 2330

Luli Oswald and a 25-year old friend were driving on a coastal highway after apparently taking a wrong turn on the road Suddenly out of the sea, lights climb, pulling the water into a towering mushroom that cascades down below. The car begins to falter. The occupants become terrified. They see above the mountains to their side a large pencil-shaped object with orange windows on the edge. Three dazzling balls of white light roll down the slopes, heading straight for them, illuminating everything as they pass by.

The witnesses look around in a panic, trying to decide if they will be safer inside the car or getting out and hiding underneath. The decision becomes academic as their memory fades and they remember nothing more. Later Luli Oswald agrees to be hypnotized by Dr. Silvio Lago and recalls that as they drive along under the gaze of the UFO, they suddenly find that it begins to pull the car up in a brilliant beam of light. Luli screams and finds herself inside a room, with the car alongside. Standing by them are ugly creatures, with long, thin arms, gray skin and pointed features, somehow with rat like facial features.

Their mouths and noses are just slits. They are only about 41/2 ft tall. The figures are now examining the now naked woman with lights. The beams in her ear hurt. Hair samples are pulled out, and there is a complete gynecological examination. She is told (by telepathy) that they have contacted her because of her ESP. However (perhaps because she was past child-bearing age), she was no use to them. They are interested only in the man---for "research" they explain.

He lies on a marble table looking white "as though he is dead." They are examining him sexually and taking samples. These aliens come from an "a small galaxy near Neptune", Luli is told, although she knows this to be absurd. One of the beings onboard was friendlier than the rest and told the witness that he belonged to a different group. Both witnesses were medically examined and their heads probed with beams of light. After the abduction the two witnesses suffered from several physical ailments.

HC addition # 464
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The
Measure of A mystery Type: G

Location. Veyssieres, France
Date: October 27 1979 Time: 2300
Witnesses saw two luminous balls hovering over a hill during an hour and a half, whereas a third luminous ball maneuvered above the others and flew over a car. The color of the spheres varied between yellow and red. On the spot the next morning, ground traces were found including clear footprints about 36cm in length with a V-shaped sole. Other similar observations were reported in the area.

HC addendum
Source: Maurice Chatelain, Messengers of the Cosmos Type: C?

Location. Wollaton Park Nottingham England
Date: October 29 1979 Time: dusk
Several children returning home after playing, heard a sound like a bell and saw coming out of the wooded area about 60 little gnome like men with wrinkled faces and long white beards, they were about 2-foot tall and were riding small bubble-like vehicles. The beings rode over the swamps near the lake and some chased the children towards the gate of the park. Some of the humanoids wore red hats and green pants and seem to be laughing in a peculiar way. The children ran from the area.

HC addition # 425
Source: Fortean Times # 31 Type: E

Location. Wollaton Park Nottigham England
Date: October 30 1979 Time: dusk
A 12-year old girl saw six gnome like bearded little men, riding on small bubble shaped vehicles come from behind Wollaton Castle over a swampy and wooded area. The girl left the area immediately.

HC addition # 426
Source: Fortean Times # 31 Type: E

Location. Jaguaruna, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Date: early November 1979 Time: evening
Three boys, Jose Paulo Freccia Coelho, 11, Agnaldo Freccia Coelho, 10, and Hamilton Simao, 11, were on their way a local warehouse when they encountered a bizarre creature described as two meters tall that wore black and red clothing and had a luminous head. The boys were reportedly playing in the woods when they first saw the creature.

They tried to catch it but they suddenly seemed to become weak and they felt heat coming from the creature. They told their teacher and other pupils about the man and the teacher told them to prove it by having him to appear. The boys said the creature did appear in the classroom but the teacher and the other kids did not see it but did perceive its presence when flowers in a vase seemed to be moved by invisible hands.

The teacher told other teachers and the word of this spread, crowds began to appear where the boys had seen the creature. However, whenever the boys would see the creature, none of the spectators could. The boys further describe the creature as robot-like that would hop along more than two feet wide but three times high, metallic in appearance with a shiny upper surface. In the middle of upper part a red light, red-yellow could be seen.

HC addendum
Source: Chris Aubeck quoting Irene Granchi Type: E

Location. Punta De Damas Chile
Date: November 1979 Time: unknown
Two motorists watched a landed fiery disc shaped object near the roadway. A tall hairy humanoid with gleaming red eyes briefly emerged from the object then re-entered the craft, which quickly took off at high speed.

HC addition # 1054
Source: J Antonio Huneeus, Mufon Symposium Proceedings 1987 Type: B

Location. Tallaboa Puerto Rico
Date: November 1979 Time: 0900A

A man jogging along some salt flats near the beach was approaching an area covered with brush and coastal vegetation when suddenly he noticed several strange figures standing next to some small trees. There were about five to six beings, six-foot tall and very thin with large baldheads. Their most outstanding feature was their large slanted luminous eyes and their gray blue skin color.

They also had long thin arms with long fine fingers and another peculiar feature was a row of sharp pointed teeth in their mouths. The beings appeared to be struggling with a dark haired man that appeared to be in a stupor. They were attempting to carry him to the nearby seashore where a shiny metallic domed oval shaped craft hovered low above the ground.

The object had multicolored lights and was completely silent. Suddenly one of the beings noticed the witness and pointed at him. At that moment the witness felt mental communication from the beings that appeared to laugh and make fun of the witness, imitating him by jogging back and forth at very high speed. The witness then heard the being say that he was going to be taken also, but another one of the beings intervene and said that it was not necessary.

At that moment the being that had made fun of the witness suddenly threw something at him resembling a large clear drop of water that felt cold as it hit him square on the chest. The witness then felt numb, but kept running and left the area. (The witness was so terrified that he waited eleven years to tell anyone about the incident. Is unknown what happened to the dark haired man the aliens were attempting to kidnap.)

HC addition # 1779
Source: Jorge Martin, Evidencia Ovni # 1 Type: B & G?

Location. Near Atlantic City, New Jersey
Date: November 1979 Time: 2300

17-year old John and three of his friends were driving on the Atlantic City Expressway and at a remote area of the road they spotted what appeared to be a hovering saucer shaped object, about 200-500 feet above the ground, so they pulled over to the side of the road to get a better look.

The boys, excited by the prospect of meeting aliens, got out of the car and walked around the grassy area, screaming and beckoning to the saucer, which was behind the car at that point, the sole girl in the group was frightened and remained in the vehicle. The saucer had a large row of angled, tapered windows. Alien beings of traditional humanoid form stood and looked peacefully out at the people below for a few moments. No conversation occurred between the aliens and the boys.

The craft hovered in complete silence for a couple of minutes, and then quickly and silently moved away. The excited boys got back into the car and drove off. When they arrived to the next town they phoned the police and reported their sighting, the police told them that there had been other reports.

HC addendum
Source: Paul Nahay Type: A

Location. Portsmouth Hampshire England
Date: November 1979 Time: evening
The witness was returning home with the family dog when she saw in the light of a street lamp, a tall figure. The figure was completely black and seemed to be wearing some kind of helmet, resembling a "frogman". At this point her husband came out the front door and yelled at the figure; at the same time her dog started barking. The figure then glided forward and disappeared through her neighbor's front garden hedge.

HC addition # 3842
Source: World of The Strange Type: E

Location. Strada Tuscanese, Tuscia, Italy
Date: November 1979 Time: evening

While walking on his property close to the local Ristorante Ada, the witness noticed a large incandescent light descend vertically to the ground about 500 meters away. As it reached the ground the object slowly dimmed. He then briefly saw standing next to the object a short figure about 70-80 cm in height. The entity wore a shiny white tight-fitting suit and an astronaut like helmet. As the witness approached the object disappeared and the figure disappeared into some nearby woods.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Tuscia Type: B

Location. Severo Quinones Carolina Puerto Rico
Date: November 1979 Time: night
The witness, an 18-year old man was alone at home when he was suddenly confronted by two tall thin beings with large heads and eyes that apparently paralyzed him and carried him onboard a large oval shaped craft with a flange around it.

He was then taken to an undersea city or installation where he was medically examined and cured of ulcers and hemorrhoids. He was then transported back to his residence. Ever since the incident, animals like cats or dogs react in a strange violent manner in the presence of the witness.

HC addition # 69
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: G

Location. Oakenholt Wales
Date: November 1979 Time: night

The witness apparently lost his will to resist and walked towards a hovering object. A beam of light struck him and caused him to shrink somewhat before climbing the ramp into the object. Inside he met a human man that he had encountered before. He was told that the object was malfunctioning. He was then taken into a warm, colorless room and then was released.

HC addition # 2236
Source: Jenny Randles, & Paul Whetnall Type: G

Location. Near Santo Antonio Rio Grande Do Norte Brazil
Date: November 1979 Time: night
The witness was working on his garden when he saw a light descend towards him, he began to walk fast towards the house but the object then shone a beam of light on him. At this point the witness laid face down on the ground. The object descended lower and hovered directly above him. The witness was then suddenly pulled off the ground with a rope with four hooks that apparently dangled from the object.

He grabbed a plant and hung on tightly. He looked up at the object and through a window he saw a man and two women looking down at him. The women appeared to have yellow skin and the man had a beard and was wearing boots.

The witness overheard the beings say that they were going to take him to their "earth." At this point the witness shirt tore from the hook and he fell to the ground. He looked up and saw the object depart spinning 3 times before leaving. The object was brown in color and had two red lights on its rear section.

HC addition # 539
Source: Bob Pratt, UFO Report 1991 Type: A

Location. Tubarao, Brazil
Date: November 5 1979 Time: night

A witness encountered a 2-meter tall humanoid wearing a white and red coverall. As the humanoid approached it seemed to emit heat from its body according to the witness. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: GEPUC Brazil Type: E

Location. Dechmont Law, Livingston Scotland
Date: November 9 1979 Time: evening
Bob Taylor, a forestry worker was walking his dog, when he came across a large spherical object in woodland clearing. This UFO dropped two round objects with protruding metal spikes, which looked like naval mines. These came towards Bob, attached to his trousers, and began to drag him towards the larger UFO. At this point he passed out and came to face down on the floor, after a few minutes he managed to crawl to his pick up truck and drive home. (Possible robotic aliens?)

HC addendum
Source: UFO Sightings, UK Type: B?

Location. Izmailovo Park Moscow Russia
Date: November 16 1979 Time: 2000

Several witnesses watched a brilliant glowing circular object rise from behind some nearby trees; it left behind a peculiar patch of melted snow on the ground. A woman that saw the object closer than the other witnesses reported seeing a strange short being briefly emerge from the object. The being had large round eyes and four fingered hands; he jumped back into the object as the woman began screaming hysterically.

HC addition # 1381
Source: National Enquirer UFO Report Type: B

Location. St. Jerome Quebec Canada
Date: November 24 1979 Time: 0400A

The witness was driving home alone when he felt apprehensive and a sense that something was about to happen. Suddenly some type of cloud began forming in front of the car. He then drove right into it. He heard two small knocks and then remembers leaving the cloud and getting into an accident. He arrived home and realized that there was a two-hour missing time period.

Later under hypnosis the witness recalled that the moment he had entered the cloud he seemed to have entered another dimension. He found himself inside an object where everything seemed constructed of a stainless steel metal. Two humanoids, a man, and a woman appear.

The man appears hostile towards him, but the woman was friendlier. He was made to lie down on a cold table where several examinations were conducted. Before being returned back he was given instructions not to touch the steering wheel of the car, but he does, apparently causing the accident.

HC addition # 1010
Source: Francois Bourbeau, Spectra, Quebec Canada Type: G

Location. Porcie-Amblagnieu France
Date: November 27 1979 Time: 1715
A young girl saw in a field a large cigar shaped object with several white lights on it. A very tall man like figure wearing a shiny silvery outfit stood next to the object. The witness became frightened and ran home.

HC addition # 1735
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine Type: C

Location. Near La Palma Oaxaca Mexico
Date: November 30 1979 Time: 1700

A peasant was weeding a palm grove when eight armed very tall men approached, they had apparently come from a nearby hovering disc shaped object that was emitting a green light. The men wore green goggles, had communicators, and carried what appeared to be "machine guns." They were all very dark complexioned. They spoke to the witness in Spanish and ordered him to cut off his penis (!) with his machete. The witness apparently wandered all night in shock and was given medical treatment in the morning.

HC addition # 323
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore Type: C

Location. El Combate Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Date: November 30 1979 Time: night

A couple staying in a beachfront cabin saw a bright-multicolored oval shaped object hovering above the water ½ mile off shore. It appeared to emit some type of fog or vapor, the object then began blinking its lights on and off. The witnesses momentarily lost interest and left their observation area and resumed watching television.

Minutes later an intense white light flooded their living room from outside, looking out they could see some type of luminous flat platform approaching the seashore, on top of the platform stood a four-foot tall man. He wore a one-piece white outfit with gloves and boots a very wide belt and a large helmet with a dark visor that covered the face completely.

The source of the white light was a luminous white sphere directly on top of the platform, which emitted some type of multicolored smoke. Upon seeing this the couple screamed, causing the platform and its occupant to return back to the hovering object off shore. At this point the witnesses returned back inside and did not see the object depart.

HC addition # 70
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: A?

Location. Oklahoma, exact location not given
Date: December 1979 Time: early morning

The witnesses were driving through a rural area when their car was engulfed in a bright white light apparently causing the car engine to stall and the radio to stop playing. They were not able to restart the car and began to walk to the nearest town for help.

A short time later they again saw the bright white light behind a small hill near the road. They walked over to the hill and observed a hovering saucer shaped object with several small men doing something around the object. The terrified witnesses hid behind the hill until the small men returned to the object and it shot straight up and was soon lost from sight.

HC addition # 2085
Source: Duane Bedell, Heartland UFO Journal December 94 # 33 Type: B

Location. Urbanizacion Atenas Manati Puerto Rico
Date: December 1979 Time: night
Two short three-foot tall greenish colored humanoids appeared inside the house of the witness and were seen by several family members. They were described as thin with large eyes and ears and at one time were seen looking into a crib where a little child slept. The two beings suddenly vanished when confronted by witnesses.

HC addition # 68
Source: Jorge Martin, Enigma # 1 Type: E

Location. Near Saddle Mountain State Park, Oregon
Date: December 1 1979 Time: afternoon
A bow hunter was in heavy timber when he saw standing in a patch of Oregon grape, three black objects. About 5-½ ft tall, black, heavily built, just standing around. He banged on a stump and they ran off. This was a cut over area of heavy timber, and the objects were about 80 yards away.

HC addendum
Source: The Western Bigfoot Society Newsletter # 68 Type: E

Location. Genoa Italy
Date: December 2 1979 Time: night
While stopped for gas on the Corso Europa way, F Zanfretta was approached by a tall figure with an oval shaped head that wore a loose fitting windbreaker. At the same time a fog like mist surrounded the gas pumps and the figure ordered Zanfretta to accompany him. (Local residents reported a power outage around the same time.)

Zanfretta obeyed, he was eventually taken onboard a craft which then landed in a wooded area near Marzano. While flying over the area he reportedly saw the earth looking like a ball of marble free-floating in space. The occupants of the craft also showed him numerous photographs of friends and others, which he did not know. He was also shown a large glass cylinder filled with a blue liquid, inside floated a huge hairy man like creature resembling a "Bigfoot" type humanoid. In another container he saw a horrible creature resembling a prehistoric pterodactyl. In yet another container he saw a large toad-like creature.

While onboard the craft he met the tall green colored reptilian humanoid that called himself "Dargos", which he had met on previous occasions. The tall humanoid offered Zanfretta a transparent sphere that contained a rotating golden pyramid as proof of their existence, but Zanfretta refused to accept it.

HC addendum
Source: CUN Genova Type: G

Location. Angeles Forest California
Date: December 3 1979 Time: 1900

Two men out in a hilly and wooded area looking for "Bigfoot" type creatures suddenly heard machine like sounds coming from possibly from an underground source. Later they both saw a silvery disc shaped object land 130 feet away from them. Two men wearing khaki jump suits, with dark hair approached them.

The uniform on the men had a patch on one side of the chest resembling a round black planet with a bolt of yellow orange lighting across it. The men questioned the witnesses on their intentions for several minutes while the witnesses remained paralyzed. Their minds seem to go into a blank and when they regained control the men and the disc were gone.

HC addition # 351
Source: Cuforn Bulletin, July/August 1988 Type: C

Location. Vastervik Sweden
Date: December 4 1979 Time: 0100A

Lilli Karlsson was taking an early morning walk on the Brevik Hills when she was suddenly paralyzed. She could see a luminous object hovering close to the ground nearby. Two five-foot tall thin humanoids appeared from behind the object. The witness felt that they were discussing her.

She heard a voice that told her not to be afraid. One approached and stretched its hand to her, but she remained paralyzed. They talked among themselves then returned back to the object. Smoke came from under the object and it disappeared.

HC addition # 324
Source: Robert E Bartholomew, UFO Lore Type: B

Location. Drumchapel Scotland
Date: December 8 1979 Time: 0100A
The witness was alone waiting for a taxi when she suddenly heard a strange noise. A shaft of light appeared from above and hit the pavement in front of her, and then the head and shoulders of a figure appeared to rise from the pavement. The frightened witness left the area quickly. No other information.

HC addition # 864
Source: Martin Keatman, & Andrew Collins, FSR Vol. 26 # 3 Type: E?

Location. Cergy-Pontoise France
Date: December 8 1979 Time: 0700A

Someone knocking on the door awakened Jean Pierre Provost, one of the three men who experienced a bizarre UFO incident earlier; the other two men remained sleeping. Opening the door he was confronted by three men. One was of medium height, neatly attired in a dark green suit, black tie, white shirt and green vest. He had black hair, mustache, and beard.

The other two men were taller and very strongly build. Prevost was stunned to see that these two men had completely white eyes, lacking any pupils and stared at him fixedly. The bearded man asked him if he was one of the three witnesses. When he confirmed that he was, he was warned by the man not to talk anymore about the incident, since they had already said too much. The men then walked silently away and Prevost was unsure how they left since he did not hear them take the nearby elevator.

HC addition # 3424
Source: Hilary Evans Type: E

Location. Providence Rhode Island
Date: December 10 1979 Time: night
The witness was in bed awake when a white light appeared and she lost consciousness. Under hypnosis she remembered floating up a beam of light into a semi circular room inside an object. A being gave her a smock and she put it on without resistance.

She then lay on a table while she saw another man on a different table. She was connected to the man by some instruments and a blood transfusion apparently took place. A giant being dressed in a black metallic suit stood over her and relieved her pain. By using telepathy he said his name was "Tabar."

HC addition # 479
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The
Measure of A Mystery Type: G

Location. Near Lake Isabella California
Date: December 11 1979 Time: 1400

The two witnesses, both husband and wife, were at home watching television when both suddenly blacked out. Their memories returned only partially. The wife remembered being in some kind of operating room, lying naked on top of a table and unable to move. She saw her husband trying to enter the room but was prevented by a panel that rose from the floor and blocked him.

The husband recalled being in a room with a gray faceless woman, five-foot ten inches tall that communicated via telepathy that refused to release him. Both remembered feeling cold and hearing the sound of an engine. Other partial memories included a man and a woman entering the house and a feeling of being watched ant threatened b unseen presence's. The couple was found incoherent and suffering various injuries and never fully recovered.

HC addition # 498
Source: Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The
Measure of A Mystery Type: G?

Location. Lan Xi Chekiang Province China
Date: December 18 1979 Time: 0400A

A 25-year old truck driver almost crashed into a parked car in the middle of the road, the car occupant explained that he had just seen a strange sight up ahead on the roadway. The truck driver drove on up the slope of a hill and encountered a blue glow and a dome shaped craft on the road.

Two small figures stood next to the object, these were under 5-foot tall and wore silvery clothing, and they also had bright glowing lights on their heads. The trucker went out and grabbed a crowbar, but by then the object and figures were already gone.

HC addition # 531
Source: Jenny Randles, "Abduction" Type: C

Location. Near Trujillo, Peru
Date: December 18 1979 Time: 1900
After receiving telepathic messages directing him to an isolated area outside of town, Prof Clemente Aragaki drove to the location followed very closely and at a low altitude by a disc shaped object, with bright red, violet & white lights. As he stopped his vehicle, the disc descended over him.

The witness was instructed to touch the bright pulsating lights on the object (telepathically) and as he did he found several small white colored crystal like stones in his hands. He never saw the aliens, and only communicated telepathically.

HC addendum
Source: Fabio Picasso Type: F

Location. Near Toronto Ontario Canada
Date: December 22 1979 Time: 1825

The main witness and her brother were driving just north of town on a foggy evening, when they came upon a really heavy fog bank, they entered a dense black cloud, and when they emerged there was not any other traffic around. They had lost 20 minutes of time.

Later under hypnosis they recalled seeing a swirling black cloud and three human like figures approaching their vehicle, they were very human looking, blond and about five-foot ten inches tall. They wore gray green coveralls. They took the main witness apparently into an object, which was green inside; her brother was left in the car. She was later brought back to the car.

HC addition # 291
Source: Cuforn Bulletin, May/June 1988 Type: G

Location. Near Toulouse, France
Date: December 27 1979 Time: 1830
A 13-year old girl reported looking out her window and seeing hovering over a nearby pond a ringed luminous UFO. The object then descended closer to the ground and the terrified witness saw a silhouette of a man-like figure standing briefly next to the object.

Around the same location and a few hours earlier a young boy mysteriously disappeared some say taken away by a UFO. No other information.

HC addendum
Source: Robert Roussel, UFO hidden truths or official concealment? Type: C or G


Location. Arroyo Sujayar, Albacete, Spain
Date: December 29 1979 Time: night
4-year old Antonita Tamayo was reported missing from her home. During three days and three nights, police, neighbors, family searched for her all over the wooded and mountainous region. It was during the middle of winter and temperatures were extremely low.

The Civil Guard brought specially trained dogs but these failed to find the girl. But on the fourth day the girl was found in a wooded area, apparently unharmed and in perfect healthy conditions. She appeared not to be suffering from the cold or exposure. The little girl told rescuers that every night she a tall woman all dressed in white and carrying a torch like instrument kept her warm and fed her, telling her that she was going to be all right and rescued soon.

HC addendum
Source: Bitacora Type: E or G?

Location. Catania, Sicily Italy
Date: December 30 1979 Time: 0130A
Laborer Sebastiano Pannitteri suddenly woke up in his bedroom and observed a strange phenomenon. The electricity seemed to be out and he heard his brother in law's dog growling outside. Looking out the window he saw a luminous white mass approaching within the light he could see a human like figure. Stunned he approached the window and saw the back of a very tall figure wearing a very tight fitting luminous white coverall that accentuated its musculature.

The head was round and was either bald or covered with a white helmet. The being's shoulders and chest area appeared wider than normal. He had what appeared to be several black dots on his upper back. His arms were at his sides. It seemed to move slowly at first but after five minutes it appeared to glide, quickly disappearing over a nearby wall.

HC addendum
Source: Archivio CUN Type: E

Location. Patricia Bay, British Columbia Canada
Date: late 1979 Time: 0500A

On two consecutive nights a witness watched a large white light come from the north and hover briefly over the sea before leaving. The morning after the second night an Indian living nearby was awoken by his dogs barking furiously, looking out he saw an enormous gorilla like creature climbing out of the sea. The creature climbed up the bank, through the trees then ran at very high speed down the road quickly disappearing from sight.

HC addition # 1370
Source: Janet & Colin Bord, The Evidence for
Bigfoot and Other Man-Beasts Type: D?

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